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Criminal Justice System Quotes


"The civil justice system is a backup system when the criminal justice system fails." - Ralph Nader

"Race determines everything in the criminal justice system" - Mark Geragos

"States and counties routinely bear the costs associated with incarcerating undocumented criminal aliens once they enter the criminal justice system." - Michael Dean Crapo

"Our criminal justice system has swallowed up too many people I love." - Michael K Williams

"America's criminal justice system has deteriorated to the point that it is a national disgrace." - Jimmy Webb

"We've got to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system." - Hillary Clinton

"Capital punishment, like the rest of the criminal justice system, is a government program, so skepticism is in order." - George Will

"For too long, the victims of crime have been the forgotten persons of our criminal justice system." - Ronald Reagan

"In the criminal justice system you see the worst people on their best behavior, unlike the civil system, where the best people behave at their worst." - Edna Buchanan

"Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the `criminal justice system,' I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal." - Ron Paul

"All we want is justice for John Crawford and everyone responsible for John Crawford's death should be held responsible, the criminal justice system refused to hold those accountable so the civil system must." - Michael Wright

"The Indian criminal justice system was a market like garbage, Abdul now understood. Innocence and guilt could be bought and sold like a kilo of polyurethane bags." - Katherine Boo

"Specifically, the growing threat that sexual predators pose to our Nation's children and their families represents an area where our criminal justice system has failed the American people." - Paul Gillmor

"A subject I'm particularly passionate about is the criminal justice system and almost all of the policies that impact people's lives are determined on a local level." - Aldis Hodge

"In our criminal justice system, we say it's better for 10 guilty people to go free than for even one innocent person to be wrongly convicted." - Alan Dershowitz

"I've laid out a platform that I think would begin to remedy some of the problems we have in the criminal justice system." - Hillary Clinton

"When citizens testify before grand juries they are required to tell the truth. Without the truth, our criminal justice system cannot serve our nation or its citizens." - Patrick Fitzgerald

"America's criminal justice system isn't known for rehabilitation. I'm not sure that, as a society, we are even interested in that concept anymore." - Steve Earle

"As a former attorney general. I have the greatest respect for the criminal justice system. But it is not good at intelligence gathering." - Kelly Ayotte

"It is apparent, if you go back through our history, that the grand juries of the criminal justice system do not value black lives." - William Lacy Clay Jr

"The reason I like the criminal justice system is there aren't Republican or Democrat victims or police officers or prosecutors. It's about respect for the rule of law!" - Trey Gowdy

"We need to incorporate that age-old concept of redemption into the work that we do in the criminal justice system in California." - Kamala Harris

"To change criminal justice policy in any meaningful way means to propose changing a very longstanding system. It's not realistic to think you can do it overnight." - Kamala Harris

"Black people are dying in this country because we have a criminal justice system which is out of control, a system in which over 50% of young African-American kids are unemployed, it is estimated that a black baby born today has a one in four chance of ending up in the criminal justice system." - Bernie Sanders

"The American people do not want people thumbing their nose at the law. It undercuts the very fabric of our society and the system of civil justice and of criminal justice as well." - Ernest Istook

"The criminal justice system is accurately symbolized by a large sculpture that sits at the foot of the United States attorney's building: four metal circles that interlock. The wheels of justice, as it were, frozen in legal and social gridlock." - Jonathan Larson

"One in three young African American men is currently under the control of the criminal justice system in prison, in jail, on probation, or on parole - yet mass incarceration tends to be categorized as a criminal justice issue as opposed to a racial justice or civil rights issue (or crisis)." - Michelle Alexander

"I therefore believe that our system does not have a word for failed trial, and that is where the American public does not realize that our criminal justice system sometimes makes mistakes." - Sam Sheppard

"The fact that more than half of the young black men in any large American city are currently under the control of the criminal justice system (or saddled with criminal records) is not - as many argue - just a symptom of poverty or poor choices, but rather evidence of a new racial caste system at work." - Michelle Alexander

