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Cameo Quotes


"I thought I was terrible [to play a cameo] and decided never to act again." - Paul Auster

"Lying at the heart of this ridiculous cameo of modern summitry is nuclear's fundamental problem." - Bernard Ingham

"Yeah, I did a cameo in an upcoming movie called Constantine." - Matthew Mcgrory

"I'm like John Wayne. I only play good guys. Describing his cameo role on a TV series." - Oliver North

"I have a cameo in every movie. In '50/50,' I'm in the back of the bus." - Jonathan Levine

"I want to be in 'Glee', but I'm told I'm not famous enough to be a cameo yet." - Carey Mulligan

"I want to be in 'Glee,' but I'm told I'm not famous enough to be a cameo yet." - Carey Mulligan

"My life isn't interesting! It's my mom. You need to write her life and put me in it. I'm a cameo in her life." - Carl Lewis

"I was just starting out acting [doing "Airplane"] and wanted to be taken as a professional, not as an athlete doing a cameo." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"After you've read a novel, you only retain a vague memory of its contents. You remember the atmosphere, the odd image or phrase or vivid cameo." - Arthur Smith

"The only time I go on the set is when I have a cameo to do in the picture. I go to the set and I do my little cameo and I meet all the people. It's a great way to spend the day. And then I go back to my own world." - Stan Lee

"You know that was much more of a kind of cameo, I love the movie, I love the story, I love Johnny as a fun little role but it was more of a cameo, not anywhere near as developed as this role." - Oliver Platt

"With Scary Movie 4 I couldn't say no because I loved being in the first one and even though it is a cameo, it's so worth it because it is so much fun to do." - Carmen Electra

"In one of the scenes [in the Ordinary World], you can see a little cameo of my son, who's in the party. You've just gotta bring it all back home." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"I've seen [Trump] appear in a film or a TV show cameo or the tabloids, and he's a grotesquely distasteful human being and always has been, always made me want to take a shower." - Joss Whedon

"Perhaps would have made a more timely cameo in New Orleans had a Chevron tanker caught fire. Jane Crow seems to be just as willing as old Jim was." - Larisa Alexandrovna

"I was going to have Brian La Croix do a cameo on Degrassi. But, unfortunately, the scheduling didn't work out. When I was in Toronto, they weren't shooting. To me, that would've been a pretty crazy meta experience." - Nick Kroll

"I teach a lot - I teach at the UCLA and USC graduate film programs - and a lot of those projects are my students' projects that I act in or I do a cameo." - James Franco

"I got my feet wet in a couple of shows. I did a cameo on my favorite show, 'The Vampire Diaries.' And I guest starred on a show called 'Kickin' It' on Disney." - Gabby Douglas

"The idea was to make a movie ourselves with everyone playing a cameo role. Preferably before we all go, 'cos poor old Charlie Wilson was murdered, and of course Buster has gone." - Ronald Biggs

"I'm going to have to call up Spike Lee. I did a cameo for him in 'Malcolm X,' and I'm trying to get him to do my life story and the history of the Black Panther Party." - Bobby Seale

"I'm very serious about becoming a dramatic actor. I don't want to play cameo parts walking on as Carl Lewis the athlete. I want to go on stage or screen and be taken seriously." - Carl Lewis

"Acting was definitely half of what I loved about storytelling and about theater. So, when I get a chance to do a cameo in a show or do a movie, it's a lot of fun and it's always great stepping outside of yourself and either playing a bizarro version of yourself or playing a character." - Josh Groban

"A rap pro, do a show, good to go, also Cameo afro, Virgo, domino, I go Rambo, Gigolo, Romeo, Friday night spend money on a, To get a good night's sleep, I'm keeping in step. Now do I come off? Yep." - Big Daddy Kane

"It was great having them around and I have to say pretty weird seeing them all grown up! Plus we have Jeremy Piven; and Ricky Gervais agreed to be in it and Antonio Banderas has a cameo in and that's a testament to Robert. He's such a good director and such a good guy. He gets everybody, because everyone wants to work with him." - Joel Mchale

"At dawn, a railwaywoman On a country platform whirls on the end of a chain An irrelevant key, while a young guard makes to wipe A crumb from her lapel; and see, she smiles A permissory smile you take in from your corner seat: A cameo of unrehearsed perfection." - Alan Brownjohn

"California club pop chirper Dev's debut is as stark as it is sweet. This is owed partly to the casually giddy lightness of her talk-singing - familiar from her slizzered 2010 cameo on Far East Movement's smash 'Like a G6,' and around-the way-girl frisky like 1980s Latin freestyle." - Chuck Eddy

