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Company Meetings Quotes


"At IMVU, we opened up our board meetings to the whole company." - Eric Ries

"Ecstasy hates company." - Robert Charles Wilson

"Misery loves company." - John Ray

"Misery loves company but company does not reciprocate." - Addison Mizner

"No company has a culture, every company is a culture" - Peter Thiel

"If misery loves company, misery has company enough." - Henry David Thoreau

"But a man needs company." - John Steinbeck

"Bad company ruins good morals." - Bible

"Bad company corrupts good character." - Menander

"alone, adj. In bad company." - Ambrose Bierce

"I just hate meetings." - J K Rowling

"I don't do meetings." - Karl Lagerfeld

"Success happened little by little for me. I tasted the flavor of fame in small doses: I started at 10 years old when I won a music contest; I was performing at birthday parties, company meetings." - Shakira

"Beats is inherently different: the company is a consumer electronics company but also a media company; a packaged goods company but also an entertainment company." - Luke Wood

"Meetings are places where dead ideas rise from their graves and eat the brains of the living." - Dave Barry

"Actions speak louder than meetings." - Lee Clow

"A company attitude is rarely anybody's best." - Catharine Sedgwick

"Communism is just one big telephone company." - Lenny Bruce

"The fool needs company, the wise solitude." - Anonymous

"Frequent the company of your betters." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"Two is company; three is fifty bucks." - Joan Rivers

"Heaven for climate, Hell for company." - James M Barrie

"A bottle of wine was good company." - Ernest Hemingway

"Microsoft is a company that manages imagination." - Bill Gates

"Thought and action must never part company." - Hannah Arendt

"I enjoy not being a public company." - Marc Andreessen

"Prayer is - keeping company with God." - Philip Yancey

"Prayer is happy company with God." - Clement of Alexandria

"Too much company is worse than none." - James Burgh

"Spare the innovation and ruin the company." - Robert Heller

"A logoless company is a faceless man" - David Airey

"I'm good at my own company." - Tim Curry

"Solitude desolates me; company oppresses me." - Fernando Pessoa

"Better be alone than in bad company." - Thomas Fuller

"A local company has more accountability." - Paul Hawken

"Communism is like one big phone company." - Lenny Bruce

"I run a multi billion dollar company" - Tito Ortiz

"the best innovation is sometimes the company, the way you organize the company" - Steve Jobs

"The only thing that prepares you to run a company is running a company." - Ben Horowitz

"I suppose what one wants really is ideal company and books are ideal company." - Anita Brookner

"We built this company from the customer back, not from the company out." - Lou Gerstner

"The sales department is' the whole company, but the whole company better be the sales department." - Philip Kotler

"I got hurt on company time, so I'll heal on company time." - Shaquille O'Neal

"Burberry is now as much a media-content company as we are a design company" - Christopher Bailey

"But once you buy a company, you are married. You are married to that company." - Henry Kravis

"The sales department isn't the whole company, but the whole company better be the sales department." - Philip Kotler

"When this crisis began, crucial decisions about what would happen to some of the world's biggest companies-companies employing tens of thousands of people and holding trillions of dollars in assets-took place in emergency meetings in the middle of the night. We should not be forced to choose between allowing a company to fall into a rapid and chaotic dissolution or to support the company with taxpayer money. That is unacceptable." - Barack Obama

"Donald Trump has declared that he's going to divest himself from his companies and that his sons will be separated from the government. But his sons who run the company are regularly attending his meetings with senators, making it clear to everybody, you want access to Trump you pay." - David Frum

"I've always been scared of advertising folk. I've met them at parties and I've been to their offices and I've always found them intimidatingly cool. At one company I visited, they held their meetings in a caravan that had somehow been installed in the place, a rather more exotic place to gather than the typical BBC glass box." - Evan Davis

"We don't have meetings unless absolutely necessary." - Caterina Fake

"The downside of being a dean is that I'd rather drop off my son at (Michael Jackson's) Neverland Ranch than go to all those meetings." - Ergun Caner

"I probably had 150 meetings with Trent Lott. He has said exactly as many racist things to me as Bill Clinton has, which is to say zero." - Dick Morris