"One out of three black men are in the criminal justice system in some form. Their despair is beginning to resonate through the entire culture; that is why suburban children want rap music." - Robert Bly

"The nature of the criminal justice system has changed. It is no longer primarily concerned with the prevention and punishment of crime, but rather with the management and control of the dispossessed." - Michelle Alexander

"Dealing with a simple burglary can require 1000 process steps and 70 forms to be completed as a case goes through the Criminal Justice System. That can't be right" - Theresa May

"I think the clearest manifestation for anyone who doubts that racism and classism exist in America, all one need do is take a real serious objective look at our criminal justice system." - Tim McDonald

"For years I supported capital punishment, but I have come to believe that our criminal justice system is incapable of adequately distinguishing between the innocent and guilty. It is reprehensible and immoral to gamble with life and death." - James Frey

"I went into journalism to learn the craft of writing and to get close to the world I wanted to write about - police and criminals, the criminal justice system," - Michael Connelly

"The whole future of America's black community is at risk. One out of every three young black men in Washington, D.C., is under one arm or the other of the criminal justice system. These are the continuing consequences of slavery." - Randall Robinson

"There's something almost impossible about the criminal justice system when it comes to sexual assault cases. It immediately sets up a trial, where witnesses may have been drunk or maybe there were no witnesses and maybe there's no evidence." - Jon Shenk

"Unfortunately, race still determines too much, often determines where people live, determines what kind of education in their public schools they can get, and, yes, it determines how they're treated in the criminal justice system." - Hillary Clinton

"My heart and passion has always been to reform the criminal justice system. I want to be a public servant, and I wanted to be a prosecutor because I felt it was the best way forward." - Marilyn Mosby

"Our criminal justice system has swallowed up too many people I love. I am proud to join the ACLU in the fight to make mass incarceration a thing of the past." - Michael K Williams

"I went into journalism to learn the craft of writing and to get close to the world I wanted to write about - police and criminals, the criminal justice system." - Michael Connelly

"Johnny Cash was a rebel, not only just in the musical sense, but he was somebody who was for the people, and an advocate for labor, for workers, for prisoners, people who have been trapped by the criminal justice system." - Michael Franti

"I represented many of these kids as they become young adults in the criminal justice system when I was a public defender. One way of reaching out is by the mind of experimentation." - Matt Gonzalez

"The criminal justice system should have the authority to determine the immigration status of all criminals, regardless of race or ethnicity, and report illegal immigrants who commit crimes to federal authorities." - Susana Martinez

"Dealing with a simple burglary can require 1,000 process steps and 70 forms to be completed as a case goes through the Criminal Justice System. That can't be right." - Theresa May

"All decisions in the criminal justice system must be determined by the physical and scientific evidence, and the credible testimony corroborated by that evidence, not in response to public outcry." - Robert P Mcculloch

"Whether or not we can save Lake Michigan, whether or not we can avoid a breakdown in our criminal justice system are more important than whether or not I'm going to be governor." - Bill Scott

"Our current criminal justice system has no provision for restorative justice, in which an offender confronts the damage they have done and tries to make it right for the people they have harmed. Instead, our system of "corrections" is about arm's-length revenge and retribution, all day and all night." - Piper Kerman

"A large portion of American citizens, especially people of color, have lost confidence in our criminal justice system. Many have called for appointing special prosecutors when a police officer kills or injures a civilian. If you were elected president, would you publicly support special prosecutors in these cases and what is one other thing you would do to fix our broken justice system?" - Russell Simmons

"The education justice movement and the prison justice movement have been operating separately in many places as though they're in silos. But the reality is we're not going to provide meaningful education opportunities to poor kids, kids of color, until and unless we recognize that we're wasting trillions of dollars on a failed criminal justice system." - Michelle Alexander

"Justice is no longer a concern of the justice system." - Paul Craig Roberts

"The fate of millions of people-indeed the future of the black community itself-may depend on the willingness of those who care about racial justice to re-examine their basic assumptions about the role of the criminal justice system in our society." - Michelle Alexander

