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Cancer Cures Quotes


"Winning cures all problems." - Kevin Harvick

"Beginning in 1940,...questionable grades of (low) malignancy were classed as cancer. ...the proportion of 'cancer' cures...increased rapidly..." - Hardin B. Jones

"The Bible diagnoses the cancer of all cancers and prescribes the cure of all cures." - Ray Comfort

"Strong leaders understand that action cures indecision" - Toyotomi Hideyoshi

"Cancer is always funny." - Jim Gaffigan

"Cancer does not discriminate." - Kellie Pickler

"Time cures you first, and then it kills you." - Barbara Kingsolver

"Time is an herb that cures all Diseases." - Benjamin Franklin

"There are three cures for ennui: sleep, drink and travel." - D H Lawrence

"To fear the worst oft cures the worse." - William Shakespeare

"God cures and the doctor sends the bill." - Mark Twain

"Fighting cancer is my mission right now. The research and development of finding cures for this nasty disease is my passion." - Judith Hill

"They've spread like cancer. ISIS has spread like cancer." - Donald Trump

"It was a fine cancer experience, as cancer experiences go." - Julia Sweeney

"I love the cancer spoon!" - Vicki Pettersson

"It's a scary word, 'cancer." - Alan Jackson

"Cancer changes your whole life." - Rachel Naomi Remen

"Jealousy... is a mental cancer." - B C Forbes

"There's nothing sexy about cancer." - Kris Carr

"Cancer is an emotional disease." - Marina Abramovic

"It's a scary word, 'cancer.'" - Alan Jackson

"The cancer in me became an awareness of the cancer that is everywhere. The cancer of cruelty, the cancer of carelessness, the cancer of greed." - Eve Ensler

"Dean Burk, PhD, of the National Cancer Institute (head of their Cytochemistry Section and 32-year veteran at the agency) declared in a (May 30,1972) letter to (congressman Louis Frey, Jr.) that high officials of the FDA, AMA and ACS (American Cancer Society), were deliberately falsifying information, literally lying...and in other ways thwarting potential cancer cures to which they were opposed." - Barry Lynes

"The federal investment in finding cures for cancer - $3 billion annually [as of 1999] - is less than ... zero ... point ... zero ... zero ... zero ... four ... percent of our gross domestic product, or about one-seventh of what Americans spend on beauty products." - Michael Milken

"There is not one, but many cures for cancer available. But they are all systematically suppressed by the ACS, the NCI, and the major oncology centres. They have too much of an interest in the status quo." - Robert Atkins

"Dedicated researchers seek better treatments and cures for diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer's and every form of cancer. But these scientists face an array of disincentives. We can do better." - Michael Milken

"If we stop exploring space, we're going to lose the same part of us that found vaccines and penicillin, the part that searches for cures to cancer and AIDS." - Corbin Bernsen

"Charity cures heartaches." - Nachman of Breslov

"Just saying no prevents teenage pregnancy the way 'Have a nice day' cures chronic depression." - Faye Wattleton

"Falsehood falsehood cures" - William Shakespeare

"If the doctor cures, the sun sees it; if he kills, the earth hides it." - Proverbs

"I think hiccup cures were really invented for the amusement of the patient's friends." - Bill Watterson

"Philosophy, like medicine, has plenty of drugs, few good remedies, and hardly any specific cures." - Nicolas Chamfort

"Work cures everything." - Henri Matisse

"Have I told you I have cancer? It's a very special kind of cancer. Cancer of the soul." - Thom Yorke

"But today in the United States, and this shows you where fascism REALLY exists, Any doctor in the United States who cures cancer using alternative methods will be destroyed. You cannot name me a doctor doing well with cancer using alternative therapies that is not under attack. And I know these people; I've interviewed them." - Gary Null

"I don't want 100 different cures of cancer. I want, you know, give me five. So if you had, you know, five medicines, you could do away with 90 percent of cancer. That's sort of my objective. I think we're going to do it." - James D Watson

"It is important to emphasize again and again and again that finding a cure is not the problem The cures for many cancers, if not most cancers, exist. But they are not being offered to the patient who has cancer.... Being legally permitted to use an alternative cancer therapy is the problem" - Barry Lynes

