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Community Events Quotes


"It's a community event. Community events create strong communities, and a strong community is a healthy community. A healthy community is a happy community." - Sandy Smith

"All ethics so far evolved rest upon a single premise: that the individual is a member of a community of interdependent parts.... That man is, in fact, only a member of a biotic team is shown by an ecological interpretation of history. Many historical events, hitherto explained solely in terms of human enterprise, were actually biotic interactions between people and land.... Is history taught in this spirit? it will be, once the concept of land as a community really penetrates our intellectual life." - Aldo Leopold

"I had one simple idea about telling friends about arts and technology events. People in the community suggested everything else to us, and that's our theme. We're really run by the people who use the site. We just run the infrastructure, and help out with problems." - Craig Newmark

"Without community events like NewFest, I don't think we'd have a queer cinema in America." - Ira Sachs

"Events occur. Dramas are manufactured." - Alan Robert Neal

"The true test of the American ideal is whether we're able to recognize our failings and then rise together to meet the challenges of our time. Whether we allow ourselves to be shaped by events and history, or whether we act to shape them. Whether chance of birth or circumstance decides life's big winners and losers, or whether we build a community where, at the very least, everyone has a chance to work hard, get ahead, and reach their dreams." - Barack Obama

"(...) contemporary art has become a kind of alternative religion for atheists. (...) For many art world insiders and art aficionados of other kinds, concept-driven art is a kind of existencial channel through which they bring meaning to their lives. It demands leaps of faith, but it rewards the believer with a sense of consequence. Moreover, just as churches and other ritualistic meeting places serve a social function, so art events generate a sense of community around shared interests" - Sarah Thornton

"The dearest events are summer-rain." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Future events cast their shadow before them." - Tim Lahaye

"One who loves his community destroys community; one who loves its members builds community." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Great events are the hour-hands of time, while small events mark the minutes." - Andrew Michael Ramsay

"[Upon being asked what's his biggest worry:] Events, dear boy, events." - Harold Macmillan

"We're hoping that this will also be the key to starting community events in a place where the whole community can come together. We've been working with the town on the total renovation." - Andy Kaufman

"Freedom or community, community or freedom. One must decide the way one wants to live. I chose community." - Lauren Groff

"Maturity is produced through relationships and community." - Rick Warren

"The mind that is anxious about future events is miserable." - Seneca the Younger

"History employs evolution to structure biological events in time." - Stephen Jay Gould

"Events are influenced by our very great desires." - William James

"When I can't handle events, I let them handle themselves." - Henry Ford

"Worry is a morbid anticipation of events which never happen." - Russell Green

"Perfection belongs to narrated events, not to those we live." - Primo Levi

"Events bring you small joy, while ? existence brings you bliss." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"The future is about emotion: reactions to events are usually far more important than the events themselves." - Patrick Dixon

"Often do the spirits Of great events stride on before the events, And in to-day already walks to-morrow." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"It no longer matters who consider themselves the masters of events. Events no longer obey their masters." - Dan Simmons

"Community means caring: caring for people. Dietrich Bonhoeffer says: "He who loves community destroys community; he who loves the brethren builds community." A community is not an abstract ideal." - Jean Vanier

"I do things - whether it's donations or events for good causes or giving back to my community - for the right reason: because I want to. Because it's the best thing to do. I wanna help someone else out." - LeSean McCoy

"In a small Polish farm community, during the fall planting season of 1981, events occurred which electrified the world, sending reverberations of magnitude to capitals as diverse as Washington, Peking and especially Moscow." - James A Michener

"Argentine political life is like the life of an ant community or an African forest tribe: full of events, full of crisis and deaths, but life is always cyclical, and the year ends as it begins." - V S Naipaul

"I think of some of my friends who have passed to the spirit world but are who here with me when I go to events and when I walk in my own community. My sisters, Ingred, my sister Marsha, and my sister Nielock. All cofounders of the Indigenous Women's Network with me. All long time women activists in the native community." - Winona Laduke

"I intend to have protections for the L.G.B.T. community in there. I'm not going to make choices between that community and the non-L.G.B.T. community." - Patrick Leahy

"The person who's in love with their vision of community will destroy community. But the person who loves the people around them will create community everywhere they go." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"The powers that be not only try to control events, but they try to control our memory and understanding of these events, which is part of controlling the events themselves." - Michael Parenti