"I co-sponsored the Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Act to improve access to mental health services for people in the criminal justice system. This bill would give law enforcement officers the tools they need to identify and respond to mental health issues, while continuing to support mental health courts and crisis intervention teams." - Roy Blunt

"The justice system is now just a system." - Bob Enyart

"No system of criminal justice can, or should, survive if it comes to depend for its continued effectiveness on the citizens' abdication through unawareness of their constitutional rights. No system worth preserving should have to fear that if an accused is permitted to consult with a lawyer, he will become aware of, and exercise, these rights." - Arthur Goldberg

"What really drives the battle against law enforcement and punishment is not a commitment to treatment, but the widely held view that, first, we are imprisoning too many people for merely possessing illegal drugs; second, drug and other criminal sentences are too long and harsh, and third, the criminal justice system is unjustly punishing young black men. These are among the great urban myths of our time." - John P. Walters

"The criminal-justice system is, obviously, the sole source of racial tension in this country [USA] or the key institution to resolving the opportunity gap. It is a part of the broader set of challenges that we face in creating a more perfect union." - Barack Obama

"These are young people who made mistakes that aren't that different than the mistakes I made and the mistakes that a lot of you guys made, we have a tendency sometimes to almost take for granted or think it's normal that so many young people end up in our criminal justice system. It's not normal. ... What is normal is teenagers doing stupid things." - Barack Obama

"In order to ensure our criminal justice system is fair and equitable, my office is conducting an immediate assessment of every prosecution within the past 10 years where these officers were involved, this is a shameful incident that the public deserves to have addressed in a meaningful and expeditious manner." - George Gascon

"Policemen and laws can never replace customs, traditions and moral values as a means for regulating human behavior. At best, the police and criminal justice system are the last desperate line of defense for a civilized society. Our increased reliance on laws to regulate behavior is a measure of how uncivilized we've become." - D. Todd Christofferson

"The key thing is to ensure that we give the criminal-justice system the tools it needs, so that women's rights are turned into reality. It is not enough to say domestic violence is a crime ?- in order for the laws to be successful, lawyers and courts must have the necessary means to prosecute it." - Jon Kyl

"After reading The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander's stunning work of scholarship, one gains the terrible realization that, for people of color, the American criminal justice system resembles the Soviet Union's gulag-the latter punished ideas, the former punishes a condition." - David Levering Lewis

"Policemen and laws can never replace customs, traditions and moral values as a means for regulating human behavior. At best, the police and criminal justice system are the last desperate line of defense for a civilized society. Our increased reliance on laws to regulate behavior is a measure of how uncivilized we"ve become." - D. Todd Christofferson

"I think it's important to encourage young people to tell their own stories and to speak openly about their own experiences with the criminal justice system and the experiences of their family. We need to ensure that the classroom environment is a supportive one so that the shame and stigma can be dispelled." - Michelle Alexander

"The show [Shots Fired] is an autopsy of our criminal justice system, a space where the conversation surrounding the issues in our country is offering a seat at the table to all the voices to be heard, a murder mystery, and grassroots look at our own humanity as we move through the parts and pieces of the story." - Aisha Hinds

"What we were most hoping to achieve with Shots Fired: empathy for all of the characters and conversations about our criminal justice system, which is broken on every level, from the street all the way up to the highest level of government." - Gina Prince-Bythewood

"Be critical of these institutions that we love, whether they be our sports teams or the criminal justice system. Be critical of what the police department is doing about sexual assault. Be critical of why prosecutors are not prosecuting sexual assault." - Andrea Pino

"I see, from my vantage point as the vice-chair of the Legal Services Corporation, a serious crisis going on in this country. Eighty percent of low-income people have no access to the civil justice system, meaning anything but criminal law." - Martha Minow