"Always Postpone Meetings with Time-wasting Morons" - Scott Adams

"[O]rganized violence punctuated by committee meetings." - George Will

"Meetings bore me." ~Templeton, Charlotte's Web" - E B White

"My idea of good company is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company." - Jane Austen

"I never dreamed I could build a $100 million company. I just happened to build a $1 million company that became a $5 million company, and so on." - Robert Herjavec

"A good designer will actually design the company." - Donald A. Norman

"Record company execs eat their young, I swear to God." - Linda Barnes

"Try to establish the value of a company." - Walter Schloss

"I like the idea of company-paid dividends." - Walter Schloss

"Any fool can buy a company; just pay enough" - Henry Kravis

"We took our eye off the ball as a company." - Bill Ford

"We run the company by questions, not by answers." - Eric Schmidt

"Aloneness and selfness are too important to betray for company." - Sylvia Plath

"A company of tyrants is inaccessible to all seductions." - Voltaire

"Daei's all alone here, with four Chelsea defenders for company." - Peter Drury

"The strong and the weak cannot keep company." - Aesop

"Without integrity, no company can have positive word of mouth" - Jay Abraham

"light hearts seldom keep company with heavy coffers ..." - Fanny Fern

"Don't let dialog about your company happen without your perspective." - Brian Regan

"Misery loves company, but happy is a better friend." - Ray Torres

"Life's better with company. Everybody needs a co-pilot." - George Clooney

"The customer rarely buys what the company thinks it's selling." - Peter Drucker

"I myself am best When least in company." - William Shakespeare

"Trade unions infringe upon the property rights of company owners." - Barry Goldwater

"Roads are long; make them short with a good company!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Incessant company is as bad as solitary confinement." - Virginia Woolf

"Solitude is a condition best enjoyed in company." - Eleanor Catton

"I'm still technically employed by the National Broadcasting Company." - Tina Fey

"A man is known by the company he avoids." - Anonymous

"If it's heaven for climate, it's hell for company." - James M Barrie

"Heroes do not easily tolerate the company of other heroes." - Kenneth Clark

"Make every decision as if you owned the company." - Robert Townsend

"Make every decision as if you owned the whole company." - Robert Townsend

"A king's son is no nobler than his company." - Proverbs

"You either disrupt your own company or someone else will." - Peter Diamandis

"Every man is like the company he wont to keep." - Euripides

"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." - Mark Twain

"I think Yahoo is a great company, with great assets." - Jack Ma

"Any company has got to reinvent itself again and again." - Bob Parsons

"It is better to be alone than in bad company." - George Washington

"I always want to have more dancers in my company." - Alvin Ailey

"A man is known by the company his mind keeps." - Thomas Bailey Aldrich

"We're the biggest food and agriculture company in the world." - Dwayne Andreas

"In married life three is company and two none." - Oscar Wilde

"We're running the company to serve more people." - Mark Zuckerberg

"Look, you need technical skills to run a company." - Carly Fiorina

"A small company like Nichia should do niche products." - Shuji Nakamura

"Preachers are always pleasant company when they are off duty." - Mark Twain

"What's the point in having a company of secretaries?" - Bob Geldof

"Keep not money, but keep good people's company." - Nikolai Gogol

"The main social responsibility for a company is to win." - Jack Welch

"The company without a strategy is willing to try anything." - Michael Porter

"Live always in the best company when you read." - Sydney Smith

"I'm working on my own work, my own publishing company." - John Van Hamersveld

"'The Daily Beast' and Howard Kurtz have parted company." - Tina Brown

"Misery loves company. There's a lot to that." - Harvey Pekar

"I enjoy the pleasure of my own company." - John Mellencamp

"My dream is to have a small company in France." - Israel Horovitz

"First mover Advantage doesn't go to the company that starts up, it goes to the company that scales up" - Reid Hoffman

"Sad company is bad company." - Milan Kundera

"Keep asking yourself, 'What kind of a company would my company be if everyone in it was just like me?'" - Brian Tracy

