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Daft Punk Quotes


"Daft as a brush? I'm daft, but I'm not daft as a brush!" - Paul Gascoigne

"My name's Punk. CM Punk." - CM Punk

"When I want something, I want it now, and Daft Punk taught me to be more patient." - Pedro Winter

"Some people started to call me "the King of No" because with Daft Punk we were saying "no" to everything." - Pedro Winter

"The bands you like and know that are French are always outsiders in the French music industry - Daft Punk, Air." - Laurent Brancowitz

"Daft Punk wouldn't have normally fit into anything that was pop on the radio, but they just did it." - Danger Mouse

"I may be daft but I'm no' stupid!" - Terry Pratchett

"Men are daft around women, incautious and boastful." - Kristin Cashore

"There is a legend. And to protest is daft." - Peter O'Toole

"Punk music is rebellious." - Theophilus London

"I've never heard Daft Punk; I've never heard a track of theirs in my life. They're the two guys with motorcycle helmets on?" - Henry Rollins

"A real punk is punk on the inside." - Mark Hoppus

"Do ya' feel lucky, punk?" - Clint Eastwood

"I was such a punk." - Patti Davis

"The boys in the office preferred Daft Punk and the song "Robot Rock" as an anthem, speaking excitedly and without irony about wanting to become robots one day. That made me wonder: Why? What's the pull of being a robot?" - Katherine Losse

"It's always this thing where we're constantly waiting for something that will come in electronic music that says, 'Daft Punk sucks!' That's actually much more interesting and exciting than someone who is paying homage." - Thomas Bangalter

"It's always this thing where we"re constantly waiting for something that will come in electronic music that says, "Daft Punk sucks!" That's actually much more interesting and exciting than someone who is paying homage." - Thomas Bangalter

"Daft Punk and I belong to the Generation 75. We were born in 1975, so we are somewhat in the middle of the rebellion and freedom of the 70s and the consumer culture of the 80s." - Pedro Winter

"Many people think if you say "no" you just do this to negotiate a better deal, and they didn't understand that Daft Punk really meant "no" because they didn't want to do certain things." - Pedro Winter

"When it comes to electronic music, I started listening to a lot of Daft Punk, way before I knew what house music was, and then progressed into a lot of Steve Angello, Eric Prydz, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Laidback Luke." - Avicii

"I heard 'Get Lucky'; it's just not my taste. It's great what Daft Punk does and the sound quality is great, but that whole disco vibe is not really my thing." - Tiesto

"Are all American girls as daft as you, Rachel?" "I hope so," I said." - Ann Rinaldi

"I'm childish and silly. Most people tease me because I'm a bit daft." - Harriet Walter

"The news is increasingly full of mismatched people saying daft things to one another." - Craig Brown

"Being in love is totally punk rock." - Joey Comeau

"Don't punk out and don't quit." - Ben Horowitz

"C.M. Punk...I think you're a nerd" - Jeff Hardy

"Punk was predicated on non-musicianship." - Mixmaster Morris

"I love '90s grunge and punk." - Alice Dellal

"I've always loved punk music, so it was really cool to do my first punk song." - Kate Nash

"I always liked the skinny punk girls; I even loved them before punk." - Robert Englund

"My music doesn't sound punk, but I see it as a punk action." - Frankie Cosmos

"I don't think punk ever really dies, because punk rock attitude can never die." - Billy Idol

"Punk is not just the sound, the music. Punk is a lifestyle." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"Country music is completely punk-rock. It's the original punk-rock." - Neko Case

"Punk is not dead. Punk will only die when corporations can exploit and mass produce it." - Jello Biafra

"I wanted to be in a punk band before I had even heard any punk music." - Kurt Cobain

"I think if you're not going to look so daft walking down the street split your workouts a little bit." - Greg Rutherford

"He claimed that nearby gun thunder cleared the mind - but most everybody else agreed it made you daft." - Vernor Vinge

"I remember seeing the full Daft Punk pyramid show in 2007. I went alone, drove up in my Honda Fit, bought a ticket off a scalper for $150, got on the floor, and had the best time of my life. I didn't have a drink, no drugs. But I was high out of my mind. It changed my life." - Skrillex

