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City Dreams Quotes


"In my dreams of this city I am always lost." - Margaret Atwood

"So, if a city has a personality, maybe it also has a soul. Maybe it dreams." - Neil Gaiman

"This is my chance to make it all happen, in the one city, where they say dreams come true." - Lauren Conrad

"That is what I want to tell you about: the girls with their short skirts and bright eyes and big-city dreams. The girls of 1929." - Anna Godbersen

"Budapest is a prime site for dreams: the East's exuberant vision of the West, the West's uneasy hallucination of the East. It is a dreamed-up city; a city almost completely faked; a city invented out of other cities, out of Paris by way of Vienna - the imitation, as Claudio Magris has it, of an imitation." - M John Harrison

"When you know that language, it's easy to believe that someone in the world awaits you, whether it's in the middle of the desert or in some great city... without such love, one's dreams would have no meaning." - Paulo Coelho

"The ultimate [travel destination] for me would be one perfect day in San Francisco. There's no city like it anywhere. And, if I could be there with the girl of my dreams, that would be the ultimate!" - Larry King

"We are symbolic. We are driving to the edge of the city and talking in vague-yet-resolute certainties about our dreams and our futures. We are leaving certain things in the medicine cabinet. We are falling in love." - Pete Wentz

"Paris. City of love. City of dreams. City of splendor. City of saints and scholars. City of gaiety. Sink of iniquity." - Edward Rutherfurd

"This is the fairest picture on our planet, the most enchanting to look upon, the most satisfying to the eye and spirit. To see the sun sink down, drowned in his pink and purple and golden floods, and overwhelm Florence with tides of color that make all the sharp lines dim and faint and turn the solid city to a city of dreams, is a sight to stir the coldest nature, and make a sympathetic one drunk with ecstasy." - Mark Twain

"San Francisco is where gay fantasies come true, and the problem the city presents is whether, after all, we wanted these particular dreams to be fulfilled-or would we have preferred others? Did we know what price these dreams would exact? Did we anticipate the ways in which, vivid and continuous, they would unsuit us for the business of daily life? Or should our notion of daily life itself be transformed?" - Edmund White

"Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams..." - Langston Hughes

"Dreams fulfilled, help others launch new dreams." - Ann Romney

"City wits, country humorists." - Mason Cooley

"I really want to live in New York. That's the city of my dreams." - Joel Kinnaman

"Dreams don't have deadlines..." - Ll Cool J

"Dreams shape the world" - Neil Gaiman

"Books are packaged dreams." - Dean Koontz

"Dreams are free." - Anonymous

"The dreamer dreams, and the dreamer within the dream dreams." - Jane Roberts

"Don't stop chasing your dreams, because dreams do come true." - Sachin Tendulkar

"Always dream big dreams. Big dreams attract big people." - Dave Liniger

"The sky dreams of stars, the earth dreams of love." - Mihai Eminescu

"But Anne with her elbows on the window sill, her soft cheek laid against her clasped hands, and her eyes filled with visions, looked out unheedingly across city roof and spire to that glorious dome of sunset sky and wove her dreams of a possible future from the golden tissue of youth's own optimism. All the Beyond was hers, with its possibilities lurking rosily in the oncoming years - each year a rose of promise to be woven into an immortal chaplet." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"Our dreams make us large." - Jack Kirby

"We dream our dreams away." - Bud Flanagan

"Don't sleep through your dreams." - James St James

"people can die , dreams cant" - Tonya Hurley

"Th' embroid'ry of poetic dreams." - William Cowper

"Like glimpses of forgotten dreams." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Dreams age faster than dreamers." - Stephen King

"Dreams are sent by God." - Homer

"We all suffer from dreams" - Bernard Cornwell

"Reality - Dreams = Animal Being Reality + Dreams = A Heart-Ache (usually called Idealism) Reality + Humor = Realism (also called Conservatism) Dreams - Humor = Fanaticism Dreams + Humor = Fantasy Reality + Dreams + Humor = Wisdom" - Lin Yutang

"To my city I'm the 2-3" - Drake

"The city is recruited from the country." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Florence - the city of tranquillity made manifest ..." - Katherine Cecil Thurston

