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Choosing In Love Quotes


"Forgiveness is choosing to love." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I felt amazed at the choosing one had to do, over and over a million times daily-choosing love, then choosing it loving and being in love could be so different." - Sue Monk Kidd

"Choosing love or war: both are brave choices, in their own ways." - Cassandra Clare

"Love is unselfishly choosing for another's highest good." - C S Lewis

"Today, begin to believe right by choosing to know and believe in the powerful truths of God's Word and in His love for you." - Joseph Prince

"Today, begin to believe right by choosing to know and believe in the powerful truths of God's Word and in His love for you." - Joseph Prince

"And does not true freedom mean choosing ways in this world that lead to the good of all and are guided by love?" - Pope Francis

"I have a couple of thousand books in my personal library. Choosing a favorite is next to impossible. But I do love the written word." - Tim Gunn

"Room 10 [a short film she codirected with Andrea Buchanan] nailed my personal theme: love and choosing to stay in the room when the going gets tough." - Jennifer Aniston

"But loneliness is as delusive a belief in the pertinence of the world as is love: in choosing to feel lonely, as in choosing to love, one carves a space next to oneself to be filled by others - a friend, a lover, a toy poodle, a violinist on the radio." - Yiyun Li

"Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing." - Benjamin Franklin

"In choosing a partner, always pick the optimist." - Tony Lema

"Forgiveness is choosing to love. It is the first skill of self-giving love." - Mahatma Gandhi

"It's funny whom we end up choosing to love and who ends up choosing to love us. It's rarely the people we think it should be." - Robin Jones Gunn

"Choosing to be honest is the first step in the process of love. There is no practitioner of love who deceives. Once the choice has been made to be honest, then the next step on love's path is communication." - Bell Hooks

"It is you who are choosing, in any moment, to be happy or choosing to be sad, or choosing to be angry, or forgiving, or enlightened, or whatever. You are choosing." - Neale Donald Walsch

"Choosing happiness is a scary thing. Choosing love is a scary thing. When I was in the war, not only did I not have a voice, but I had to make myself not be heard, not be seen, become dumb, mute, blind, invisible, just so I could survive. When you fall in love, you become alive, all of a sudden you are singing. For me, there was a fear that the person I love would one day leave me, whether by their own choice or that they would die. How was I going to survive that? Choosing love and happiness is to know life goes on. I had to believe that." - Loung Ung

"The year showed me beyond a doubt that everyone practices cafeteria religion... But the important lesson was this: there's nothing wrong with choosing. Cafeterias aren't bad per se... the key is in choosing the right dishes. You need to pick the nurturing ones (compassion), the healthy ones (love thy neighbor), not the bitter ones." - A J Jacobs

"Most people use less brains in selecting the person with whom they are to spend their lives than they do in choosing an automobile, a bicycle or a cut of steak. Love isn't enough; there must also be understanding." - Elsie Lincoln Benedict

"I love Tina Turner. I'm one of Tina Turner's biggest fans. Tina Turner was a big influence on me to become a singer. A role model and in a way she gave me back my confidence in choosing my material." - Bonnie Tyler

"I fell in love with reading when I was allowed to choose whatever books I wanted to check out of the library. I was around nine years old when I began choosing my own books in earnest." - Adriana Trigiani

"Life is like cooking: before choosing what you love, try everything... ?" - Paulo Coelho

"Choosing whom you love is the most political decision you can make." - Meera Syal

"Life is like cooking: before choosing what you love, try everything..." - Paulo Coelho

"I still have faith in people. But that is getting increasingly harder to maintain. I just don't see many people today choosing love. I see people passing it up a lot. Foreclosing on it, deferring it, sabotaging, letting go." - Masha Tupitsyn

"Whatever the soul chooses to love, it will resemble. And therefore what we choose to love is important: Love is the force behind every level of existence. There is some good in every attraction, but there is a process of refining attraction, of choosing what to love, so that we are energized by a wider, purer love" - Kabir Helminski

"When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati The 11 Karmic Spaces: Choosing Freedom from the Patterns That Bind You There are two kinds of faithfulness in love: one is based on forever finding new things to love in the loved one; the other is based on our pride in being faithful." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"In the bad old days, men kept women from choosing to work. In the bad new days, women keep women from choosing to stay home." - Jennifer Crusie

