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Camera Film Quotes


"Life without kids is like a camera without film." - Dirk Benedict

"I like doing film, you know, single-camera." - Ray Romano

"I like the smell of film. I just like knowing there's film going through the camera." - Steven Spielberg

"I'm a film rat. I love being in front of a camera. I love being behind a camera. I love talking to the director. I love talking film." - Jim Caviezel

"I think that film is still an artform and it doesn't really matter if you're using a digital camera or a film camera." - Vilmos Zsigmond

"I think the camera was always my obsession, the camera movements. Because for me it's the most important thing in the move, the camera, because without the camera, film is just a stage or television - nothing." - Dario Argento

"The stigma that used to exist many years ago, that actors from film don't do television, seems to have disappeared. That camera doesn't know it's a TV camera... or even a streaming camera. It's just a camera." - Kevin Spacey

"Go home, pick up your video camera, and make a film." - James Cameron

"I come from Venezuela, from the independent film arena, and you work with one camera." - Edgar Ramirez

"People who are good at film have a relationship with the camera." - Fiona Shaw

"I'm working on bringing the instant film camera back as part of the future." - Lady Gaga

"When I watch a film I get swept away. I don't really watch the camera." - William H Macy

"Whenever there's a camera around, a video or film camera, it's a great deal harder for those in power to bury the story." - Peter Gabriel

"With film acting, and often when the camera comes very close, you just have to think about something and the camera will pick it up." - Ruth Wilson

"The camera is the eye of history." - Mathew Brady

"I'd like to use IMAX. The problem with IMAX is that it's a very loud camera. It's a very unreliable camera. Only so much film can be in the camera. You can't really do intimate scenes with it." - J J Abrams

"The camera cannot leave the man, but the man can leave the camera. It's in the style of documentary where you make an agreement between a camera and a man and say, "I'm going to film you now."" - Tobias Lindholm

"I do believe that a film like Ten could never have been made with a 35mm camera. The first part of the film lasts 17 minutes, and by the end of that part, the kid has totally forgotten the camera." - Abbas Kiarostami

"The film camera's ability to physically move through space, not zoom through space - every time we have a video camera the movement is through zoom; every time we have a film camera it is a physical movement." - Atom Egoyan

"The camera can film my face but until it captures my soul, you don't have a movie," - Al Pacino

"Photography is a very forgiving medium. Anybody that can afford film and a camera can make pictures." - Todd Walker

"A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet." - Orson Welles

"It's the first film that I made where the director was not present under the camera, and it threw me." - Leslie Caron

"I knew from early on I would go to film school and try to work behind the camera." - Jonathan Ke Quan

"If you want to do a film, steal a camera, steal raw stock, sneak into a lab and do it!" - Werner Herzog

"I'd like to own a movie camera - a proper one, with film, not a digital thing. Celluloid has more character." - Stephen Rea

"I got five kids, and my oldest is a documentary film maker and camera man, and still photographer." - Beau Bridges

"Acting's all about the confidence you exude, especially on film. I mean, nervousness isn't attractive in anyone, but a film camera will seek it out and punish you." - John C Reilly

"The film of tomorrow will not be directed by civil servants of the camera, but by artists for whom shooting a film constitutes a wonderful and thrilling adventure." - Francois Truffaut

"Depending on the budget. I think I prefer 3D to 2D now. Also, because of 3D I have to use a digital camera, which is the way it's going anyway. That still confuses me, a digital camera versus film." - Ang Lee

"I'm into capturing the moment. Sometimes, I'll rip the camera out of my assistant's hands and he'll be shouting, But there's no film in the camera! and I think, Never mind! Let's go." - Ellen von Unwerth

"The film [ Wyatt Earp and the Holy Grail] was shot on a KODAK Zi8 camera as well as on multiple camera phones. It was processed using the effects of FINAL CUT X and then edited in FINAL CUT 7." - Evan Jacobs

"Live television drama was like live theater, because you moved without thinking about the camera. It followed you around. In film you have to be more aware of what the camera is doing." - Louise Fletcher

