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Campus Quotes


"Fresh off campus is the Birdman JR" - Lil Wayne

"I was born in a University campus and seem to have lived all my life in one campus or another." - Amartya Sen

"Anyone who refuses to speak out off campus does not deserve to be listened to on campus." - Theodore Hesburgh

"Prohibiting guns on campus made the Virginia Tech students less safe, not more." - Ron Paul

"The squirrels on campus were beyond domestic; they were practically domestically abusive." - Rainbow Rowell

"The church is not a campus but a community. Pastors are not CEOs; they are shepherds." - Dillon Burroughs

"The University of Miami is not a campus with visible school spirit, just visible tan lines." - Lisa Birnbach

"Typically cult groups target universities and colleges. Most likely those schools that maintain campus housing." - Rick Ross

"The modern campus is deeply obsessed by race and gender, and not much else." - John Leo

"Running to Mommy and Daddy on the campus grievance committee is unworthy of strong women." - Camille Paglia

"I didn't take very much part in activities on campus at that time." - Daniel J Evans

"College was especially sweet because of the positive, hopeful atmosphere of a college campus." - Jerry Kramer

"The cornerstone of the political correctness that dominates campus culture is radical feminism." - Phyllis Schlafly

"Campus ... brings back so many memories that I would ... have made ..." - Michael Scott

"I remember coming to this college in the 1960s as a new legislator when a road divided the campus - and it was not fully paved at that - and no wall defined the campus from the highway." - Michael N Castle

"I quit school and it's not because I'm lazy. I'm just not the social type and campus life is crazy." - Drake

"To remain young one must change. The perpetual campus hero is not a young man but an old boy." - Alexander Chase

"I have permission to live off campus." She didn't say from whom, because it was primarily herself." - Rachel Caine

"Universities won't survive. The future is outside the traditional campus, outside the traditional classroom. Distance learning is coming on fast." - Peter Drucker

"I have permission to live off campus." She did' say from whom, because it was primarily herself." - Rachel Caine

"Being a conservative on campus is like bing a goat amongst the taliban. You are never safe." - Greg Gutfeld

"I've been coming to Notre Dame since 1957. This place, this campus, is the closest thing there is to perfection." - John Grant

"Cool," I said. "You can IM with the Council from campus. Maybe you can command people to do your homework." - Richelle Mead

""Shoe" just meant you were a big jock on campus no matter what field you were in." - Kevin Sessums

"Like so many aging college people, Pnin had long since ceased to notice the existence of students on the campus." - Vladimir Nabokov

"Like so many ageing college people, Pnin had long ceased to notice the existence of students on the campus." - Vladimir Nabokov

"The Wayne Education Building was the first classroom building that we have done on the Wayne campus." - Minoru Yamasaki

"Some of the speakers we bring on campus may not reflect official church teaching, but that's how it is." - William P Leahy

"Free speech has a very small constituency on the modern campus, particularly if the speaker under attack is conservative." - John Leo

"The Brigham Young University (BYU) campus was just a few blocks from my home and tuition was minimal." - Paul D Boyer

"I had a very unusual childhood in that I grew up on the Stanford campus and I never moved." - Anne Wojcicki

"Princeton University's campus environment presents unique challenges and opportunities for architecture to act as a social condenser." - Steven Holl

"The theoretical broadening which comes from having many humanities subjects on the campus is offset by the general dopiness of the people who study these things ..." - Richard P Feynman

"Because we're comics and we pass each other on campus, we know of each other, and a lot of the time there's a mutual respect there." - Marc Maron

"If you go to a college campus and you do stop and frisk, you're going to find a lot of drugs there too." - Talib Kweli

"The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights... have pressured retailers on campus and off to publicly disclose the factory names and addresses." - Ralph Nader

"Why are women raped far away (say, Bosnia) called victims, while those raped nearby (say, a local campus) are playing victim politics?" - Gloria Steinem

"On many American campuses the only qualification for admission was the ability actually to find the campus and then discover a parking space." - Malcolm Bradbury

"Phooey, I say, on all white-shoe college boys who edit their campus literary magazines. Give me an honest con man any day." - J D Salinger

"Let's face it, I like Stanford grads. I'd always hear about this campus, and everybody is riding bikes, and people hopping into fountains." - Barack Obama

"I was sure you 'd dropped the class, which made me selfishly ecstatic. Without even knowing i was doing it, i started looking for you on campus." - Tammara Webber