"The real battle is in choosing in the edit room. It's in how you contextualize information." - Brian McGinn

"The quickest way to rectify that mistake (choosing the wrong person) is by learning from that, moving on, and choosing much more wisely in the future." - Greg Behrendt

"No man in his senses can hesitate in choosing to be free, rather than a slave." - Alexander Hamilton

"We are sculptors finding ourselves in the evolution of choosing, not in the results of choice." - Sheena Iyengar

"In choosing a colour one must realize that it changes in different aspects." - Nancy Lancaster

"Choosing stillness in the midst of chaos is the path toward living in peace." - Deepak Chopra

"I still totally believe in individual rights and individual responsibility and in choosing to do good." - Neil Peart

"Be slow in choosing a friend, but slower in changing him." - Proverbs

"Men use care in purchasing a horse, and are neglectful in choosing friends." - John Muir

"If you don't live in the world of choosing, you live in the world of excusing." - James Altucher

"Choosing love will bring you great joy and great happiness - that happiness is a choice you make." - Gabrielle Bernstein

"I would love to do theater. But I am very picky when choosing theater. I just won't do anything." - Ana Layevska

"Picking and choosing what kind of love is worth recognizing is an expensive choice. Is discrimination worth that price?" - Nancy Lublin

"I write literary biographies, so above all, I have to love the subject's books. But choosing a subject is tough." - Blake Bailey

"It's a simple liberating reality - the best things in life are mine for the choosing...." - Thomas Kinkade

"Getting staked had been a hard lesson in choosing one's friends wisely." - Heather Brewer

"The thing that counts most in the pursuit of happiness is choosing the right companion." - Anonymous

"By choosing to be in His kingdom, we separate-not isolate-ourselves from the world." - Robert D. Hales

"The first world we find ourselves in is a family that is not of our choosing." - Harriet Lerner

"Chosing to stay in the moment, is choosing to be free from fear." - Dean Frazer

"I don't have any sort of calculus in choosing film roles." - Jon Hamm

"Men make their own history but not in circumstances of their own choosing." - Karl Marx

"I'm a great believer in the idea of not choosing based on our taste." - Sheena Iyengar

"And if I want to get involved in choosing sides, I usually pick hockey or football." - Dierks Bentley

"In choosing Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has chosen for the future." - Rudy Giuliani

"The lives of the best of us are spent in choosing between evils." - Junius

"Mitt Romney has outdone himself in choosing Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate." - David Limbaugh

"In choosing joy, the finish line dissolves into a different matter altogether." - Mary Anne Radmacher

"Choosing location is integral to the film: in essence, another character." - Ridley Scott

"Nature of course is the best guide in the matter of choosing a pursuit." - James Payn

"We fear that evaluating our needs and then carefully choosing partners will reveal that there is no one for us to love. Most of us prefer to have a partner who is lacking than no partner at all. What becomes apparent is that we may be more interested in finding a partner than in knowing love." - Bell Hooks

"I always love to see a Democratic party in America. I've heard people's reservations about the situation between choosing between Hillary and Trump. It just seems that you can't have this man in that position. It completely confounds me why anybody would want such a hateful person in charge. It doesn't make sense to me as a human being." - KT Tunstall

"...if use is not an appropriate criterion for decision making in the academic life, what is? Love. ...The virtues of love as a criterion for choosing a college is not pretentious. "Use" is pretentious because it claims to know something about the future that it doesn't really know. Love is immediate... [love] guarantees that you will work to your highest is part of who you are, and not just something you think, often wrongly, that you can use." - Leroy S Rouner

"Frugality, quite simply, is about choosing the things you love enough to spend extravagantly on-and then cutting costs mercilessly on the things you don't love." - Ramit Sethi

"Frugality, quite simply, is about choosing the things you love enough to spend extravagantly on-and then cutting costs mercilessly on the things you do' love." - Ramit Sethi

"Love will keep us safe when we commit to choosing the kind of qualities, characteristics, and relationships that we would recommend to someone we love." - Bill Crawford

"We do not make friends with God; God makes friends with us, bringing us to know him by making his love known to us... The word know, when used of God in this way, is a sovereign-grace word, pointing to God's initiative in loving, choosing, redeeming, calling and preserving." - J I Packer

