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Cant Believe It Quotes


"Yo, thats illogical I cant have it!" - Nick Jonas

"I cant believe that having said what I said was interpreted as having been what I said when I said it, because I said it where I said it, when I said it, and who I said it to." - Don King

"Time cant be given. But it can be shared." - Cecelia Ahern

"If you judge the character, you cant play it." - Alan Rickman

"What is opportunity to the man who cant use it?" - George Eliot

"This great imperialistic world called the United States has made us believe that an Oscar is the most important thing in the world for an actor. But if you think about it for five minutes you realise it cant be." - Javier Bardem

"Were kind of in our own cocoon making it. Every once in a while you stick your head up for a second, and you just cant believe how successful the show has become." - Kiefer Sutherland

"Worry is a waste of energy. It cant change the past. It cant control the future. It only makes today miserable" - Rick Warren

"I cant believe anybody would celebrate a holiday where a jolly prowler breaks into your house and leaves gifts." - Squidward Tentacles

"Oh,that's right. You're a...what did you call it? Ah, a ghost hunter. You don't have to see things to believe them." Adam's gaze locked onto the persecutor's. "Maybe you've got that backward," he said. "Maybe it's just that I believe things you cant see." - Jodi Picoult

"If you cant say it in three minutes, I dont want to know about it." - Art Alexakis

"We cant do without government, but we do need it to be more effective." - Jennifer Pahlka

"I am sensitive to life, and somehow acting comes to me. I cant explain it." - Luise Rainer

"A good cup of Earl Grey tea - you cant beat it." - Antonia Thomas

"If you have only one life, you cant altogether ignore the question: are you enjoying it?" - Sebastian Faulks

"My daughter took Latin for three years; she still cant speak it." - Trey Gowdy

"When December comes, can The Nutcracker be far behind? No, it cant - not in America, anyway." - Robert Gottlieb

"You cant understand it [the South]. You would have to be born there." - William Faulkner

"I cant read a note of music. I just do it all from ear." - Jane Horrocks

"I cant summarize my favorite movie, Jacques Tatis Play Time. You just have to see it." - Rick Perlstein

"I cant pretend to be objective when it comes to service or sacrifice." - Martha Raddatz

"I try to teach my heart not to want things it cant have." - Alice Walker

"The suns going down and we cant afford to come back to it tomorrow." - Desmond Harrington

"You build something but you cant live in the house because you sit around guarding it." - Rodney Mullen

"The moment is now and we cant get it back from the grave." - Macklemore

"Gettysburg. . . . You cant understand it. You would have to be born there." - William Faulkner

"You are in my blood. I cant help it. We can't be anywhere except together" - Francesca Lia Block

"It is a mistake to think you cant be hurt if you don't care" - Errol Flynn

"It was a complete dream to work with David LaChapelle. I collected his books as a teenager, and I fantasised that he would direct the video for 'Spectrum' from the moment the song was written. I still cant believe it actually happened, and I'm completely overjoyed that he felt such a connection with the song." - Florence Welch

"I believe that patterns tend to repeat themselves and there are connections between the past and the present. There is the old proverb that reads, You cant know where youre going if you dont know where youve been. For me, history is like that. When you take history and combine it with myth, then you get mystery." - Ashwin Sanghi

"I honestly believe that people who never have children or never love a child are doomed to a sort of foolishness because it cant be described or explained, that love. I didnt know anything before I had him, and I havent learned anything since I lost him. Everything that isnt loving a child is just for show." - Haven Kimmel

"Ever step you take is forever. You cant make it go away. None of it. You understand what I'm sayin?" - Cormac Mccarthy

"I cant back up and start over. But I don't see the point in slobbering over it. And I cant see where it would make me feel better to be able to point a finger at somebody else." - Cormac Mccarthy

"Love, love, love - all the wretched cant of it, masking egotism, lust, masochism, fantasy under a mythology of sentimental postures." - Germaine Greer

"The most devilish thing is 8 times 8 and 7 times 7 it is what nature itselfe cant endure." - Marjorie Fleming

"Why do you have to be so annoying sometimes?" "Cant help it. It's the company I keep." - Kamila Shamsie

"How can you trust a man who can talk for 5 minutes and you cant understand a sentence of it!" - Lennox Lewis

"Religion is the most gentlemanly thing in the world. It alone will gentilize, if unmixed with cant." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"The world howls for social justice, but when it comes to social responsibility, you sometimes cant even hear crickets chirping." - Dean Koontz