"Events become feelings, feelings become events" - Jerry Spinelli

"We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers." - Bayard Rustin

"What its children become, that will the community become." - Suzanne La Follette

"Three cardinal virtues of business: creativity, building community, practical realism." - Ted Malloch

"Benefit to the community precedes benefit to the individual" - Adolf Hitler

"The rap community has been singled out as more homophobic than other groups, but I don't think that's right. It's homophobic, all right, but no more so than the heavy-metal community or the Hollywood community or any other community." - Michael Franti

"Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community." - Meg Whitman

"The Jewish community has always taken care of its own." - Lee Whitnum

"Despair shows us the limit of our imagination. Imaginations shared create collaboration, collaboration creates community, and community inspires social change." - Terry Tempest Williams

"Events, time, forms, all propel the inner plot within each of us." - Vanna Bonta

"The moralist must praise heroism and condemn cruelty; but the moralist does not explain events." - Georges Lefebvre

"I'm not someone who dwells upon past events, taking the view that life is too short" - Charles Kennedy

"We live in reference to past experience and not to future events, however inevitable." - H G Wells

"What is it to be a philosopher? Is it not to be prepared against events?" - Epictetus

"Few people realize the profound part angelic forces play in human events." - Billy Graham

"Many 'natural' events - like early death, disease, hardship - are neither desirable nor necessary." - Phyllis Chesler

"Superstition is just fantasy with attitude; it's a way of erroneously trying to control events." - Joy Browne

"happiness depends more upon the state of mind - and body, perhaps - than upon circumstances and events." - Flora Thompson

"Why should I read something someone made up when real events are so interesting?" - Frank Buckles

"I express preference for a chronological sequence of events which precludes a violence." - Terry Pratchett

"I come from a newspaper background, so maybe Im attuned to current events." - Jess Walter

"Without faith you can't see a miracle; you just see unexplained events." - Tim Ward

"At all events there is in Brooklyn something that makes me feel at home." - Marianne Moore

"The great man is not convulsible or tormentable; events pass over him without much impression." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The unpleasant events you are passing from will not have been profitless to you." - Abraham Lincoln

"My strength and my weakness is that I see normally impersonal events vividly and personally." - Newt Gingrich

"Events, circumstances, etc., have their origin in ourselves. They spring from seeds which we have sown." - Henry David Thoreau

"Imagination frames events unknown, In wild, fanastic shapes of hideous ruin, And what it fears creates." - Hannah More

"Places remember events." - James Joyce

"The historian reports to us, not events themselves, but the impressions they have made on him." - Heinrich von Sybel

"History is principally the inaccurate narration of events which ought not to have happened." - Earnest Albert Hooten

"Consult duty not events." - Walter Savage Landor

"There is much to be said in favor of modern journalism. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. By carefully chronicling the current events of contemporary life, it shows us of what very little importance such events really are. By invariably discussing the unnecessary, it makes us understand what things are requisite for culture, and what are not." - Oscar Wilde

"It's not about having a Silicon Valley attitude-it's about having an entrepreneurial attitude. It's about partnering with other organizations in and around your area. It's about thinking big with entrepreneurs that sit next to you in your coworking space. It's about collaborating with tech gurus, social media wizards and community leaders at cool business events. It's the people that make a community an entrepreneurial one-not the location-and it's up to you to contribute." - Brad Feld

"It's not about having a Silicon Valley attitude-it's about having an entrepreneurial attitude. It's about partnering with other organizations in and around your area. It's about thinking big with entrepreneurs that sit next to you in your coworking space. It's about collaborating with tech gurus, social media wizards and community leaders at cool business events. It's the people that make a community an entrepreneurial one-not the location-and it's up to you to contribute." - Brad Feld

"These events are swirling around them. In the white community, people felt like they had no control over their neighborhoods, their destiny. In the black community, centuries of government and economic forces were pushing on them. I went in with a kind of arrogance, maybe, that came from living in a very intellectual family, and I left knowing that there was a lot about the way people lived that I didn't know about." - Sara Paretsky

"The G7 and former G8 group has always viewed itself as a community of values, the annexation of Crimea, which is a blatant violation of the principles of international law, and the events in eastern Ukraine are serious violations of these common values." - Angela Merkel