"Even though I avoid buying clothes that are 'in fashion', choosing things I fall in love with and wearing them till they fall apart - and generally going for vintage when it comes to evening wear - I still, like every woman I know, suffer from occasional pangs of 'clothes guilt'." - Sheherazade Goldsmith

"After I have photographed the way I like to, I feel as I might if I had been making love all day, marvelous and exhausted and wanting to collapse on the floor in a heap. That's why I can't photograph just anybody, and why it's so hard to photograph people on assignment; it's like going to bed with someone not of my choosing." - Eva Rubinstein

"I believe that the man choosing progress can find a new unity through the full development of all his human forces, which are produced in three orientations. These can be presented separately or together: biophilia, love for humanity and nature, and independence and freedom." - Erich Fromm

"My family and I cook at home almost every day together. The kitchen is the central and most important room in the house; it's a great way for us to connect. We love going to the farmer's market on Sundays as a family and choosing the ingredients together." - Jose Andres Puerta

"I'd love to remain a secret and still work, but I also want people to see the movies I'm in and get a higher profile because of that. I like to think that as long as you continue choosing diverse roles, you can avoid becoming predictable." - Christian Bale

"I didn't fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we'd choose anyway. And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you." - Kiersten White

"Do I really smother my own joy because I believe that anger achieves more than love? That Satan's way is more powerful, more practical, more fulfilling in my daily life than Jesus' way? WHy else get angry? Isn't it because I think complaining, exasperation, resentment will pound me up into the full life I really want? When I choose-and it is a choice-to crush joy with bitterness, am I not purposefully choosing to take the way of the Prince of Darkness? Choosing the angry way of Lucifer because I think it is more effective-more expedient-than giving thanks?" - Ann Voskamp

"People travel in the way of least resistance, by choosing one's environment, one will travel in a particular way." - H. Janicki

"Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing." - George Orwell

"I'm a feminist so I believe in inhabiting contradictions. I believe in making contradictions productive, not in having to choose one side or the other side. As opposed to choosing either or, choosing both." - Angela Davis

"I'm a feminist so I believe in inhabiting contradictions. I believe in making contradictions productive, not in having to choose one side or the other side. As opposed to choosing either or, choosing both." - Angela Davis

"Actually, the ability to choose presence depends on the degree of presence that's emerging in you. Ultimately, you are not choosing, there's nobody there to choose. When you think you are choosing, presence is simply emerging in that moment." - Eckhart Tolle

"By choosing positivity you become a contender for the human spirit giving hope to those in need." - Bryant H Mcgill

"My reason for choosing diamonds is that, dense as they are, they represent the greatest worth in the smallest volume." - Coco Chanel

"Success in solving the problem depends on choosing the right aspect, on attacking the fortress from its accessible side." - George Polya

"One of the hardest decisions you'll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder." - Ziad K. Abdelnour

"Wisdom consists of knowing how to distinguish the nature of trouble, and in choosing the lesser evil." - Niccolo Machiavelli

"Life is absolutely insane. Yes, life is insane but the great wisdom lies in choosing your insanity wisely." - Paulo Coelho

"In the end, it only comes down to one thing: choosing the one you ca' live without." - Rachel Vincent

"All the elements of good writing depend on the writer's skill in choosing one word instead of another." - Francine Prose

"In choosing your god, you choose your way of looking at the universe. There are plenty of Gods. Choose yours." - Joseph Campbell

"In the end, it only comes down to one thing: choosing the one you can't live without." - Rachel Vincent

"In life, it's between choosing risk and striving for greatness, or risking nothing and being certain of mediocrity" - Keith Ferrazzi

"Patriotism for the sake of is like choosing sides in a war based on the color of their uniforms." - Dov Davidoff

"I am not as concerned about choosing the right words as I am in letting the words flow naturally." - Gerry Spence

"In play there are two pleasures for your choosing - The one is winning, and the other losing." - Lord Byron

"In choosing not to be a beast, I discovered my humanity. I became autodidactic, self-educated - a critical thinker." - Stanley Williams

"Many people out there don't have a choice, in choosing their friends and the people they're being manipulated by." - Javier Bardem

"I'm picking and choosing in terms of the stress factor. If it's not fun, I'm not going to do it." - Anita Baker

"I think Cannes is usually pretty fair in choosing what will play well to the home festival crowd." - Eric Fellner