"I cant live without activity; I cant be sedentary." - Ferran Adria

"people can die , dreams cant" - Tonya Hurley

"You just cant predict baseball" - John Sterling

"You cant censor peoples dreams." - Robyn

"This Laodicean cant of tolerance." - Mary Augusta Ward

"Clear your mind of cant." - Samuel Johnson

"Thats the thing about better. You cant own it. You can only pursue it. Stalk it. But once youve tasted it, better is never truly beyond your reach." - Graeme McDowell

"Unfortunately, when someone asks me for a favor, I cant say no. Because of my upbringing - my Catholic guilt - if I dont do it, it plagues me." - Bradley Cooper

"You cant just take an image and randomly distort it and call it art - although many people in La Jolla where I come from do precisely that." - Vilayanur S Ramachandran

"A sense of belonging is not physical. We cant find it by changing where we live or what we do. We have to carry it within us" - P C Cast

"People will tell you that you cant do it, no matter what you are trying to do, so you just have to really keep at it." - Madisen Beaty

"It takes very little to govern good people. Very little. And bad people cant be governed at all. Or if they could I never heard of it." - Cormac Mccarthy

"we cant wait for someone else to do it, we have to take matters into our own hands or it will never be done." - Tim Lahaye

"You cant be a casual observer of something humorous - you have to engage, you have to find it funny for the relationship between actor and audience to work." - Brendan Coyle

"I know talent when I see it. I know frauds when I see em. I know players that can play and cant play." - Keyshawn Johnson

"Dark matter is interesting. Basically, the universe is heavier than it should be. Theres whole swathes of stuff we cant account for." - Talulah Riley

"Lots of people feel more alive when theyre riding a roller-coaster relationship. But while this might be fun for a while, it cant possibly last." - Tracy Mcmillan

"I cant write about something I dont admire. It goes back to the old concept of the celebration: you celebrate the hero, an idea." - Frank O'Connor

"When youre a girl, passion can dominate the equation, but as you grow up relationships evolve. Mad passion can grab you at first, but it cant last forever." - Jody Watley

"Its unbelievable, I cant even describe it. To be a big part of bringing the World Series the first World Series ever to Houston is just tremendous." - Lance Berkman

"Talk about threats to national security - how about government so big, so complicated and so unmanageable, it cant get out of its own way?" - Bob Schieffer

"That is how it feels. Like everything between us is twisted together, friendship and love and family, so I cant tell the difference between any of them." - Veronica Roth

"Religion is, in its essence, the most gentlemanly thing in the world. It will alone gentilize, if unmixed with cant; and I know nothing else that will, alone." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"Lovelace was really great. I got to work with the wonderful Amanda Seyfried, Hank Azaria and Peter Sarsgaard, so it cant get no better than that, right?" - Cory Hardrict

"What we are fed through the media I do not accept, unless you see it with your own eyes you cant trust anything." - PJ Harvey

"I did it for the money. But its not worth much if you cant face yourself in the mirror. Respect is the ultimate currency." - Clive Owen

"Away with the cant of 'Measures not men!'-the idle supposition that it is the harness and not the horses that draw the chariot along." - George Canning

"We cant go around picking up every pile of dust in the place just in case it turns out to be Gregor in the morning." -Pg.242-" - Cassandra Clare

"I cant stand those food cult people who bring their own food into the house. All those little thermoses and paper bags-it makes the other guests uncomfortable." - Paul Lynde

"There seems to be this impression that if I really am a psychotherapist, I cant be serious about it. They think there must be something fishy going on." - Pamela Stephenson

"It's hard to imagine, but we cant think of HIV/AIDS as being somebody else's story. It could be any of ours." - Rihanna

"And breath, deeply from this envelope, it smells like you, and I, cant be, without that scent, its filling me, with all you mean to me" - Chris Carrabba

"My dear friend, clear your mind of cant... You may talk in this manner; it is a mode of talking in Society: but don't think foolishly." - Samuel Johnson

"... where the Greeks had modesty, we have cant; where they had poetry, we have cant; where they had patriotism, we have cant; where they had anything that exalts, delights, or adorns humanity, we have nothing but cant, cant, cant." - Thomas Love Peacock

"I originated a remark many years ago that I think has been copied more than any little thing that Ive every said, and I used it in the FOLLIES of 1922. I said America has a unique record. We never lost a war and we never won a conference in our lives. I believe that we could without any degree of egotism, single-handed lick any nation in the world. But we cant confer with Costa Rica and come home with our shirts on." - Will Rogers