"In my more than 60 years as a member of the American scientific community, including service as president of both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Physical Society, I have never witnessed a more disturbing corruption of the peer-review process than the events that led to this IPCC report." - Frederick Seitz

"Inspiration is really all around us. I pay attention to a lot of different fields. I stay up on current events. I go to community meetings to see what concerns the people in my neighborhood. Paying attention to social interactions offline really inform interactions online. The real world is a bottomless source of inspiration for what you can build." - Caterina Fake

"I grew in a community where I saw the process of how one becomes a drug dealer or a gang banger or a stick-up kid. There's a series of events that happen. People don't just wake up and decide they wanna be that." - Michael K Williams

"Julie, Mia and I just met for a couple days, doing some work but really under the guise of having fun. We do events like the Women's Sports Foundation Dinner, where we get to not only do a good thing for the community but we get to hang out with one another again." - Brandi Chastain

"A lot of people know about the power of the WWE brand. We're in 145 countries in 30 different languages. We reach about 650 million households worldwide on a global weekly basis. But what they don't know about WWE is that we use all of that power to give back to the community through events like Hurricane Sandy Relief." - Stephanie Mcmahon

"The natural world is the larger sacred community to which we belong. To be alienated from this community is to become destitute in all that makes us human. To damage this community is to diminish our own existence." - Thomas Berry

"Those who love their dream of a Christian community more than the Christian community itself become destroyers of that Christian community even though their personal intentions may be ever so honest, earnest, and sacrificial." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Remember you live in a community. You have a responsibility to be accountable to your family and your community as well as yourself." - Cherrie Moraga

"If the community is happy, then they support your business and if your business is doing well, then you can give back even more to the community." - Magic Johnson

"What matters is ultimately what collectively those people on the street - whether that's the cycling community, the cancer community - it matters what they think." - Lance Armstrong

"We live out our call most fully when we are a community of faith with arms wrapped about a community of pain." - John M. Perkins

"A viable neighborhood is a community: and a viable community is made up of neighbors who cherish and protect what they have in common." - Wendell Berry

"Without community, there is no liberation...but community must not mean a shedding of our differences, nor the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist." - Audre Lorde

"The greatest events occur without intention playing any part in them; chance makes good mistakes and undoes the most carefully planned undertaking. The world's greatest events are not produced, they happen." - Georg C Lichtenberg

"It is a fact of history and of current events that human beings exaggerate, misinterpret, or wrongly remember events. They have also fabricated pious fraud. Most believers in a religion understand this when examining the claims of other religions." - Dan Barker

"If some books are deemed most baneful and their sale forbid, how then with deadlier facts, not dreams of doting men? Those whom books will hurt will not be proof against events. Events, not books should be forbid." - Herman Melville

"Could it be that time is too narrow for all events? Could it happen that all the seats within time might have been sold? Worried, we run along the train of events, preparing ourselves for the journey." - Bruno Schulz

"This is an important point about symbols: they do not refer to historical events; they refer through historical events to spiritual or psychological principles and powers that are of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and that are everywhere." - Joseph Campbell

"It is not the events but our viewpoint toward events that is the determining factor. We ought to be more concerned about removing wrong thoughts from the mind than removing tumors and abscesses from the body." - Epictetus

"That's the great danger of sectarian opinions, they always accept the formulas of past events as useful for the measurement of future events and they never are, if you have high standards of accuracy." - John Dos Passos

"The best predictor of future events is probably past events." - Andre Agassi

"People make events into stories. Stories give events meaning." - Scarlett Thomas

"Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy, absent-minded. Someone sober will worry about events going badly. Let the lover be." - Rumi

"Oh, how I wish that Orwell were still alive, so that I could read his comments on contemporary events!" - W H Auden

"Accept the place the divine providence has found for you, the society of your contemporaries, the connection of events." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives." - Thomas Berry

"Every epoch has its character determined by the way its population reacts to the material events which they encounter." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Old events have modern meanings; only that survives of past history which finds kindred in all hearts and lives." - James Russell Lowell

"When spiritual, metaphysical, material, or immaterial events come into my life, I can only fix them by way of painting." - Max Beckmann

"[On public events attended by royalty:] It was the usual 'zoo tea.' You know, we eat - the others watch." - Princess Margaret

"The climate is changing. This year we have come to understand this when we faced events that resulted in fires." - Vladimir Putin