"People who know the economy is rigged in favor of big money, people who know that our middle class continues to decline and we have to go outside of establishment politics and economics, people who know that we need to reform a broken criminal justice system and we need comprehensive immigration reform." - Bernie Sanders

"It's just a fact that if you're a young African-American man and you do the same thing as a young white man, you are more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted, and incarcerated. So we've got to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system." - Hillary Clinton

"We cannot just say law and order. We have to say - we have to come forward with a plan that is going to divert people from the criminal justice system, deal with mandatory minimum sentences, which have put too many people away for too long for doing too little." - Hillary Clinton

"We have got to do a better job recognizing and correcting the errors in the system that do reflect an institutional bias in criminal justice, but what Donald Trump and I are saying is let's not have the reflex of assuming the worst of men and women in law enforcement." - Mike Pence

"Though the rampant racial injustices throughout the criminal justice system were offensive to me and to millions of other people, I've never drawn a tight circle around the black community to define the limits of my moral concern. But that narrative tends to get imposed on you, if you're an African-American activist." - Van Jones

"A symptomatic example of the way in which violence has saturated everyday life can be seen in the increased acceptance of criminalizing the behavior of young people in public schools. Behaviors that were normally handled by teachers, guidance counselors and school administrators are now dealt with by the police and the criminal justice system." - Henry Giroux

"Young black men are not only being arrested and channeled into the criminal justice system in record numbers, they are also being targeted by the police, harassed by security forces, and in some instances killed because they are black and assumed to be dangerous." - Henry Giroux

"We have to face up to systemic racism. We see it in jobs, we see it in education, we see it in housing. But let's be really clear; it's a big part of what we're facing in the criminal justice system." - Hillary Clinton

"I don't think it's necessary to feel guilty. Because I know that I'm still doing the work that is going to help more sisters and brothers to challenge the whole criminal justice system, and I'm trying to use whatever knowledge I was able to acquire to continue to do the work in our communities that will move us forward." - Angela Davis

"Once brave politicians and others explain the war on drugs' true cost, the American people will scream for a cease-fire. Bring the troops home, people will urge. Treat drugs as a health problem, not as a matter for the criminal justice system." - Larry Elder

"Our constitutionally-based criminal justice system places a high value on protecting the innocent. Among its central tenets is the idea that it is better to let a guilty person go free than to convict someone without evidence beyond a reasonable doubt." - Robert Shapiro

"After reading The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander's stunning work of scholarship, one gains the terrible realization that, for people of color, the American criminal justice system resembles the Soviet Union's gulag-the latter punished ideas, the former punishes a condition." - David Levering Lewis

"One might expect that the families of murder victims would be showered with sympathy and support, embraced by their communities. But in reality they are far more likely to feel isolated, fearful, and ashamed, overwhelmed by grief and guilt, angry at the criminal-justice system, and shunned by their old friends." - Eric Schlosser

"Well, the terrible thing right now, and I don't know the statistics, but there's a growing concern in some communities about how rapidly people are sent from school to jail, how quickly they're put into the criminal justice system. And of course the rapidly growing number of brown people, both men and women, in prison. And this is terrible." - Anna Deavere Smith

"Mercy is not what every criminal is entitled to. What he is entitled to is justice." - Lord Hailsham

"I have, ever since the first day of my campaign, called for criminal justice reform." - Hillary Clinton

""Criminal justice" was a term she found more apt than it was meant to be." - Barbara Neely

"Generally speaking, the public appetite for criminal justice policy is just tough talk." - Kamala Harris

"Squeeze human nature into the straitjacket of criminal justice and crime will appear." - Karl Kraus

"Yes, for my undergrad I majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Political Science and English." - Matthew Mcgrory

"Over the last few years a lot of people have become aware of the inequities in the criminal justice system, right now, with our overall crime rate and incarceration rate both falling, we're at a moment when some good people in both parties, Republicans and Democrats and folks all across the country, are coming up with ideas to make the system work smarter and better." - Barack Obama

