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Calling People Quotes


"Calling people 'sweetheart' makes most people enraged." - Amy Poehler

"Leadership is about calling people to do things beyond themselves." - David Gergen

"What we do is a calling...we make people happy" - Joan Rivers

"Too many people write books as a calling card." - Simon Sinek

"People don't choose their calling, it chooses them." - Richard Leider

"I was the one who was always calling people." - Nancy Reagan

"Cynicism is the calling card of unhappy people." - Iimani David

"Germany calling! Germany Calling!" - William Joyce

"The physician's highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy - to heal, as it is termed." - Samuel Hahnemann

"If we stopped calling it profiling and started calling it "proactive intelligence screening" or "high alert detecting", people would be saying "Well, it's about time"." - Bill Maher

"Calling noise a nuisance is like calling smog an inconvenience. Noise must be considered a hazard to the health of people everywhere." - William H. Stewart

"You've heard of people calling in sick. You may have called in sick a few times yourself. But have you ever thought about calling in well" - Tom Robbins

"People with the strongest and healthiest sense of calling are not obsessed with their calling. They are preoccupied with the Caller." - John Ortberg

"I feel everyone is put here for a reason. Everyone has a calling. I always thought my real calling was to help other people." - Janet Jackson

"What people don't understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat; it's not a nice feeling." - Kendall Jenner

"When a lot of people are calling you crazy: you're either crazy, or you're onto something." - Scott Belsky

"If people aren't calling you crazy, you aren't thinking big enough." - Richard Branson

"People have been calling us, guys on other teams, a few of the other Twins" - Matthew LeCroy

"Calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people." - Russell Lynes

"Kindness is a calling. Caring about people is powerful. Love changes lives." - Rachel Hamilton

"So does being cool mean you get to go around calling other people names?" - James Howe

"Transform your employees into passionate disciples. Teach. Create apostles. Give people a calling, not a job." - Michael J. Silverstein

"I am calling for common sense gun safety measures to protect people." - Hillary Clinton

"I'm going to focus on people and what they need, not on name calling between politicians." - Charles Schumer

"In L.A., though, people get off busses calling themselves actors, so many are really not professionals." - John Ratzenberger

"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." - Harvey S Firestone

"You have a song, and people know it. It's like a calling card for you." - Steve Forbert

"The role of the teacher remains the highest calling of a free people." - Shirley Hufstedler

"I have been up to my head just with calling people, I call about 50 to 100 people a day." - Richard Simmons

"No one in my circle calls me 'Travis.' Even my family, at a young age started calling me 'Travie.' So I want people to feel comfortable calling me 'Travie.' It's almost like inviting people in." - Travie Mccoy

"Patriotism threatens free speech with death. It is infuriated by thoughtful hesitation, constructive criticism of our leaders and pleas for peace. It despises people of foreign birth. It has specifically blamed homosexuals, feminists and the American Civil Liberties Union. In other words, the American flag stands for intimidation, censorship, violence, bigotry, sexism, homophobia and shoving the Constitution through a paper shredder. Whom are we calling terrorists here?" - Barbara Kingsolver

"In every village there will arise a miscreant to establish the most grinding tyranny by calling himself the people." - Robert Peel

"They [Republicans] say, 'You're too conservative.' Was Thomas Jefferson too conservative? I'm tired of some people calling me wacky." - Sharron Angle

"People are always calling me a mirror and if a mirror looks into a mirror, what is there to see?" - Andy Warhol

"Given my calling I had to stumble across people who felt the same way. I was a young reporter." - Hunter S Thompson

"For strangers, what I get a lot is people calling me the opposite of what I am." - Brad Williams

"We're calling for that bailout for young people in order to jumpstart the economy of our future." - Jill Stein

"When people call me illegal, calling me illegal says more about you than it does about me." - Jose Antonio Vargas

"They say, 'You're too conservative.' Was Thomas Jefferson too conservative? I'm tired of some people calling me wacky." - Sharron Angle

"I mean, I think everybody realizes that calling people racist is a waste of time; nobody buys it anymore." - Bernard Goldberg

"Calling out people for not voting, what experts term 'public shaming,' can prod someone to cast a ballot." - Charles Duhigg

"I try to stay away from calling people nerds or whatever, because I've got my own fetishes and interests." - Kyle Kinane

"Why is everyone calling me Consort?" "Jim designated you as Consort in official papers. You don't want to be called Mate, calling you Alpha is confusing, and 'Beast Lady' makes people laugh." - Ilona Andrews

"And God is always calling me to open myself to all kinds of people that I've never thought about before and also calling me on this inward spiritual journey." - Gene Robinson

