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Dad's Little Girl Quotes


"Biology makes us Mothers & Fathers, whats in the heart makes us Mom's and Dad's" - Kevin Heath

"Poor little rich girl, You're a bewitched girl, Better beware!" - Noel Coward

"Yes you're getting your tattoo." I threw my arms around Dad's neck. "Thank you!" "Hey," Mom said. "I'm the one who had to persuade him it wasn't turning his little girl into a streetwalker." "I never said that," Dad said. "No?" I said. "Cool. Cause I've decided to skip the paw print. I'm thinking of a tramp stamp with flames that says 'Hot in Here.' No wait. Arrows. For directionally challenged guys" - Kelley Armstrong

"I was an unassuming, skinny little girl." - Masiela Lusha

"You're the Poor Little Rich Girl." - Eleanor Gates

"Don't treat me like a little girl." - Britney Spears

"I am a girl, so I never looked at my dad's body and thought that's what I need to look like." - Coco Rocha

"My brother's a grip. My mom's a scriptwriter. My dad's a director. So it's like, at heart, I'm a below-the-line girl." - Kristen Stewart

"When I'm not near the girl I love, I love the girl I'm near." - Yip Harburg

"Everyone fixes up their face if it's not ideal, you know? That's because of the race-mixing. For example, a Russian marries an Armenian. They have a kid, a cute girl, but she has her dad's nose. She goes and files it down a little, and it's all good. Ethnicities are mixing now, so there's degeneration, and it didn't used to be like that. Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this." - Valeria Lukyanova

"Everyone fixes up their face if it's not ideal, you know? That's because of the race-mixing. For example, a Russian marries an Armenian. They have a kid, a cute girl, but she has her dad's nose. She goes and files it down a little, and it's all good. Ethnicities are mixing now, so there's degeneration, and it did' used to be like that. Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this." - Valeria Lukyanova

"My dad's probably one of the kindest people in the world. When I was younger that's not how I was- I was a little spoiled brat." - Leonardo Dicaprio

"An old man dies, a little girl lives. Fair trade." - Frank Miller

"The future is a messy, motley business, little girl." - Catherynne M Valente

"Claudia, you've been a very very naughty little girl." - Anne Rice

"As a little girl, I had huge fantasies about music." - Lou Doillon

"To every little girl her father is a hero." - Alexandra Kerry

"I think every little girl is fascinated with mermaids." - Joanna Noelle Levesque

"I must have been a really pretentious little girl." - Emily Mortimer

"The girl I am now, this girl-she survived. I just needed a little help getting here." - Donna Freitas

"I love women. I actually prefer girls, as a parent, because they disappoint at a different age. They go through that, "Dad's an idiot," which lasted a little longer than I'd like." - Tim Allen

"Eventually I had so many little melodies and ideas that, you know, that they were all songs to me and I threw in a few cover songs like Enya's "Watermark," Bach, and my dad's song, "Song for the Whales."" - Petra Haden

"My dad's a Pentecostal minister, meaning that he's full of charisma. If he's telling a story about Noah's ark, you best know each tiger is going to be having their own little conversation and narrative." - John Boyega

"Becca Gardner is wonderful as the good-hearted little Griff who refuses to be daunted by all the heart-ache and resentment on dad's ranch and this young actress proves there's another young child actress in Hollywood besides Dakota Fanning." - Richard Roeper

"When I was little, I grew up in a place called Hertfordshire, which is just near London, but out in the country, and I visited Pakistan in the summers to go and see my family on my dad's side." - Bat For Lashes

"An old woman looks in a mirror, recalls a little girl with a rag doll, and wonders what became of the little girl." - Robert Brault

"I wanted people not to look at me as a little girl, but I was a little girl so how could I ask the world not to?" - Joss Stone

"Having a daughter makes you see things in a different way. You have to see how you're carrying yourself because there's a little girl. There's not a little boy, there's a little girl. I think I'm a little more overprotective." - Tracy Morgan