"For those who say that the war on drugs and the system of mass incarceration really isn't about race, I say there is no way we would allow the majority of young white men to be swept into the criminal justice system for minor drug offenses, branded criminals and felons, and then stripped of their basis civil and human rights while young black men who are engaged in the same activity trot off to college. That would never be accepted as the norm." - Michelle Alexander

"We have fought for social justice. We have fought for economic justice. We have fought for environmental justice. We have fought for criminal justice. Now we must add a new fight - the fight for electoral justice." - Barbara Boxer

"Given the realities of the U.S. criminal justice system, the prosecution may be unable to salvage this case. But just because that system fails victims on the regular doesn't mean we have to, too. French commentators are already calling for DSK to jump back into the country's presidential race and ride a wave of sympathy into office. Really, the stakes are greater than even that political prize. If we accept the narrative that only perfect women are raped, we risk sacrificing justice not only for this woman, but for victims of sexual assault everywhere. After all, nobody's perfect." - Jaclyn Friedman

"It is not a Justice System. It is just a system." - Bob Enyart

"There's no way you are going to get rid of the Second Amendment, there's no way you're going to get rid of the First Amendment, and people have to understand how important this is. But I think when they see more and more killings, we have to figure out, of course what we are going to do about it. And I don't think the criminal justice system has an answer." - Chuck Todd

"It is hard to stay patient about policy matters where everybody agrees about what needs to be done and then it just doesn't happen, like reforming the immigration system and getting rid of family immigration jails and closing Guantanamo and criminal-justice reform. All these issues, there is basically consensus. There's no rational objections whatsoever, but it can't happen because of other stupid steps we have to take in politics." - Rachel Maddow

"One of the ongoing crises in America is institutional racism. We have a very broken criminal justice system. We live in a country where there are more people in jail than any other country on Earth. There are some 2.2 million people currently incarcerated and they are disproportionally African American and Hispanic. Unarmed African Americans have been abused and sometimes killed while in police custody. Clearly these are issues that must be dealt with and changed." - Bernie Sanders

"People talk about Jim Crow as if it's dead. Jim Crow isn't gone. It's adjusted. Look at the disproportionate sentences meted out to blacks caught up in the criminal justice system. There's a problem when people profit from putting and keeping African Americans in prison. We need to do a better job as a nation understanding the real values the country's built upon in terms of fairness, equality and equal opportunity." - Aldis Hodge

"The various roles we incorporate into the criminal justice system as well as the ways in which we construe such roles, lend themselves to the kind of ethical reflection that is open to us all. That said, once we have determined roles and their contours, those who act within them may have special duties and privileges that others may lack. Specific roles may generate ethical inquiries with novel forms, just as new technologies may push us in new directions." - John Kleinig

"I worked when I was Congress on a second chance act. We have got to do a better job recognizing and correcting the errors in the system that do reflect on institutional bias in criminal justice. But what - what - what Donald Trump and I are saying is let's not have the reflex of assuming the worst of men and women in law enforcement. We truly do believe that law enforcement is not a force for racism or division in our country..." - Mike Pence

"I think that we need to have an honest conversation in this country. This idea that somehow we're beyond sexism, beyond racism is just wrong. And this is where having an honest conversation with white men about their issues and their concerns, and having honest conversations about the experiences that African-Americans are still having, despite who's the president of the United States, in the criminal justice system that we see in sentencing, we see in policing and a lot of these issues." - Cory Booker

"Against the tyranny of forgetting, educators, young people, social activists, public intellectuals, workers and others can work to make visible and oppose the long legacy and current reality of state violence and the rise of the punishing state. Such a struggle suggests not only reclaiming, for instance, education as a public good but also reforming the criminal justice system and removing the police from schools." - Henry Giroux

"I don't want to exaggerate; having as many African American men as we've had in the criminal-justice system, and the amount of time it takes for the damage done by that to wash through our society and our communities, the disadvantages born out of kids being undiagnosed with mental-health problems early, or not getting the kind of exposure to reading and math when they're 4 or 5 or 6 years old, that carries a cost." - Barack Obama

