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Camden Quotes


"Camden was originally an accident, but I shall never be sorry I was left over in Camden. It has brought me blessed returns." - Walt Whitman

"My parents are from Manchester but I was brought up in London, Camden Town." - Sadie Frost

"Philadelphia merely seems dull because it's next to exciting Camden, New Jersey." - Robert Anton Wilson

"I've been treated there (Camden Yards in Baltimore) just like everywhere else: you got everyone booing for you. I take that as a compliment." - Albert Belle

"Is Coors Field a good park to hit in? Yeah. So are Wrigley Field and Camden Yards. I didn't design Coors Field-I just play there." - Todd Helton

"My father had a country store and then later, when I was 10 or 12, sold it and bought a farm equipment dealership in nearby Camden." - Jeff Sessions

"Five hours' New York jet lag and Cayce Pollard wakes in Camden Town to the dire and ever-circling wolves of disrupted circadian rhythm." - William Gibson

"I love music, particularly Radiohead, TV on the Radio, The XX and Tribes - they're a great new band from Camden and well worth a look at." - Luke Treadaway

"There's a high school in Camden, New Jersey, I call the Jill Scott School. It's the Camden Creative Arts High School. Those teachers and kids are so passionate about what they do, and 98 percent of the senior class went on to college." - Jill Scott

"I felt like I was homeless anyway, so the change in environment wasn't that much of a big deal. I felt pretty much the same. After six months of living on the streets [in Camden], I started singing, busking." - Benjamin Clementine

"His opinion of verses. That he wrote all his first in prose, for so his master Camden had learned him. That verses stood by sense without either colours or accent; which yet other times he denied." - Ben Jonson

"I've no grand designs to conquer the music industry, but I'd love to be able to tell my mates that I'm playing in a pub in Camden one night." - Luke Treadaway

"I was working in Camden Lock market from the age of 13 to 16, and people often suggested that I should be a model. I knew a girl working on a stall who was with Take Two model agency, so I decided to go along, and they took me on." - Saffron Aldridge

"I might be in an airport, late or angry with a ticket person, and I'm going to sort of check myself, because part of me is seen as Eric Camden. We all need as much help as we can get. It's a role model to me as much as to anybody else." - Stephen Collins

"I have to say I love Dempsey's Brew Pub & Restaurant. It's gorgeous with that Camden Yard brick surrounding it, and it just screams Baltimore. I love the Black and Orange Burger that is topped with fresh orange bell peppers, caramelized onions and sharp cheddar cheese." - Johnathon Schaech

"Clothes are my drug. I love Camden market - I have so many vintage pieces from there it's unbelievable. Clothes are really important to me, they give me that feeling of happiness. I love being a bit free with it all and not giving myself rules." - Kaya Scodelario