"Generally, if a good script comes in I read it, and if it appeals to me, it appeals to me. And it doesn't have to be anything - it doesn't have to be the main character, it doesn't have to be a huge part. It could be a nice cameo - anything that I think is good and surrounded by good, enthusiastic people." - Alison Doody

"I couldn't have left my career as an actor on a better note than to have done a cameo in the Lost In Space movie. Doing this part is the highlight of my career. What a way to leave the profession!" - Mark Goddard

"There's a certain way you stand to give yourself authority, which gives you the texture for the part. I chose that my character hadn't been married, he'd worked his way up the chain of command. For a small cameo role, I gave it a lot of thought." - Mark Goddard

"The fictional world seems larger, seems to have more dimension and richness when, for example, the protagonist from one novel you've read has a cameo role in another. I think that recognition is a very, very powerful phenomenon; it is one of the deepest and greatest pleasures of reading." - Paul Harding

"'The Movie' is something that I made with some friends of mine in L.A. My friend, Luke Eberl, is the filmmaker. He shot this movie and asked a bunch of his friends to be involved with it. I just saw him the other day and there is no money to finish the film. But, you know, I literally have a cameo in it." - Olivia Thirlby

"I have an enduring, very robust infatuation with dictators. I have an infatuation with Stalin, Mao, and Mussolini. In the Paris Review interview I did (in 2013), I said my next book, this one, was going to be about Mussolini. I wound up only having a Mussolini cameo in the book." - Mark Leyner

"As an actor, I never really had a strategy. I just take projects, as they come. It all comes down to the writing, at the end of the day, for me. I don't care if it's a two-line cameo or the lead of the thing, as long as the project has some weight behind the writing and it's interesting and I think people will enjoy it." - Chris Vance

"The Rising was mainly a piece of streat theatre designed by poets for dramatic effect. For better or worse, it became part of the founding myth which states need - but which they should move on from after a time. Major John MacBride, in a cameo performance in which he left Jacobs Mill, as he had entered it, immaculately dressed down to the white spats, told his colleagues Next time lads, don't shut yourself up behind four walls. It was good advice." - Maurice Hayes

"The first person I ever described the film [The Neon Demon] to was Christina Hendricks [who has a cameo in the movie]. We were having dinner in LA and she asked me what I wanted to do next and I said, "I want to do a horror movie." And she goes, "What's it going to be about?" And I said, "A lot of blood and high heels."" - Nicolas Winding Refn

"Whether it's one scene or 15 scenes in a film, whether it's the lead or a cameo part, if I don't find it interesting, I tend not to do it. You never really know what it is. It could be a one-scene part. I remember I read the one scene in Crash and was asked to do it. I was like, "Absolutely!" There's no formula for how something has to be. I always try to keep it that way." - William Fichtner

"I've seen [Donald Trump] appear in a film or a TV show cameo or the tabloids, and he's a grotesquely distasteful human being and always has been, always made me want to take a shower. But other people fell in love with him as a reality star. So does that mean that the entertainment industry is doing something wrong? I think reality TV answered that question a long time ago: Yes, it's doing something terribly wrong. But there's some great reality TV, and I'm not bagging on it completely." - Joss Whedon

"Any music star would be singing about his lost love. A movie would be about a relatable incident; it wasn't an untouchable magic dragon box. It was something that people could relate to, and when I vanished a girl, it would be a story about a girl that left me, or a cutting into pieces would be a date with a magician. I wouldn't just vanish a girl in a shower, I would do the shower scene from Psycho [1960] with a [Alfred] Hitchcock cameo." - Judd Apatow

"How this feels is I'm just another task in God's daily planner: The Renaissance pencilled in for right after the Dark Ages. The Information Age is scheduled immediately after the Industrial Revolution. Then the Post-Modern Era, then The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Famine. Check. Pestilence. Check. War. Check. Death. Check. And between the big events, the earthquakes and tidal waves, God's got me squeezed in for a cameo appearance. Then maybe in thirty years, or maybe next year, God's daily planner has me finished." - Chuck Palahniuk

"I wanted my friends in the video because to leave a hard place, you need the support of your loved ones. My friends have always done that for me. I had my best girlfriends there, my brother, my guy friends who are like brothers to me and my team who's had my back through my journey. My lead guy was a good friend of mine and a talented artist named Quincy. He's such a cool guy and I felt he would be perfect for the video along with a cameo from Don Benjamin," - Jasmine V