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Cancer Patients Quotes


"My tears cure cancer too, it's just that I laugh at cancer patients." - Zach Braff

"Depression can seem worse than terminal cancer, because most cancer patients feel loved and they have hope and self-esteem." - David D Burns

"Essiac is a therapeutic tea that all cancer patients can benefit from." - Robert Atkins

"Cancer don't respect nothing." - David Chase

"Cancer is always funny." - Jim Gaffigan

"To refrain and desist from interfering with terminal cancer patients, in their use of Laetrile acquired through the 'Affidavit System." - Luther L. Bohanon

"We have thousands of patients and family members who are dealing with dual devastation, cancer and the hurricane." - Greg Anderson

"If we include hedonistic philosophy in hospitals, the lives of patients suffering from cancer would be much, much better." - Michel Onfray

"Treating only terminal cancer patients, the Rand (anti-cancer) vaccine produced objective improvement in 35% of 600 patients while another 30% demonstrated subjective improvement. FDA stopped the vaccine's use in a federal court hearing where neither the cancer patients nor their doctors were allowed to testify." - Barry Lynes

"Marijuana is beneficial to many patients" - Joycelyn Elders

"I think the way we think about cancer, the way we treat cancer, has dramatically changed in the last century. There is an enormous amount of options that a physician can provide today, right down from curing patients, treating patients or providing patients with psychic solace or pain relief." - Siddhartha Mukherjee

"They've spread like cancer. ISIS has spread like cancer." - Donald Trump

"Screening for colon cancer can stop cancer in its tracks." - Hill Harper

"Cancer is a demonic pregnancy." - Susan Sontag

"The better cancer patients understand why they are here on this planet and what their spiritual purpose is, the better their prognosis for survival." - Lothar Hirneise

"I am about to get involved with the biggest cancer hospital in Norway. They are building a fitness center to work with patients. I will be a consultant." - Grete Waitz

"Life is a terminal condition. Were all going to die. Cancer patients just have more information, but we all, in some ways, wait for permission to live." - Kris Carr

"Studies show that Avastin can prolong the lives of patients with late-stage breast and lung cancer by several months when the drug is combined with existing therapies." - Alex Berenson

"I will be a role model for cancer patients for the rest of my life. But you know what? When I was getting chemo, those people inspired me." - Eric Davis

"'The Who' created the Daltrey/Townshend Center at UCLA for teenage hospital patients with cancer. It's the only one of its kind." - Nolan Sotillo

"It's unconscionable that cancer patients get the wrong diagnosis 30 percent of the time and that it takes so long to treat them with appropriate drugs for their cancer." - Patrick Soon-Shiong

"Reducing the price of AIDS drugs gave me so much satisfaction that I've been thinking what else I could do. One day, I thought, 'Let's look at cancer and see how we can spare cancer patients' unnecessary suffering.'" - Yusuf Hamied

"It's unconscionable that cancer patients get the wrong diagnosis 30 percent of the time and that it takes so long to treat them with appropriate drugs for their cancer." - Patrick Soonshiong

"We went through the records and we found over five hundred of his patients who were alive and well five years after their treatment, with no cancer. And Dr. Burton didn't selectively give us these. These were "take what you want. Here are the patients I treated." So there was statistical improvement - more so than any cancer institution in the United States could show." - Gary Null

"Older patients who live alone can become depressed." - Risa J. Lavizzo-Mourey

"My father passed from cancer in 2000; his brother died of cancer before that. My grandfather died of cancer." - Hill Harper

"Cancer research is a growth industry." - George Carlin

"Cigarettes don't kill people - cancer kills people." - Richard M. Weiner

"Cancer is a word, not a sentence." - John Diamond

"There's a cancer on the presidency." - John Dean

"I'm cycling to take cancer message worldwide." - Lance Armstrong

"hate is cancer of the soul!" - Eric Jerome Dickey

"Cancer is the growth of madness denied." - Norman Mailer

"Can't is the cancer of happening." - Charlie Sheen

"Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer!" - L Ron Hubbard

"Can't is the cancer of happen." - Charlie Sheen

"Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon." - Alan Perlis

"Cancer isn't going to slow me down." - Ethan Zohn

"I have had a number of patients with breast cancer, all of whom had root canals on the tooth related to the breast area on the associated energy meridian." - John Diamond

