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Dance Partner Quotes


"Fear is the politicians dance partner." - Penn Jillette

"Dance until the earth dance." - Hilda Doolittle

"Sometimes you dance with a partner, and sometimes you dance alone. But the important thing is to keep dancing." - Jack Canfield

"A good leader brins the lady partner dance level to a superior level." - Donnie Burns

"So dance dance dance Teach us to be true Come dance dance dance 'Cause we love you" - Phil Ochs

"Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost." - Pina Bausch

"When I hear my teacher say, 'Line up with your partner,' I run to line up and grab my partner and I tell him to walk faster so we could dance faster. I love to dance." - Stephanie

"Personally, I wish D. would come after me, I need a good dance partner. My Daimons have lame legs. (Acheron)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Dance till the stars come down from the rafters Dance, Dance, Dance 'till you drop." - W H Auden

"My dance has passed." - Daryl Palumbo

"Every savage can dance." - Jane Austen

"I love to dance." - Petra Nemcova

"I can't dance." - Dana Torres

"Sing your song. Dance your dance. Tell your tale." - Frank Mccourt

"To dance is to live live is to dance." - Heidi Groskreutz

"I love to dance and dance all night long." - Douglas Booth

"No sane man will dance." - Cicero

"I dance with the dancers." - Walt Whitman

"Dance is music made visible" - George Balanchine

"Dance, my darling dance! If you dance then death can't catch you! Nothing bad can touch you! Dance!" - Jackie French

"Everything went like a dance." - Roald Amundsen

"Even the ears must dance." - Natalia Makarova

"We dance with women in groups, but it is very rare that you have a partner that is a woman. The dance world is very macho - woman, boy, always couples, and it's very standardized." - Blanca Li

"If you decide to become a dancer on Broadway, never say who your favorite dance partner is, because members of the media will presume you never want to dance with anybody else." - Bill Nye

"Life is a spiritual dance and that our unseen partner has steps to teach us if we will allow ourselves to be led. The next time you are restless, remind yourself it is the universe asking 'Shall we dance?" - Julia Cameron

"Reincarnation is a dance. It is a movement of life to the rhythm of the universe. Spirit and matter join together as one dancing partner. They dance and it goes on forever." - Frederick Lenz

"Never burn bridges. Today's junior jerk, tomorrow's senior partner." - Sigourney Weaver

"Why should your heart not dance?" - C S Lewis

"I can make the stars dance" - Selena Gomez

"Dance is about never-ending aspiration." - Judith Jamison

"Life calls the tune, we dance." - John Galsworthy

"Never trust a man who can dance." - E L James

"Dance expresses joy better than anything else." - Bob Fosse

"Dance with the one who brung ya." - Darrell Royal

"Life is a dance... Enjoy every step." - Anthony D. Williams

"No man in his senses will dance." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Music and dance are all you need." - Moliere

"Without dance, a man can do nothing." - Moliere

"Calling all dance music producers! I'm available." - Kristin Chenoweth

"Shall we dance, friend of my heart?" - Christopher Paolini

"Jack shall pipe and Gill shall dance." - George Wither

"...I used to dance under that name." - Craig Ferguson

". . . And some people sing and dance." - Roger Miller

"Gay nightclubs offer better dance music." - Jack Davenport

"I can't dance to save my life." - Adele

"The perfect man is the true partner. Not a bed partner nor a fun partner, but a man who will shoulder burdens equally with you and possess that quality of joy." - Erica Jong

"Marriage is not a ritual or an end. It is a long, intricate, intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your own sense of balance and your choice of partner." - Amy Bloom

"Living with depression is like trying to keep your balance while you dance with a goat - it is perfectly sane to prefer a partner with a better sense of balance." - Andrew Solomon

"Swing your partner, dosey-do, now clap your hands... uh-oh, that's all the square dance moves I know... I'll bluff the rest. Slap your partner in the face, Write bad checks all over the place, Flirt with strangers, annoy your spouse, Get a divorce and lose your house, ...uh... dosey-do." - Scott Adams

"The perversity of the human spirit is such that when a young lady longs for one specific partner, every other partner counts for nothing." - Monica Fairview

"Life is like an eternal dance. The movements of the dance are choreographed through your awareness." - Deepak Chopra

"Dance until they kill you, and then we'll dance some more." - Shane Claiborne

"Death had ruled my life till I met Lady Dance. Her dance had set me free." - Jackie French

"I don't want people who want to dance; I want people who have to dance" - George Balanchine

"Sing your song Dance your dance Tell your story I will Listen and remember" - Utah Phillips

"The women all want to dance. I dance all night every night." - Minnesota Fats

"The world is full of ways for people to dance. Concert dance doesn't get its due." - Judith Jamison

"Dance music will always be around. People around the world love to dance." - Kaskade

"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance." - Dave Barry

"Latin guys dance. American guys don't dance. That's a big difference." - Sofia Vergara

