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Damaged People Quotes


"Damaged people gravitate towards damaged people." - Norman Reedus

"People, even genetically damaged people, make choices. That's what matters.'" - Veronica Roth

"People, even genetically damaged people, make choices. That's what matters."" - Veronica Roth

"Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive." - Josephine Hart

"Some of us are just less damaged than others." - R Buckminster Fuller

"The damaged loves the damaged." - Chuck Palahniuk

"The laughing way we make damaged people our playthings, it's so dehumanizing." - Jon Ronson

"How many people have damaged their own lives by mistaking enablement for grace?" - Donald Miller

"When people are very damaged, they can often meet the world with a kind of defiance." - J K Rowling

"The damaged love the damaged. True fact." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Everybody's damaged by something." - Emma Donoghue

"All writers, I think, are to one extent or another, damaged people. Writing is our way of repairing ourselves." - J Anthony Lukas

"I think managers have realized that most software people are slightly brain damaged, that they're off on their own planets." - Eugene Jarvis

"That is my story, simply told. Please do not ask again. I have told you in order to issue a warning. I have been damaged. Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive." - Josephine Hart

"I do have an affinity for damaged people, in life, in roles. I don't know why. We're all damaged in our own way. Nobody's perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us." - Johnny Depp

"People who concern themselves with the rights of other adults who engage in consensual acts involving sex, love, and/or eating croissants together are damaged and in pain." - Rob Delaney

"All damaged people are dangerous. Survival makes them so.' 'Why?' 'Because they have no pity. They know what others can survive, as they did." - Josephine Hart

"What did Republicans get for 16 days of a government shutdown with people being hurt? We have absolutely nothing to show for it, other than a damaged brand." - Trey Gowdy

"I think when you take people who are damaged and you give them money and freedom, it can be a toxic cocktail." - Diablo Cody

"The issue of torture, connected to American soldiers, is not somewhere most people want to linger. We may not want to confront this issue so much in the U.S. because of how we want to think about our veterans. There's the sense that we want to think of our veterans as - if they're damaged, damaged by something glamorous, like a firefight." - Russell Banks

"Romanticism implies nostalgia for damaged goods." - Brad Mehldau

"We cannot be damaged into health." - Herbert M. Shelton

"...though nothing is damaged, everything is changed." - E M Forster

"We are all damaged goods in recovery." - Charles Spurgeon

"I'm drawn to damaged, complicated characters." - Ruth Wilson

"Israel's international position is very badly damaged. A country which started off as a symbol of recovery of a people who were greatly persecuted now looks like a country that is persecuting people. And that's very bad." - Zbigniew Brzezinski

""One of the best things about marijuana legalization: "I think the black market has been damaged. I think people are willing to pay taxes and to go through pretty rigorous regulation."" - John Hickenlooper

"Miscommunication is the number one cause of all problems; communication is your bridge to other people. Without it, there's nothing. So when it's damaged, you have to solve all these problems it creates." - Earl Sweatshirt

"Most people tend to think the best of those who are blessed with beauty; we have difficulty imagining that physical perfection can conceal twisted emotions or a damaged mind." - Dean Koontz

"Everybody is damaged goods. Everybody got bumps and dents, ja? But sometimes two people fit together, and the bumps go into the dents, and you have a whole thing like a potato." - Paul Quarrington

"History is littered with many, many talented young people who got a break damaged in the end by fame and other things when they were young and took it." - Piers Morgan

"In the history of the nation, there has never been a political party so ridiculous as today's Democrats. It's as if all the brain-damaged people in America got together and formed a voting bloc." - Ann Coulter

"I write about people who are usually damaged or neglected by society finding each other and forming relationships that are quite extraordinary and in some cases life-saving. I've had a few of those relationships, which I value highly." - Matthew Quick

"I think there are times in a lot of people's pasts where they've unintentionally fallen in love with really damaged people. You go out with someone who's a mess so you can feel less of a mess." - Sharon Van Etten

"I was slightly brain damaged at birth, and I want people like me to see that they shouldn't let a disability get in the way. I want to raise awareness - I want to turn my disability into ability." - Susan Boyle

