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Can Make It Quotes


"If I can make it, you can make it." - Jesse Jackson

"If you can dream it, you can make it so." - Belva Davis

"If you can take it, you can make it." - Louis Zamperini

"If I can take it, I can make it." - Louis Zamperini

"If you can imagine it, we can make it." - John Dykstra

"Force may make hypocrites, but it can never make converts." - William Penn

"We JAH people can make it work" - Bob Marley

"You can make it out of Unobtainium!" - Dean Kamen

"We JAH people can make it work." - Bob Marley

"A woman can wear anything- she can make it right." - Oscar De La Renta

"Jealousy can open the blood, it can make black roses." - Sylvia Plath

"Life is what you make of it. You can make it easy on yourself or you can make it hard." - Deep Roy

"If I can make it out, anyone can make it out!" - Ronnie Radke

"You can make it your excuse, or you can make it your story." - Isaiah Austin

"I can see it, but I can't make it move." - Kerry Jackson

"Liquor - you can make it illegal but you can't make it unpopular." - Arthur Baer

"You can make it dark, but I can't make it light." - Jodi Picoult

"Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple." - Woody Guthrie

"If you make one mistake, it can result in vasectomy." - John G. Rowland

"We can make a difference and have fun doing it" - Wavy Gravy

"I am not confident that Europe can make it." - Ana Patricia Botin

"How-how can we make it against the whole world?" - Tabitha Suzuma

"Worry in the dark can make it even darker." - Cam'ron

"None can hold fortune still and make it last." - Euripides

"Never miss a party if you can make it!" - Sam Berns

"It turns out that good actors can make anything believable." - Paul Haggis

"No one can make us angry. It is our choice." - Thomas S Monson

"Whatever happens, you can always make it back somehow!" - Emily Berrington

"Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone." - Maya Angelou

"No,nobody but nobody can make it out her alone." - Maya Angelou

"War is cruelty, and none can make it gentle." - Gilbert Parker

"Make your own music. It can be done." - Michelle Shocked

"... if patriarchy can take what exists and make it not, surely we can take what exists and make it be." - Nicole Brossard

"I want to be as healthy as I can be so I can make it past 50; make it past 60 and make it past 70." - Questlove

"You can take anything, and if you explore it right, you can make it funny." - Kaitlin Olson

"Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer." - Ludwig Von Mises

"Good people can do bad things, make bad decisions. It doesn't make them bad people." - Sonia

"Ah, life's little surprises! They can make any day unforgettable... or make it your last." - T.A. Barron

"Handfuls of frosty water can make almost anyone smile, but it cannot make them forget." - Markus Zusak

"Anyone can make them cry, but it takes a genius to make them laugh." - Charlie Chaplin

"We have to make our country rich again before we can make it great again." - Donald Trump

"Free enterprise cannot only make us better off financially, it can make us better people." - Mitt Romney

"I tell people if I want to make a film I just go make it so you can make yours." - Fred Seibert

"The utmost that severity can do is to make men hypocrites; it can never make them converts." - John Moore

"If you can make the family life and the music work together that's wonderful. If you can make it work." - Edwin Starr

"Life can be much broader. You can embrace it, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it." - Steve Jobs

"You can make a saxophone into an electric organ; you can do everything with it" - Gerry Mulligan

"That is how heavy a secret can become. It can make blood flow easier than ink." - Patrick Rothfuss

"You can want and hope, or you can make it happen." - Alonzo Mourning

"Anyone can make history. Only a great man can write it." - Oscar Wilde

"Anybody can make history; only a great man can write it." - Oscar Wilde

"Anybody can make history. Only a great man can write it." - Oscar Wilde

"You can give him a ukulele and he can make it sound like a Stradivarius." - Bob Ezrin

"You can make a saxophone into an electric organ; you can do everything with it." - Gerry Mulligan

"Ebola has arrived in New York City. And I say, 'if it can make it can make it anywhere!'" - Bill Maher

"I have always believed that anybody with a little guts and the desire to apply himself can make it, can make anything he wants to make of himself." - Bill Shoemaker

