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College Teachers Quotes


"Good teachers teach. Great teachers transform." - Queen Rania Of Jordan

"In college you learn about college" - Jermaine O'Neal

"I miss college." - Tiger Woods

"Our world is a college, events are teachers, happiness is the graduating point, character is the diploma God gives man." - Newell Dwight Hillis

"In college, my teachers were usually after me for going after comedy too much, leaning too much in that direction." - Marylouise Parker

"In college, my teachers were usually after me for going after comedy too much, leaning too much in that direction." - Mary-Louise Parker

"I was always kind of a school person - my parents were teachers, and my grandparents were immigrants, so their big thing was, 'Go to college, go to college, go to college.'" - Mayim Bialik

"Kids don't lack capacity, only teachers." - Jim Rohn

"Difficult people are the greatest teachers." - Pema Chodron

"42% of college graduates never read a book after college." - John C Maxwell

"I've had tendinitis since college." - Michael Jordan

"From kindergarten to college, certain teachers engaged my curiosity and motivated me to learn. While I was not the best student, their efforts left a lasting impact." - George Lucas

"You can't learn to write in college. It's a very bad place for writers because the teachers always think they know more than you do-and they don't." - Ray Bradbury

"I knew in my gut that there was something wrong with a system that couldn't fire its incompetents, and I had my share of incompetent college teachers." - Luke Ford

"Our record number of teenagers must become our record number of high school and college graduates and our record number of teachers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and skilled professionals." - Ruben Hinojosa

"When our students fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed." - Marva Collins

"Ye great teachers: listen to what you say!" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Even enlightened despots don't make very good teachers." - Marilyn Wallace

"If we lose the forests, we lose our only teachers." - Bill Mollison

"Teachers open the door ... you enter by yourself." - Confucius

"Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself." - Proverbs

"Good teachers deserve apples; great teachers deserve chocolate. A favorite quotation, written in calligraphy on his office door." - Richard Hamming

"Total teachers aren't perfect teachers." - Andy Hargreaves

"Some teachers teach for others to learn. That's not me. Some teachers teach for others to accomplish. That is me." - Jim Rohn

"I went to Boston College. It's a Catholic college, yeah I had a nickname there: Jew." - Gary Gulman

"I boxed through college and I played college level football. I was a linebacker." - Greg Bryk

"If we use these common standards as the foundation for better schools, we can give all kids a robust curriculum taught by well prepared, well supported teachers who can help prepare them for success in college, life and careers." - Randi Weingarten

"I knew I wanted to engage in the world of the imagination, but it was not economically feasible for me to study acting, so I went to a teachers' training college." - Helen Mirren

"You ca' learn to write in college. It's a very bad place for writers because the teachers always think they know more than you do-and they do'. They have prejudices." - Ray Bradbury

"Of all the excellent teachers of college English whom I have known I have never discovered one who knew precisely what he was doing. Therein have lain their power and their charm." - Mary Ellen Chase

"You can't learn to write in college. It's a very bad place for writers because the teachers always think they know more than you do-and they don't. They have prejudices." - Ray Bradbury

"Oh, it's the first big thing I've really done. My first job out of college was working with Steven Soderbergh. I was telling my acting teachers, "I did it, you guys!"" - Eve Hewson

"In what may as well be starkly labelled smug satisfaction, an amazing 94% [of college instructors] rate themselves as above average teachers, and 68% rank themselves in the top quarter of teaching performances." - K. Patricia Cross

"None of my English teachers in college were praising me or telling me I was anything special. But then in creative writing classes they were. And I enjoyed those more anyway." - John Brandon

"Some kids, for some reason, it just doesn't click in the classroom as they need it to. We have college coaches talk to them, former high school athletes, motivational speakers, teachers, principals." - John Williams

"I'm from a family of teachers. My father would drown me in the bathtub if my daughter didn't graduate from college. I don't care who she is or what she does. Just get the diploma." - P C Cast

"I attended the University of Louisville my freshman year, transferred to what was then Western Kentucky State Teachers College for my sophomore and junior years, and then graduated from the University of Louisville in the summer of 1961." - Sue Grafton

"I come from classical theater training and when I went to college it was a bunch of kids that were hand-picked from around the world. I was around such brilliant young minds and incredible artists with incredible teachers." - Joe Manganiello

"Teachers, social workers, public lawyers who bring companies to justice, government accountants who try to make sure money is spent as it should be - all need at least four years of college." - Robert Reich

"You know, students who major in elementary education - they're going to be grade school teachers - they have the highest rates of math anxiety of any college major. And they bring that into the classroom. So you find students being introduced to math concepts by teachers who may have not only a lack of training but also a lack of enthusiasm about math." - Anya Kamenetz

