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Camera Effects Quotes


"Whatever effects one directly, effects all indirectly." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I like doing as many special effects in camera, as much as possible." - Matthew Vaughn

"The camera photographs what's there." - Jack Nicholson

"Opinion, a sovereign mistress of effects." - William Shakespeare

"Well I think effects are tools" - Guillermo Del Toro

"Lofty designs must close in like effects." - Robert Browning

"I will never lose anything that an audience will miss.I turned things that were scripted as effects into in-camera stuff, which is sexier." - Adam Shankman

"The best visual effects are when you shoot as much of what you can in camera. And it's really good for the actor's performance to have something real." - Rob Letterman

"There are women in makeup and hair and wardrobe, but not in camera, not in sound, you know, and not in special effects. It's all men." - Carrie Fisher

"I've always been interested in the camera and the effects of it - that's what drew me to film in the first place." - Sam Raimi

"The film [ Wyatt Earp and the Holy Grail] was shot on a KODAK Zi8 camera as well as on multiple camera phones. It was processed using the effects of FINAL CUT X and then edited in FINAL CUT 7." - Evan Jacobs

"The camera looks into your soul." - Joe Pantoliano

"I can't hold a camera anymore." - Eve Arnold

"I prefer working behind the camera." - Terrence Malick

"I don't like to be in front of the camera - my place is behind the camera." - Vilmos Zsigmond

"I don't know if the camera likes me, but I do like the camera." - Celine Dion

"Thoughts are but dreams till their effects are tried." - William Shakespeare

"Curiously, once technology gets boring, the social effects get interesting." - Clay Shirky

"Sometimes the most modest changes can bring about enormous effects." - Malcolm Gladwell

"Second order effects, such as belief in belief, makes fanaticism." - Alfred Korzybski

"Thought are but dreams till their effects are tried." - William Shakespeare

"Believe in the immortality and everlasting effects of your goodness." - Robert Muller

"One of the most pernicious effects of haste is obscurity." - Samuel Johnson

"The subtle are the causes, the gross the effects." - Swami Vivekananda

"Thoughts are but dreams till their effects be tried." - William Shakespeare

"There was a lot of stuff [in Rock of Ages] that had effects in it and I thought it was too smooth. I thought it would be sexier if it were in-camera cuts. So I did that." - Adam Shankman

"I don't like to put too much effort into things. I find that once you get involved with special effects it is no longer about what is happening in front of the camera and I really want to concentrate on what is happening in front of the camera, like the man apparently peeing on the surface of the screen." - Steve Mcqueen

"I don't need interesting camera angles, I am interesting." - Charlie Chaplin

"Don't pack up your camera until you've left the location." - Joe Mcnally

"Either the camera will dance, or I will." - Fred Astaire

"The instrument is not the camera but the photographer." - Eve Arnold

"Hey, I fool the camera. I'm a liar, a magician." - Janice Dickinson

"There's always a certain amount of camera improvisation." - Allan Dwan

"I love being in front of the camera." - Paz De La Huerta

"I bought a camera with my first ever paycheck." - Alice Englert

"I don't like working in front of a camera." - Laurie Metcalf

"I don't really know how to work a camera." - Zoe Sugg

"A camera is a camera, a shot is a shot, how you tell the story is the main thing." - Christopher Nolan

"Those great actions whose luster dazzles us are represented by politicians as the effects of deep design; whereas they are commonly the effects of caprice and passion." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"From hence, let fierce contending nations know, what dire effects from civil discord flow." - Joseph Addison

"Spiritual energy flows in and produces effects in the phenomenal world." - William James

"Us as rappers underestimate the power and effects that we have on these kids" - Macklemore

"but sometimes optimism is the only drug that works. But it's sadly temporary in its effects." - Rachel Caine

"Synergy: The combined effect of individuals in collaboration that exceeds the sum of their individual effects." - Stephen Covey

"There is no effect without a cause. Chiropractors adjust causes. Others treat effects." - B. J. Palmer

"Forgiveness is one of the many horrible side effects of loving someone." - R. K. Milholland

"For eight years I did effects for other movies until I got my movie made" - Guillermo Del Toro

"No missionary can determine the lasting effects of his or her labors." - Richard G Scott

"The harmonic effects produced unconsciously by our guitarists are one of the miracles of natural art." - Manuel de Falla

"An intelligent person fights for lost causes, realizing that others are merely effects" - E E Cummings

"The poor man, while he apes the wealthy, effects his own ruin." - Phaedrus

"These are the effects of doting age, - vain doubts and idle cares and over caution." - John Dryden

"All our life goeth like Penelope's web, - what one hour effects the next destroys." - Saint Augustine

"I just took some ecstasy, ain't no tellin' what the side effects could be." - Dr Dre

"Therefore to the same natural effects we must, as far as possible, assign the same causes." - Isaac Newton

"There is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause." - Daniel D Palmer

"Thus there will be three effects of nearness to Jesus humility, happiness, and holiness." - Charles Spurgeon

"These are the effects of doting age,-vain doubts and idle cares and over caution." - John Dryden