"Every group needs a comedian. A comic who is politically incorrect at the Berkeley campus might slay them at a Klan rally." - Lenny Bruce

"Beauty is everywhere - on the campus, in the office, living next door ... Nice girls like sex too - it's a natural part of life. Don't be ashamed of it." - Hugh Hefner

"Teach your children well, so they don't live in off-campus group houses and throw loud parties while I'm trying to sleep." - Graham Nash

"I even lived on campus to get the college experience. I had five roommates and I still keep in touch with them while I'm on the road." - Tatyana Ali

"In New York alone, there was an average of more than 300 campus fires per year between 1997 and 2000, with roughly 160 of them annually in dormitories." - Vito Fossella

"Just what is it that academics have to fear if they stand up for common decency, instead of letting campus barbarians run amok?" - Thomas Sowell

"By making all my materials freely available through 'Giving 2.0' ProjectU, I am on a mission to extend philanthropy education to colleges globally and far beyond campus walls." - Laura Arrillagaandreesse

"There's a picture of my dorm room in the college yearbook as the most messy, most disgusting room on the Harvard campus, where I was an undergraduate." - Brian Greene

"I find that the three major administrative problems on a campus are sex for the students, athletics for the alumni and parking for the faculty." - Clark Kerr

"The minute I get a big head and start acting like the big man on campus, it's all downhill from there." - Scotty Mccreery

"Probably the single most important thing about the Nobel Prize for most people is whether they get the coveted parking space on campus." - Saul Perlmutter

"How did we suddenly become entranced with gangster culture? I saw it this morning on campus. When did the black community say we should all look like criminals?" - Tim Reid

"I have a few uniforms - depending on whether I'm going to a college campus or meeting a head of state. But clean and easy works best for me." - Nancy Pelosi

"I really liked Yale, although it was extremely intimidating. When I visited the campus, I was hiding behind trees, I felt so unworthy." - Claire Danes

"The three major administrative problems on a campus are sex for the students, athletics for the alumni, and parking for the faculty." - Robert M Hutchins

"When I first started, you could go to a college campus and it was not cool to wear a country artist's shirt on campus. It was taboo, and there was a stigma involved. In the time from then till now, I'm amazed at how much things have changed. It's young now, it's cool, it's hip" - Eric Church

"One of the things that Claire [ McCaskill] and I are trying to do is put systems on campus in place so that a survivor knows who to talk to - that there's somebody who's an expert on their campus that will know all their options from day one and really empower them to make their own decision about what they want to do." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"I'm on the faculty. I teach. And it's not easy for a poor person to enter the campus to track down the professor in the campus in a Bangladesh situation. They all will be stopped at the gate. You have no business in the university!" - Muhammad Yunus

"I noticed that almost everyone I went to college with has worked at something other than the subject they majored in. I guess that's one of the reasons for campus unrest." - Kent Mccord

"Texas is reportedly going to give college students the right to carry guns on campus. So I guess that next semester, every college student in Texas is getting straight A's." - Conan O'Brien

"An almost seismic sense of expectation emanates from a college campus. That is the true elixir of youth: the grand, the glorious, the magnificent hopes and dreams because all things - all things - are yet possible." - Carolyn Hart

"Perhaps everyone loved someone; I didn't now, I couldn't give much thought to love; in order to travel far you had to be detached, and I had the long road back to the campus before me." - Ralph Ellison

"The years after graduation hardened me into someone quite different from the strutting graduate who left campus that day headed for New York city, ready to offer the world his talent. The world, I discovered. was not all that interested." - Mitch Albom

"If I had a little kid in kindergarten somewhere, would feel much more comfortable if I knew on that campus there was a police officer or somebody who was trained with a weapon. I would feel more comfortable." - Benjamin Carson

"So there I was, with the two hottest girls on campus, having lunch. I was "the man", the envy of every other guy in our school. Buddy, I was miserable." -Bryce Loski" - Wendelin Van Draanen

"He was constantly on me about the job that I was to do and the responsibility that I had upon the campus. And how I must be able to carry myself because people were looking." - Jesse Owens

"I tried to picture her in a class, any class, anywhere on campus, and failed miserably. I pictured her frolicking in a forest glade around some guy she'd just sacrificed to a heathen god. That image worked way better." - Maggie Stiefvater