"At the time, in 1996, an electronic band signing with a major label was something new, at least in France. Daft Punk knew that this meant a marathon of promotion, TV appearances, etc. To protect themselves and to be discrete, they came up with the masks and, three years later, the robot helmets." - Pedro Winter

"I love Soul, R+B, Electronic, and good pop. Really, the only thing I don't listen to is country and heavy metal. I love Marvin Gaye, John Legend, Al Green, Fat Freddys Drop, Sade, Grace Jones, Bazoo Bijou, Prince, John Lennon, London Grammar, Daft Punk, Dr John, Dusty Springfield, Peggy Lee, Gotye, and on it goes." - Jane Badler

"Unless you use the vocoder the way Daft Punk use it, it is very limited. When they sing it's almost human. It sounds sexy. I just used it as an effect. It wasn't because I was not able to sing; I'm not a great singer, but I had some hits as a singer, too. It's a nice effect." - Giorgio Moroder

"Stray thought for the day: Putting boundaries on how punk should sound/look is the least punk rock thing one can do. Be yourself=Very punk." - Patrick Stump

"Frank Sinatra is the first punk... punk comes out of nowhere... punk is... a rumor that spreads... that guts and perseverence mean more than anything else..." - Sarah Vowell

"I can play punk rock, and I love playing punk rock, but I was into every other style of music before I played punk rock." - Travis Barker

"I listened a little to punk when I was younger, but it was straight edge punk. It was nothing like what is going on now, like poppy punk." - Travis Barker

"Punk rock is just another word for freedom." - Patti Smith

"It's a good time to be CM Punk right now." - CM Punk

"Vivienne Westwood really inspires me. I love her punk ethos." - Charli Xcx

"Grunge is a hippied romantic version of punk." - Marc Jacobs

"What's a punk band? Hey, who's got a beer?" - Bon Scott

"A punk concert isn't fun without a pit." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"Rap actually comes out of punk rock, not black music." - Stanley Crouch

"I hate Keanu Reeves. I think he's a punk." - Troy Duffy

"I'm a punk rocker. I don't do Christian." - Adam Ant

"When Soundgarden formed, we were post-punk - pretty quirky." - Chris Cornell

"I love punk rock, but I also love metal." - Penelope Spheeris

"Skating is what got me into punk rock." - Matt Skiba

"Donald Trump is going to make punk rock great again." - Amanda Palmer

"I think punk, pop-punk, and rock music is all meshed together and I think good music is good music." - Travis Barker

"Anyone happy in this age and place Is daft or corrupt. Better to abdicate From a material and spiritual terrain Fit only for barbarians." - Roy Fuller

"While ye sleep in my arms, I can say things to ye that would be daft and silly waking, and your dreams will know the truth of them." - Diana Gabaldon

"Perhaps a hero is someone who doesn't register his own vulnerability. Is it courage, then, if you're too daft to know you're mortal?" - David Benioff

"Perhaps a hero is someone who does' register his own vulnerability. Is it courage, then, if you're too daft to know you're mortal?" - David Benioff

"DEVO was like the punk band that non Punk America saw as Punk and so when people who were really into Punk rock would be walking around on the streets the jocks who learned about Punk through Devo would roll down their windows and yell at the Punks: 'HEY, DEVO!!'" - Thurston Moore

"Johnny Rotten isn't punk. Maybe that's punk to somebody, but these people are participating and challenging the corporations that are telling us what punk is and what good music is." - Kathleen Hanna

"A guy walks up to me and asks, "What's Punk?". So I kick over a garbage can and say. "That's punk!". So he kicks over the garbage can and says, "That's Punk?", and I say, "No that's trendy!" - Billie Joe Armstrong

"A man once asked me, what's punk? I kicked over a trash can and said that's punk. He kicked over a trash can and then asked me again, Is that punk? I replied no. That's just trendy." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over the garbage can and says 'That's Punk?', and I say 'No that's trendy!" - Billie Joe Armstrong

"I was a punk when I was 15 - I was definitely into it in a big way and loved it - but I came to London when punk was maybe where you'd say punk is dead." - Neneh Cherry

