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Camera And Life Quotes


"The [35mm] camera is for life and for people, the swift and intense moments of life." - Ansel Adams

"This is all you need in life: a computer, a camera, and a cat." - Agnes Varda

"I've learned survival secrets from being on camera, and then translated them into everyday life." - Deidre Hall

"My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport." - Steve McCurry

"Just having the camera, being able to pull back from situations and be an observer, it saved my life... I realised I could find these intimate moments and that people trusted me. That, basically, my camera was magic." - Ryan Mcginley

"I've always had two principles throughout all my life in motion-pictures: never do before the camera what you would not do at home and never do at home what you would not do before the camera." - Evelyn Waugh

"I was always in front of the camera. My mom was really passionate about photography - I have pictures of my whole life. I've always just been in front of my mom's camera and it's always comfortable to me." - Gigi Hadid

"I think I've found a purpose in acting; it's something I truly love and truly enjoy. It makes me happy. It makes me understand more about life, in front of the camera, than what I'm living beyond the camera." - Ranbir Kapoor

"I have received the digital camera as a blessing. It has really changed my life as a filmmaker, because I don't use my camera anymore as a camera. I don't feel it as a camera. I feel it as a friend, as something that doesn't make an impression on people, that doesn't make them feel uncomfortable, and that is completely forgotten in my way of approaching life and people and film." - Abbas Kiarostami

"Life without kids is like a camera without film." - Dirk Benedict

"You put your camera around your neck along with putting on your shoes, and there it is, an appendage of the body that shares your life with you. The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

"I believe in living with the camera, and not using the camera." - Dorothea Lange

"I treat the camera like a person-I gaze into it. Photos are a flat thing, and you need to put life into them." - Cara Delevingne

"Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

"I'm a photographer, obviously. My chosen tool for understanding life, and communicating the results of this search to others, is the camera." - David Hurn

"Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film. Your bright eyes and easy smile is your museum." - Ansel Adams

"I treat the camera like a person - I gaze into it. Photos are a flat thing, and you need to put life into them." - Cara Delevingne

"Life came in and put me in front of the camera before I could really make a decision, but I think I probably would have gravitated to film." - Elisabeth Rohm

"We actors don't travel as tourists with a camera, we really get to enter the life of a place and get to know it." - Ben Gazzara

"Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important. Capture the good times. And if things don't work out, just take another shot." - Ziad K. Abdelnour

"My first time on camera - actually, I think my first time on camera was a soap opera: 'Love Of Life.'" - Dan Lauria

"I look very different on camera compared with how I do in real life. On camera, I look my best when everything is enhanced, especially my eyes - I like a smoky eye. In real life, I like myself best in tinted moisturiser, lip balm and mascara." - Martine Mccutcheon

"[The small camera] taught me energy and decisiveness and immediacy ... The large camera taught me reverence, patience, and meditation." - Joel Meyerowitz

"The camera adds ten pounds and ten thousand dollars." - Rainn Wilson

" camera is my friend, and I take it everywhere." - Patti Smith

"Men still control the news, both on and off camera." - Jessica Savitch

"There's something inimical about the camera and song." - Stephen Sondheim

"Anyone who looks for life can find it... and they don't need to photograph ashcans. The average camera fan reminds me of Pollyanna, with a lollypop in one hand and a camera in the other. You can't be a Nice Nelly and take news pictures." - Weegee

"I feel as though the camera is almost a kind of voyeur in Mr. Bean's life, and you just watch this bizarre man going about his life in the way that he wants to." - Rowan Atkinson

"Making photos is helpful of course to master the craft. To get comfortable with the camera. Learn what a camera can do and how to use the camera successfully. Doing exercises for example if you try to find out things that the camera can do that the eye cannot do. So that you have a tool that will do what you need to be done. But then once you have mastered the craft the most important thing is to determine why you want to shoot pictures and what you want to shoot pictures of. That's where the thematic issue comes to life." - Leonard Nimoy

"I am very proud of my husband, both behind the camera and in front of the camera." - Pauletta Pearson Washington

"I love goofing around, and I love breaking people's balls. I do it off camera, as well as on camera." - Vinnie Jones