"[T]he most viciously intolerant campus I ever visited as a lecturer was Brown, where the humanities program has been gutted by a jejune brand of feminist theory and cultural and media studies." - Camille Paglia

"Film criticism became the means whereby a stream of young intellectuals could go straight from the campus film society into the professionals' screening room without managing to get a glimpse of the real world in between." - Judith Crist

"I think that I was just on the cusp of the generation that was beginning to really challenge some of the assumptions about the role of women and the role of men on campus." - Claire Mccaskill

"Each campus should absolutely investigate the use of alcohol, the prevalence of alcohol, and its role in sexual assault. We know that predators will use alcohol as a weapon. We know they will use drugs as a weapon." - Kirsten Gillibrand

"You need only visit campuses where whole departments feature soft courses preaching a sense of victimhood and resentment, and see the consequences in racial and ethnic polarization on campus." - Thomas Sowell

"The Vietnam War ended because of the campus situation. And so many other injustices have been corrected in the World today only thanks to the young people. So, young people especially have a responsibility for Tibet." - Elie Wiesel

"I think people have a right to speak. And you have a right if you're on a college campus not to attend. You have a right to ask hard questions about the speaker if you disagree with him or her." - Bernie Sanders

"I did in fact take a couple of classes at my local college here in NYC. But I did it unwillingly and without enthusiasm. That is until a protest broke out in the streets around campus against rising tuition costs." - Lewis Schiff

"I went to Harvard and immediately fell into the theater gang, and I was already an experienced actor, so you go with the flow! I've already used the phrase "campus star."" - John Lithgow

"So we were ecstatic and we swirled around spontaneously, the campus in Ann Harbor and about 4,000 of us landed on the steps of the president of the University of Michigan's home." - Bill Ayers

"I will take on the epidemics of gun violence and campus sexual assault, so that everyone in America is safe and respected, no matter who they are, where they live, or who they love." - Hillary Clinton

"First and foremost, I'm a journalist. My business is the truth. Now, I happen to be other things, too - a pop-culture phenomenon, the most in-demand speaker on the campus lecture circuit, whatever." - Milo Yiannopoulos

"I tell people don't kill all the liberals. Leave enough so we can have two on every campus - living fossils - so we will never forget what these people stood for." - Rush Limbaugh

"The place I write best is at the Angell Hall computer center on the University of Michigan campus, where I went to school. I still go over there and rock it through the night." - Davy Rothbart

"I realize that was becoming a contradiction in terms, especially after my friend Alison Krauss was shot and killed in Kent State in 1970 on campus by the National Guard." - Surya Das

"I was too young to live on campus. I just went back and forth on the bus. Eventually I got my own car and thought I was Mr. Man, so I started hot wheelin' it." - Aldis Hodge

"I don't do casinos or prisons; I like to do projects that enhance the lives of everyday people, like campus buildings, libraries, museums and government buildings. That's why I love working in the public sector." - Philip Freelon

"Now let's be fair. College staff have every right to take their own protection against America's notoriously inaccurate smart bombs. Cows and armed guards on a college campus. Where is the truth amid all this subterfuge?, April 2, 2003" - Robert Fisk

"If I had, say, a tall, amateur male lead living on the campus of a rural college (Six Years), the next book might feature a short, cop who lives in the heart of Manhattan (Missing You)." - Harlan Coben

"Film criticism became the means whereby a stream of young intellectuals could go straight from the campus film society into the professionals' screening room with- out managing to get a glimpse of the real world in between." - Judith Crist

"Then Circled by the golden light of God's Presence and His promise, Paul and Sierra walked side by side along the trail that lead tward the campus and on tward their Future" - Robin Jones Gunn

"I studied communications, only because I could get my own show on the campus radio station. I never thought of it as a career. Music was always a really passionate hobby - it was like collecting DVDs or stamps." - Kaskade

"You start thinking the world is a certain way and forgetting that there's another world outside of the campus boundaries that has nothing to do with what is your world at the time." - James Van Der Beek

"I attended an extremely small liberal arts school. There were approximately 1,600 of us roaming our New England campus on a good day. My high school was bigger. My freshman year hourly calorie intake was bigger." - Sloane Crosley

"Going to school on a campus where the faculty overwhelmingly disagrees with you, and where the student body overwhelmingly disagrees with you, is challenging. If you go in without a firm foundation, it can undermine what you believe." - Ted Cruz