"Punk rock isn't something you grow out of Punk rock is an attitude, and the essence of that attitude is 'give us some truth'" - Joe Strummer

"I'm embracing the punk. There's so much punk style in everything we do and wear everyday; we just never have the chance to do it all the way." - Hanneli Mustaparta

"I still think of myself as punk, because the way I became empowered to play music is entirely due to punk bands." - John K. Samson

"The only punk that I really care about and am an expert on is the original punk of 1976 to 1979." - Martin Popoff

"I formed a band when I was about 13, and we all listened to punk - or what we thought was punk!" - Tim Gane

"I'm not an '80s fan. I'm more '70s New York pre-punk kind of thing, and I guess I grew up with '90s grunge, post-punk pop music." - Jessica Pare

"The thing about punk is that there are purists. Once you start going outside of that, they don't think what you're doing is punk rock." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"I think that what's perceived as punk out in shopping malls or in chain stores or on MTV has almost nothing to do with what punk is about." - Jello Biafra

"I'm not an '80s fan. I'm more '70s New York pre-punk kind of thing and I guess I grew up with '90s grunge, post-punk pop music." - Jessica Pare

"There's a punk-rock attitude, clearly, to 'Hated.' There's even a punk-rock attitude to 'The Hangover,' I think. We start the movie with a Glenn Danzig song." - Todd Phillips

"People would be surprised at how much of an electronic dude I am, and I like new wave, post-punk and proto-punk stuff." - Joe Trohman

"I always expect there to be a new counter-culture coming up, something that would make punk look as ridiculous as punk made the hippies look." - Grant Hart

"It's daft, locking us up," said Nanny. "I'd have had us killed." "That's because you're basically good," said Magrat. "The good are innocent and create justice. The bad are guilty, which is why they invent mercy." - Terry Pratchett

"I think choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream. You'd be daft not to try both when there are so many different flavors." - Bjork

"Their tricks and craft hae put me daft, They've ta'en me in, and a' that, But clear your decks, and - Here's the sex! I like the jads for a' that." - Robert Burns

"As a writer, you play this daft game with yourself - you're constantly looking for distractions, anything to stop you from writing, but you're constantly fighting the distractions to write as well." - Irvine Welsh

"We thought being offered the M.B.E. was as funny as everybody else thought it was. Why? What for? We didn't believe it. It was a part we didn't want. We all met and agreed it was daft." - John Lennon

"The idea that a student can write a sonnet or a novel without having a sound understanding about its history, and where it fits into literature as a whole, seems to me to be manifestly daft." - Nicholas Royle

"They say you're meant to live everyday as if it were your last, which I've always thought was daft, since no one would ever pay the gas bill if that was the case, but what if it were your first?" - Amy Jenkins

"Whut's the plan, Rob?" said one of them. "Okay, lads, this is what we'll do. As soon as we see somethin', we'll attack it. Right?" This caused a cheer. "Ach, 'tis a good plan," said Daft Wullie." - Terry Pratchett

"There is a legend. And to protest is daft." - Peter Otoole

"I encourage you to find your punk-rock, your lucha-libre, your pro-wrestling" - Amy Dumas

"I guess I would call my music blues punk. Theres a lot of influences." - Benjamin Booker

"In fact, punk rock means exemplary manners to your fellow human beings." - Joe Strummer

"I liked a lot of alternative and I like punk stuff." - Martie Maguire

"Music never leaves you alone, and punk rock will always be there when nothing else will," - Pete Wentz

"I want to have tampons as merch that say "Periods are punk.'" - Charli Xcx

"This isn't CM Punk talking to Triple H, this is Phil Brooks talking to Paul Levesque" - CM Punk

"See sin in state, majestically drunk; Proud as a peeress, prouder as a punk." - Alexander Pope

"Ca' clean up after you anymore, baby brother, so do' punk out. Make it count." - Rachel Vincent

"Im 36, but I still feel like a punk kid with $200 in my savings account." - Steve Aoki

"After all this time I found that the novel is in fact punk rock." - Craig Ferguson

"Punk rock will never die, until something more dangerous replaces it." - Jello Biafra