"A mere chronicle of observed events will produce only journalism; combined with a sensitive memory, it can produce art." - Hallie Burnett

"...theories should be judged by their ability to predict events rather than by the realism of their assumptions." - Milton Friedman

"If you have compassion for society, only then will the events of your life, sow seeds of revolution in it..." - Narendra Modi

"There are no principles; there are only events. There is no good and bad, there are only circumstances." - Honore De Balzac

"Don't underestimate the power of events that happened a long time ago. That is the tragic flaw of modern man." - Anne Fortier

"Soon the sun will set'- is that prophecy? No, it's merely an assertion of faith in the consistency of events." - Walter M. Miller, Jr.

"All events are secretly interrelated; the sweep of all we are doing reaches beyond the horizon of our comprehension." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Contentment comes when you find the people, places, and events in life you were created to impact." - T D Jakes

"I do not believe that the desires of young boys cause catastrophic events. The actions of humans do." - Melina Marchetta

"Everything is heaving and great events are pending, and it is hard to study Genesis when all is now Revelation." - Melancthon Williams Jacobus

"Undoubtedly the desire for food has been, and still is, one of the main causes of great political events." - Bertrand Russell

"History is a symphony of echoes heard and unheard. It is a poem with events as verses." - Charles Angoff

"Humor prevents one from becoming a tragic figure even though he/she is involved in tragic events." - E.T. Cy Eberhart

"Relationships are never chance events." - Keith Ablow

"Certain signs precede certain events." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Yet what is to be done with events that have no place of their own in time; events that have occurred too late, after the whole of time has been distributed, divided, and allotted; events that have been left in the cold, unregistered, hanging in the air, homeless, and errant?" - Bruno Schulz

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." - Coretta Scott King

"The best thing about sports is the sense of community and shared emotion it can create." - Bob Costas

"To protect any community, we need intelligence and to nourish it we need humility." - Radhanath Swami

"The professional soldier gains more and more power as the general courage of a community declines." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"I have only one loyalty and that's to the immigrant community." - Luis Gutierrez

"Bacon bits are like the fairy dust of the food community." - Jim Gaffigan

"There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies." - Winston Churchill

"The truth is libraries are raucous clubhouses for free speech, controversy and community." - Paula Poundstone

"Generosity is something we learn, from our parents, schools and community." - Ross Perot

"The common wish of the international community is for peace instead of war." - Li Zhaoxing

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." - Margaret J Wheatley

"I still have great faith in democracy. I have great belief in the power of community." - Terry Tempest Williams

"Each community has a curious and distorted image of itself which is always flattering." - Carl Eckart

"Community living is about having the same rights and choices as everyone else." - Ari Ne'eman

"Pride is the community coming together and showing that love is real." - Taryn Manning

"There is much debate in the scientific community as to the precise sources of global warming." - Pat Toomey

"Chinas development is an opportunity for the international community, for Japan and for the Asia-Pacific." - Yoshihiko Noda

"When you as a designer design something that burdens a community with maintenance and old world technology, basically failed developed world technology, then you will crush that community way beyond bad design; youll destroy the economics of that community, and often the community socially is broken." - Cameron Sinclair

"If you can create community in a classroom the kids will not drop out" - Martin Haberman

"The community has no bribe that will tempt a wise man." - Henry David Thoreau

"If we want a beloved community, we must stand for justice." - Bell Hooks

"The love that makes community is the willingness to do someone else's dirty work." - Shane Claiborne

"God is love, and that love works through men-especially through the whole community of Christians." - C S Lewis

"Racial pride and self-dignity were emphasized in my family and community." - Rosa Parks

"The persistent appetite for human beings for community is what we should all be dedicated to." - Bob Maguire

"...we understand only the individual's capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow men." - Adolf Hitler

"A community of Jesus which seeks to hide itself has ceased to follow him." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"I have to feel the audience. I enjoy that feeling of community." - Dave Gahan

"A man's first bond is that which ties him into the national community." - Martin Heidegger

"If a community values its children, it must cherish its mothers." - John Bowlby

"Sports brings community together." - Rajashree Choudhury

"For the whole of Western Europe, I know the business community quite good." - Anatoly Chubais

"Community action is as valuable a principle on the international level as it has been domestically." - Barney Frank



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