"Being too happy is bad for you. 8 on 1 10-scale is just right. Eg. cancer patients are more likely to survive if they're at an 8 instead of 9 or 10." - Ed Diener

"It is better not to apply any treatment in cases of occult cancer; for if treated (by surgery), the patients die quickly; but if not treated, they hold out for a long time." - Hippocrates

"Six patients with advanced cancer were treated with amygdalin at dosages similar to those employed by Laetrile practitioners....intravenously... (and) orally...No clinical or lab evidence of toxic reaction was seen (by us)." - Charles Moertel

"I know patients who bring a dozen roses to the doctor's office. And, boy, the next visit, nobody forgets that. You come in and hey - 'Here's the lady who brought the roses' vs. 'Here's the lung cancer.'" - Bernie Siegel

"We're really going after truly creating sustainability of a disease-free state, creating a complete system for managing cancer patients for life, so that you can manage from onset of disease all the way through." - Patrick Soonshiong

"Building community for its own sake is like attending a cancer support group without having cancer." - Alan Hirsch

"Cancer is cancer. I've got a great life if I can just stay alive." - Paul Henderson

"Money spent on vegetative patients is money not spent on preventive care, such as flu shots and mammograms. Each night in an ICU bed for such patients is a night that another patient with a genuine prognosis for recovery is denied such high-end care. Every dollar exhausted on patients who will never wake up again is a dollar not devoted to finding a cure for cancer." - Jacob M. Appel

"In 1978, in the space of 10 months, 28 leukemia patients came to me and they could all work after six days. It is a portal vein circulation disease, not cancer of the blood. So far 150 leukemia patients have come to me and I could help all of them. Do not fear this disease any more." - Rudolf Breuss

"The survival rate of Dr Burton's patients approximately doubled the maximum survival rate of conventionally treated patients. Had these findings pertained to a chemotherapy drug instead of IAT, massive amounts of funding would have been allocated to investigate the drug. Once again, the politics of cancer barred a potentially valuable treatment from reaching the public." - Jared Diamond

"I have always made a distinction between healing and curing. To me, 'healed' represents a condition of one's life; 'cured' relates strictly to one's physical condition. In other words, there may be healed quadriplegics and AIDS patients, and cured cancer patients who are leading unhealthy lives." - Bernie Siegel

"In 1975, the respected British medical journal Lancet reported on a study which compared the effect on cancer patients of (1) a single chemotherapy, (2) multiple chemotherapy, and (3) no treatment at all. No treatment 'proved a significantly better policy for patients' survival and for quality of remaining life.'" - Barry Lynes

"Whenever you see shrinks on television, they're so clearly written by patients. They're either idealized or they're demonized or they love their patients. All they ever think about is their patients." - Amy Bloom

"Patients know what patients want to know." - Dave Debronkart

"A study was done which shows the majority of oncologists who refer patients for chemotherapy for lung cancer would not themselves take chemotherapy for lung cancer. And in fact if the chemotherapy involved cis-platen, something like 75% of them said they wouldn't take it. But what do these people do all day long? They're sending people for cis-platen." - Ralph W. Moss

"A one year study by the Washington Post has documented 620 cases in which experimental drugs have been implicated in the deaths of cancer patients....And they amount to merely a fraction of the thousands of people who in recent years have died or suffered terribly from cancer experiments..." - Ted Gup

"Dr. Lawrence fighting cancer.(:) Many of his patients are now living normal lives after being told there was nothing more the conventional treatments could do for them, and that death was imminent....Why are Americans being forced to go off shore for treatment for cancer from an American doctor and for a program that was developed in America?" - Larry McDonald

"The Bucket List is a movie about two old codgers who are nothing like people, both suffering from cancer that is nothing like cancer, and setting off on adventures that are nothing like possible. I urgently advise hospitals: Do not make the DVD available to your patients; there may be an outbreak of bedpans thrown at TV screens." - Roger Ebert

"Basically, all women are nurturers and healers, and all men are mental patients to varying degrees." - Nelson Demille

"Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals." - Mehmet Oz

"For sure, to be exact, one seventh of my patients never graduated my program." - Steve-O

"Strokes are preventable and treatable. Prompt treatment of patients experiencing stroke saves lives and reduces disability." - Charles W Pickering

"Love is a malady, the common symptoms of which are the same in all patients ..." - Agnes Repplier

"Four out of five dentists recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum." - Advertising Slogans

"Only the patients have to take off their clothes. I think I'm pretty safe." - Sherry Stringfield

"But I like it when my patients are impressed not knowing that I was an Olympian." - Debi Thomas

"Having breast cancer is massive amounts of no fun," - Molly Ivins

"People should be afraid of the cancer, not the mammogram." - Nancy Reagan

"An individual doesn't get cancer, a family does." - Terry Tempest Williams

"That smile could end wars and cure cancer." - John Green

"It was recently discovered that research causes cancer in rats." - Stephen Hawking

"Cancer does' care if you're Republican or Democrat." - Lance Armstrong

"humanity is a cancer on the body of the world" - Scott Westerfeld

"The cancer of time is eating us away" - Henry Miller

"The cancer I don't have is everywhere now." - Chuck Palahniuk

"The white race is the cancer of human history." - Susan Sontag

"Not having hair makes me feel like a cancer patient." - Amanda Bynes

"Boredom is a disease worse than cancer. Drugs cure it." - Doug Stanhope

"Society is cancerous and bureaucracy is its cancer." - William S Burroughs

"People with cancer like to wear jogging suits." - Kathy Griffin

"Cancer is not a straight line. It's up and down." - Elizabeth Edwards

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004." - Laura Ziskin

"Historically, more people have died of religion than cancer." - Dick Francis

"E-mails are the cancer of modern business." - John Caudwell

"You don't have free will when you have lung cancer." - Bill O'Reilly

"I don't want to die until I see cancer cured." - James D Watson

"Movies are fun, but they are no cure for cancer." - Clint Eastwood

"Cancer doesn't care if you have suffered before." - Jenna Morasca

"More men die of jealousy than of cancer." - Joseph P Kennedy

"More than 10 million Americans are living with cancer, and they demonstrate the ever-increasing possibility of living beyond cancer." - Sheryl Crow

"About 80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a single relative with breast cancer." - Kristi Funk

"Stress is what feeds your cancer. Stress is what gives you cancer and then there's the paparazzi giving you stress." - Farrah Fawcett

"In the poem "C," the crows are associated with cancer, because I had suffered a cancer scare." - Shirley Geok-lin Lim

"People's view of cancer will change when they have their own relationship with cancer, which everyone will, at some point." - Laura Linney

"My final word, before I'm done, Is "Cancer can be rather fun"- Provided one confronts the tumour with a sufficient sense of humour. I know that cancer often kills, But so do cars and sleeping pills; And it can hurt till one sweats, So can bad teeth and unpaid debts. A spot of laughter, I am sure, Often accelerates one's cure; So let us patients do our bit To help the surgeons make us fit." - John B S Haldane

"People talk about the courage of cancer patients, and I do not deny that courage. I had been poked and stabbed and poisoned for years, and still I trod on. But make no mistake: In that moment, I would have been very, very happy to die." - John Green

"Cancer patients are lied to, not just because the disease is (or is thought to be) a death sentence, but because it is felt to be obscene - in the original meaning of that word: ill-omened, abominable, repugnant to the senses." - Susan Sontag

"The Pacific Yew can be cut down and processed to produce a potent chemical, taxol, which offers some promise of curing certain forms of lung, breast and ovarian cancer in patients who would otherwise quickly die... It seems an easy choice - sacrifice the tree for a human life - until one learns that three trees must be destroyed for each patient treated." - Al Gore

"I'm not sure what Essiac does to extend cancer survival, and for all we know it may not have this effect. On the other hand, it's not toxic and my patients have reported feeling good while taking it, so why not support them?" - Abram Hoffer

"You wouldn't believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. You wouldn't believe this, or directors of the AMA, or ACA, or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. That's the fact" - Hans Alfred Nieper