"I liked Berkeley tremendously, Berkeley was a very leftist campus. I came to love that city as much as I love Paris or the south of France or New York." - Whitfield Diffie

"For some reason the football coach of a major college program is seen as one of the leaders of the campus. And some way we have to let our young people know that that leader can look like anyone." - Tony Dungy

"I used to be so angry about the kids that had stuff. Like the kids that had cars, the kids that had money to go get lunch every day off campus. I used to feel so slighted." - Matt De La Pena

"Many visitors to Chicago know the Loop, the shops on the Magnificent Mile, and the Museum Campus. Meanwhile, much of the bustle is in the developing neighborhoods around the Loop: North, South and West." - Bill Dedman

"By no means do I anticipate screening those who come on to campus... And I have no difficulty if a bishop across the country or some local pastor may say that's not Catholic teaching - that's fine." - William P Leahy

"My mother used to wheel me about the campus when we lived in that neighborhood and, as she recounted years later, she would tell me that I would go to McGill." - Rudolph A Marcus

"I was part of the draft resistance movement in LA where we did demonstrations at the draft centre and burned our cards and made a lot of trouble on campus." - Cheech Marin

"I noticed that almost everyone I went to college with has worked at something other than the subject they majored in. I guess that' s one of the reasons for campus unrest." - Kent Mccord

"Every Harry Potter film features Lord Voldemort, who stereotypes evil. And movies that discriminate against evil have no place on campus, because evil has feelings, too. Terrorists cry during commercials and mad bombers enjoy long walks and campfires, too." - Jedediah Bila

"In any year, the stats in Iowa show we are in a relatively safe location, but that can change dramatically; a lot of it depends on what travels through our campus." - Chuck Green

"This line of research continued when I went, and brought my research group with me, to the new University of California, Irvine campus in 1966 to become the founding Dean of the School of Physical Sciences." - Frederick Reines

"The Committee supports the idea that there should be, within the University of California, a campus which puts particular emphasis on the education of undergraduates within the framework of a College system." - Abraham Robinson

"The best way to stop the problem of agents would be for the NCAA to come down hard and suspend a school for two years if it finds players with agents on campus." - Dean Smith

"I've yet to be on a campus where most women weren't worrying about some aspect of combining marriage, children, and a career. I've yet to find one where many men were worrying about the same thing." - Gloria Steinem

"I was an English major at the University of Minnesota, and I was very shy, which many people misinterpreted as intelligence. On the basis of that wrong impression, I became the editor of the campus literary magazine." - Garrison Keillor

"There is no modern prototype for a campus. You have to have a completely different model which has to do with transparency and exposing social connectivity and breaking down the Balkanization that happens departmentally." - Thom Mayne

"I have never let gender get in my way. It has taken me over 30 years to get from a garage to the huge campus that we have today. And it's been a long journey." - Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

"As I told the students every time I visited a campus, you are the director of your own movie, and if you aren't enjoying what you are doing, change it." - Gary Johnson

"We've been told by the people on the other side who don't like the campus sexual assault movement that these are all "he-said, she-said" cases. Quite rightly, they say campus procedures are often very flawed, the investigation methods are not that good, and we aren't sure what we can trust. [Opponents say that] it seems like a lot to call somebody a rapist if they haven't gone to a criminal trial." - Michele Landis Dauber

"We were very excited and we brought speakers in then it so happened that there was a marine recruiter in the center of campus and one of our brothers, one SDS person put up a sign with a quote from the Nuremberg trial and an arrow point at the marine recruiter, saying, "This man is a war criminal." My younger brother and I, he was freshman and I was a sophomore, got caught up in the debates that were swirling around the center of campus and the young Trotskyists had put out a fact sheet on Vietnam that was phenomenal." - Bill Ayers

"Students throughout the totalitarian world risk life and limb for freedom of expression, many American college students are demanding that big brother restrict their freedom of speech on campus. This demand for enhanced censorship is not emanating only from the usual corner - the know-nothing fundamentalist right - it is coming from the radical, and increasingly not-so-radical left as well." - Alan Dershowitz

"Now you ask a group of young women on the college campus, 'How many of you are feminists?' Very few will raise their hands, because young women don't want to be associated with it anymore because they know it means male-bashing, it means being a victim, and it means being bitter and angry." - Christina Hoff Sommers