"We were using a hand-held camera to film the scene when Morse collapses. The camera wouldn't start. Three times they said action and it still wouldn't work. To this day, they still don't know what was wrong." - John Thaw

"The important thing is not the camera but the eye." - Alfred Eisenstaedt

"The instrument is not the camera but the photographer." - Eve Arnold

"Film is like a personal diary, a notebook or a monologue by someone who tries to justify himself before a camera." - Jean-Luc Godard

"My acting stopped being about disguise and became about truth which suits the camera, so my film career took off when I came out." - Ian Mckellen

"Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film. Your bright eyes and easy smile is your museum." - Ansel Adams

"I am against great themes and great subjects... You can't film an idea. The camera is an instrument for recording physical impact." - Jean Renoir

"I don't want to direct music videos at all. Any work I do with a camera I'd like to be for a film." - Giuseppe Andrews

"Film has always been hard for me, I'm basically a stage actress. I never felt comfortable in front of the camera." - Blythe Danner

"A digital camera does have many advantages and I was a believer that digital video would be a big influence on film-making." - Abbas Kiarostami

"I really learned how to act on camera through 'Power Rangers' because I hadn't done a lot of film and TV." - Erin Cahill

"I've always been interested in the camera and the effects of it - that's what drew me to film in the first place." - Sam Raimi

"I carry a disposable camera. It takes me back to my childhood, when you had to develop your film and wait to see what pictures you got." - Christa B Allen

"At the end of Requiem all I wanted to do was get a DV camera and just do a small film. But then the hunger comes back." - Darren Aronofsky

"Even with a stable character, you want something surprising to happen, hopefully because that's what the camera loves the most. That's what is great about film." - Annette Bening

"I've always been intimidated by the technicalities of taking photos, especially with a film camera - not just a point and shoot." - Taylor Kitsch

"When I got cast in 'Rocky IV,' I had never seen a film camera before. And here I was in this boxing movie." - Dolph Lundgren

"Theatre is liberating because it only works if it's truthful - that's what it requires. That's not true of film: the camera does lie." - Helen Mccrory

"Life came in and put me in front of the camera before I could really make a decision, but I think I probably would have gravitated to film." - Elisabeth Rohm

"The dynamic range of a digital camera is not that much greater than film, particularly if you push the ASA a little bit." - Gary Ross

"It's an incredible privilege for an actor to look into the camera. It's like looking right into the heart of the film, and you can't take that lightly." - Emily Watson

"I started out with this dream of being a director and doing cinematography and bought my first film camera at 15." - James Brolin

"I almost became a music major, but somehow I was so enthralled with the camera and becoming a director that I stuck with film school and theatrics." - James Brolin

"I like the film camera better because the film is still one hundred times better than any digital image at the moment. So, there are certain movies that you can't really do digitally." - Vilmos Zsigmond

"I used to hate doing color. I hated transparency film. The way I did color was by not wanting to know what kind of film was in my camera." - Helmut Newton

"The writer must be a participant in the scene... like a film director who writes his own scripts, does his own camera work, and somehow manages to film himself in action, as the protagonist or at least the main character." - Hunter S Thompson

"I took one film class at NYU over a summer and learned the basics. You know, how to load a camera and how to light and how to edit, and I became a film editor." - Jay Chandrasekhar

"If I could film, we'd film every episode of 'Doctor Who' in New York. I have an affinity with the city. It has some wonderful locations and it is devastatingly vast and huge. Central Park looks amazing on camera." - Matt Smith

"I always have traveled with a camera throughout my life, but I always had my old 35mm film camera. When I was training to go into space, the only equipment there was a digital camera. I went through a fast-track class on Earth. It actually was fun, though I'm basically a dinosaur with computers." - Guy Laliberte

"My main camera is a Nikon D3. I use a French camera from the 1800s for wet plate photography, I use a Hasselblad sometimes. But to me the camera really doesn't matter that much. I don't have a preference for film or digital." - Nikki Sixx