"I'm drawn to people who share that sense of loss. All actors are trying to repair damaged relationships. I think that might be why I've been drawn to other actors." - Liev Schreiber

"I play damaged people a lot. I'm a Cancer. And I say that tongue and cheek, but I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm a very emotional woman." - Hilarie Burton

"It was my dream Not its failure that damaged me" - Linda Gregg

"Libraries are places where the damaged go to find friends" - Tamora Pierce

"I am an adult, but a damaged one." - S.J. Watson

"Heroes only come in three kinds:dead, damaged or dubious." - Gregory David Roberts

"We're all damaged somehow."-A Great and Terrible Beauty" - Libba Bray

"Do not allow yourself to be damaged by yourself." - Steve Maraboli

"[Of Samuel Taylor Coleridge:] An Archangel a little damaged." - Charles Lamb

"I damaged my Achilles tendon, so I can't run." - Jason Isaacs

"I think Sean Parker damaged the music business with Napster." - Curtis Jackson

"We are the damaged heirs of a damaged cultural style which has been practiced now for about seven thousand years." - Terence Mckenna

"My heroes and heroines are often unlikely people who are dragged into situations without meaning to become involved, or people with a past that has never quite left them. They are often isolated, introspective people, often confrontational or anarchic in some way, often damaged or secretly unhappy or incomplete." - Joanne Harris

"The real question is, Why do you feel as though that's emasculating? A man can't have a conflict? When you try to do art, it's how it lands on people, and hopefully some people will see it the way that I saw it, which is all of these awful choices come from the place of a man who's damaged." - Wendell Pierce

"I remember when people used to think I was smart. I remember when people used to think my brain was useful. Damaged by water, sure. And ready to seizure at any moment. But still useful, and maybe even a little bit beautiful and sacred and magical." - Sherman Alexie

"Love with someone else, an actual person, was another matter. People got hurt doing that. People cried and wrapped their arms around themselves and rocked with loss. Loving words got turned to fierce, sharp, whip-cracks of anger that lefft permanent marks. At the least, it disappointed you. At most, it damaged you." - Deb Caletti

"People who hate what I make hate me, too. They must think I am a demon or some kind of evil sorcerer. Those who understand what I do appreciate the determination, love, and courage it takes to find wonder and beauty in people who are considered by society to be damaged, unclean, dysfunctional, or wretched." - Joel-Peter Witkin

"I started out as a BASIC programmer. Some people would say that I'm permanently damaged. Some people are undoubtedly right... But I'm not going to apologize for that. All language designers have their occasional idiosyncracies. I'm just better at it than most. :-)" - Larry Wall

"Global Family Day provides a way in which every man, woman, and child in the United States can help to reduce suffering at home, repair our damaged image abroad, and help us remember that in the end, all people belong to the same human family." - John Conyers

"I didn't think there was any way to convince Jack that he wanted more than I had to give, that to people who'd been damaged the way I had been, fear and the will to survive would always be more powerful than attachment. I could only love in a limited way" - Lisa Kleypas

"Let's stop wasting billions of dollars on prisons, which send people home who are too often less capable and more damaged than when they went in. We would have safer neighborhoods if we spent the same money on true rehabilitation, job training, employment and entrepreneurship." - Van Jones

"Traveling together is a great test, which has damaged many friendships and even honeymoons, and some people such as [Thomas] Gray and Horace Walpole, never feel quite the same to one another again, and it is nobody's fault, as one knows if one listens to the stories of both, though it seems to be some people's fault more than others." - Rose Macaulay

"Most people who are on the road are pretty damaged. It's an escapist's life. It's not a life that forces you to look in the mirror at where you're at and what you're doing. It's one where you leave the mirror behind. I think that appeals to something in all of us. On the open road, all of your regrets are out the window." - Gavin Rossdale

"I don't feel qualified to comment on whether or not the internet has damaged collaboration and creativity. That is not my experience... my experience is that I have had access to meeting people online that I might otherwise not have met, gone on to meet them in real life and collaborated on fun projects." - Horace Panter