"whether they'll write the story of my life as a tragedy or an epic fantasy... I was wondering if it was going to be a kiss at the end, or sad music and a sweeping camera shot over the fields I once roamed freely. I'm hoping for the kiss, but expecting the sweeping camera shot." - Maggie Stiefvater

"I found that the camera was a comforting companion. It opened up new worlds, and gave me access to people's most intimate moments. I discovered the privilege of seeing life in all its complexity, the thrill of learning something new every day. When I was behind a camera, it was the only place in the world I wanted to be." - Lynsey Addario

"I got my first camera when I was 21 - my boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday - but at that point politics was my life, and I viewed the camera as a tool for expressing my political beliefs rather than as an art medium." - Carrie Mae Weems

"Looking into my future, I don't always want to be in front of the camera. I want to be behind the camera and bring to life those family members of mine or people that I knew or the kids I grew up. I want people to know the different facets of black people, brown people, all people." - Keke Palmer

"If life were a camera, I'd have the lens cap on." - Charles M Schulz

"Only the camera seems to be really capable of describing modern life." - Alexander Rodchenko

"I'm funny on camera sometimes. In life, once in a while. Once in a while." - Gene Wilder

"I certainly never expected to be in front of a camera one day of my life." - Jennifer Garner

"I was probably 34 when I got my first on-camera acting job, and it was through a friend of mine, who was working as a writer on the show, and I've never been more frightened in my life." - Kurt Fuller

"Years ago - in the 70s, for about a decade - I carried a camera every place I went. And I shot a lot of pictures that were still life and landscape, using available light" - Leonard Nimoy

"[My advice to a beginning photographer is] sit down with a pencil and paper and think about what your life is about. What you are about. Don't even take a camera into your hands before you figure that out." - Tina Barney

"The camera is an eye that sees and records the lives of filthy people. Its pictures are hung in museums and published in thick books that future generations can see how horrible life was." - David Shrigley

"I learned very quickly that the hard thing in life is to make good films. Technically, filmmaking is the camera and the actor telling the story and that's what I'm more interested in doing." - Matthew Vaughn

"Years ago - in the 70s, for about a decade - I carried a camera every place I went. And I shot a lot of pictures that were still life and landscape, using available light." - Leonard Nimoy

"One of my fantasies in my life has been that I was granted access with a camera to go back in time, and to film the actual campaign of Alexander crossing into India through Iran and Persia." - Oliver Stone

"When you're shy, a camera becomes an entry into life. It was a kind of shield I could hide my shyness behind, and it allowed me to become an active observer rather than a passive one." - Lynn Johnston

"Life as it unfolds in front of the camera is full of so much complexity, wonder and surprise that I find it unnecessary to create new realities. There is more pleasure, for me, in things as-they-are." - David Hurn

"The camera should be used for a recording of life, for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself, whether it be polished steel or palpitating flesh." - Edward Weston

"House of Style' changed my life. I literally had no experience in front of a TV camera before, and there I was taking over for Rebecca Romijn. My exposure heightened instantly." - Molly Sims

"Making a film of a work you've played for six weeks gives you intimate knowledge of the character. By the time you go in front of the camera you've worked out the behavior and life of a character." - Linda Lavin

"'House of Style' changed my life. I literally had no experience in front of a TV camera before, and there I was taking over for Rebecca Romijn. My exposure heightened instantly." - Molly Sims

"I think, if you put a camera in anyone's life and document it daily from the age of 21 to 27, there are going to be things that aren't always pretty." - Sienna Miller

"The truth is, working on single camera, show or film, you have no life. You work 60-80 hours a week. You're up before your kid gets up, and you're home when they go to sleep." - Jaime Pressly

"One of the Life Saving men snapped the camera for us, taking a picture just as the machine had reached the end of the track and had risen to a height of about two feet." - Orville Wright

"Sometimes you meet someone, and they seem great, they seem exactly what you're thinking of for the role, and then you put a camera on them, and they freeze. And other people come to life with the camera on them. I haven't discovered any reliable predictor for that; I think you just have to try it and see what happens. And, you know, sometimes the people who freeze, if you find the right magic word to say to them, you can unlock them." - Andrew Bujalski