"My one challenge with the support group that I'd become involved with on campus is that the people seem to spend as much time talking about their ill-begotten pasts as their promising futures. It's as if people are drawn to looking back. They can't move on until it all makes sense. Humbly submitted: It never does." - Carol Plum-Ucci

"I took a job at the Walt Disney Company and after 18 months decided to go to business school at Harvard. I was awestruck by the campus. My first reaction was I dont belong here. Then I said, Im here; lets get on with it." - Jason Kilar

"Having grown up in the theater family, having done a huge amount of acting from a very little boy to precocious teenager in Shakespeare festivals that my father produced, I went off to college and fell in with the theater gang. I was already an experienced actor. I became a kind of campus star. I heard all this applause and laughter." - John Lithgow

"Recruiting at Iowa has never been easy, and I don't think it ever will be. Our biggest challenge has always been to get people to visit our campus. If we can get them here, I feel like we give ourselves a chance because we do have a lot to offer." - Kirk Ferentz

"Black scientists and technicians, many of them women, used cells from a black woman to help save the lives of millions of Americans, most of them white. And they did so on the same campus-and at the very same time-that state officials were conducting the infamous Tuskegee syphilis studies." - Rebecca Skloot

"In ten minutes they will have arrived on campus. George will have to be George; the George they have named and will recognise. So now he consciously applies himself to thinking their thoughts, getting into their mood. With the skill of a veteran, he rapidly puts on the psychological makeup for this role he must play." - Christopher Isherwood

"So let me get this straight," he said. "After everything that's happened on this campus-the murder, the stalking, the kidnapping-you want to go up into the woods-by yourself, in the middle of the night, based on something a ghost in a dream told you-and dig a hole?" Well when he put it that way..." - Kate Brian

"Every weekend the drama department would have parties. The 20 hot girls on campus? All of them were in the drama dept. So we'd have somebody standing guard at the door to keep all the computer science guys out. We had to guard our women at all times." - Joe Manganiello

"The online credential, the online certificate is very different from an on campus certificate. And we really believe that online learning and the EdX platform and the EdX portal, these are ways in which - you can think of them as a rising tide that's going to lift all boats whether for students worldwide or on our campuses." - John Agar

"I will continue to expose your right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like your won't dare show their face on a college campus. Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors and fight for just causes and for people's needs-such freedom fighters can be counted throughout American history and they certainly will be counted again." - John Daly

"The Nazis played the same games against Jews that today's left plays against 'Eurocentrism,' 'whiteness,' and 'logocentrism.' When you hear a campus radical denounce 'white logic' or 'male logic,' she is standing on the shoulders of a Nazi who denounced 'Jewish logic' and the 'Hebrew disease'...The white man is the Jew of liberal fascism." - Jonah

"Soon I am seeing the blue-and-yellow flags that line the campus streets, and it makes me feel happy and sad at the same time to be back at La Salle-almost like looking at old pictures of people who have either died or with whom you have lost contact." - Matthew Quick

"The prospect of his future life stretched before him like a sentence; not a prison sentence but a long-winded sentence with a lot of unnecessary subordinate clauses, as he was soon in the habit of quipping during Happy Hour pickup time at the local campus bars and pubs. He could' say he was looking forward to it, this rest-of-his-life." - Margaret Atwood

"The prospect of his future life stretched before him like a sentence; not a prison sentence but a long-winded sentence with a lot of unnecessary subordinate clauses, as he was soon in the habit of quipping during Happy Hour pickup time at the local campus bars and pubs. He couldn't say he was looking forward to it, this rest-of-his-life." - Margaret Atwood

"I'm not chasing championships. Championship's chasing us. I'm not doing that. I want my players to be better people once they leave campus because this is a life lesson. This is more than basketball. This is life lessons that we're trying to teach." - Kevin Ollie

"It just never occurred to me that a school's policy and student culture could make a big difference in the way I would experience my body while on campus. I didn't think there was anything to choose about a sexual culture. I'd only ever known the one I grew up in. But it did matter, and in ways I wouldn't have even predicted." - Jaclyn Friedman

"After all, there were thousands of so-called campus radicals, most of them white and tenured and happily tolerated. No, it remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names." - Barack Obama

"The morning we left South Bend, every student and professor was out of bed long before breakfast and marched downtown accompanying the team to the railroad station. It was the first time I'd seen anything like this mass hysteria generated on the Notre Dame campus over a football game." - Knute Rockne