"The measure of choosing well, is, whether a man likes and finds good in what he has chosen." - Charles Lamb

"When a person goes into a relationship emotionally needy, they are not going to have discernment in choosing people." - Jennifer Oneill

"A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance." - Hunter S Thompson

"After choosing monetary union, further political union and workable governance in Europe was always going to be necessary." - Najib Razak

"In choosing Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney made a fantastic choice and a bold statement to the American people." - Bob Beauprez

"In choosing a president, we really don't choose a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal. We choose a leader." - Rudy Giuliani

"Choosing my favorite moment in journalism would be like picking a favorite among my children. I can't pick one favorite." - Bill Keller

"Immoral is choosing not to act when you hold in your hands the power to create perfection." - Mark Crispin Miller

"Bergman was courageous in choosing people to do things that they themselves might not expect to play." - Max Von Sydow

"When a person goes into a relationship emotionally needy, they are not going to have discernment in choosing people." - Jennifer O'Neill

"Demographers affirm that choosing to have a second child is already a potential choice in favour of a third." - Vladimir Putin

"People never think of themselves as choosing to be politically correct. They simply think in the way that they do." - Roger Ebert

"Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"Sound science must be our guide in choosing which problems to tackle and how to approach them." - Frank Luntz

"And you wish to protect a beautiful princess, with whom you have fallen in love. But do you understand how dire the situation is? He life and the lives of her sisters are hanging in the balance. You yourself risk death if you choose this path." "I don't care," Oliver said. He stood up and faced the bishop. "I don't care! I love Petunia, and this is what I'm choosing, right here and now." - Jessica Day George

"Everything that is worthwhile in life is scary. Choosing a school, choosing a career, getting married, having kids - all those things are scary. If it is not fearful, it is not worthwhile." - Paul Tournier

"They don't understand that I'm just choosing to be dumb. I'm not dumb. I'm just choosing not to be smart at the moment, but if I put in effort, then I could be really smart, but I choose not to." - Jonah

"The act of choosing whether or not to have a child is often an act of love, and always an act of survival." - Merle Hoffman

"The most valuable insight on choosing whom to love is to be honest with yourself about the man standing before you." - Niecy Nash

"No, I'm not choosing him or you. I'm choosing me." - Kiera Cass

"No, I'm not choosing him or you. I'm choosing me." - Kiera Cass

"In the last few Uruguayan discourses, Osho was mostly saving my questions for the end. It was as if he wanted to end the discourse on a special note, leaving us all in an ambience of his choosing. I would invariably watch him disappear around the corner, chuckling to himself, leaving in his wake a room overflowing with laughter, love, and the fragrance of the divine." - Milarepa

"Freedom means choosing your burden." - Hephzibah Menuhin

"The only way love can last a lifetime is if it's unconditional. The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love." - Stephen Kendrick

"We're the bridge across forever, arching above the sea, adventuring for our pleasure, living mysteries for the fun of it, choosing disasters triumphs challenges impossible odds, testing ourselves over and again, learning love and love and love!" - Richard Bach

"The fulfilment that is being in love with God is not the product of our knowledge and choice. It is God's gift. Like all being in love, as distinct from particular acts of loving, it is a first principle. So far from resulting from our knowledge and choice, it dismantles and abolishes the horizon within which our knowing and choosing went on, and it sets up a new horizon within which the love of God transvalues our values and the eyes of that love transform our knowing." - Bernard Lonergan

"Surrendering completely to love, be it human or divine, means giving up everything, including our own well-being or our ability to make decisions. It means loving in the deepest sense of the word. The truth is that we don't want to be saved in the way God has chosen; we want to keep absolute control over our every step, to be fully conscious of our decisions, to be capable of choosing the object of our devotion." - Paulo Coelho

"Win by losing. Before your outer walls break, as break they must, build an inner place to protect your truth. Protect that you are infinite life, choosing its playground; protect that the world you know exists with your consent and for your own good reasons; protect that your purpose and mission is to shine love in your own playful way, in the moments you decide will be most dramatic." - Richard Bach

"To let God make us, instead of painfully trying to make ourselves; to follow the path that his love shows us, instead of through conceit or cowardice or mockery choosing another; to trust Him for our strength and fitness as the flowers do, simply giving ourselves back to Him in grateful service,-this is to keep the laws that give us the freedom of the city in which there is no longer any night of bewilderment or ignorance or uncertainty." - Sarah Orne Jewett