"College don't amount to much anyhow. A lot of narrow minded, musty old ideas dispensed by uninterested teachers to pupils who have come to college for athletics, because they considered it the stylish thing or to keep from going to work." - Robert E Howard

"I don't have a college degree, and my father didn't have a college degree, so when my son, Zachary, graduated from college, I said, 'My boy's got learnin'!'" - Robin Williams

"There is no system in the world or any school in the country that is better than its teachers. Teachers are the lifeblood of the success of schools." - Ken Robinson

"Count Basie was college, but Duke Ellington was graduate school." - Clark Terry

"I smoked pot in college and in the Army..." - Al Gore

"Stupid people go to college but"smart people own them"...." - Chetan Bhagat

"College is something you complete. Life is something you experience." - Jon Stewart

"You have a college degree? You can barely talk." - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

"A whaleship was my Yale College and my Harvard." - Herman Melville

"Die, and endow a college, or a cat." - Alexander Pope

"I loved 'Space Ghost' when I was in college." - Eric Andre

"Young writers take themselves very seriously in college." - Kyle Kinane

"I was very studious and square in college." - Vera Farmiga

"I was small but slow as a college tackle." - S Robson Walton

"The teachers of our law, and to propose What might improve my knowledge or their own." - John Milton

"It's okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are our teachers - they help us to learn." - John Bradshaw

"Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors and providers for their children." - Iyanla Vanzant

"Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops." - Henry Adams

"Books are absent teachers." - Mortimer Adler

"I do recognise that, where recruitment difficulties persist, teachers can be put under great pressure." - Estelle Morris, Baroness Morris of Yardley

"According to Christian teachers, the essential vice, the utmost evil, is Pride." - C S Lewis

"As more people become more intelligent they care less for preachers and more for teachers." - Robert Green Ingersoll

"Instill respect for teachers." - Henry Louis Gates

"A Warrior knows that his best teachers are the people whom he shares the battlefield." - Paulo Coelho

"Books are ... companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of mind. Books are humanity in print." - Barbara Tuchman

"If every school would hire two more music teachers, we would need two fewer police officers." - Kurt Masur

"Teachers touch the future." - Anonymous

"Don't trust your teachers." - Carlo Rovelli

"Great teachers transcend ideology." - Suzanne Fields

"When schools truly become centers of the community, where you have extraordinary teachers, the best teachers, the best principals, great nonprofit partners coming in during the non-school hours to support and do enrichment activities, social services, then those students will beat the odds, will beat poverty, will beat violence in the community, will beat sometimes dysfunctional families, and be productive citizens long term. They will go to college." - Arne Duncan

"Estiven Rodriguez couldn't speak a word of English when he moved to New York City at age nine. But last month, thanks to the support of great teachers and an innovative tutoring program, he led a march of his classmates - through a crowd of cheering parents and neighbors - from their high school to the post office, where they mailed off their college applications. And this son of a factory worker just found out he's going to college this fall." - Barack Obama

"Very few college professors want high school graduates in their history class who are simply "gung ho" and "rah-rah" with regard to everything the United States has ever done, have never thought critically in their life, don't know the meaning of the word "historiography" and have never heard of it. They think that history is something you're supposed to memorize and that's about it. That's not what high school, or what college history teachers want." - James W. Loewen

"When I was sixteen, I began to think outside the box of my small town. Not that the people in my small town are in a box - they're not! There's a brilliant college there, and I had brilliant teachers from that college. But in terms of a conservative upbringing, which I did have within my own family, I just began to question things and to think for myself." - Ronee Blakley

"The hardest conviction to get into the mind of a beginner is that the education upon which he is engaged is not a college course, not a medical course, but a life course, for which the work of a few years under teachers is but a preparation." - William Osler

"In my early childhood, I was a performer by nature. I used to do puppet shows as a kid and entertain kids in classes and the teachers would make it a point that I was the entertainer of the class, but only after high school and in college that I started doing theater and acting classes, because I thought it would be fun." - Michael Jai White

"Schools were designed by Horace Mann and Barnard Sears and Harper of the University of Chicago and Thorndyke of Columbia Teachers College and some other men to be instruments of the scientific management of a mass population. Schools are intended to produce through the application of formulae, formulaic human beings whose behavior can be predicted and controlled." - John Gatto

"One reason I like to highlight reading is, reading is the beginnings of the ability to be a good student. And if you cant read, its going to be hard to realize dreams; its going to be hard to go to college. So when your teachers say, read-you ought to listen to her." - George W Bush

"Schools were designed by Horace Mann and Barnard Sears and Harper of the University of Chicago and Thorndyke of Columbia Teachers College and some other men to be instruments of the scientific management of a mass population. Schools are intended to produce through the application of formulae, formulaic human beings whose behavior can be predicted and controlled." - John Taylor Gatto