"We hear a lot of talk these days about teaching values in higher education. Frankly, I am not sure this can be accomplished through a separate course in morality or ethics. I am convinced, however, that values are sustained on campus by the honesty of our words, and by the confidence we have in the words of others." - Ernest L. Boyer

"In an era when careerism dominates the campus, is it too much to expect students to go beyond their private interests, learn about the world around them, develop a sense of civic and social responsibility, and discover how they can contribute to the common good?" - Ernest L. Boyer

"Most people walking around in a mall or on a college campus are carrying on them better technology than the entire U.S. government had when it put a man on the moon. Each one of us is a walking technological superpower." - Van Jones

"The Nazis played the same games against Jews that today's left plays against 'Eurocentrism,' 'whiteness,' and 'logocentrism.' When you hear a campus radical denounce 'white logic' or 'male logic,' she is standing on the shoulders of a Nazi who denounced 'Jewish logic' and the 'Hebrew disease'...The white man is the Jew of liberal fascism." - Jonah

"Amory took to writing poetry on spring afternoons, in the gardens of the big estates near Princeton, while swans made effective atmosphere in the artificial pools, and slow clouds sailed harmoniously above the willow. May came too soon, and suddenly unable to bear walls, he wandered the campus at all hours through starlight and rain." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"In 1967, the students at San Francisco State invited the poet Amiri Baraka to the campus for a semester. He attracted other influential black writers such as Sonia Sanchez, Ed Bullins, Eldridge Cleaver. What emerged was something we called the community communications program. That's how I got involved; I got involved in a little play" - Danny Glover

"We want to build the most entrepreneurial postsecondary system in North America. That's why we're pleased that academic institutions, like Algonquin College, University of Ottawa and Carlton University are working to make that happen through the Campus-Linked Accelerator program. They are helping nurture our business visionaries and igniting their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them to succeed and to expand our economy." - Bob Chiarelli

"It just never occurred to me that a school's policy and student culture could make a big difference in the way I would experience my body while on campus. I did' think there was anything to choose about a sexual culture. I"d only ever known the one I grew up in. But it did matter, and in ways I would' have even predicted." - Jaclyn Friedman

"Women can say anything they want to men, or blacks to whites, with impunity. But strong words in the other direction can bring down on students the wrath of the campus thought police - as well as punishments that can extend to suspension or expulsion." - Thomas Sowell

"My high school had been a renovated old hospital, so when I first came to the UCLA campus in the spring of 1965, I was immediately impressed by the classic northern Italian architecture that was mixed with futuristic ultra-modern buildings. The classic architecture gave it the heft of old wisdom while the modernistic look inspired hope for the future." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"I was especially impressed with Pauley Pavilion [at UCLA campus ]. The floors hadn't been laid down yet, when they gave me the tour, each new room got my heart thumping. They even had a surgical operating room in case an athlete was severely injured." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"But all was not sunshine and Marvin Gaye songs. [UCLA] also recruited black students as part of a High Potential Program that was meant to bring diversity to the campus. Two of the students that were part of that program were Alprentice "Bunchy" Carter and John Huggins, Jr., both members of the Black Panther Party's Southern California Chapter." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"If I talk to black students on campus, they're not sympathetic to the people who are not sympathetic with [Black Lives Matter movement]. The fact that you want to argue rather than find some common ground, I think, has gotten a lot worse in the last years." - Victor Davis Hanson

"I reluctantly signed up for a journalism major, thinking I needed a fall-back way to make money should my career as a novelist fail to take off. As I started to try on journalism, including doing internships and working at the campus paper, I found I actually liked it. So I started to want to be a journalist." - Kevin Maney

"I don't think that the forms of feminism that are prevailing on campus are left wing. It's a conservative form of feminism in gender politics and there [isn't] anything particularly progressive about it. That's what is baffling. You've got conservatives acting like liberals touting free speech and due process." - Laura Kipnis

"I don't understand why we have laws that prevent someone from walking a school campus and selling alcohol or drugs but somehow can't feed our children who attend those schools a healthy balanced diet, which I think is a lot worse. It's offensive and I think anyone who isn't offended by it is an idiot." - Andrew Zimmern

"You talk about a hateful bunch of people. They have this hate list. Charles Murray. He has been victimized with riots on college campus because he is depicted as a profound hater on the Southern Poverty Law Center website and the left treats that place like a Bible." - Rush Limbaugh



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