"It's almost impossible to deal with a crazy man, except that he does have religious beliefs, and the world of Islam will be damaged if a fanatic like him should commit murder in the name of religion against 60 innocent people." - Ruhollah Khomeini

"There was, of course, a global financial crisis. But our Labour predecessors left Britain exceptionally vulnerable and damaged: more personal debt than any other major economy; a dangerously inflated property bubble; and a bloated banking sector behaving as masters, not the servants of the people." - Vince Cable

"People have given me the freedom and believe in me enough to say if I want to do these things that I will find a way to make it work. I don't know if they think I'm crazy, drug damaged or just an old weirdo." - Wayne Coyne

"Policy people suffer their own kind of agony, and no wonder. After all, what is the average life of the policy person? You go into government if you are lucky, do your best, aren't appreciated, take all the blame for policies for which you are only partly responsible, leave, realize your reputation has been damaged, maybe permanently." - Amity Shlaes

"One half was sad because I had damaged my reputation. The other half was happy because I had damaged my reputation." - David Ogilvy

"I think every soft child in the world gets damaged. All of of us come into the world and get damaged. It's just a matter of how much." - Sharlto Copley

"The ways in which people are damaged are the ways in which they're strong. It's what makes people interesting - what they've overcome and how, and what they haven't and how that's become a good thing. Almost everyone's life is both a gorgeous story and a tragedy. I think being alive is really, really hard, and I'm constantly stunned and amazed by people who make it interesting and beautiful." - Sarah Polley

"I don't want to name names because I don't want to draw too many direct comparisons but the history of Fascism is populated by people who need to subjugate other people and elevate their status and power to a level which is supreme. Usually, any psychological study of those people will reveal a sort of lost, damaged child, who is somehow heartbroken and doesn't have any self-worth." - Tom Hiddleston

"Broken by hardships, disappointments and tragedy, people can become discouraged and cynical. But lives can also be mended. Put back together well, they won't be just like they were before. Damaged pieces reassembled with a golden bonding of patience and love will help form a person into an exquisite masterpiece. It is as if people have to be broken before they can become whole and complete." - Steve Goodier

"Many teachers think of children as immature adults. It might lead to better and more 'respectful' teaching, if we thought of adults as atrophied children. Many 'well-adjusted' adults are bitter, uncreative, frightened, unimaginative, and rather hostile people. Instead of assuming they were born that way, or that that's what being an adult entails, we might consider them as people damaged by their education and upbringing." - Keith Johnstone

"To write weekly, to write daily, to write shortly, to write for busy people catching trains in the morning or for tired people coming home in the evening, is a heartbreaking task for men who know good writing from bad. They do it, but instinctively draw out of harm's way anything precious that might be damaged by contact with the public, or anything sharp that might irritate its skin." - Virginia Woolf

"I have spoken all over the world and I have great respect for Muslims, I have great respect for the African people, I have respect for the other races. Even back home in Lousiana, I'm called a racist, but I have respect for the Black people of my country and I want them to have their own life, too, and I want them to be able to pursue their own destiny and not be controlled, and not be damaged." - David Duke

"The Christian fear of the pagan outlook has damaged the whole consciousness of man." - David Herbert Lawrence

"All family life is organized around the most damaged person in it." - Sigmund Freud

"that was humanity's problem right there. they are brain damaged from the early sun" - Kim Harrison

"James Dean was the damaged but beautiful soul of our time." - Andy Warhol

"I realize only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies. Me." - Suzanne Collins

"I don't think that [the war in Iraq] damaged our reputation around the world." - Dick Cheney

"She was drawn to damaged souls like a moth to a flame." - Anna McPartlin

"There is no such thing as genius, some children are just less damaged than others." - R Buckminster Fuller

"Could a body broken and blood spilled two thousand years ago restore my own damaged life?" - Frederica Mathewes-Green

"absence can be present, like a damaged nerve, like a dark bird" - Audrey Niffenegger

"By being impatient, matters are damaged and great works cannot be done" - Yamamoto Tsunetomo

"The Real You isn't damaged goods. The Real You is the light of the universe." - Marianne Williamson