"There is such a thing as a peculiar word or phrase cleaving as it were to the memory of the writer or speaker, and presenting itself to his utterance at every turn. When we observe this, we call it a cant word or a cant phrase." - William Paley

"You cant get much whiter than me." - Pitbull

"You cant take good health for granted." - Jack Osbourne

"Coltrane, you cant play everything at once!" - Miles Davis

"Cats cant speak, that's common sense. -Yoruichi" - Tite Kubo

"People cant help how they look." - Todd Solondz

"Just take me with you. Please. I cant. Please, Papa. I cant. I cant hold my son dead in my arms. I thought I could but I cant." - Cormac Mccarthy

"Im sorry I cant speak very coherently." - Syd Barrett

"You cant just be against the president." - Jeb Bush

"You cant be controlling in improv." - Matt Walsh

"Cant is the twin sister of hypocrisy." - Henry Ward Beecher

"You cant spend your life apologizing." - Jude Law

"I realize you cant please everyone." - Gemma Ward

"Rule of art: Cant kills creativity!" - Camille Paglia

"My career is one of people involvement. I'm a promoter of the people, by the people, for the people. My magic lies, my people ties, this is what I want to do. I'm in it to win, I cant give in, I can't give up and I cant quit. Victory is mine. Working together works." - Don King

"Believe it, future generations." - Horace

"Naruto: BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!" - Masashi Kishimoto

"Believe it!!!" Naruto yelled." - Masashi Kishimoto

"You have to get up and plant the seed and see if it grows, but you cant just wait around, you have to water it and take care of it." - Bootsy Collins

"If settled means that it cant be re-examined, thats one thing. If settled means that it is a precedent that is entitled to respect then it is a precedent that is protected." - Samuel Alito

"Im always trying to improve my skills as an actor. I think it shows in El Gringo; it shows in the new Universal Soldier. You cant rest on your laurels; youve got to keep improving." - Scott Adkins

"It was the first time it had ever occurred to me, that this detestable cant of false humility might have originated out of the Heep family. I had seen the harvest, but had never thought of the seed." - Charles Dickens

"You have to begin to put the infrastructure in place to put in high-speed trains...It should be a national priority. If the French can do it, why cant we?" - Gordon Bethune

"The most difficult dilemma for a person is perhaps when his heart testifies to an inevitable reality yet his tongue will not proclaim it, when his mind screams in acceptance of truth but he cant bring himself to state it." - Umera Ahmed

"Neither is a dictionary a bad book to read. There is no cant in it, no excess of explanation, and it is full of suggestion, - the raw material of possible poems and histories." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I am parshial to ladies if they are nice I suppose it is my nature. I am not quite a gentleman but you would hardly notice it but cant be helped anyhow." - Daisy Ashford

"Give me a well-cooked, well-served meal, a bouquet, and a sunset, and I can do more for a man's soul than all the cant ever preached. I can even do it without a sunset!" - Anne Ellis

"All gentle cant and philosophizing to the contrary notwithstanding, no people in this world ever did achieve their freedom by goody-goody talk and moral suasion: it being immutable law that all revolutions that will succeed, must begin in blood." - Mark Twain

"I feel like I owe Juilliard everything... coming from Kentucky at age 17, having a school like that giving me a chance. And if you cant afford it, you can get a scholarship." - Jess Weixler

"While the spoken word can travel faster, you cant take it home in your hand. Only the written word can be absorbed wholly at the convenience of the reader." - Kingman Brewster Jr

"I dont like Jews. Or colored folk. Or natives, now that you mention it...I bet you like Catholics. Cant stand them either. Nor women, Fabians, Socialists, homosexuals, Asians, or British." - Herbert

"I mean we cant even rock them shoes if it dont got a comma on the price tag ya know. I mean.. I mean but then again who looks at the price tag ya know?" - Nicki Minaj

"Over a period of 11 months, I was constantly afraid that Youth Care would lock me up. It was all a frightening and traumatic experience. So often, these terrible memories come to me. I cant ignore them." - Laura Dekker

"Wouldve came back for you, I just needed time to do what I had to do. Caught in the life, I cant let it go. Whether thats right, I wont ever know. But here goes nothin." - Drake

"You cant write about stuff you dont know about. You have to live it. You have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Live life to be a good songwriter." - Dierks Bentley

"My goal on the show was to be professional. But sometimes you cant help who you have a connection with, and you can only fight it for so long - which I did for a really, really long time." - Nina Dobrev

"I learned to speak first, and then to sign. I have never really known what it was like to hear, so I cant compare hearing aids to normal hearing." - Marlee Matlin