"Ev'rythin's up to date in Kansas City." - Oscar Hammerstein Ii

"... the great white city of brotherhood, Washington ..." - Christina Stead

"Everything is real, except Beika City" - Gosho Aoyama

"Every city is a living body." - Saint Augustine

"New York City is my playground." - Bethenny Frankel

"Manchester City are defending like beavers" - Chris Kamara

"A lamb in a city of wolves." - Karen Marie Moning

"Not I, but the city teaches." - Socrates

"Aestheticism and radicalism must lead us to jettison reason, and to replace it by a desperate hope for political miracles. This irrational attitude which springs from intoxication with dreams of a beautiful world is what I call Romanticism. It may seek its heavenly city in the past or in the future; it may preach 'back to nature' or 'forward to a world of love and beauty'; but its appeal is always to our emotions rather than to reason. Even with the best intentions of making heaven on earth it only succeeds in making it a hell - that hell which man alone prepares for his fellow-men." - Karl Popper

"The past-the wild charge at the head of his men up San Juan Hill; the first years of his marriage when he worked late into the summer dusk down in the busy city for young Hildegarde whom he loved; the days before that when he sat smoking far into the night in the gloomy old Button house on Monroe Street with his grandfather-all these had faded like unsubstantial dreams from his mind as though they had never been. He did not remember." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"New York, New York. Big city of dreams, but everything in New York ain't always what it seems. Last Twitter posting by DJ AM" - Adam Goldstein

"A city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams." - Herb Caen

"Dreams don't work unless you do" - John C Maxwell

"Don't follow your dreams; chase them." - Richard Dumbrill

"Live your spirit's dreams, not your mind's." - Alan Cohen

"Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines." - Brian Tracy

"Dreams do not work unless you do." - Sidney Mohede

"Big dreams turn into big things." - Meek Mill

"Dreams are reality at its most profound." - Eugene Ionesco

"You walk in my dreams, Leafpool" - Erin Hunter

"But you built me dreams instead." - Erin Morgenstern

"Follow your dreams and take your risks." - Paulo Coelho

"Big Dreams start with small unreasonable acts" - Adam Braun

"Where do you get dreams like this?" - Stephen R Donaldson

"Big dreams are so damn tiring." - Andre Agassi

"Sweet dreams though the guns are booming." - Erich Maria Remarque

"Dreams don't come true. Plans come true!" - Larry Winget

"The key to happiness is achievable dreams." - Nicholas Sparks

"We chase dreams and embrace shadows." - Anatole France

"My dreams tell me who I am." - Fabio Moon

"Remember your dreams and fight for them." - Paulo Coelho

"Follow your dreams, quit your job" - Jared Leto

"Dreams, books, are each a world." - William Wordsworth

"Change, create, inspire. Dreams really do work." - John Paul Dejoria

"We know that dreams fuel innovation." - Bertrand Piccard

"Sometimes reality is better than dreams" - Kay Hooper

"Never give up on your dreams." - Barack Obama

"Silver-the first book of dreams" - Kerstin Gier

"Dreams are the children of idled minds." - William Shakespeare

"Like a dog, he hunts in dreams." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Dreams don't die until we let them." - James Ojala

"Thank God even crazy dreams come true" - Carrie Underwood

"The heart makes dreams seem like ideas." - Daniel Woodrell

"The key to happiness was achievable dreams." - Nicholas Sparks

"Don't let weeds grow around your dreams." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"Dreams are powerless unless they are specific." - Bo Sanchez

"Dreams are reality waiting to happen" - Nick Jonas

"It's unfulfilled dreams that keep you alive." - Robert H Schuller

"Dreams Matter because they push you" - Jelena Jankovic

"Dreams are more powerful than facts." - Robert Fulghum

"Allah's plan is better than your dreams." - Salman al-Ouda

"Never follow your dreams. Follow your effort." - Mark Cuban

"There's always time to launch your dreams" - Maat Morrison

"Love is what dreams are made of!" - Paulo Coelho

"Dreams can never be made captive." - Rabindranath Tagore

"What the King dreams, the Hand builds." - George R R Martin

"The greatest dreams are always unrealistic." - Will Smith

"Dreams don't have an expiration date." - David Niven

"Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams

"A city without books, a city without a library is like a graveyard." - Malala Yousafzai

"It makes me crazy to think that somebody might attack my city or any other city." - Billy Corgan

"True citizens of the heavenly city are the best residents of the earthly city." - Timothy Keller

"What is a city, but the people; true the people are the city." - Coriolanus III

"Dreams are never just dreams, they are reality waiting to happen." - Sarah Burton

"No one should negotiate their dreams. Dreams must be free to fly high." - Jesse Jackson

"The Difference Between Dreams & Success Is, Dreams Need Effortless Sleep & Success Needs Sleepless Efforts" - Akon

"Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real." - Ned Vizzini

"If people aren't laughing at your dreams, your dreams aren't big enough !" - Robin S. Sharma