"I have received the digital camera as a blessing. It has really changed my life as a filmmaker, because I don't use my camera anymore as a camera. I don't feel it as a camera. I feel it as a friend, as something that doesn't make an impression on people, that doesn't make them feel uncomfortable, and that is completely forgotten in my way of approaching life and people and film." - Abbas Kiarostami

"Silence Of The Lambs is a fantastic film. It's a horror film, and it's an incredibly well-told film that is about point of view in such a unique way. The way that film is shot, the way the eyelines are so close, if not directly into camera, betrays an intimacy with the characters and the audience." - Bryan Fuller

"The difference between an amateur and a professional photographer is that the amateur thinks the camera does the work. And they treat the camera with a certain amount of reverence. It is all about the kind of lens you choose, the kind of film stock you use... exactly the sort of perfection of the camera. Whereas, the professional the real professional - treats the camera with unutterable disdain. They pick up the camera and sling it aside. Because they know it's the eye and the brain that count, not the mechanism that gets between them and the subject that counts." - David Hemmings

"The difference between an amateur and a professional photographer is that the amateur thinks the camera does the work. And they treat the camera with a certain amount of reverence. It is all about the kind of lens you choose, the kind of film stock you use... exactly the sort of perfection of the camera. Whereas, the professional the real professional - treats the camera with unutterable disdain. They pick up the camera and sling it aside. Because they know it's the eye and the brain that count, not the mechanism that gets between them and the subject that counts." - David Hemmings

"Film was something that I didn't see as a step up from music videos, though obviously, music videos, the fact that you work with a crew and a film camera, are the closest to film I've ever been. That is the only schooling I've ever had." - Anton Corbijn

"Film, television, and working with a camera is such an intimate art form that if a camera is right on you, and I've got your face filling the screen, you have to be real. If you do anything that is fake, you're not going to get away with it, because the camera is right there, and the story is being told in a very real way." - Paul Feig

"I invented a camera that has an exposure time of one hundred years and the camera works in the simplest possible terms, because anything more complicated is more likely to break down in one way or another. It's a pinhole camera that lets in very low light and instead of exposing film, which is going to spoil within a matter of days or weeks, I'm using ordinary black paper." - Jonathon Keats

"Once you change the technology - from a film camera to a video camera, or from an 8-mm camera to 16 mm - you change completely the content. With 8 mm, a leaf on a tree will be made up of maybe four grains. So it's very impressionistic, almost like Seurat. If you switch to 16 mm, the technology gives you hundreds of grains on that leaf." - Jonas Mekas

"At some level, you've got to have the ability to - especially in film and in front of the camera, you got to have the ability to drop into character and close off the entire crew and the camera and everything else." - Denis Leary

"Of course, you do not do any research: you have to go there and do your film. It's not that I would travel there before without a camera and spend half a year on one of those volcanoes and then come back with a camera. You have to have some sort of a clear mindset." - Werner Herzog

"There's always been a shortage of roles for three-dimensional women, no matter what age. If you look at the statistics on women in film, be they behind the camera or in front of the camera, and it's pretty nauseous-making. It always has been." - Sally Field

"I thought all I had to do was to buy a camera and become a film director. So when I left school I worked at a telephone company, which gave me the money to buy the basic equipment including the camera, the projector and the screen." - Jean-Pierre Jeunet

"If I'm traveling, I'll take a film camera and a digital camera because sometimes there are moments where, if you've lost it, or if coming back and it accidentally goes through the X-ray machine and it gets overexposed, you might have had a really important moment to you and you would be really upset that you didn't have a back-up." - Dianna Agron

"Latinos are the fastest growing minority, and we're obviously not going anywhere. We're extremely loyal as a people, and I think Hollywood is starting to recognize that. It's very rare for a major studio to nationally distribute a film with Latino talent, not only in front of the camera, but also behind the camera." - Aimee Garcia

"The weird thing with 'Kismet' is that Vincente Minnelli didn't know what to do with a Cinemascope camera for that film - so he never moved it! It's like in the old days when sound first came in and was so complicated that the camera just sat there. There are hardly any close-ups in 'Kismet,' so everything's at a bit of a distance." - Robert Osborne