"Patients have been cured almost instantaneously of...lupus...,cancer ...,ulcers..., tuberculosis ...In a few seconds, at most a few hours, the symptoms disappear and the anatomic lesions mend. The miracle is characterized by extreme acceleration of the normal process of healing." - Alexis Carrel

"When you think of the costs of cancer care, one can imagine that drugs like checkpoint blockers or transfer of these T lymphocytes are actually cost-saving, just as treatments for hepatitis C, while expensive, overall save money by preventing hepatitis and hep - hepatocarcinoma in patients." - Laurie Glimcher

"It's OK for China to invent cancer drugs that cure patients in the United States. We want them to catch up. But as the leader, we want to keep setting a very, very high standard. We don't want them to catch up because we're slowing down or, even worse, going into reverse." - Bill Gates

"Patients are becoming aware that they're being taken for a ride by big pharma companies. They charge high prices and have never cared for India's healthcare. There are 23 million cases of cancer every year and India has a fair share of that." - Yusuf Hamied

"Cancer has taught me a lot of things. Maybe it is the best thing that has happened to me. I can't say right now, but maybe some years down the line, I would realise. When I was taking chemotherapy, there were a lot of elderly patients, and that would inspire me. I thought, 'If they can be cured, why can't I be?'" - Yuvraj Singh

"Why are cancer patients so hard to buy for? This question always puzzles me. When people are healthy, things are so simple, including gift buying. A jaunt to the local mall or a day in front of the TV watching QVC can be just enough for all the loved ones on your list." - Jenna Morasca

"I am not a doctor or a scientist, but merely a passionate layperson, a filter, a messenger. I spoke with so many patients who are living normal, happy, fulfilled lives, and their enthusiasm and great quality of life convinced me that you can indeed live with cancer." - Suzanne Somers

"I've been focused on detecting nuclear terrorism at ports, in cargo containers, and I developed and built detectors that are extremely cheap and also very sensitive. My other big development is a system to produce medical isotopes that are injected into patients and used to diagnose and treat cancer." - Taylor Wilson

"It took 23 years from Abraxane being conceived to us showing now with conclusiveness that it works in pancreatic cancer. We cannot afford as a society to wait another 23 years to make sure that the patients get the right care, at the right time, at the right place." - Patrick Soonshiong

"You have in the U.S. around two million new diagnoses of cancer a year, and 13 million survivors, so you have about 10,000 patients that require analysis every day. That's about five petabytes that need to be transmitted and computed on a daily basis." - Patrick Soonshiong

"If you sequence a cancerous tumor, you should be able to tailor the therapy according to the root cause of the cancer. But it has taken so long to do the sequencing - which also requires time to prepare the samples and interpret the deluge of data that comes out - that the patients are already undergoing therapy by the process if over." - Eric Topol

"I look upon cancer in the same way that I look upon heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, or even obesity, for that matter, in that by dramatically strengthening the body's immune system through diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise, the body can rid itself of the cancer, just as it does in other degenerative diseases. Consequently, I wouldn't have chemotherapy and radiation because I'm not interested in therapies that cripple the immune system, and, in my opinion, virtually ensure failure for the majority of cancer patients." - Julian Whitaker

"When you have cancer, it's like you enter a new time zone: the Cancer Zone. Everything in the Tropic of Cancer revolves around your health or your sickness. I didn't want my whole life to revolve around cancer. Life came first; cancer came second." - Regina Brett

"I am here on behalf of all the patients that I have ever met, all the ones I haven't met. This is about letting patients play a more active role ... in fixing health care." - Dave Debronkart

"In quixotically trying to conquer death doctors all too frequently do no good for their patients' ease but at the same time they do harm instead by prolonging and even magnifying patients' dis-ease." - Jack Kevorkian

"What Republicans want to do is to put doctors and patients and patients' families back in charge of people's health care rather than having pencil pushers of the government or in some insurance office doing that job." - Jim Sensenbrenner

"Variety of form and brilliancy of color in the object presented to patients are an actual means of recovery." - Florence Nightingale

"The Doctor's Motto: Have patients." - Ethel Mumford

" effective psychotherapist or psychoanalyst is a "microsurgeon of the mind" who helps patients make needed alterations in neuronal networks." - Norman Doidge