"Photography has been very, very generous to me, but at the same time has damaged me." - Don McCullin

"I do' think that [the war in Iraq] damaged our reputation around the world." - Dick Cheney

"When there is a crisis, the first thing that gets damaged and gets harmed is democracy." - Akbar Ganji

"I think all writers are a bit crazy; Damaged souls, incapable of doing anything else." - Paul Auster

"You can be for something and still be damaged by it." - Patterson Hood

"We're both damaged property, I guess. Plenty of time for renovation." - Orson Scott Card

"His face when he repeats his verses hath its ancient glory, an Archangel a little damaged." - Charles Lamb

"But I don't think I've grown up to be a damaged adult." - Vanessa Mae

"I think England has been in the long-term damaged by Britishness." - Neal Ascherson

"I'm drawn to emotionally damaged characters because there is more to unlock." - Helena Bonham Carter

"I'm a damaged person, but I have hope and a will to not give up." - Juliana Hatfield

"For whatever reason I tend to get roles that are more damaged." - Kathleen Robertson

"We damaged all the big guns we could, and carried away the powder and the lead." - Chief Joseph

"Theater really gets damaged when there is a paucity of good criticism around." - Tony Kushner

"The Christian fear of the pagan outlook has damaged the whole consciousness of man." - D H Lawrence

"Almost everyone today is brain-damaged by our education which is designed to produce docile automatons." - Timothy Leary

"On Max Yasgur's six hundred acres, everyone dropped their defenses and became a huge extended family. Joining together, getting into the music and each other, being part of so many people when calamity struck - the traffic jams, the rainstorms - was a life-changing experience. None of the problems damaged our spirit. In fact, they drew us closer. We recognized one another for what we were at the core, as brothers and sisters, and we embraced one another in that knowledge." - Michael Lang

"Prada makes really nice bags and then somebody in China makes knockoffs. This is the knockoff version of the mutant world. You have Weapon X. you have government spending millions of dollars to make it, and then you have these guys who are making thugs out of people that they pull off the street, or who are damaged, or who have found themselves in terrible positions for some reason." - Timothy Miller

"Now you are in the true world, and a great deal more is required of you. Here you must befriend real wolves, and lure real birds down from the sky. Here you must endure real people around you, and we are not uniformly kind; we are damaged and impulsive, each in our own way. It is harder. It is not safe. But it is what you were born to." - Margo Lanagan

"A great swindle of our time is the assumption that science has made religion obsolete. All science has damaged is the story of Adam and Eve and the story of Jonah and the Whale. Everything else holds up pretty well, particularly lessons about fairness and gentleness. People who find those lessons irrelevant in the twentieth century are simply using science as an excuse for greed and harshness. Science has nothing to do with it, friends." - Kurt Vonnegut

"Honestly, I'm one of the ones who is least like my character, just because I like to make people laugh and have a good time-and be kind of fun and silly. Jake is very composed, has his guard up, and is a bit damaged. [But] Cory Monteith is pretty much like Finn. I think they both kind of have that goofy sense of humor. Cory is so hilarious in his everyday life, just like Finn is." - Jacob Artist

"You see it is important to understand how damaged people don't always know how to say yes, or to choose the big thing, even when it is right in front of them. It's a shame we carry. The shame of wanting something good. The shame of feeling something good. The shame of not believing we deserve to stand in the same room in the same way as all those we admire. Big red As on our chests." - Lidia Yuknavitch

"On Max Yasgur's six hundred acres, everyone dropped their defenses and became a huge extended family. Joining together, getting into the music and each other, being part of so many people when calamity struck - the traffic jams, the rainstorms - was a life-changing experience. None of the problems damaged our spirit. In fact, they drew us closer. We recognized one another for what we were at the core, as brothers and sisters, and we embraced one another in that knowledge." - Michael Lang

"After using the 'good offices' of UN diplomacy (economic sanctions and weapons inspections) to ensure that Iraq was brought to its knees, its people starved, half a million of its children killed, its infrastructure severely damaged, after making sure that most of its weapons have been destroyed, in an act of cowardice that must surely be unrivalled in history, the 'Allies' / 'Coalition of the Willing' (better known as the Coalition of the Bullied and Bought) - sent in an invading army!" - Arundhati Roy