"That's the way I learned photography: You make your picture in the camera. Now, so much is made in the computer. ... I'm not anti-digital, I just think, for me, film works better." - Mary Ellen Mark

"I never envisioned myself being a film star at all. Most people know that pro wrestling is a little bit of an accident for me. I never really had any real aspirations of being in front of a camera." - Roddy Piper

"There is no right or wrong angle for something. The idea of putting the camera in an unfamiliar position is simply to do with film language. Sometimes it is spectacular, sometimes it is ugly, sometimes it is uninteresting." - Steve Mcqueen

"I think that I'm very old fashioned in terms of my film references and what appeals to me, in a way with camera moves and a depth of color to bring things to it." - Ashley Greene

"Obviously, my stuff has been more in the comedy realm, and I really believe that if I'm laughing behind the camera, then I think the film will be funnier." - Will Packer

"You can start a documentary with just a camera, as opposed to a fiction film where you need actors, a crew, a script, a lot more start-up resources. It may be self-perpetuating." - Thom Powers

"If you are a blackman in America and get stopped by the police, make sure you have a vidio camera. Don't rely on some passerby to film the beating. Rodney King was just lucky." - Don King

"The first really important book I read about filmmaking was The Film Technique by Pudovkin. This was some time before I had ever touched a movie camera and it opened my eyes to cutting and montage." - Stanley Kubrick

"I was so besotted with '8' that, when it was on TV, I used to take pictures with my 35-mm. camera of the frames of the film. That was the first time I'd ever really seen Italians on screen." - David Chase

"I really think music and movement - dance, you know - and literature inform my visuals. I think film is also based in dance. The relationship between me, the camera and the actor is always a dance." - Christopher Doyle

"The development of fast film allowed the subjects of our photographs to be caught unawares, beyond our or their control. But they are nevertheless caught; the camera holds the last lanyard of control we would forgo." - Stanley Cavell

"... photography, like all camera-made images such as film and video, effaces the marks of its making (and maker) at the click of a shutter. A photograph appears to be self-generated - as though it had created itself." - Abigail Solomon-Godeau

"Before each new setup, I chase everyone off the set in order to be alone and look through the camera. In that moment, the film seems quite easy. But then the others come in and everything becomes difficult." - Michelangelo Antonioni

"I do photography and I studied film at school. So I've always really enjoyed that and I've got an eye for camera angles I guess. I've never taken that into filming wildlife." - Asa Butterfield

"I don't think there is any advantage to digital unless it's in a case like Slumdog Millionaire, where you have to get a shot and a big bulky film camera is out of the question." - Vilmos Zsigmond

"I found my father's Super8mm film camera when I was around eight years old and started shooting with it. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but that's really where my filmmaking began." - Gabriel Campisi

"Even back in the '90s, I shot certain things on something that wasn't digital then, but it was on VHS with a smaller camera and we would up it to film." - Barry Levinson

"He [Andy warhol] went out every evening to five or six parties with a tape recorder in one pocket and a camera with extra film and batteries in the other pocket, constantly recording and photographing everyone he came across." - Bob Colacello

"I've dealt with a few method actors, and I don't know if should say this, but I think it's a bunch of nonsense. I think it's film acting and you just have to be on when the camera is rolling." - Natalie Portman

"When I am making a film, I know what to do in front of a camera. What frightens me are the scenes with dialogue. Sometime they really want me to speak perfectly and I don't like that." - Jackie Chan

"I grew up in the '60s, which was a creative time, so it wasn't that big of a stretch to go from a baseball bat to a guitar to a film camera." - Abel Ferrara

"Acting in 'Command & Conquer 3' called for me to interact with the player and to look directly into the camera, which is a big no no when filming for TV or film." - Grace Park

"I love the idea I can go off with a single camera and a few rolls of film unencumbered... I was not interested in the illusion of reality, I wanted to get close to what was happening." - Eve Arnold

"Because I trained in theater, I always leave a film shoot feeling like I haven't done anything, like I just sat in front of the camera and whispered, essentially." - Hayley Atwell