"It is no part of a physician's business to use either persuasion or compulsion upon the patients." - Aristotle

"The majority of my patients consisted not of believers but of those who had lost their faith." - Carl Jung

"Key message to all patients: Let go of all negativity and empower your body through your positivity." - Widad Akrawi

"I'm trying to knock the medical profession into accepting its responsibilities, and those responsibilities include assisting their patients with death." - Jack Kevorkian

"Risk reduction for BRCA2 carriers includes taking tamoxifen. Removing ovaries prior to age 40 drops breast cancer risk in half. Ovarian cancer surveillance is unfortunately inadequate at early detection, but birth control pills reduce ovarian cancer incidence up to 60%." - Kristi Funk

"There is only one things in this world shittier than biting it from cancer when you're sixteen, and that's having a kid who bites it from cancer." - John Green

"I feel like I had zero control over getting cancer, but I have 100 percent control over how I will respond to dealing with cancer." - Kay Yow

"Capitalism is a social cancer. It has always been a social cancer. It is the disease of society. It is the malignancy of society." - Murray Bookchin

"Telling someone with depression to pull themselves together is about as useful as telling someone with cancer to just stop having cancer" - Ricky Gervais

"Madness is locked beneath. It goes into tissues, is swallowed by the cells. The cells go mad. Cancer is their flag. Cancer is the growth of madness denied." - Norman Mailer

"I see racism as a cancer. It is a cancer growing in us. Unless we stop it, it vegetates and grows bigger which hurts every one of us." - Pearl Tan

"You hear the word 'cancer,' and you think it is a death sentence. In fact, the shock is the biggest thing about a diagnosis of cancer." - Clare Balding

"I'd rather have cancer than a dishonest heart. Which isn't being pious. Just practical. Cancer may cool you, but the other's sure to." - Truman Capote

"I'm no different than others with cancer. I just happen to play professional baseball. I'm part of those statistics that cancer has touched as well." - Eric Davis

"The cancer I had is not at all equal to other people's cancer. I've never had to have chemotherapy; I haven't had to have a mastectomy." - Jennifer Grey

"Having cancer is one thing; looking like you have cancer is another thing. It's a disease that already takes so much." - Amy Robach

"With over 3 million women battling breast cancer today, everywhere you turn there is a mother, daughter, sister, or friend who has been affected by breast cancer." - Betsey Johnson

"Malmo, with its 280,000 residents, is Sweden's third-largest city. To see a physician, a patient must go to one of two local clinics before they can see a specialist. The clinics have security guards to keep patients from getting unruly as they wait hours to see a doctor. The guards also prevent new patients from entering the clinic when the waiting room is considered full. Uppsala, a city with 200,000 people, has only one specialist in mammography. Sweden's National Cancer Foundation reports that in a few years most Swedish women will not have access to mammography." - Walter E. Williams

"Cancer did not bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet." - Michael Douglas

"Once you are diagnosed with cancer, time changes. It both speeds up insanely and stops altogether." - Eve Ensler

"Conflict is like cancer; early detection increases the possibility of a healthy outcome." - John C Maxwell

"A cancer is not only a physical disease, it is a state of mind." - Bill Vaughan

"If you don't have cancer, cherish life. If you do, cherish it even more" - Jim Stynes

"Social reform is the desperate decision to remove corns from a person suffering from cancer." - Karl Kraus

"Now I'm being blamed not only for anorexia but for lung cancer." - Kate Moss

"She had breast cancer. No one said she shouldn't run for governor." - Jodi Rell

"Our lie is like a cancer that's spread to every single area of our lives." - Simone Elkeles

"I'm a Cancer, which means I'm maternal and emotional. So in relationships I'm screwed." - Lindsay Lohan

"Maybe if we said that sin causes cancer, people would take it more seriously." - Mark Hart

"Cancer - a more or less permanent traffic jam in the body." - Andreas Moritz

"The laugh count is right up there with being diagnosed with late-stage cancer." - David Edward

"Like an animal, cancer sleeps, prowls, hibernates, turns surly or placid." - Marni Jackson



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