"Whenever he was in company he wanted to get away, and whenever he was alone he wanted company." - J K Rowling

"Every company has big data in its future and every company will eventually be in the data business." - Thomas H. Davenport

"I try to keep myself in the best of company and my horses in the worst of company." - Len Goodman

"Southwest Airlines is successful because the company understands it's a customer service company. It also happens to be an airline." - Harvey Mackay

"Notional is a production company with the DNA of an Internet company that makes content for everything." - Ricky Van Veen

"Clearly, every company needs a leader. That's an important part of being the CEO of the company." - Sanjay Kumar

"When Warren Buffett invests in a company, he is conferring upon that company something very unique: his credibility." - Bethany Mclean

"I own a mortgage company and a real estate company funded by the music. Florida is a kinda gold mine." - Vanilla Ice

"My belief is that PowerPoint doesn't kill meetings. People kill meetings." - Peter Norvig

"Meetings are a symptom of bad organization. The fewer meetings the better." - Peter Drucker

"To the best of my recollection, I became a philosopher because my parents wanted me to become a lawyer. It seems to me, in retrospect, that there was much to be said for their suggestion. On the other hand, many philosophers are quite good company; the arguments they use are generally better than the ones that lawyers use; and we do get to go to as many faculty meetings as we like at no extra charge." - Jerry Fodor

"A lot of meetings are held to arrange when to have meetings. ... Meetings today are usually called conferences to make them sound more significant." - Jilly Cooper

"Prayer meetings are the throbbing machinery of the church." - Charles Spurgeon

"We used to hold those secret meetings at her house." - Charles Phillips

"The most fervent prayer meetings are in hell." - Leonard Ravenhill

"Prayer meetings are dead affairs when they are merely asking sessions; there is adventure, hope and life when they are believing sessions, and the faith is corporately, practically and deliberately affirmed." - Norman Grubb

"Tea Party members go to meetings on Medicare scooters." - Ishmael Reed

"Taking 1,000 meetings attempting to get backing to do clothing..." - Kanye West

"Being on time to appointments and meetings is a phase of self-discipline and an evidence of self-respect. Punctuality is a courteous compliment the intelligent person pays to his associates." - Marvin J Ashton

"Meetings don't have to be endless to be eternal." - James E Faust

"Democracy is not about protests. Democracy is about meetings." - David Frum

"Politics takes patience, time, listening and endless meetings." - Dick Gephardt

"Meetings are indispensable when you don't want to do anything." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"Avoid any specific discussion of public policy at public meetings." - Quintus Tullius Cicero

"I haven't ever gone to any Mensa meetings." - Geena Davis

"In life there are meetings which seem Like a fate." - Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton

"Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings, from random discussions." - Steve Jobs

"I hate having people sit in on meetings." - Ivanka Trump

"I enjoyed the meetings, too. It was like having friends." - J K Rowling

"When a company creates a product that directly or indirectly adversely impacts the health of people, that product must be regulated. The process by which its created must be regulated. No company has the right to injure people. No company." - Kenneth C Griffin

"I discovered that the best innovation is sometimes the company, the way you organize a company. The whole notion of how you build a company is fascinating." Steve Jobs" - Walter Isaacson

"He who walks in the company of fools suffers much. Company with fools, as with an enemy, is always painful. Company with the wise is pleasure, like meeting with kinfolk." - Gautama Buddha

"I never said that I wanted to be the only company, is it my fault that I ran my company well? Wouldn't you want the best for your company? Also consider that I started of small." - John D Rockefeller

"I believe quite simply that the small company of the future will be as much a research organization as it is a manufacturing company, and that this new company is the frontier for the next generation." - Edwin H. Land

"When a company creates a product that directly or indirectly adversely impacts the health of people, that product must be regulated. The process by which it's created must be regulated. No company has the right to injure people. No company." - Kenneth C Griffin

"Most artists have contracts directly with the record company, and when they do music, all of their music is owned by the record company. But I did mine through a production company." - Roy Ayers

"I think there needs to be a meeting to set an agenda for more meetings about meetings." - Jonah Goldberg



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