"I became interested in film making at around 16, when I discovered a friend of mine had a HI 8 camera which belonged to his father, which we were forbidden to use." - John Carney

"If it's stage, the two most important artists are the actor and the playwright. If it's film, THE most important person is the director. The director says where the camera goes." - Brad Dourif

"I like the days when all the filmmakers had was a film roll, a camera and a gangster. The Mack Sennett comedies were all like that. They'd create little teams to go out and shoot films." - Michel Gondry

"I do have a concern about projecting. I've never projected or had any reason to project before. In fact, the camera has only gotten closer to me going from TV to film." - Topher Grace

"If I could live my life all over I'd do everything the same; the film in my camera would remain the same; there's no way lord, to leave this love behind." - Al Green

"There's no audience to wonderfully get in your way when you're doing a single-camera anything, whether it's a sitcom or drama or film. And I do mean that in the best way." - Jim Parsons

"I don't rehearse with my actors... the first rehearsal is the first time we turn the camera on... Sydney Pollack never rehearsed his actors, and I found out that's allowed... so you film reactions; you don't create them." - Ira Sachs

"I was mainly a stage actor. I found film acting mechanical, because it was so technical - there was so much technique with the lamps and the movements of the camera." - Erland Josephson

"When I was a kid, my mother used to film all of our holidays and all of the good times, and I kind of associated the camera with everything being okay and everything being happy." - Natalia Kills

"Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but the best thing that young filmmakers should do is to get hold of a camera and some film and make a movie of any kind at all." - Stanley Kubrick

"Making a film of a work you've played for six weeks gives you intimate knowledge of the character. By the time you go in front of the camera you've worked out the behavior and life of a character." - Linda Lavin

"Now everybody's got a video camera, so go make videos with your friends or see if you can get a part in a film school thing that's being done." - Joshua Malina

"I accept all interpretations of my films. The only reality is before the camera. Each film I make is kind of a return to poetry for me, or at least an attempt to create a poem." - Bernardo Bertolucci

"I only shoot on film. I like the quality, the grain and the imperfections. It offers me something much more rewarding than any digital camera can give me. I believe the extra expense is worth it." - Guy Berryman

"On Laurence Olivier as Hamlet in a 1948 film: Olivier's idea of introspection was to hood his eyes, dentalize his consonants and let the camera circle his blondined head like a sparrow looking for a place to deposit its droppings." - Robert Brustein

"A lot of people think theatre must be much harder work than film, but anything histrionic or superfluous gets seen on camera so you have to work to distil it into a complete sense of what's true." - Eddie Redmayne

"I came rather late to film. I've done an awful lot of theater before - before I discovered the camera, you know, seeing everything, requiring much less acting and - and much less presentation, much less projecting, more just being." - Ian Mckellen

"A neighborhood friend showed me how it was possible to go to a camera shop and pick up chemicals for pennies... literally... and develop your own film and make prints." - Leonard Nimoy

"The truth is, working on single camera, show or film, you have no life. You work 60-80 hours a week. You're up before your kid gets up, and you're home when they go to sleep." - Jaime Pressly

"The '80s were a time of technical wonder in filmmaking; unfortunately, some colleges didn't integrate their film and theater departments - so you had actors who were afraid of the camera, and directors who couldn't talk to the actors." - Eric Stoltz

"One of my fantasies in my life has been that I was granted access with a camera to go back in time, and to film the actual campaign of Alexander crossing into India through Iran and Persia." - Oliver Stone

"Normally as a director, you do look at other films and things that are relevant. But with this film, it became impossible because I became so aware of the camera placement." - Peter Weir

"Often while traveling with a camera we arrive just as the sun slips over the horizon of a moment, too late to expose film, only time enough to expose our hearts." - Minor White

"For an actor working in television or film, I think it's important to understand how the medium works - how the camera and lenses work and how the sound and the editing works." - Simon Baker

"I even agree with the new digital ways of filmmaking, where you don't even have physical film in the camera, but to be honest, I wouldn't want to use it." - J Lee Thompson