"Cancer research is a growth industry." - George Carlin

"Cancer is a word, not a sentence." - John Diamond

"I'm cycling to take cancer message worldwide." - Lance Armstrong

"Bitterness is like cancer. It eats..." - Maya Angelou

"hate is cancer of the soul!" - Eric Jerome Dickey

"Cancer' is such a frightening word." - Kris Carr

"Humanity is the cancer of nature." - David Foreman

"Cancer is the growth of madness denied." - Norman Mailer

"Can't is the cancer of happening." - Charlie Sheen

"Capitalism is a cancer in the biosphere." - David Foreman

"Can't is the cancer of happen." - Charlie Sheen

"Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon." - Alan Perlis

"Cancer isn't going to slow me down." - Ethan Zohn

"Starbucks is spreading like a cancer." - Rupert Everett

"'Cancer' is such a frightening word." - Kris Carr

"You beat Cancer by how you live." - Stuart Scott

"Suspicion is the cancer of friendship." - Petrarch

"Cancer is something that touches everyone's lives." - Ellen Pompeo

"Cancer is just a horrible disease." - Kevin Richardson

"You don't treat cancer - you fight it." - Jenna Morasca

"If I could get every single cancer genome sequence that has been sequenced; if I could ever put it in one repository, we have the capacity to do a million billion calculations per second. We'll be able to find out more in 10 minutes more than it would take 10 Nobel laureates 10 years to find out about the patterns of cancer and the cures for cancer." - Joe Biden

"We have forgotten that curing cancer starts with preventing cancer in the first place." - David Agus

"Building community for its own sake is like attending a cancer support group without having cancer." - Alan Hirsch

"Cancer is cancer. I've got a great life if I can just stay alive." - Paul Henderson

"You can be a victim of cancer, or a survivor of cancer. It's a mindset." - Dave Pelzer

"You see - he's got a perfectly new idea. He never sees his patients. He's not interested in individuals, he prefers to treat a crowd. And he's organized these mass cures... And he cures thirty thousand people every Thursday." - Ruth Draper

"I have, by long experience, found women to be like Telephus's spear: if one end kills, the other cures." - Lord Chesterfield

"He who cures a disease may be the skillfullest, but he that prevents it is the safest physician." - Thomas Fuller

"He who cures a disease may be the skilfullest, but he that prevents it is the safest physician." - Thomas Fuller

"Opposites are cures for opposites." - Hippocrates

"Sex pretty much cures everything." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Oblivion cures the old wounds." - Dejan Stojanovic

"If a lot of cures are suggested for a disease, it means tat the disease is incurable." - Anton Chekhov

"Smoking cures weight problems, eventually." - Steven Wright

"The four most common cancers that account for about 80 percent of all cancer deaths are lung, breast, colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer." - Laurie Glimcher

"I have a lot of wonderful women in my life and each one means so much to me. That's why I'm passionate about finding the cures. Let friendship inspire your passion to fight breast cancer. Join me and go Passionately Pink for the CureŽ today!" - Melina Kanakaredes

"Every child deserves a chance at a life filled with love, laughter, friends and family. We are working to find the cures that will give these youngsters a fighting chance. When a child or parent faces an uncertain disease like cancer, they can find hope at St. Jude - a place where miracles can and do happen." - Marlo Thomas

"Organized medicine quickly adopted the stance that his alleged "cures" fell into three categories: those who never had cancer in the first place; those who were cured by prior radiation and surgery; and those who died. When Healing Becomes a Crime" - Kenny Ausubel

"I have a lot of wonderful women in my life and each one means so much to me. That's why I'm passionate about finding the cures. Let friendship inspire your passion to fight breast cancer. Join me and go Passionately Pink for the Cure today!" - Melina Kanakaredes

"And I'm going to work as hard as I can... for cancer research and hopefully, maybe, we'll have some cures and some breakthroughs. I'd like to think I'm going to fight my brains out to be back here again next year for the Arthur Ashe recipient. I want to give it next year!" - Jim Valvano

"I think there's a lot of people who right now are worried that people are going down frivolous paths, like inventing new social networks or new games, instead of inventing the cures for cancer or fundamental technologies that will change the world." - Charles Duhigg

"While eliminating smallpox and curtailing cholera added decades of life to vast populations, cures for the chronic diseases of old age cannot have the same effect on life expectancy. A cure for cancer would be miraculous and welcome, but it would lead to only a three-year increase in life expectancy at birth." - S Jay Olshansky

"William 'Big Bill' Rockefeller, who sold cancer 'cures' from a medicine wagon, taught him to leap into his arms from a tall chair. One time his father held his arms out to catch him but pulled them away as little John jumped. The fallen son was told sternly, 'Remember, never trust anyone completely, not even me.'" - Jim Marrs

"Drugs kill, just like cancer. So don't smoke... tumors." - Bo Burnham

"I'd rather have cancer than a dishonest heart." - Holly Golightly

"Having breast cancer is massive amounts of no fun," - Molly Ivins

"People should be afraid of the cancer, not the mammogram." - Nancy Reagan

"An individual doesn't get cancer, a family does." - Terry Tempest Williams

"That smile could end wars and cure cancer." - John Green

"It was recently discovered that research causes cancer in rats." - Stephen Hawking