"Dad's are the treasures of the world!" - John Walter Bratton

"My dad's supportive of all my endeavors." - Georgia Jagger

"My dad's supportive of all my endeavors." - Georgia May Jagger

"My dad's not a big talker." - Zara Phillips

"I have my dad's shape. No booty." - Queen Latifah

"My dad's cool. He is socially liberal." - Casey Wilson

"My dad's a very shrewd, clever guy." - C Thomas Howell

"Just remember, somewhere, a little Chinese girl is warming up with your max." - Jim Conroy

"leave it to him to get messed up with deaths little girl" - Larissa Ione

"I knew how far a little boy or girl could run with 50 words of reassurance." - Jim Abbott

"If I'm a little girl, then that makes you a serious pervert." - Karen Marie Moning

"If you want to touch me, Kendall, touch me. Don't hide behind those little girl slaps." - Lisa McMann

"Everything here is so weak, little girl. Everything breaks so easily. They want such simple things." - Neil Gaiman

"When you were a little girl, Madam.....was this the woman you dreamed of becoming?" - Andrew Sean Greer

"One can't get over the habit of being a little girl all at once." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"The little girl on the plane Who turned her doll's head around To look at me." - J D Salinger

"A real gentleman is as polite to a little girl as to a woman." - Louisa May Alcott

"Every girl should have this-the little black book for career success!" - Susan Cohn Rockefeller

"I don't trust a girl that doesn't eat. I find that a little sketchy." - Miles Teller

"who'll save the poor little girl? oh, Henry... who'll tell the story of her? Henry Darger" - Natalie Merchant

"A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice - especially when she's taking a nap." - Anonymous

"A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend." - Anonymous

"A little girl, asked where her home was, replied, where mother is." - Keith L. Brooks

"That's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"I've always wanted to make sure people are okay, ever since I was a little girl." - Amanda Abbington

"I was married by 18 and I had a beautiful little girl." - Sandy Adams

"Every little girl wanted to be Natalie Wood, as did I." - Lana Parrilla

"I was a little girl who grew up idolizing musical-theatre stars." - Laura Benanti

"I'm this little Canadian Jewish girl, and I'm living my dream." - Emmanuelle Chriqui

"Doing Broadway was always a dream of mine since I was a little girl." - Olivia Dabo

"I thought I would be Sheena of the Jungle as a little girl." - Pam Grier

"There is not one female comic who was beautiful as a little girl." - Joan Rivers

"I was really, really shy when I was a little girl." - Dita Von Teese

"When I was a teeny little girl, I was in dancing school, and I sang." - Doris Day

"To every little girl, her father is a hero. My father actually is one." - Alexandra Kerry

"I remember seeing the movie 'To Sir With Love' when I was a little girl." - Chaka Khan

"I've always had a niche for entertaining since I was a little girl." - Jana Kramer

"I like a girl who spend a little cash for her shoes." - Jay-Z

"As a little girl, I was always shy, but in front of the camera I wasn't." - Bar Refaeli

"As a little girl I loved the thought of playing dress-up and getting ready." - Denise Richards

"In the Second World War, I was a little girl. I was evacuated in my country." - Yoko Ono

"I knew what I wanted to do even when I was a little girl." - Sharon Stone

"I was a shy little girl, nothing like what I am now." - Debra Wilson

"I was known as the little girl with the big voice." - Christina Aguilera

"I was a little girl fighting as a partisan against Nazi-Fascism." - Oriana Fallaci

"I'm terrified of having a little girl. Girls are more evil than boys." - Lara Stone

"I think the little girl in Smallville is terrific, but I only watched it once." - Margot Kidder

"When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being an elf." - Evangeline Lilly

"When your mother dies, you're not a little girl any more." - Kate Bush

"I've wanted to go to space, really, since I was a little girl." - Sarah Brightman

"Ever since I was a very little girl, I've dreamed of acting." - Eva Herzigova

"I've always been very determined, ever since I was a little girl, to make my way." - Scarlett Johansson

"For my birthday this year, my girlfriends - who knew I'd just inherited my dad's turntable - gave me a carton of albums like 'Blue Kentucky Girl,' by Emmylou Harris, and 'Off the Wall,' by Michael Jackson. It's all stuff we grew up with. I mean, you can't have a music collection without Prince's 'Purple ain' - it just can't be done!" - Connie Britton