"You get to the middle of a take that's going really well and the camera will run out of film. They have to stop you, apologize and then you've got to get things going all over again." - David Morse

"I did documentary film for a long time, and I spent a lot of time behind the camera, fervently wishing that the reality I was filming would conform to my narrative propriety. But you can't control it." - Ruth Ozeki

"If you need to strap a camera to you or get in a small space, then it makes sense to use digital.I do think it is possible to use a digital camera artistically, but it can only be good if you are using film technique. Film has grain, and digital has pixels, and there is not that much of a difference, but digital does not replace the need to create a scene and light it properly and spend time considering the shot." - Vilmos Zsigmond

"With the RED, I didn't have this impression at all. I felt that it was as heavy as a film camera. Having this great crew, with the DP and his assistants, I found it making as much of an impression as a very big film camera. I didn't relate to it as much. I remember avoiding it during the shooting rather than paying attention to it." - Abbas Kiarostami

"A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it." - Edward Steichen

"You can't use your camera as a shield against human suffering..." - Zana Briski

"If you walk across my camera I will flash the world your story." - Woody Guthrie

"Real film is light; digital is electricity." - Aki Kaurismaki

"Disappointment tears the bearable film of life." - Elizabeth Bowen

"Every goal is a highlight film." - Ron Francis

"Pain is temporary, film is forever." - Michael J Fox

"I usually befriend the camera department very early on in the film and drive them nuts. I'm constantly bombarding them with questions and going through the stills photography. A film set is a great place for me and I love it." - Eric Bana

"With comedy, you get an immediate response. I'm the whole kit and the kaboodle. I am the whole thing and can steer the whole situation how I want to. With film, you are basically in one area. Comedy is straight to it and the film is heavily shaped the camera and editing, so it's different." - Joe Torry

"I try to express in my films things that no other art can approach. In my monster films for example, I use special effects in the same way one would use a special film stock, a special camera, and so on. Monster films permit me to use all of these elements at the same time. They are the most visual kind of film." - Ishiro Honda

"When I made my first film, I think the thing was probably helped me the most was that it was such an unusual thing to do in the early 50s for someone who actually go and make a film. People thought it was impossible. It really is terribly easy. All anybody needs is a camera, a tape recorder, and some imagination." - Stanley Kubrick

"You cannot do everything you want with the 3D camera, it's too big, and the digital quality of those cameras is a little bit limiting. With film, you have a lot more subtly, like with highlights and color. In terms of sharpness they (both formats) are very close; but in terms of nuance, of color and contrast, film is far superior." - Michel Gondry

"I took myself out of the business to study film at NYU and the School of Visual Arts. I grew up on movie sets and was fascinated with the camera and behind-the-scenes work. I felt it would help my career as an actor if I knew all aspects of film." - Devin Ratray

"Stage is the ultimate test; I like watching established screen actors on stage to see if they can really do it. But it's great to have a healthy mixture of the two. Film is so technical: there's something very particular about the relationship between you and the camera. It took a long time for me to get good on film." - Lesley Manville

"I often wonder when I make a film - I'm thinking of making a film of the Buddha - and I often wonder: If Buddha had all the elements that are given to a director - if he had music, if he had visuals, if he had a video camera - would we get Buddhism better?" - Shekhar Kapur

"The motion picture is like journalism in that, more than any of the other arts, it confers celebrity. Not just on people - on acts, and objects, and places, and ways of life. The camera brings a kind of stardom to them all. I therefore doubt that film can ever argue effectively against its own material: that a genuine antiwar film, say, can be made on the basis of even the ugliest battle scenes ... No matter what filmmakers intend, film always argues yes." - Renata Adler

"Various studios are still shooting on film with digital grain and the DI negatives, it's not ideal. We should really be all film or all digital. But that being said, the old way of graining in the camera, now you can make changes like a painter. It's dangerous because you can ruin the film, you can over-fiddle. We've all seen films and gone 'what the hell is that?'" - Peter Weir

"Film your murders like love scenes, and film your love scenes like murders." - Alfred Hitchcock

"Focus should be on the art of film, not on the business of film." - Winona Ryder



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