"We have African-Americans and black people getting behind the scenes more and more, we get true black images in television and film...because we have black people behind them. They can tell stories from those points of view and bring to life those characters who have yet to be shown. As long as we have people behind the camera just as much as in front of the camera doing the work, then we'll always be good." - Keke Palmer

"The camera cannot leave the man, but the man can leave the camera. It's in the style of documentary where you make an agreement between a camera and a man and say, "I'm going to film you now."" - Tobias Lindholm

"The effort of painting from life has cost my models a great deal of physical discomfort, and cost me a great deal of money in model fees... I have wanted to make the camera obsolete... because, in my reading about early 20th century art, I found that the most frequently used argument made in favor of abstraction was that the camera made realist painting obsolete." - Philip Pearlstein

"The camera is a remarkable instrument. Saturate yourself with your subject, and the camera will all but take you by the hand and point the way." - Margaret Bourke-White

"After you play husband and wife on camera multiple times, it becomes easy to be husband and wife off camera as well." - Amy Yasbeck

"With film acting, and often when the camera comes very close, you just have to think about something and the camera will pick it up." - Ruth Wilson

"It wasn't like I picked a camera up in 1989 and stopped making music. I picked a camera up and found another form of expression." - Nikki Sixx

"Ever since the invention of the camera, people have been trying to create 3D, because we see things in 3D, and everyone's aware that the camera doesn't." - Ian Mckellen

"I think that film is still an artform and it doesn't really matter if you're using a digital camera or a film camera." - Vilmos Zsigmond

"Twenty-four hour news delivers people who stand and talk to camera rather than deliver reported packages with their own camera crew where it's happening." - Kate Adie

"I also know what looks good before the camera, how to move the camera, and how to get a story on the screen." - Taylor Hackford

"It is not a camera, or a reporter that makes something real and genuine; more often a camera or a reporter does the opposite." - Curtis Sittenfeld

"Comic timing... is how to have a relationship with the camera and deal with the camera without looking like you are." - Colleen Haskell

"Screen work always boils down to that moment between the camera and the actor or the actors. It always boils down to that, ultimately. You serve the camera." - Alfred Molina

"I don't like camera trickery and editing and doubles and all of that." - Drew Barrymore

"Most modern reproducers of life, even including the camera, really repudiate it. We gulp down evil, choke at good." - Wallace Stevens

"The camera is as much a part of my everyday life as talking or eating or sex." - Nan Goldin

"The camera is my means to internalize those fleeting epiphanies that I was having in my life." - Jason Silva

"I'm actually pretty shy in real life. But I guess in front of the camera, I focus." - Ranbir Kapoor

"I don't really diet or anything. I'm miserable when I'm dieting and I like the way I look. I'm really sick of all these actresses looking like birds I'd rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a person in real life, than look great on screen and look like a scarecrow in real life." - Jennifer Lawrence

"A film is born in my head and I kill it on paper. It is brought back to life by the actors and then killed in the camera. It is then resurrected into a third and final life in the editing room where the dismembered pieces are assembled into their finished form." - Robert Bresson

"Human vision is untrustworthy, subjective and selective. Camera vision is total and non - objective." - Andreas Feininger

"We're seniors." "I know," I said "So aren't you... curious?" "About what?" "About life. Out there. Life!" she said again. "Tell me, Cameron Ann Morgan, what do you want to be when you grow up?" We'd reached another door, and I stopped and looked up at the camera that monitored the entrance, just as I whispered, "Alive." - Ally Carter

"I'm working in a form of cinema that can be described, and has been described, as a diaristic form of cinema. In other words, with material from my own life. I walk through life with my camera, and occasionally I film. I never think about scripts, never think about films, making films." - Jonas Mekas

"I can't live and hold the camera, someone gotta take this" - Drake

"Camera but no selfies, which represent selfishness and egotism. Social media? Again: not really me." - Maurice Levy

"Saturate yourself with your subject and the camera will all but take you by the hand." - Margaret Bourke-White

"I'll make fun of anybody. We're all about falling down and going boom on camera." - Stephen Colbert