"One of the ill effects of cruelty is that it makes the bystanders cruel." - Sir Fowell Buxton, 1st Baronet

"Nothing records the effects of a sad life so graphically as the human body." - Naguib Mahfouz

"People have forgotten the effects of prohibition. We have become the United Statesof Amnesia." - Gore Vidal

"See yourself always as cause, and perhaps a better world will be found among your effects." - Robert Brault

"Alcohol, taken in sufficient quantities, may produce all the effects of drunkenness." - Oscar Wilde

"Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects." - Roger Zelazny

"I think that film is still an artform and it doesn't really matter if you're using a digital camera or a film camera." - Vilmos Zsigmond

"The image isn't just created with the camera. That's just part one. The editor gets an imprint. The colorist does something to it. Visual effects does something to it. It's not just what you capture that people are going to see. The image gets made in many ways. In production and then in post." - Christopher Kenneally

"I try to express in my films things that no other art can approach. In my monster films for example, I use special effects in the same way one would use a special film stock, a special camera, and so on. Monster films permit me to use all of these elements at the same time. They are the most visual kind of film." - Ishiro Honda

"Our camera does not produce pretty pictures, but exact duplications that, through our renunciation of photographic effects, turn out to be relatively objective. The photo can optically replace its object to a certain degree. This takes on special meaning if the object cannot be preserved." - Bernd Becher

"I personally think a fight scene is the most cinematic thing you can witness because all the elements of filmmaking come together, you know, with the camera speed changes, editing, make up effects and general smoke and mirrors of trying to make it look like you are hitting someone when you're not. It's filmmaking in it's purest form, I think." - Scott Adkins

"I grew up loving films and making stupid movies with a good friend of mine, who now actually has a career in a really prominent special effects house, so he's still doing it. We just started messing around with a camera." - Dj Cotrona

"I think a lot of the time these days people are so concerned about having the right camera and the right film and the right lenses and all the special effects that go along with it, even the computer, that they're missing the key element." - Herb Ritts

"The camera could be a very powerful instrument against discrimination, against poverty, against racism." - Gordon Parks

"David I knock you out! - While pointing to the camera with a smirk." - Vitali Klitschko

"I'll make fun of anybody. We're all about falling down and going boom on camera." - Stephen Colbert

"If life were a camera, I'd have the lens cap on." - Charles M Schulz

"Your eyes is camera and your brain is a file cabinet." - George Balanchine

"The camera is one of the greatest liars of our time." - John Gunther

"I'd share a pic if the digital camera battery wasn't as flat as 17th century Earth." - Simon Haynes

"This is all you need in life: a computer, a camera, and a cat." - Agnes Varda

"If you wait, people will forget your camera, and the soul will drift up into view." - Steve McCurry

"I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking." - Christopher Isherwood

"Shigure: "What's in the camera? Huh? Huh? What is it?" Hatori: "Quiet, you hack." - Natsuki Takaya

"You know, the camera is not meant just to show misery." - Gordon Parks

"It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument." - Eve Arnold

"Lesson number one: Pay attention to the intrusion of the camera." - Eve Arnold

"I paint what I see, not what a camera would see." - John Dyer

"The camera cannot lie, but it can be an accessory to untruth." - Harold Evans

"One of my favorite things to do is be in front of the camera and act." - Angie Everhart

"When you put a camera in front of me, I'm home." - Breaux Greer

"There are a thousand ways to point a camera, but really only one." - Ernst Lubitsch

"I feel more comfortable in front of a camera than anywhere else." - Donna Mills

"I'm quite subdued, believe it or not. I switch it on for the camera." - Cilla Black

"The world just does not fit conveniently into the format of a 35mm camera." - W Eugene Smith

"Being a shy person, I always felt strange outside with my camera." - Kim Weston

"In front of the camera I look and I see visually what I've created." - Kim Weston

"Any nude is a something you setup in front of the camera." - Kim Weston

"I think the digital camera would record that information too fast for me." - Kim Weston

"I'm funny on camera sometimes. In life, once in a while. Once in a while." - Gene Wilder

"You can't name the inventor of the camera. The 19th-century invention was chemical: the fixative." - David Hockney

"I'm a techno moron. I need help just to plug in my video camera." - Libba Bray

"We have usually no knowledge that any one factor will exert its effects independently of all others that can be varied, or that its effects are particularly simply related to variations in these other factors." - Ronald Fisher

"Consider what effects that might conceivably have practical bearings you conceive the objects of your conception to have. Then, your conception of those effects is the whole of your conception of the object." - Charles Sanders Peirce

"Humor is a means of obtaining pleasure in spite of the distressing effects that interface with it." - Sigmund Freud

"All pain is per se and especially in excess, destructive and ultimately fatal in its nature and effects." - James Young

"Kindness effects more than severity." - Aesop

"Good fortune has side effects." - Martha Beck

"One of the main effects of war, after all, is that people are discouraged from being characters." - Kurt Vonnegut