"I really have no idea where the darkness comes from. Other writers have said that there are two subjects worth writing about, love and death; and since I'm a complete flop when it comes to love, I chose death. Too, maybe because of where I came from, I do find it easy to empathise with and write about certain groups of damaged or downtrodden people: the poor, the addicted." - Donald Ray Pollock

"Maybe your life resembles a Bethlehem stable. Crude in some spots, smelly in others. Not much glamour. Not always neat. People in your circle remind you of stable animals: grazing like sheep, stubborn like donkeys, and that cow in the corner looks a lot like the fellow next door. You, like Joseph, knocked on the innkeeper's door. But you were too late. Or too old, sick, dull, damaged, poor, or peculiar. You know the sound of a slamming door." - Max Lucado

"Any negative review you write, they'll say, "Oh, you're being so mean." I think the problem with a lot of criticism is that too many critics either write just description or they write in a Mandarin jargon that only a handful of people can understand, or they write happy criticis - everything is good that they write about. I think that's really not good. I think it's damaged a lot of our critical voices." - Jerry Saltz

"The post-war loss of Churchill may have damaged the Western world with the same impact as the post-civil war world was damaged by the loss of Lincoln." - Warren Adler

"Tally-When you looked around at everyone else how come you did' notice they were brain damaged? Az - We did' have much to compare our fellow citizens with. Only a few colleagues who seemed different from most people, more engaged, but that was hardly a surprise. History would indicate that the majority of people have always been sheep. Before the operation there were wars and mass hatred and clear cutting. Whatever these lesions make us, it is' a far cry from how humanity was in the rusty era. These days we"re just a bit easier to manage." - Scott Westerfeld

"Tally-When you looked around at everyone else how come you didn't notice they were brain damaged? Az - We didn't have much to compare our fellow citizens with. Only a few colleagues who seemed different from most people, more engaged, but that was hardly a surprise. History would indicate that the majority of people have always been sheep. Before the operation there were wars and mass hatred and clear cutting. Whatever these lesions make us, it isn't a far cry from how humanity was in the rusty era. These days we're just a bit easier to manage." - Scott Westerfeld

"Traditional people of Indian nations have interpreted the two roads that face the light-skinned race as the road to technology and the road to spirituality. We feel that the road to technology.... has led modern society to a damaged and seared earth. Could it be that the road to technology represents a rush to destruction, and that the road to spirituality represents the slower path that the traditional native people have traveled and are now seeking again? The earth is not scorched on this trail. The grass is still growing there." - William Commanda

"How does one craft happiness out of something as important, as complicated, as unrepeatable and as easily damaged as life?" - Sonya Hartnett

"The xmas holidays have this high value: that they remind Forgetters of the Forgotten, & repair damaged relationships." - Mark Twain

"I don't know what it says about me that I have a greater affinity with the damaged. Probably nothing good." - Tracy Letts

"Of course I can do this. I'm pregnant, not brain-damaged. My condition doesn't change my personality." - Christine Feehan

"The intelligence failures with respect to Iraq were massive and have damaged our credibility around the world" - Carl Levin

"We're all damaged in our own way. Nobody's perfect. I think we're all somewhat screwy. Every single one of us." - Johnny Depp

"Although I am not stupid, the mathematical side of my brain is like dumb notes upon a damaged piano." - Margot Asquith

"Just because you're damaged doesn't mean you must damage others. You have choices. We all make them every day." - Shannon Delany

"I do not believe that it could never be justifiable to experiment on a brain-damaged human." - Peter Singer

"I stood looking over my damaged home and tried to forget the sweetness of life on Earth." - Emily St. John Mandel

"The big tech companies understood that the government had not only damaged American principles, it had hurt their businesses." - Edward Snowden

"Scars are your body's way of healing, making that damaged part stronger than it ever was before the pain." - Elle Casey