"Before I started (college), that's the advice my dad gave me. He said to pick classes based on the teacher whenever you can, not the subject...his point was that good teachers are priceless. They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don't know it." - Nicholas Sparks

"There are hundreds and thousands of young Americans who cannot or will not receive an education, because in order to get an education, you have to spend money. Students come out of college and universities with unbelievable debt. It's not right, it's not fair, and it's not just, in a society such as ours. And those dollars are not going to the teachers." - John Lewis

"Talent doesn't appear over night. It takes a lot of work and honing your craft, but also don't give up because people may say you're not good enough. I had so many teachers in high school and college saying "You're not going to make it. You're not. You can't." Luckily I had enough people around me who said I could." - Lea Michele

"We need more good jobs, and that means we've got to start educating young people, starting literally in the first five years of life making sure that every kid in every zip code has good teachers and good schools, making college affordable, helping people pay down their debt." - Hillary Clinton

"We're not spending enough money, but probably we let the teachers unions set curriculas which don't teach them the right things. There's not emphasis on the ...the basic learning that you need if you're going to go on in a college and into post-graduate work." - Rupert Murdoch

"My parents grew up in poor families where little English was spoken, they both went to college and became teachers. They believed that anything was possible with hard work, and they particularly stressed the importance of education. They instilled that same belief in my sister and me." - Samuel Alito

"I was under the assumption that the first job you get out of college is the job you have for the rest of your life. That's how my parents were; my parents have been teachers for as long as I've known 'em. I was worried that I'd gotten into something that I was going to hate." - Jack Mcbrayer

"Most of the time I liked school and got good grades. In junior high, though, I hit a stumbling block with math - I used to come home and cry because of how frustrated I was! But after a few good teachers and a lot of perseverance, I ended up loving math and even choosing it as a major when I got to college." - Danica Mckellar

"It was just expected that I would go to college. Both my parents are teachers and they tolerated acting, but I was going to go to a school of quality or bust. Which made my downshifting back to acting afterward a little difficult." - Wentworth Miller

"There's a high school in Camden, New Jersey, I call the Jill Scott School. It's the Camden Creative Arts High School. Those teachers and kids are so passionate about what they do, and 98 percent of the senior class went on to college." - Jill Scott

"You can't learn to write in college. It's a very bad place for writers because the teachers always think they know more than you do - and they don't. They have prejudices. They may like Henry James, but what if you don't want to write like Henry James? They may like John Irving, for instance, who's the bore of all time." - Ray Bradbury

"I had the most incredible English and literature teachers in school, and it really influenced my love of storytelling. It's what made me excited to study journalism in college. I love editorials and documentaries. All of that came from being given the opportunity to lose myself in good writing when I was a kid." - Sophia Bush

"They believe in teachers unions. We believe in teachers." - Chris Christie

"There are certain teachers who shouldn't be teachers." - Tenzin Palmo

"Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more." - Bob Talbert

"The sins of teachers are the teachers of sin." - William Gurnall

"We have got to make sure that every qualified American in this country who wants to go to college can go to college - regardless of income." - Bernie Sanders

"I knew out of high school I didn't want to go to college. I knew what whatever I did wouldn't have anything to do with college." - Tila Tequila

"Economists report that a college education adds many thousands of dollars to a man's lifetime income - which he then spends sending his son to college." - Bill Vaughan

"College is the reward for surviving high school. Most people have great fun stories from college and nightmare stories from high school." - Judd Apatow

"The Barefoot College is supposed to be a sparking off process. People are adopting it and owning it, which is really the story behind the college." - Bunker Roy

"Going to college and studying music is not a bad idea at all. I don't know if you can go to college and be taught heart." - Blake Shelton

"My teachers could have easily ridden with Jesse James for all the time they stole from me." - Richard Brautigan

"Teachers teach because they care. Teaching young people is what they do best. It requires long hours, patience, and care." - Horace Mann

"Education and the process of educating is a total integral, contextual situation which includes students, teachers, parents, administration and environment." - Jean Houston

"Imparting education not only enlightens the receiver, but also broadens the giver - the teachers, the parents, the friends." - Amartya Sen

"In this very breath that we take now lies the secret that all great teachers try to tell us." - Peter Matthiessen

"Administrators need to shift from being controllers to enablers, so as to liberate the energies and talents of the teachers." - Steve Denning

"Enemies were teachers in disguise." - Eiji Yoshikawa

"Computers aren't magic; teachers are." - Craig R. Barrett

"Those who learned to know death, rather than to fear and fight it, become our teachers about life." - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"Injuries are our best teachers." - Scott Jurek