"Having a camera is a really easy and quick way to indulge in your creative side." - Erin Davie

"Your eyes is camera and your brain is a file cabinet." - George Balanchine

"Nothing is staged. And nothing is already there. Everything is transformed through the camera." - Roger Ballen

""Utter truth is essential, and that is what stirs me when I look through the camera."" - Margaret Bourke-White

"And the president should be doing more about education than saying, 'Lights, camera, action.'" - Dick Gephardt

"To be a gentleman is to be oneself, all of a seam, on camera and off." - Murray Kempton

"The secret of photography is, the camera takes on the character and personality of the handler." - Walker Evans

"All I need is a camera and I'll make things happen" - Keenen Ivory Wayans

"There is 3 key things for good photography: the camera,lighting and... Photoshop" - Tyra Banks

"I was born in front of a camera and really don't know anything else" - Joan Crawford

"There is a camera is between a man and a woman." - Nobuyoshi Araki

"If you wait, people will forget your camera, and the soul will drift up into view." - Steve McCurry

"The camera is simply not the supple and powerful instrument of description that the pen is." - Janet Malcolm

"The collection of photographs is a statement about the relationship of my camera and me." - Ray Metzker

"Go home, pick up your video camera, and make a film." - James Cameron

"Beauty, you're under arrest. I have a camera, and I'm not afraid to use it." - Julia Margaret Cameron

"Learning about acting for camera is really quite exciting to engage with and deal with." - George Blagden

"I play myself all the time... on camera and off. What else can I do?" - Harry Dean Stanton

"I like being behind the camera because I can control perception and what people see." - Grimes

"The digital camera has given me total freedom and a different way of filming." - Abbas Kiarostami

"For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

"My heroes are the camera crew and the electricians. They work such long hours." - Adam Baldwin

"I loved the stage and then grew to love the camera." - Christine Lahti

"I come from Venezuela, from the independent film arena, and you work with one camera." - Edgar Ramirez

"Some people are directors and I think they should stay behind the camera." - Matthew Vaughn

"I feel that working with the camera and editing it is actually my strong suit." - Adam Yauch

"Nobody who cooks does it with full hair and makeup in front of a TV camera." - Trisha Yearwood

"I was born in front of a camera and really don't know anything else." - Joan Crawford

"One of my favorite things to do is be in front of the camera and act." - Angie Everhart

"A good browser, apps, good camera, and fast networking in your smartphone is just expected today." - Thorsten Heins

"Biologically, I'm lucky - an angular face and dark colouring which shows up well on camera." - Robert Carlyle

"I grew up around horses, but acting and riding on camera is a whole different thing." - Emilia Clarke

"I realized the exciting place was behind the camera with the producer, director and so on." - Dino De Laurentiis

"I love Polaroids and I have a Polaroid camera collection from the '50s." - Jennifer Jason Leigh

"I believe in diversity in front of and behind the camera." - Don Lemon

"Saturate yourself with your subject and the camera will all but take you by the hand." - Margaret Bourkewhite

"Visual artists use drones to capture beautiful new images and camera angles." - Peter Diamandis

"I've always said Thomas Edison invented the movie camera to show people killing and kissing." - Quentin Tarantino

"I'm not an artist. I set the camera up and tell my story." - Tyler Perry

"It's a very long and difficult schedule on a single-camera show." - Martha Plimpton

"I'm always aware of the camera and it feels like that's the audience." - Alan Rickman

"We did very little improvisation on camera, and once in a while we did." - Peter Tork

"In front of the camera I look and I see visually what I've created." - Kim Weston

"The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and eventually in one's own." - Susan Sontag

"I play myself all the time, on camera and off. What else can I do?" - Harry Dean Stanton

"For me, being in front of the camera and training go hand in hand." - Kiana Tom

"It ain't the picture and it ain't the camera - it's the operator." - Simon Travaglia

"All I need is a camera and I'll make things happen." - Keenen Ivory Wayans

"By nature, I am a low-key person and like being behind the camera." - Rohit Shetty

"You know, the Chinese don't like to be photographed because they believe that a part of their life is being taken away by the photographer. And in a way, they're right. The photographer is trying to get the prettiest moment of a life in his camera." - Bert Stern