"Envy grew like a cancer, deep and invasive." - J. Lynn

"humanity is a cancer on the body of the world" - Scott Westerfeld

"The cancer of time is eating us away" - Henry Miller

"Only the gospel exposes the cancer of idolatry." - Christopher J. H. Wright

"The white race is the cancer of human history." - Susan Sontag

"Not having hair makes me feel like a cancer patient." - Amanda Bynes

"The Savior knows what it's like to die of cancer." - Neal A Maxwell

"Boredom is a disease worse than cancer. Drugs cure it." - Doug Stanhope

"Society is cancerous and bureaucracy is its cancer." - William S Burroughs

"The biggest risk factor for cancer is aging." - Laurie Glimcher

"The human race will be the cancer of the planet." - Julian Huxley

"People with cancer like to wear jogging suits." - Kathy Griffin

"You don't inherit cancer; you actually get it." - Patrick Soon-Shiong

"In some cases radiation reduces the incidence of cancer." - John Cameron

"Cancer is not a straight line. It's up and down." - Elizabeth Edwards

"Reducing the price of cancer drugs is a humanitarian move." - Yusuf Hamied

"I'm going to beat this cancer or die trying." - Michael Landon

"You don't have free will when you have lung cancer." - Bill Oreilly

"Hatred is the greatest cancer that we must squash." - Traci Lords

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004." - Laura Ziskin

"Movies are fun, but they're not a cure for cancer." - Warren Beatty

"Historically, more people have died of religion than cancer." - Dick Francis

"I don't know anyone who's suffered lung cancer." - Iain Glen

"I feel I lost my innocence to cancer." - Delta Goodrem

"When they tell you that you have cancer, you panic." - Sofia Vergara

"Cancer, like any other illness, is a bore." - Alan Bennett

"E-mails are the cancer of modern business." - John Caudwell

"You know what the doctors call me? 'The Cancer Warrior.'" - Dick Dale

"You don't have free will when you have lung cancer." - Bill O'Reilly

"Well, right now, technically, I have no breast cancer." - Lynn Redgrave

"I recommend a little dose of cancer to anyone." - Jennifer Saunders

"I'm not playing 'Survivor' when someone I love has cancer." - Jenna Morasca

"My cancer continues to make for all kind of hilarity." - Scott Thompson

"I grew up knowing the importance of breast cancer." - Deangelo Williams

"Movies are fun, but they are no cure for cancer." - Clint Eastwood

"Cancer has been unfortunately in my life. My mom's best friend is kicking ass in her battle with breast cancer. Both of my grandmas had cancer. I recently lost a friend to cancer." - Marla Sokoloff

"You don't inherit cancer; you actually get it." - Patrick Soonshiong

"I'm battling cancer. It's another battle I intend to win." - Arlen Specter

"I don't want to be a poster child for cancer." - Patrick Swayze

"Cancer is so much bigger than a TV show." - Laura Linney

"Cancer is the most pernicious, insidious, disgusting disease of life." - Pierce Brosnan

"My mother has battled breast cancer three times." - Cynthia Nixon

"More than 10 million Americans are living with cancer, and they demonstrate the ever-increasing possibility of living beyond cancer." - Sheryl Crow

"About 80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a single relative with breast cancer." - Kristi Funk

"Stress is what feeds your cancer. Stress is what gives you cancer and then there's the paparazzi giving you stress." - Farrah Fawcett

"I like to think of making cancer a chronic disease rather than focus just on curing cancer." - Laurie Glimcher

"We talk about cancer as a noun, as if it's a one time event: 'I've got cancer.'" - David Agus

"We all live in fear of cancer, but to be told you have skin cancer was terrifying." - Stephanie Beacham

"People's view of cancer will change when they have their own relationship with cancer, which everyone will, at some point." - Laura Linney

"Depression can seem worse than terminal cancer, because most cancer patients feel loved and they have hope and self-esteem." - David D Burns

"Conventional cancer therapy is so toxic and dehumanizing that I fear it far more than I fear death from cancer." - Julian Whitaker

"Penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy." - Alexander Fleming

"The understanding of fear cures fear." - Robert Anthony

"One cubic centimeter cures ten gloomy sentiments." - Aldous Huxley

"He makes a July's day short as December, And with his varying childness cures in me Thoughts that would thick my blood." - William Shakespeare

"One fire burns out another's burning, One pain is lessen'd by another's anguish; Turn giddy and be holp by backward turning; One desperate grief cures with another's languish." - William Shakespeare

"A thousand ills require a thousand cures." - Ovid

"Music doth extenuate fears furies appeaseth cruelty abateth heaviness and to such as are wakeful it causeth quiet rest; it cures all irksomeness and heaviness of soul." - Cassiodorus

"Nothing cures like time and love ..." - Laura Nyro

"No medicine cures what happiness cannot." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Med students panic their first year when they learn all the diseases. It's not until the second year that they learn the cures." - A J Jacobs

"We fear men so much, because we fear God so little. One fear cures another. When man's terror scares you, turn your thoughts to the wrath of God." - Gilbert K Chesterton



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