"Anybody with a little guts and the desire to apply himself can make it, he can make anything he wants to make of himself." - Bill Shoemaker

"I like to make mechanical stuff. Once I make a film I have to do whatever I can make onstage I make it onstage." - Marjane Satrapi

"Texas can make it without the United States, but the United States cannot make it without Texas" - Sam Houston

"The easier you can make it inside your head, the easier it will make things outside your head." - Richard Bandler

"We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference." - Nelson Mandela

"If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere; it's up to you, New York, New York." - Frank Sinatra

"If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere It's up to you, New York, New York." - Fred Ebb

"Society is what we make of it, so we'd better try to make it the best we can." - Dale Murphy

"This sounds crazy, I know, but you can make a billion dollars - very few people do - but you can make a billion dollars on a product. It can be "Lion King," it can be "Simpsons," it can be "Family Guy," who knows what it is. Or you can make zero. But you can't make a billion dollars if you don't own it." - Henry Blodget

"You can make up a quarrel, but it will always show where it was patched." - E W Howe

"Not everybody can do the comic book adaptation thing and make it believable. It is challenging." - Wesley Snipes

"Change can be good. It just depends on what we make of it." - Elizabeth Chandler

"Beauty is a mystery. You can neither eat it nor make flannel out of it." - D H Lawrence

"Any fool can make soap. It takes a clever man to sell it." - Thomas J. Barratt

"It is only by loving a thing that you can make it yours." - George Macdonald

"It can be done, but you have to make it happen." - Chris Gardner

"You can make it, but it's easier if you don't have to do it alone." - Betty Ford

"Whatever it takes to make you more secure with yourself, you can learn to do it." - Carmen Electra

"Marvel always make it fresh so you can give it your personal twist." - Benedict Cumberbatch

"Any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it." - Oscar Wilde

"If you can make it easier to consume, people will consume more of it." - Jason Kilar

"I give each book however long it needs to be the best I can make it." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Practice ur craft and make it the best it can possibly be-Justin Timberlake" - Justin Timberlake

"If you can't make it better, you can laugh at it." - Erma Bombeck

"This life is worth living, we can say, since it is what we make it." - William James

"We have one life and we should cherish it and make it the best we can." - David Morrissey

"Sometimes you have to accept how things are. You can make it easy on yourself, or you can make it hard. The choice is yours." - Susan Mallery

"It is only the TRUTH that can make a man FREE, it is only the TRUTH that can make a man LIVE." - Peter Tosh

"There's no life without humour. It can make the wonderful moments of life truly glorious, and it can make tragic moments bearable." - Rufus Wainwright

"It's the old adage: You can make a pizza so cheap, nobody will eat it. You can make an airline so cheap, nobody will fly it." - Gordon Bethune

"Because, you know, you're in Utah. And because of its political conservatism, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere." - Robert Redford


"The most important investment you can make is in yourself... nobody can tax it or take it away from you." - Warren Buffett

"One may make their house a palace of sham, or they can make it a home, a refuge." - Mark Twain

"I can change your life, make it so new. Make you never want to go back to the old you." - Lil Wayne

"Changing the way you dress can make it easier to make deeper changes in the structure of your personality." - Frederick Lenz

"Christ didn't die just so you could make to heaven; He lives so you can make it through earth!" - Louie Giglio

"Anybody can make 'good' music. I make terrible music, which is what makes it so different, and therefore better." - Thom Yorke

"Nobody else can make us discouraged; it is a choice that we alone make when facing disappointments." - Charles Stanley

"a great artist ... takes what he did not make and makes of it something that only he can make ..." - Stevie Smith

"Money cannot make you happy, but it can get rid of many of the things that make you unhappy." - Robert Anthony

"All I can do is make good music and make it for the fans, not for anybody else." - Taio Cruz

"If you have to make mistakes, make them good and big, don't be middling if you can help it." - Hildegard Knef

"You can make jeans and a t-shirt super stylish. It's what you make of it, you know?" - Phillip Lim

"The point of my work is to make it clear that all youth can make 'big miracles' happen." - Adora Svitak

"Only the public can make a star. It's the studios who try to make a system out of it." - Marilyn Monroe