"Because my dad's Chinese-American, and they're very concrete, he said, 'There's no money to be made in literature.' So he told me to go into the sciences. And I was a good girl. And I did what Daddy said. And that's how I ended up being a doctor. But you know, you just can't stamp out that desire to tell stories." - Tess Gerritsen

"For my birthday this year, my girlfriends - who knew I'd just inherited my dad's turntable - gave me a carton of albums like 'Blue Kentucky Girl,' by Emmylou Harris, and 'Off the Wall,' by Michael Jackson. It's all stuff we grew up with. I mean, you can't have a music collection without Prince's 'Purple Rain' - it just can't be done!" - Connie Britton

"I think the best Thanksgiving we ever had was one where we didn't even have a turkey. Mom and Dad sat us kids down and explained that business hadn't been good at Dad's store, so we couldn't afford a turkey. We had vegetables and bread and pie, and it was just fine. Later on, I went into Mom and Dad's bedroom to thank them and I caught them eating a little turkey. I guess that really wasn't the best Thanksgiving." - Jack Handey

"When a girl marries she exchanges the attentions of many men for the inattention of one." - Helen Rowland

"I mean, Dad's - you know, Dad's friendliest tone was a scream." - Terry Gross

"When I was a little girl at school, I really wanted to be Katie or Sarah or Sophie. When you're a little girl at school, you want to be like the other little girls." - Viva Bianca

"Cupid "the little greatest enemy."" - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Cupid "the little greatest god."" - Robert Southey

"Wonder Woman was my favorite superhero as a little girl. I still have a huge girl crush on Wonder Woman; I think she's amazing." - Evangeline Lilly

"I speak a little bit of Italian, yeah. I understand more than I speak. I speak more of a dialect; my mum's from Naples and my dad's from Sicily, so it comes out little a bit of a cocktail of the Italian language." - Luke Pasqualino

"A little black girl yearns for the blue eyes of a little white girl, and the horror at the heart of her yearning is exceeded only by the evil of fulfillment" - Toni Morrison

"Little girl, he called me. A little girl who is stressed out to the point of paranoia. That is not me, but now, it's who the Candor think I am." - Veronica Roth

"Old photograph: amid the set poses of her family, a young girl smiles and raises her hand a little." - Mason Cooley

"The little girl skipped by under the wrinkled oak leaves and held fast to a replica of herself." - Anne Sexton

"My coach said I ran like a girl, I said if he could run a little faster he could too" - Mia Hamm

"Because I am still a little girl who believes in Santa and the tooth fairy and you." - Laurie Halse Anderson

"My friend is going to save a little girl from monsters. I am going with him. That's what friends do." - Jim Butcher

"Every time I see myself in print or on TV, I feel like a little white girl. I feel fat." - Bun B

"Girls are impossible to satisfy." "Not every girl." Not me. I'd be happy if he'd just like me a little." - Ellen Hopkins

"If I need you I'll give you a signal.' What signal?" I'll imitate the scream of a terrified little girl" - Jim Butcher

"Every girl pretends she is a princess at one point, no matter how little her life is like that." - Alex Flinn

"She's really gone, then. The little girl with the back of her shirt sticking out like a duck tail," - Suzanne Collins

"I used to think I was a little unstable, and then I met every girl I've ever dated." - Mike Birbiglia

"I'm a little frail girl, but I like being tied up, blindfolded and gagged so you can't move." - Katie Price

"I grew up as this little Catholic girl who just wanted to make beautiful things. I expressed myself with paint." - Mary Grandpre

"He's not quite blue yet, but that will come, you shall see!... Take him off quick to your little girl..." - Maurice Maeterlinck

"I never thought a little girl like you would ever be able to melt me and end my wicked deeds." - L Frank Baum

"A little girl without a doll is almost as unfortunate and quite as impossible as a woman without children." - Victor Hugo

"A toddling little girl is a center of common feeling which makes the most dissimilar people understand each other." - George Eliot

"But, outside of being a sweet little girl, she was awfully dumb and capable of doing horrible things." - Jack Kerouac

"Even though I would love a little girl for me, personally, I love being a mom to boys." - Leighallyn Baker