"Goldman Sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy and ruin the lives of millions of Americans. But this is what a rigged economy and a corrupt campaign finance system and a broken criminal justice is about. These guys are so powerful that not one of the executives on Wall Street has been charged with anything after paying, in this case of Goldman Sachs, a $5 billion fine." - Bernie Sanders

"I've written about illegal immigrants in the United States; I spent a year following migrant farm workers as they were harvesting. I've written about our criminal justice system, and how it treats the victims of crime. I've been working for years now on a book about prisons in America, and I've been going into prisons and traveling around the country and seeing what's going on." - Eric Schlosser

"In representing criminal defendants especially guilty ones it is often necessary to take the offensive against the government: to put the government on trial for its misconduct. In law, as in sports, the best defense is often a good offense. The courtroom oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is applicable only to witnesses... because the American justice system is built on a foundation of not telling the whole entire truth." - Alan Dershowitz

"Ending police brutality and mass incarceration. There is a growing left-right support for criminal justice reform." - Ralph Nader

"Of course, as a German, I wouldn't like to tell the American people how to handle their criminal justice." - Werner Herzog

"The first thing we should be concerned about the BLM movement should be the issues that the Black Lives Matter movement is bringing forward. There's no fundamental platform being brought by activists in Oakland, Baltimore, or New Jersey. The main issues that you see, the commonality between activists all around the country, are trying to deal with the challenges in the criminal justice system, something that is very much central to my work. So my hope is that people stay focused on the urgency to create justice here at home." - Cory Booker

"Justice in the hands of the powerful is merely a governing system like any other. Why call it justice?" - Georges Bernanos

"The Federal Reserve System is not Federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system at all, but rather, a criminal syndicate." - Eustace Mullins

"In the justice system, we say there must be open justice where there is to be justice. The judged while trying must themselves be tried before the public." - Julian Assange

"Given my experience, I believe there are three compelling reasons why the death penalty should be replaced. (1) The criminal justice system makes mistakes and the possibility of executing innocent people is both inherently wrong and morally reprehensible; (2) My personal experience and crime data show the death penalty does not reduce crime; and (3) The death penalty wastes precious resources that could be best used to fight crime and solve thousands of unsolved homicides languishing in filing cabinets in understaffed police departments across the state." - George Gascon

"The goal is not to just have rapists expelled from schools. I don't want rapists transferring schools. I don't want them out there, being able to commit these crimes. I want them to go to prison. But if you understand this crime and you understand what happens in the reporting of this crime and the support that a victim does or does not get, you realize that our legislation increases the likelihood that a young woman will go to the police in a timely manner and that the police will investigate and that they will be able to administer real justice in the criminal system." - Claire Mccaskill

"What has changed since the collapse of Jim Crow has less to do with the basic structure of our society than with the language we use to justify it. In the era of colorblindness, it is no longer socially permissible to use race, explicitly, as a justification for discrimination, exclusion, and social contempt. So we don't. Rather than rely on race, we use our criminal justice system to label people of color "criminals" and then engage in all the practices we supposedly left behind." - Michelle Alexander

"I started off as a young lawyer working against discrimination against African-American children in schools and in the criminal justice system. I worked to make sure that kids with disabilities could get a public education, something that I care very much about. I have worked with Latinos - one of my first jobs in politics was down in south Texas registering Latino citizens to be able to vote. So I have a deep devotion to making sure that an every American feels like he or she has a place in our country." - Hillary Clinton

"Do not be merciful, but be just, for mercy is bestowed upon the guilty criminal, while Justice is all that the innocent man requires." - Khalil Gibran

"Today, criminal justice functions and justifies itself only by this perpetual reference to something other than itself, by this unceasing reinscription in non-juridical systems." - Michel Foucault

"One of the most sensitive expressions of hope, capacity for change and potential vehicles for institutional health that I have read in my career in criminal justice." - Scott Harshbarger