"Love is the wanting, and the having, and the choosing, and the becoming. Love is the desire to see the person we love be and become all he or she is capable of being and becoming. Love is a willingness to lay down our own personal plans, desires, and agenda for the good of the relationship. Love is delayed gratification, pleasure, and pain. Love is being able to live and thrive apart, but choosing to be together." - Matthew Kelly

"Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day. It is a choice based on the knowledge that we belong to God and have found in God our refuge and our safety and that nothing, not even death, can take God away from us. Joy is the experience of knowing that you are unconditionally loved and that nothing-sickness, failure, emotional distress, oppression, war, or even death-can take that love away...." - Henri Nouwen

"Jill told me that when you're really in love, you know right away. I'm not exactly sure how this happens. Is it like a flash of lightning? Like an angel tapping you on the shoulder? Or is it similar to choosing a puppy? You think you're picking the cutest one, but really you wind up going home with the one who keeps insisting on climbing into your lap." - Alice Hoffman

"It would be wonderful to become what Oprah has become: she is in such a class of her own, as an entrepreneur, as a performer and an icon. The idea of building a series of programmes and choosing people that I think have talent to do them would be a very interesting idea. I would love to show that television can have soul, depth and range." - Charlie Rose

"At the end of the day, you can have something in your head, something in your hand, or something in your heart. What are you choosing?" - Mooji

"A person with autism lives in his own world, while a person with Asperger's lives in our world, in a way of his own choosing" - Nicholas Sparks

"In choosing a hypothesis there is no virtue in being timid. I clearly would have been burned at the stake in another age." - Thomas Gold

"Every man, like Narcissus, becomes enamored of the reflection of himself, only choosing a substance instead of a shadow. This love for any particular woman is self-love at second hand, vanity reflected, compound egotism." - Horace Smith

"Each time we make this shift and choose happiness, we experience a miracle. Our mind shifts from fearful delusions and reconnects to our truth, which is love. Creating these shifts requires a dedicated commitment to choosing love." - Gabrielle Bernstein

"While I wholeheartedly believe in choosing to approach every challenge with a great attitude, I don't mean that we should abandon authenticity and live in fantasyland." - Charles R Swindoll

"Every woman in choosing a lover takes more account of the way in which other women regard the man than of her own." - Nicolas Chamfort

"Enlightenment means choosing to dwell in a state of presence rather than in time. It means saying yes to what is." - Eckhart Tolle

"To be black and an intellectual in America is to live in a box. On the box is a label, not of my own choosing." - Stephen L. Carter

"Believing, desiring, deciding, and choosing correctly are the simple actions that define an increase in happiness and an increase in the inner assurance that transcends this life." - Benjamin De Hoyos

"Enlightenment means choosing to dwell in a state of presence rather than in time. It means saying yes to what is." - Eckhart Tolle

"To be black and an intellectual in America is to live in a box. On the box is a label, not of my own choosing." - Stephen Carter

"If both John McCain and Obama were given a sip of truth serum, both would admit they made serious mistakes in choosing running mates in 2008." - Douglas Wilder

"Success in past U.S. conflicts has not been strictly the result of military leadership but rather the judgment of the president in choosing generals and setting broad strategy." - Robert Dallek

"Lot of ugly funny dudes end up with some pretty gorgeous women. Women are much deeper than us in choosing a mate - they see in the long term." - Patton Oswalt

"Vivacity, leadership, must be had, and we are not allowed to be nice in choosing. We must fetch the pump with dirty water, if clean cannot be had." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"There's something intrinsically therapeutic about choosing to spend your time in a wide, open park-like setting that non-golfers can never truly understand." - Charles Rosin

"A part of fate is the freedom of man. Forever wells up the impulse of choosing and acting in his soul." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"When I talk about doing affirmations, I mean consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life." - Louise Hay

"Prayer is sitting in the silence until it silences us, choosing gratitude until we are grateful, and praising God until we ourselves are an act of praise." - Richard Rohr

"Although I enjoy digging through the library to help students find books, my aim is to help them develop self-confidence in choosing books for themselves." - Donalyn Miller

"In freely choosing to serve as the agents of divine purpose, angels are the living expression of the prayer 'Thy will be done.'" - David Connolly



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