"She danced the dance of flames and fire, and the dance of swords and spears; she danced the dance of stars and the dance of space, and then she danced the dance of flowers in the wind." - Khalil Gibran

"When you dance with a partner you are close and the dance is very suggestive, but it is not personal ... "Close is what the music inspire you to become. The embrace looks personal, but what we are actually embracing is the music." - Carlos Gavito

"Lost love is still love. It takes a different form, that's all. You can't see their smile or bring them food or tousle their hair or move them around a dance floor. But when those senses weaken another heightens. Memory. Memory becomes your partner. You nurture it. You hold it. You dance with it." - Mitch Albom

"Buying a bicycle is a momentous event, akin to marriage: you are acquiring a partner." - Dervla Murphy

"India will not be a helpless partner in her own exploitation and foreign domination." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I am reminded of a story of Lord Krishna when he was a cowherd. Every night he invites the milkmaids to dance with him in the forest. They come and they dance. The night is dark, the fire in their midst roars and crackles, the beat of the music gets ever faster - the girls dance and dance and dance with their sweet lord, who has made himself so abundant as to be in the arms of each and every girl. But the moment the girls become possessive, the moment each one imagines that Krishna is her partner alone, he vanishes. So it is that we should not be jealous of God." - Yann Martel

"I think rap music has made more money on dance music than dance music has made on dance music. Just a thought." - Kaskade

"The dance is strong magic. The body can fly without wings. It can sing without voice. The dance is strong magic. The dance is life." - Pearl Primus

"Dance, dance, dance till you drop." - W H Auden

"In that last dance of chances I shall partner you no more. I shall watch another turn you As you move across the floor. In that last dance of chances When I bid your life goodbye I will hope she treats you kindly. I will hope you learn to fly. In that last dance of chances When I know you'll not be mine I will let you go with longing And the hope that you'll be fine. In that last dance of chances We shall know each other's minds. We shall part with our regrets When the tie no longer binds." - Robin Hobb

"Dance music was on its arse before we came along." - Sergio Pizzorno

"Life's a dance you learn as you go." - John Michael Montgomery

"The dance industry is flogging a dead house." - The Irresistible Force

"All we really want to do is dance." - Joseph Campbell

"Not all men were meant to dance with dragons." - George R R Martin

"Those who will not dance will have to be shot" - Sun Ra

"Life is too short to dance with ugly men" - Christina Dodd

"Dance is like wine; it matures with every performance." - Alarmel Valli

"In dance, even the weakest can do wonders." - Curt Sachs

"Whosoever knoweth the power of the dance, dwelleth in God." - Rumi

"If I can not dance, I shall die!" - Anna Pavlova

"Make connections; let rip; and dance where you can." - Annie Dillard

"It is sweet to dance to violins When love and life are fair: To dance to flutes, to dance to lutes Is delicate and rare: But it is not sweet with nimble feet To dance upon the air!" - Oscar Wilde

"Despise not sweet inviting love-making nor the merry dance." - Horace

"Let's forget about time And dance our lives away" - Madonna Ciccone

"Who will dance on the floor in the round?" - Michael Jackson

"Those who miss meditation miss the whole dance of life." - Rajneesh

"Smooth iceis paradisefor those who dance with expertise." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Nobody who was shooting dice wanted to get a dance." - Daunte Culpepper

"Vanz can't dance, but he'll steal your money." - John Fogerty

"Music touching my soul, the spirit dance was unfolding." - John Lennon

"I'm going to dance in all the galaxies." - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"To dance is human, to polka is divine." - K D Lang

"Midnight shout and revelry, Tipsy dance and jollity." - John Milton

"Art is a never-ending dance of illusions." - Bob Dylan

"Let's forget about time And dance our lives away" - Madonna Ciccone

"I'm not much of a song-and-dance man." - Nick Nolte

"Dance teachers should be certified in this country." - Nigel Lythgoe

"The dance industry is flogging a dead house." - Mixmaster Morris

"Put music to our troubles and we'll dance them away." - Aaron Weiss

"It is sweet to dance to violins When Love and Life are fair: To dance to flutes, to dance to lutes Is delicate and rare: But it is not sweet with nimble feet To dance upon the air!" - Oscar Wilde

"I would believe only in a God who could dance." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"If you want to dance, you must pay the fiddler." - Proverbs