"I have always avoided photographing in the studio. A woman does not spend her life sitting or standing in front of a seamless white paper background. Although it makes my life more complicated, I prefer to take my camera out into the street... and places that are out of bounds for photographers have always had a special attraction for me." - Helmut Newton

"If in all ideology men and their circumstances appear upside-down as in a camera obscura, this phenomenon arises just as much from their historical life-process as the inversion of objects on the retina does from the physical life-process." - Friedrich Engels

"Photography is inextricably linked with life; the photographer is not invisibly behind the camera but projecting a life-attitude through the lens to create an interference pattern with the image. Who he is, what he believes, not only becomes important to know intellectually, but also becomes revealed emotionally and visibly through a body of work." - Bill Jay

"I had prepared myself for the second half of my life [to be] filled with other passions that don't include being in front of the camera. And then all of a sudden I got more work and more work and more work. And I went, "Well maybe things have shifted." And I think they have." - Sandra Bullock

"In the age of camera phones and screenshots and Twitter.... At the end of the day, I want to share my life with somebody, you know? I want picture albums. I want to look back at our time together. And I also want kids. And if you want kids, then you want marriage." - Joe Manganiello

"Everyone pretends to be normal and be your best friend, but underneath, everyone is living some other life you don't know about, and if only we had a camera on us at all times, we could go and watch each other's tapes and find out what each of us was really like." - James Franco

"I live in Nashville, and I love to sing. When I'm on stage, I feel like a performer for sure. I know people are looking at me and taking pictures and singing along, and that part's wonderful, but I do live in Nashville. I live the most boring life away from what you see me on camera doing." - Carrie Underwood

"When I was nine, I asked my Dad, 'Can I have your movie camera? That old, wind-up 8-millimeter movie camera that's in your drawer?' And he goes, 'Sure, take it.' And I took it, and I started making movies with it, and I started being as creative as I could, and never once in my life did my parents ever say, ' What you're doing is a waste of time.' Never..... I know there are kids out there that don't have that support system. So, if you're out there and you're listening, listen to me: If you wanna be creative, get out there and do it. It's not a waste of time." - Michael Giacchino

"When I was nine, I asked my Dad, "Can I have your movie camera? That old, wind-up 8-millimeter movie camera that's in your drawer?" And he goes, "Sure, take it." And I took it, and I started making movies with it, and I started being as creative as I could, and never once in my life did my parents ever say, " What you're doing is a waste of time." Never..... I know there are kids out there that do' have that support system. So, if you're out there and you're listening, listen to me: If you wanna be creative, get out there and do it. It's not a waste of time." - Michael Giacchino

"If I had not lived the life I had lived and did not have the wife I have and the children I have, I would never know how to play that role [Dr. Bedsloe], and I wouldn't have any of those qualities. It's a real example of how it is true that the camera catches everything. Even the stuff you're trying to hide." - Kurt Fuller

"I used a video camera, and shot on film cameras at school and stuff, but I had a lot more training as a writer. I kind of live like a writer. I get up and I write. I've done that my whole life." - Noah Baumbach

"I think subconsciously you wanted to "fit in" to the TV and film world and unfortunately that meant being petite and skinny. The camera does add 10 pounds. It does affect your idea of normal. Essentially, though, my body-image issues weren't down to the industry alone. These were ideas I had from little events along the way of life." - Danielle Tabor

"When I was younger, I read a book by Frank Barnaby, this wonderful nuclear physicist - he said that media had a responsibility, that all sectors of society had a responsibility to try and progress things and move things forward. And that fascinated me, because I'd been messing around with a camera most of my life." - Jeremy Gilley

"Neither camera, nor lens, nor film determine the quality of pictures; it is the visual perception of the man behind the mechanism which brings them to life. Art contains the allied ideas of making and begetting, of being master of one's craft and able to create. Without these properties no art exists and no photographic art can come into being" - Helmut Gernsheim

"It's always kind of a bit rough having a camera crew documenting your life. And then you just kind of forget that they're there and you get into the flow of things. And away you go. Everything is real, so there's no performing involved. It's just a matter of a comfort level." - Dean McDermott



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