"Make-up can only make you look pretty on the outside but it doesn't help if your ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make-up." - Audrey Hepburn


"The circumstances of your life have uniquely qualified you to make a contribution. And if you don't make that contribution, nobody else can make it." - Rabbi Harold Kushner

"The circumstances of your life have uniquely qualified you to make a contribution. And if you don't make that contribution, nobody else can make it." - Harold S. Kushner

"Christianity will only make a contribution to the future of Europe if it can prove that people like Sam Harris are wrong and that we can make peace." - Timothy Radcliffe

"The artist can within limits make what he likes of his life... It is only the artist, and maybe the criminal, who can make his own." - W Somerset Maugham

"A good song can make you smile, or it can make you dance or laugh or remind you of a moment." - Charli Xcx

"To me, the trick is not how can I make people laugh. It is, how can I make people laugh in a different way." - Vir Das

"You can lead a horse to water and you can even make it drink, but you can't make actresses wear what they don't want to wear." - Edith Head

"Ghosts are a metaphor that can be interpreted so many different ways. There's no ending to what you can do. You can make it a fun ghost story. You can make it a deeply disturbing, psychological ghost story." - Guillermo Del Toro

"Film is an editor's medium. You can create very good raw material and they can make it horrible, or you can do not so well and they can make it beautiful. You don't really know." - Willem Dafoe

"You're the only one who can make the difference. Whatever your dream is, go for it." - Magic Johnson

"You can lead a heart to love, but you can't make it fall." - George Strait

"People who challenge themselves are beautiful. You can make it, fighting!" - Yoseob

"You can make history, or you will be vilified by it." - Leonardo Dicaprio

"You can make anything into a special occasion and dress up for it" - Victoria Beckham

"When I make a mistake everyone can see it, but not when I lie." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"I'll be here tomorrow If I can make it through today." - Henry Rollins

"It will never be a perfect time, you can only make time perfect." - Daymond John

"Each book can make a life or a fragment of it more beautiful." - William Saroyan

"Anybody can cut prices, but it takes brains to make a better article." - Philip Armour

"You can put wings on a pig, but you don't make it an eagle." - Bill Clinton

"Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors - and miss." - Robert A Heinlein

"Whatever you design[/make/build], use it to raise the expectations of what can be achieved" - Paula Scher

"Can you make your soul embrace the One and not lose it?" - Laozi

"Do all the good you can and make as little fuss about it as possible." - Charles Dickens

"You name any horrific thing, and I can make a joke out of it." - Quentin Tarantino

"Perhaps the safest prediction we can make about the future is that it will surprise us." - George Leonard

"You can lose money and make it back, you can't do that with time." - Tim Ferriss

"The government can't make people love me, but it can keep them from lynching me." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"there is no such thing as hell but you can make it if you try" - Greg Graffin

"If you believe you can change - if you make it a habit - the change becomes real." - Charles Duhigg

"Alone, all alone Nobody, but nobody Can make it out here alone." - Maya Angelou

"You can make a throne of bayonets, but you can't sit on it for long." - Boris Yeltsin

"You just promised me eternity, you know. I can make you live to regret it." - Tina St John

"What is the fear inside language? No accident of the body can make it stop burning." - Anne Carson

"You can spend your time daydreaming or make use of it in other ways." - Erik Qualman

"Education can't make us all leaders, but it can teach us which leader to follow." - Bel Kaufman

"Well, there's one thing to be said for money. It can make you rich." - Tom Robbins

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can make me think I deserved it." - Randall Munroe

"You can make your life anything you want it to be." - Ted Nicholas

"You can make the future, but it starts with leaving the past." - Immortal Technique

"Attitude isn't everything, but it is one thing that can make a difference in your life." - John C Maxwell

"It is strange how the presence of additional people can make you feel more alone." - James Alan Gardner

"You can make something of your life, it just depends on your drive." - Eminem

"Playing it safe is the riskiest choice we can ever make." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

"Where I get my energy is: 'How can I make it better?" - Sara Blakely

"Sex is just another real good drug ... and it can make a junkie out of you." - Elizabeth Ashley



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