"Time is a seedfield; in youth we sow it with causes; in after life we reap the harvest of effects." - Horace Mann

"Great effects come of industry and perseverance: for audacity doth almost bind and mate the weaker sort of minds." - Francis Bacon

"Poetry uses the rainbow tints for special effects, but always keeps its essential object in the purest light of truth." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Prosperity can change man's nature; and seldom is any one cautious enough to resist the effects of good fortune." - Quintus Curtius Rufus

"To enlarge or illustrate this power of the effects of love is to set a candle in the sun." - Robert Burton

"The Past lives o'er again, In its effects, and to the guilty spirit The ever-frowning Present is its image." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"Therefore, the causes assigned to natural effects of the same kind must be, so far as possible, the same." - Isaac Newton

"We, we, and none else, are responsible for what we suffer. We are the effects, and we are the causes." - Swami Vivekananda

"If the architecture is any good, a person who looks and listens will feel its good effects without noticing." - Carlo Scarpa

"Counter the effects of culture (steering your design ideas) by going out and looking for new experiences." - Bob Gill

"The contrivances which are necessary to counteract the wind effects can only be understood by actual practice in the wind." - Otto Lilienthal

"A great perturbation in nature, to receive at once the benefit of sleep and do the effects of watching!" - William Shakespeare

"Kindness effects more than severity." - Jean De La Fontaine

"What I worry about is climate change, because that would have untold effects that we can't even measure yet." - Susan George

"Most of the energy of political work is devoted to correcting the effects of mismanagement of government." - Milton Friedman

"If you are walking down the street, camera in your hand, loaded and ready to shoot. You see a person falling from a high building, either having fallen or jumped. That person is falling through space. You don't shoot that photograph unless the theme you are working on has to do with the effects of space on the human figure. If you simply photograph that event because it is an event that is happening, you're doing photojournalism." - Leonard Nimoy

"The g-forces increased and I wasn't able to continue to hold the camera against the window, so I had to lay it back against my chest, but still continued to photograph the re-entry until there was no more unusual visual effects of the energy in the atmosphere. And it was very comforting to understand that the people in Houston, the controllers, had very high confidence that we were on the right path." - Buzz Aldrin

"If a bout of "creepy face" sets in, the trick is to look away from the camera between shots and turn back only when necessary. This also limits how much of your soul the camera can steal." - Tina Fey

"A camera alone does not make a picture. To make a picture you need a camera, a photographer and above all a subject. It is the subject that determines the interest of the photograph." - Man Ray

"The fact that I have a little ten-megapixel camera with me all the time, is way better than having the greatest camera in the world sitting at home on a desk instead of on my shoulder." - David Burnett

"On practical level I can't pick up the camera until I think I know what I want. I don't wander around. It's almost impossible for me to pick up a camera... it's really hard." - Bill Henson

"I can't remember exactly how old I was when my parents gave me my first camera, but it was a Canon, and I was certainly far too young to have such a good camera." - Alison Jackson

"A camera teaches you how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

"The fruit flies we work with have the equivalent of about a 25 by 25 pixel camera. But that camera is very, very fast, about 10 times faster than the human visual system." - Michael Dickinson

"I don't really have a favorite camera. I use a Leica and Canon a lot. It depends, especially professionally, on the requirements. But my carry-around camera is a Leica." - Elliott Erwitt

"I did a lot of theater, so especially as an on-camera camera actor, there are so many things that aren't in your toolbox. They're somebody else's job. You think about editors and rhythm. Volume isn't even in your control." - Kerry Bishe

"I never said the camera was truth. It is, however, a more accurate and more objective way of seeing." - Chuck Close

"Nothing attracts me like a closed door. I cannot let my camera rest until I have pried it open." - Margaret Bourke-White

"My dog, Puffy. The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn't pose. He isn't aware of the camera." - Patrick Demarchelier

"The camera does not lie." - Proverbs

"Off-camera lives are unverifiable." - Don Delillo

"If you have a camera in the courtroom, there's no filtering. What you see is what's there." - Lance Ito

"Whereas if you have a camera in the courtroom, there's no filtering. What you see is what's there." - Lance Ito

"Doing the soaps, every day it's constant training. Dealing with camera angles, the other people - it's great training." - Billy Magnussen

"The camera is interested in what you are thinking as opposed to just what you are doing or saying." - Ajay Naidu

"I am a camera, with its shutter open. Someday, all of this will be developed, printed, fixed." - Christopher Isherwood

"I bought my first camera in Seattle, Washington. Only paid about seven dollars and fifty cents for it." - Gordon Parks

"The camera doesn't intimidate me." - Mitch Gaylord

"It was lights, camera, inaction." - Terry Gilliam

"I know every actor says this, but the people behind the camera are great. They always have answers." - Joel Gretsch

"The camera can photograph thought." - Dirk Bogarde

"The best gift I've ever gotten... My grandpa gave me a Polaroid camera when I was younger. It was awesome!" - Camren Bicondova

"In GENESIS, my camera allowed nature to speak to me. And it was my privilege to listen." - Sebastiao Salgado



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