"I realised one day that men are emotional cripples. We cant express ourselves emotionally, we can only do it with anger and humour. Emotional stability and expression comes from women." - Bob Hoskins

"Man," said the Ghost, "if man you be in heart, not adamant, forbear that wicked cant until you have discovered What the surplus is, and Where it is. Will you decide what men shall live, what men shall die?" - Charles Dickens

"When did you become a woman?"-Hatori How dare you ask that after you have seen me naked so many times..."-Yuki GASP! No it cant be! Yuki-kun, does that mean..." fan club girls NO! He's my doctor..."Yuki" - Natsuki Takaya

"Nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being present now, and if the past cant prevent you from being present now, what power does it have?" - Eckhart Tolle

"Women's studies needed a syllabus and so invented a canon overnight. It puffed up clunky, mundane contemporary women authors into Oz-like, skywriting dirigibles. Our best women students are being force-fed an appalling diet of cant, drivel and malarkey." - Camille Paglia

"The Roman Christian mythology (and theology) discourages the vice of licentiousness, and so this is better than the heathen, but it encourages bigotry, hypocrisy, cant, and many another vice which the older Mother of Abominations kept clear from." - Theodore Parker

"That's what you want to do? Then nothing beats a trial but a failure. Give it everything you've got. I've told you many times, 'Cant do is like Dont Care.' Neither of them have a home." - Maya Angelou

"When something really bad is going on in a culture, the average guy doesn't see it. He can't. He's average and is surrounded by and immersed in the cant and discourse of the status quo." - George Saunders

"I have a really interesting political point of view, and its not always something I say too loud at dinner tables here, but you cant go from a $2,000-a-night suite at La Mirage to a penitentiary and really understand it and come out a liberal. You cant. I wouldnt wish that experience on anyone else, but it was very, very, very educational for me and has informed my proclivities and politics every since." - Robert Downey Jr

"Believe it and achieve it." - Napoleon Hill

"Okay. I wish for world peace," Weetzie said. "I am sorry," the genie said. "I cant grant that wish. Its out of my league." "Then I wish for an infinite number of wishes!" Those people on fairy tales never thought of that. "People in fairy tales wish for that all the time," the genie said. "They arent stupid. It just isnt in the records because I cant grant that type of wish." - Francesca Lia Block

"Well, as you know, there are many things in life that are not fair, that wealthy people can afford and poor people cant. But I dont believe that the Federal Government should take action to try to make these opportunities exactly equal, particularly when there is a moral factor involved." - Jimmy Carter

"Well, as you know, there are many things in life that are not fair, that wealthy people can afford and poor people cant. But I don't believe that the Federal Government should take action to try to make these opportunities exactly equal, particularly when there is a moral factor involved." - Jimmy Carter

"Choosing beauty over content (or choosing beauty as content) is always an act of sedition. If we accept the cant of official culture, we must believe that the beauty we steal from any man-made thing is stolen from its more virtuous and metaphysical backstory, wherein "real" beauty is said to reside." - Dave Hickey

"I love pizza; you cant really go wrong with pizza." - Nick Jonas

"One thing that you cant fake is chemistry." - Blake Shelton

"You cant have justice unless you have truth." - Hill Harper

"You cant win if youre chasing the wrong problem." - Paul Wolfowitz

"I cant control everything, and I dont need to" - India.Arie

"You cant be satirical and not be offensive to somebody." - Tom Lehrer

"A president cant go to every memorial service." - Nancy Gibbs

"The English are a nation of consummate cant." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"You cant gain something, without giving something in return" - Hiromu Arakawa

"Without any cant, does not Providence provide wonderfully for us?" - Isabel Burton

"I cant really imagine life without Formula One," - Michael Schumacher

"Academics and wrestling, you cant separate the two." - Tom Brands

"You cant go on winning all the time." - Jahangir Khan

"I cant swing a dead cat without hitting a reporter." - Russel Honore

"If its tourist season, why cant we shoot them" - Steven Wright

"You cant reduce me to a set of influences." - Thomas Harris

"You cant be too careful on a skateboard." - Stephen King

"I cant save you, you have to save yourself." - Jillian Michaels

"They cant censor the gleam in my eye." - Charles Laughton

"Turbochargers are for people who cant build engines." - Keith Duckworth

"Everyone has their own path and you cant judge." - Jake Owen

"Anxiety and gratitude cant live in the same head" - James Altucher

"Military intelligence, two words combined that cant make sense" - Dave Mustaine

"The English are the people of consummate cant." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"You cant second-guess yourself as a filmmaker." - Ralph Bakshi



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