"Fight for your dreams, and your dreams will fight for you." - Paulo Coelho

"Change is eminent, control is an illusion, but dreams are eternal. Believe in your dreams!" - Greg Smith

"There are dreams stronger than death. Men and women die holding these dreams." - Carl Sandburg

"For all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams." - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

"Oft morning dreams presage approaching fate, For morning dreams, as poets tell, are true." - Michael Bruce

"That's what I'm living on now, honey, dreams, dreams of what I used to do." - Fannie Flagg

"Dream big dreams,because little dreams have no magic.~Dork Diaries" - Rachel Renee Russell

"Creatures with no dreams of their own can do naught but destroy the dreams of others." - Laini Taylor

"Dreams change, yes, that makes sense, but I didn't know dreams could hide inside a person." - Jandy Nelson

"Our treasures trifles seem, and all our life is dreaming, and the dreams themselves are dreams." - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

"Its not where your dreams take you, its where you take your dreams." - Maya Angelou

"You must learn to control your dreams or your dreams will forever control you." - Wayne Gerard Trotman

"To wear dreams on one's feet is to begin to give reality to one's dreams." - Roger Vivier

"Because I have dreams and in those dreams I see the stars" - Catherine Fisher

"Budapest is a prime site for dreams: the East's exuberant vision of the West, the West's uneasy hallucination of the East. It is a dreamed-up city; a city almost completely faked; a city invented out of other cities, out of Paris by way of Vienna - the imitation, as Claudio Magris has it, of an imitation." - M John Harrison

"I've called Chicago home for nearly 25 years. It's a city of broad shoulders and big hearts and bold dreams; a city of legendary sports figures, legendary sports venues, and legendary sports fans; a city like America itself, where the world - the world's races and religions and nationalities come together and reach for the dream that brought them here." - Barack Obama

"Just always believe in yourself... and dreams - and dreams do come true. For me to play in the same city I grew up in, I mean... I'm definitely blessed. But just always believe in yourself. And work hard. And dreams definitely come true." - Dellin Betances

"Mind is nothing but dreams and dreams - dreams of the past, dreams of the future, dreams of how things should be, dreams of great ambitions, achievements. Dreams and desires, that is the stuff mind is made of. But it surrounds you like a China Wall. And because of it the fish remains unaware of the ocean." - Rajneesh

"The city of cats and the city of men exist one inside the other, but they are not the same city." - Italo Calvino

"There's no Democratic way to run a city and there's no Republican way to run a city - just the right way to run a city." - Buddy Cianci

"My mind wants to interpret All my dreams. My heart wants to love All my dreams. My soul wants to fulfil All my dreams." - Sri Chinmoy

"Don't be sad and don't give up on your dreams. Dreams will come true one day. There's no person as beautiful as a person who dreams" - Kim Him-chan

"A man must have his dreams - memory dreams of the past and eager dreams of the future. I never want to stop reaching for new goals." - Maurice Chevalier

"Took over my city and I never asked permission to." - Drake

"I've always treated my city like some shoulder pads." - Drake

"City life is millions of people being lonesome together." - Henry David Thoreau

"Would your city weep if your church did not exist?" - Darrin Patrick

"Everywhere outside New York City is Bridgeport, Connecticut." - Fred Allen

"I sell mirrors in the city of the blind." - Kabir

"I play to lift a city, and raise a banner." - Prince Fielder

"Certainly Manchester is the most wonderful city of modem times." - Benjamin Disraeli

"There are so many cities in every single city." - David Mitchell

"In a strange city, I connect through food and fantasy." - Mason Cooley

"Montreal's not a city. It's a Disney World for alcoholics." - Mike Wilmot

"I had a good friend in New York City." - Hank Williams, Jr.

"We blocked them inside the city. Their rear is blocked." - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

"Cheese steaks are the gastronomic icons of this ethnic city." - Bryan Miller

"This city has two great teams - Liverpool and Liverpool reserves." - Bill Shankly

"Jerusalem is a port city on the shore of eternity." - Yehuda Amichai

"Searching for a lost city is a particularly European obsession." - Tahir Shah

"Don't let the wicked city get you down." - Sylvia Plath

"The chicken is the country's, but the city eats it." - George Herbert

"Accursed be the city where the laws would stifle nature's!" - Lord Byron

"Every city began as a campsite - pg. 25" - Chris Ware

"The sylphs and ondines And the sea-kings and queens Long ago, long ago, on the waves built a city, As lovely as seems To some bard in his dreams, The soul of his latest love-ditty." - Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton



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