"Punk, I see you as a hypocritical, manipulative waste of skin." - Wade Barrett

"Punk rock was the tsunami that threatened to drown us all in 1977." - Pete Townshend

"If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, Punk, don't flatter me." - J-Ro

"He was a punk, she did ballet. What more can I say." - Avril Lavigne

"Punk was over in two years. That was the only damn good thing about it." - Julie Burchill

"If punk was about getting rid of hippies, then I'm getting rid of grunge." - Damon Albarn

"Will punk rock ever die? Pal, if you have to ask it's dead to you." - Henry Rollins

"These people want you to quit just like CM Punk did." - Stephanie Mcmahon

"Punk is just as much a form of folk music as anything is!" - Michelle Shocked

"Punk is dead to anyone who didn't get it in the first place" - Billie Joe Armstrong

"My music is pretty honest. I can't rap on science fiction. Punk is from the street." - Rick James

"I want to have tampons as merch that say 'Periods are punk.'" - Charli Xcx

"Art talk is punk. Let the movie do your speaking for you." - David Denby

"Punk [rock] seemed like rock 'n' roll music utterly without the music." - Steve Winwood

"Punk music is perfect for me because I'm not, like, a master at any instrument." - James Paxton

"In the '90s, people wore scrunchies, but it was very uncool in the punk scene." - Kathleen Hanna

"You know there was always a confusion that punk was a style of music." - Mike Watt

"I wanted to sound new and exciting - the punk movement was over with for me." - Edwyn Collins

"It's weird for me to try and write punk songs - I'm almost scared of it." - Gary Jarman

"That's the authentic punk dance. It's like a child dizzy on lemonade." - Noel Fielding

"I like the authentic punk dance you did there. It's like a child dizzy off lemonade" - Russell Howard

"The American underground punk scene, though, is a story worth remembering." - Ian Mackaye

"I've always loved punk music, since I was in my early teens, since middle school." - Anton Yelchin

"The only way to be punk rock in L.A. is to be a Republican." - Trey Parker

"By many peoples' standards, my playing is very primitive but by punk standards, I'm a virtuoso." - Robert Quine

"All punk is is attitude. That's what makes it. The attitude." - Joey Ramone

"I have a karaoke punk band called The Ungrateful Dead, but we don't exist yet." - Eric Andre

"I'm 36, but I still feel like a punk kid with $200 in my savings account." - Steve Aoki

"I would definitely say the Oakland Raiders are the punk rock band of football." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"A lot of people think that punk rock musicians don't know what they're doing." - Travis Barker

"After the Ramones, it was more about new wave for me than punk." - Eddie Vedder

"For me the safety pin is about rebellion, and I'm punk in the soul." - Donatella Versace

"I think English punk died in '79 or '80. Maybe '82 at the latest. As far as American punk goes, it wasn't the same as English punk. It wasn't a working-class movement that was protesting the conditions under which this class had to work. I don't think American punk ever died." - Greg Graffin

"I was really into punk. I was 11 years old; I had a blue mohican." - Ben Lovett

"When punk rock came along, the one thing you were not supposed to be was musical." - Nick Lowe

"Mozart was a punk, which people seem to forget. He was a naughty, naughty boy." - Shirley Manson

"I like a little bit of punk mixed with a little bit of feminine." - Hannah Marks

"I've always thought that gaming and YouTube and the web is a very post-punk extravaganza." - Malcolm Mclaren

"The last true punk band to get a major label contract was The Dickies." - Jello Biafra

"The jury had down right contempt for punk rock grass roots ethics." - Jello Biafra

"I guess I would call my music 'blues punk.' There's a lot of influences." - Benjamin Booker

"I was just a punk-rock kid who never played acoustic guitar." - Dave Pirner

"People called me the godmother of punk, but I never name myself anything." - Patti Smith

"I was the first person to have a punk rock hairstyle." - Vivienne Westwood

"I was a punk before it got its name. I had that hairstyle and purple lipstick." - Vivienne Westwood

"People perceive punk rock in the sense of Sid Vicious, all strung-out, crazy and insane." - Hayley Williams



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