"There is one transcendant advantage belonging to the province of the State governments . . . -I mean the ordinary administration of criminal and civil justice." - Alexander Hamilton

"I am ready to face the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague for prosecution over roles played by me when the war ended" - Yakubu Gowon

"If I wasn't going to be a world-famous journalist and if I didn't have such respect for truth and justice, I could be an amazing master criminal." - Sarah Rees Brennan

"Criminal justice is about respecting the law and being respected by the law so there is a fundamental respect issue here." - Tim Kaine

"The problem is clear: the unreliability of eyewitness identification evidence poses one of the most serious problems in the administration of criminal justice and civil litigation." - Elizabeth Loftus

"Everywhere among the English-speaking race criminal justice was rude, and punishments were barbarous; but the tendency was to do away with special privileges and legal exemptions." - Albert Bushnell Hart

"A criminal trial is never about seeking justice for the victim. If it were, there could be only one verdict: guilty." - Alan Dershowitz

"At least 80 percent of American prisoners are grossly over-sentenced. The Supreme Court knows this, but shows scant concern for this human side of criminal justice." - Conrad Black

"I majored in criminal justice. I like 'CSI,' all that, '24.' I watch those shows on A&E, if I watch TV. I don't really watch TV shows." - Paul Pierce

"Twitter wanted to become a more egalitarian justice system, but instead it became a draconian one." - Jon Ronson

"The American Judicial System is the best appearance of justice that money can buy!" - Don Mashak

"I think some parts of the American justice system have gone haywire." - Gerard Butler

"[Michael Flynn] has just said that the U.S. Justice system is corrupt." - John Heilemann

"Anybody who understands the justice system knows innocent people are convicted every day." - Gerald Kogan

"People demand a lot of the justice system and they demand things that it can't deliver." - Helen Garner

"Unfortunately, the American justice system is just riddled with lies and inconsistencies." - Tommy Chong

"Look, the justice system is made up of people. People have faults. It's not perfect." - Nancy Grace

"The criminal justice system, like any system designed by human beings, clearly has its flaws." - Ben Whishaw

"I think the American justice system has a lot more issues than the European justice system, especially the Scottish justice system. We have a really nice mix of European codified law and the traditional English system of common law, which is what the American system is based on." - Gerard Butler

"I am going to create a new special deportation task force focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in America who have evaded justice, just like Hillary Clinton has evaded justice." - Donald Trump

"If you knowingly and willingly embark on criminal behaviour, the consequences of that should be... that you lose some of your benefits under the current system" - Iain Duncan Smith

"The strength of the claims of formal justice, of obedience to system, clearly depend upon the substantive justice of institutions and the possibilities of their reform." - John Rawls

"The test of every religious, political, or educational system, is the man which it forms. If a system injures the intelligence it is bad. If it injures the character it is vicious. If it injures the conscience it is criminal." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"If you have an Internet-connected system, there's no wall currently that you can build that's high enough or deep enough to keep a dedicated nation-state or even a sophisticated criminal group out of your system." - John Carlin

"The test of every religious, political, or educational system, is the man which it forms. If a system injures the intelligence it is bad. If it injures the character it is vicious, if it injures the conscience it is criminal." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law? Or is there one system for the average citizen and another for the high and mighty?" - Edward Kennedy

"The superior freedom of the capitalist system, its superior justice, and its superior productivity are not three superiorities, but one. The justice follows from the freedom and the productivity follows from the freedom and the justice." - Henry Hazlitt

"Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice and they are also the most protected." - Alan Dershowitz

"No international court can ever substitute for a working national justice system. Or for a society at piece." - Adam Hochschild

"We have allowed the system to be so corrupted that many want justice to be "empathetic," not blind." - Glenn Beck

"The true measure of the justice of a system is the amount of protection it guarantees to the weakest." - Aung San Suu Kyi

"The success of any legal system is measured by its fidelity to the universal ideal of justice." - Earl Warren



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