"Computers are' magic; teachers are." - Craig R. Barrett

"... to write well it is entirely necessary to read widely and deeply. Good poems are the best teachers." - Mary Oliver

"Angry teachers can defeat governments," - Bob Rae

"Our teachers deserve better feedback." - Bill Gates

"You know, this is what I've always thought a college should look like." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in students." - John Ciardi

"When we make college more affordable, we make the American dream more achievable." - Bill Clinton

"You shouldn't go to college unless God has definitely called you to go." - Keith Green

"Proust's tea cake has nothing on one hour in a college dorm." - Gloria Steinem

"The only reason you should be in college is to destroy it." - Abbie Hoffman

"I liked college guys but they could tell I was just a skinny girl." - Tyra Banks

"Anchors aweigh, my boys, Anchors aweigh! Farewell to college joys, We sail at break of day." - Alfred Hart Miles

"I was fighting every windmill, especially when I was in college." - Bill Parcells

"I travelled to California when I was 18 and went to Los Angeles State College." - Robert Vaughn

"I went to college with James Coburn and Steve McQueen was a very good friend." - Robert Vaughn

"I started D.J.-ing my first year of college just for fun and to pay bills." - Harley Vieranewton

"I'm in love with college football. I have such a blast with it." - Erin Andrews

"There's no constitutional right for your parents to pay for college." - Jane Velezmitchell

"When I went to college in the 1970s, the Women's Liberation movement was all the buzz." - Marianne Williamson

"I got through college." - Daniel Craig

"I was set to go to Oregon to play college baseball and football." - Harmon Killebrew

"I was in college for two years, and just hated it in the '60s." - Kurt Loder

"Going to college and finding a good job no longer guarantee economic safety." - Elizabeth Warren

"I love college life." - Lil Romeo

"The last state to admit a black student to the college level was South Carolina." - Constance Baker Motley

"Acting was always my unscratched itch, when I was in college and even afterwards." - Salman Rushdie

"College was just so essential for my sense of self and my development." - Claire Danes

"I discovered Christopher Isherwood in college. His writing style is so direct, warm, and inclusive." - Claire Danes

"I was no scholar in college, and was arrogant about what I thought." - Cynthia Voigt

"I.B.M. was my college education, effectively. They were very good at teaching you management." - Mike Mccue

"I learned a lot about my parents, who were both teachers. I had known that my parents were very strongly in favor of education. I had known that they had an impact on a lot of people, but people came out of the woodwork who have said, "You know, without your father, I would never have gone to college," very successful people. And so I learned how widespread their educational evangelism really was." - Condoleezza Rice

"When I was little, I wanted to be a mother, because that's who I saw. I saw my mom caring for me. I didn't play doctor. I didn't play lawyer. I didn't have those visions until I was in college, meeting people who were doing those things. That's why we're trying to encourage moms, teachers, fathers, to be that presence in their children's lives, in their communities, because it really makes a difference." - Michelle Obama

"When I was at art college, the teachers who helped me were not the ones I agreed with, or the ones who encouraged me, but the ones who took very strong positions. Because if someone does that, you can find your own position in relation to it: what is it that I don't agree with? In the studio I want to articulate a position clearly enough so that other people can use it - or chuck it away if they don't want it." - Brian Eno

"A lot of people in the jazz community are looking at how much notoriety we're getting. And we're an inspiration to a lot of young people, because now there's something new they can aim for that's in their grasp. Because a lot of times when you attend a jazz college it's all about the history, none of the teachers there are forward-thinking, for the most part, so they don't teach you how to be yourself and embrace the music around you." - Robert Glasper

"I enrolled at a local college, but this time paid attention to myself - took only courses that really interested me, even if they weren't in sequence; kept out of classes with people I knew from high school, because I tended to act like the class clown around them; selected teachers by their teaching style - until I could build up my study habits. I ended up graduating with a 3.97 GPA and got into Harvard for my doctorate." - L. Todd Rose

"I think I have always sort of cultivated a flowery writing style. I've always sort of over - written in every genre that I've attempted. I went to college and took a couple of writing classes and I remember my teachers were always incredibly encouraging. But it was inevitable to get the criticism: "Take it down a notch!" But the nice thing about screenwriting is that you don't really have to." - Diablo Cody

"Culture is an instrument wielded by teachers to manufacture teachers, who, in their turn, will manufacture still more teachers." - Simone Weil

"One of the saddest things about US education is that the wisdom of our most successful teachers is lost to the profession when they retire." - John Dewey

"The most important knowledge teachers need to do good work is a knowledge of how students are experiencing learning and perceiving their teacher's actions." - Stephen Brookfield

"What all good teachers have in common, however, is that they set high standards for their students and do not settle for anything less." - Marva Collins



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