"I dance to the tune that is played." - Proverbs

"Yeah, so I'm short. But wait'll you see me dance." - Lois Mcmaster Bujold

"Life is the dancer and you are the dance." - Eckhart Tolle

"Two things are always the same the dance and war." - Gertrude Stein

"Disco is just pop music you can dance to." - Sheena Easton

"I learned to love dance for its own sake." - Suzanne Farrell

"Those are the men who will dance at your wedding." - Guy Madison

"Tough guys don't dance. You had better believe it." - Norman Mailer

"Dance is one of the most revealing art forms." - Mikhail Baryshnikov

"Those move easiest who have learn'd to dance." - Alexander Pope

"Are the Democrats going to dance the mandate Macarena?" - Dan Rather

"I don't do well with snakes and I can't dance." - Robin Williams

"I actually started acting because I couldn't dance." - Lindsay Wagner

"How can we know the dancer from the dance?" - William Butler Yeats

"I had to dance in a Tweety Bird costume once." - Margarita Levieva

"I've learned to dance with a hand in my pants." - Billy Joel

"Ballet is a dance executed by the human soul." - Alexander Pushkin

"Everyone should dance more. Everyone should walk more." - Keri Russell

"But the dance speaks to everyone. Otherwise it wouldn't work." - Alvin Ailey

"You dance because you have to. Dance is an essential part of life that has always been with me." - Katherine Dunham

"When I go to dance clubs, I always dance with big girls, so we finish at the same time." - Gabriel Iglesias

"dance mehitabel dance caper and shake a leg what little blood is left will fizz like wine in a keg" - Don Marquis

"My job is to be a DJ and make people dance so if people dance, I've done my job." - Jeff Mills

"I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself." - Mikhail Baryshnikov

"I'm a bad walker but I can dance tango. You know why? Put your hand up. Push on my fingertips and just hold it. In tango, your feet are free but the top of your body pushes, so if I feel like I'm gonna fall, my partner can catch me. So I walk with a stick but I can totally dance the tango. It's a romantic kind of thing." - Melody Gardot

"If you play bridge badly you make your partner suffer, but if you play poker badly you make everybody happy." - Joe Laurie, Jr.

"I've found the perfect partner." - Margot Fonteyn

"Mystery is truth's dancing partner." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Some people find that if they share a profession with their partner, they don't talk about anything else." - Pam Ferris

"That's what sailing is, a dance, and your partner is the sea. And with the sea you never take liberties. You ask her, you don't tell her. You have to remember always that she's the leader, not you. You and your boat are dancing to her tune." - Michael Morpurgo

"When each partner loves so completely that he has forgotten to ask himself whether or not he is loved in return; when he only knows that he loves and is moving to its music-then, and then only are two people able to dance perfectly in tune to the same rhythm." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"The dance, like most dances after supper, was a merry one; some of the older folks joined in it, and the squire himself figured down several couple with a partner, with whom he affirmed he had danced at every Christmas for nearly half a century." - Washington Irving

"With dancers, we are all the time dancing with somebody else. It happens often that you meet a new dancer or you have a new partner. But what is true is that sometimes, when you dance with some people, there is not the right feeling." - Blanca Li

"You should see me dance the Polka, You should see me cover the ground, You should see my coat-tails flying, As I jump my partner round; When the band commences playing, My feet begin to go, For a rollicking romping Polka Is the jolliest fun I know." - George Grossmith

"Adaptability is crucial to working on Glee because every day is adapting to something. Because we're doing a different genre of music, doing a different type of scene with a different scene partner, recording and dance rehearsals... no day is like another." - Kevin Mchale

"The Heavenly Spheres make music for us, The Holy Twelve dance with us, All things join in the dance! Ye who dance not, know not what we are knowing." - Gustav Holst

"I really think music and movement - dance, you know - and literature inform my visuals. I think film is also based in dance. The relationship between me, the camera and the actor is always a dance." - Christopher Doyle

"Dance as if this is the last dance. Dance with abandon, holding nothing back. That will bring transformation to your being, and a possibility of transformation for other people too." - Rajneesh

"Invitation to Dance- It's a Dance. And sometimes they turn the lights off in this ballroom. But we"ll dance anyway, you and I. Even in the Dark. Especially in the Dark. May I have the pleasure?" - Stephen King

"Invitation to Dance- It's a Dance. And sometimes they turn the lights off in this ballroom. But we'll dance anyway, you and I. Even in the Dark. Especially in the Dark. May I have the pleasure?" - Stephen King

"It's one of my strongest dance pieces - having just done Play Without Words which was veering away from a lot of dance - I thought it would be nice to go back to something with almost the most dance I'd done." - Matthew Bourne

"In our house, everybody is always dancing around and singing. We have a dance floor outside at our house, a big, huge dance floor that we all dance on." - Lisa Rinna

"I am NOT a belly dancer. I have never been one, and never will be. What I do is not what Hollywood vulgarly calls 'belly dance', but it's art. I have traveled the world to prove that my dance is not a dance of the belly but a refined, artistic dance full of tradition, of dreaming and beauty. Oriental dance is primarily an expressive dance; in that resides the beauty." - Nadia Gamel

"I could dance with you until the cows come home. On second thought I'd rather dance with the cows until you come home." - Groucho Marx

"A divine dance appears in the soul and the body at the time of peace and union.Anyone can learn the dance, just listen to the music." - Rumi

"Western dance begins with its feet firmly planted on the ground whereas Butoh begins with a dance wherein the dancer tries in vain to find his feet" - Tatsumi Hijikata

"You don't pick dance. Dance picks you." - Martha Graham



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