"I was totally all about the American Girl dolls when I was little - I had so many." - Jennifer Damiano

"Every little girl knows about love. It is only her capacity to suffer because of it that increases." - Francoise Sagan

"I never got to make that transition from little girl to young woman... and that really screws you up." - Natalie Cole

"What is free time? I'm a single mother. My free moments are filled with loving my little girl." - Roma Downey

"I'm still the little southern girl from the wrong side of the tracks who really didn't feel like she belonged." - Faye Dunaway

"I'd stand on the side of the road when I was just a little girl singing on trash cans." - Missy Elliott

"I was a little girl in World War II and I'm used to being freed by Americans." - Madeleine Albright

"I'm a performer. I've just been one since I was a little girl. I used to pretend all the time." - Jamie Lee Curtis

"I've been an REM fan since I was a little girl. I would jump around to 'Stand' in the mirror." - Kirsten Dunst

"As a little girl I used to daydream about my real father coming on a white horse to rescue me." - Christine Keeler

"I'm the little half-black, half-Jewish girl who was odd and awkward. I try to be myself." - Lauren London

"I like when a guy makes me feel like a woman and a little girl at the same time." - Tara Reid

"'Poltergeist' terrifies me! When the little girl Carol Anne is talking to the TV, I get shivers every time." - Willow Shields

"I've been in front of a camera since I was a little girl, and that's the medium I understand." - Samantha Morton

"When I was a little girl, my mother tried to make me dance, but I did not like it then." - Carine Roitfeld

"Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved animals and been fascinated with them." - Isabella Rossellini

"I think of myself as the little girl Renoir painted with the watering can. I loved the garden colors." - Alexandra Stoddard

"Next to being married, a girl likes to be crossed in love a little now and then." - Jane Austen

"A toddling little girl is a centre of common feeling which makes the most dissimilar people understand each other." - George Eliot

"When I was a little girl, I lived for modeling and fashion - I used to love, love, love modeling." - Chanel Iman

"Jingle taps on the majorette boots were an important part of a little girl growing up in the South." - Sissy Spacek

"When I was 12, every little girl in Russia was trying to wear her hair like mine and playing tennis." - Anna Kournikova

"Although I loved Liza as a little girl, it would be true to say I really didn't know her." - Lorna Luft

"Well I always wanted to be Dolly Parton when I was a little girl. I was obsessed with her." - Reese Witherspoon

"A flapper is just a little girl trying to grow up - in the process of growing up." - Colleen Moore

"First off let me say, I've wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl." - Paula Patton

"The independent girl is truly of quite modern origin, and usually is a most bewitching little piece of humanity." - Lou Henry Hoover

"I'm thrilled to start my family with a little girl! My boyfriend and I couldn't be happier!" - Holly Madison

"Come little cottage girl, you seem to want my cup of tea; and will you take a little cream? Now tell the truth to me!" - Barry Pain

"When I'm not working, I'm definitely a no-makeup girl. The most I ever do is a little tinted moisturizer and a little mascara and blush." - Morena Baccarin

"I was sent to ballet classes when I was a little girl. I wasn't very good, but it's that thing where little girls always try ballet, or whatever." - Cat Deeley

"I always tried to be the perfect little girl. Always tried to have the perfect little manners. Never wanted to displease my parents." - Annmargret

"I wanted to be a skinny little ballerina but I was a voluptuous little Italian girl whose dad had meatballs on the table every night." - Lady Gaga

"I don't look at her like she's a bad girl. She just misunderstood sometime, she's a little troubled, she's a little dysfunctional. She's a survivor." - Aida Turturro

"When I was a little girl, rocking my little dolls, I remember thinking I would be the world's best mom, and so far I've done it." - Jenny Mccarthy

"At first I was a little leery to just post photos of my little girl all the time and kind of exploit her to the world." - Jake Owen

"No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they're pretty, even if they aren't." - Marilyn Monroe

"My brother and I spent countless hours as kids playing with our dad's home camera, we would create little sketches and movies and talk shows. But it wasn't until I was 10 that I started considering that I could do it as a job." - Jade Hassoune



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