"The only exercise I ever take is walking up hospital stairs to visit friends who've damaged themselves by taking exercise." - Stormont Mancroft, 2nd Baron Mancroft

"The Third Fleet's sunken and damaged ships have been salvaged and are retiring at high speed toward the enemy." - William Halsey

"The real Rose Hovick was seriously mentally disturbed; June Havoc called her a beautiful little ornament that was damaged." - Karen Abbott

"Every life deserves a certain amount of dignity, no matter how poor or damaged the shell that carries it." - Rick Bragg

"Walking the streets of Charleston in the late afternoons of August was like walking through gauze or inhaling damaged silk." - Pat Conroy

"He's psychologically damaged, I suppose, if you stand back and look objectively at him, but then, who isn't?" - Paul Darrow

"Talking to a drunk person was like talking to an extremely happy, severely brain-damaged three-year-old." - John Green

"The fact that I was a girl never damaged my ambitions to be a pope or an emperor." - Willa Cather

"Generally, I play the kind of ethereal, fragile-on-the-outside-but-hard-and-damaged-on-the-inside type." - Adelaide Clemens

"It isn't a secret that my heart is damaged. All the treatments and medications haven't been effective." - Moshe Dayan

"The intelligence failures with respect to Iraq were massive and have damaged our credibility around the world." - Carl Levin

"The abolition and suffrage movements progressed when united and were damaged by division; we should remember that." - Gloria Steinem

"Here's the thing: Nobody gets extradited for a crime where nobody's been hurt, where no property's been damaged." - Paul Watson

"I wanted to take a damaged individual in a damaged society with damaged relationships between nations and take a look at how this individual survives amongst them, and that for me as a writer is the connection that you needed to get inside the skin of the main character and wonder how he's going to cope with all this." - Steven Knight

"When I went to Afghanistan in 2003, I walked into a war zone. Entire neighborhoods had been demolished. There were an overwhelming number of widows and orphans and people who had been physically and emotionally damaged; every 10-year-old kid on the street knew how to dismantle a Kalashnikov in under a minute. I would flip through math textbooks intended for third grade, fourth grade, and they would include word problems such as, "If you have 100 grenades and 20 mujahideen, how many grenades per mujahideen do you get?" War has infiltrated every facet of life." - Khaled Hosseini

"People whose integrity has not been damaged in childhood, who were protected, respected, and treated with honesty by their parents, will be-both in their youth and in adulthood-intelligent, responsive, empathic, and highly sensitive. They will take pleasure in life and will not feel any need to kill or even hurt others or themselves. They will use their power to defend themselves, not to attack others. They will not be able to do otherwise than respect and protect those weaker than themselves, including their children, because this is what they have learned from their own experience." - Alice Miller

"I just have a different impression of the human race. I think we're really resilient. I think there are a lot of cynical people out there right now, and probably for good reason. But I think that ever cynic is really a damaged romantic, and they really, really, really want things to be good. And if that's the case, I don't need to tell a story that says, "Humanity, look what you've done. Now you can't go out. There's no sun. Look how you've wrecked the world." That's not me. That's not my job." - J.H. Wyman

".....they had burnt and destroyed around 30 vehicles, including tanks and APC's and damaged three enemy helicopters. God bless the fighters of the Arab Socialist Ba'th Party." - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

"What matters is not publication or success (success is bad for your prose) but the practice of the imaginative act. Our damaged values depend on it." - Janet Burroway

"Pornography. . .overtakes lives, causing loss of the Spirit, distorted feelings, deceit, damaged relationships, loss of self-control, and nearly total consumption of time, thought, and energy." - Linda S. Reeves

"His reputation is what men say he is. That can be damaged; but reputation is for time, character is for eternity...." - John Bartholomew Gough

"Nothing in his touch said he considered her fractured, considered her damaged goods, and that gave her a freedom she wouldn't have believed possible." - Nalini Singh

"Raphael, tell him you won't do anything to him if I get 'damaged.' " "That would be a lie, Elena. I would tear out his throat." - Nalini Singh

"I suppose that's a common conceit, that you've already been so damaged that damage itself, in its totality, make you safe." - Lionel Shriver



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