"Stop calling me communist. Stop calling the rest of us communists. You`ve got to stand up for what you believe should be the American government`s spirit, not what you`re just attacking people`s credibility." - Chris Matthews

"If someone is calling for democracy, he is calling for an end of a dictatorship and if this is the will of the people, this could also mean overthrowing the regime." - Zainab al-Khawaja

"Lipgloss is my calling!" - Vanessa Hudgens

""His words moved people closer to God." I'd be happy if that's what people said about me at the end of the day. It's always been my calling." - Brian Bird

"You young people with your twittering and your creating of content. Or what is it - queefing? I don't know what you young people are calling it." - Janeane Garofalo

"It was really weird, when this thing started, to hear lawyers and MTV people calling me and actually saying 'ButtHead.' People tried to avoid it too." - Mike Judge

"When you write a high-tech thriller, and then people in the defense establishment start calling you - people I can't name - you feel you've hit a nerve." - Daniel Suarez

"People have the right to call themselves whatever they like. That doesn't bother me. It's other people doing the calling that bothers me." - Octavia Butler

"It's a terrible thing being a patriarch. I don't even have a gray beard. But people keep calling me up for advice." - Pete Seeger

"Most people don't form a self and then lead a life. They are called by a problem, and the self is constructed gradually by their calling." - David Brooks

"Let the farmer forevermore be honored in his calling; for they who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God." - Thomas Jefferson

"The five happiest people I have ever met all had this strange little quirk of referring to their jobs as a 'calling.'" - Eric Sevareid

"God, what is it like to be You and hear all those people all the time everywhere, begging, imploring, calling out for anything and anyone?" - Anne Rice

"A writer, or any artist, ca' expect to be embraced by the people [but] you just keep doing your work - because you have to, because it's your calling." - Patti Smith

"Tofu tacos are not Mexican. I think putting tofu on anything and calling it Mexican is an insult to my people." - Simone Elkeles

"Many people have been able to get pitch meetings by just cold calling, especially the smaller networks and especially with the reality shows." - Penelope Spheeris

"His name was George F. Babbitt, and . . . he was nimble in the calling of selling houses for more than people could afford to pay." - Sinclair Lewis

"A writer, or any artist, can't expect to be embraced by the people [but] you just keep doing your work - because you have to, because it's your calling." - Patti Smith

"Our calling is not only to pull people out of the river, but to go upstream to find out what or who is pushing them in." - Jim Wallis

"Marriage to me means unity, it means strength because I believe that both people can be stronger in their calling because of each other." - Rebecca St. James

"There is nothing more inspiring than having a mind unfold before you. Let people teach who have a calling. It is never just a job." - Abraham Kaplan

"When you share the gospel, you're not calling people to a better way of life, you're proclaiming to them eternal life." - Kevin Deyoung

"People love science and all it offers, but they also feel a calling in themselves to the sense of what's deeper." - Adam Frank

"Calling a trans person by their former name is referred to as "deadnaming" and is considered highly offensive to most trans people I know." - Steven Petrow

"I don't want them hip white people coming up to me and calling me no n - - or telling me n - - jokes. I don't like it." - Richard Pryor

"Take heart young people! Christ is calling you and the world awaits you! Remember the Kingdom of God needs your generous and complete dedication." - Pope John Paul Ii

"In Australia, everyone gets a nickname and people started calling me "Izzy" and I hated it so I just adopted Bella." - Bella Heathcote

"Former Governor [Jeb] Bush calling for an end all together of the Supplemental Nutrition Program, or what some people call food stamps program, as part of an overhaul." - Melissa Harris-Perry

"I try to use all aspects of media and my gifting and calling to help as many people as I can." - DeVon Franklin

"I think media are at their most interesting before anybody's thought of calling them art, when people still think they're just a load of junk." - Douglas Adams

"You take all the things that frighten you, and when you can get them to work for you all of sudden people are calling you a success." - Randy Bachman

"It's weird to have people just calling me Prince Charming in the street. It's a lot of pressure to walk around sometimes." - Josh Dallas

"I can't think of anything worse than calling Shakespeare 'highbrow,' because on the one hand, it's brilliant writing. But his plays were popular. People went to see them." - Timothy Dalton

"People say I am ruthless. I am not ruthless. And if I find the man who is calling me ruthless, I shall destroy him." - Robert Kennedy

"When you ignore what people are saying on a daily basis, calling for the annihilation of your country, you are ignoring them at your own risk." - Caroline Glick

"I thought people would think I only wanted to be an actor because my dad was, rather than because I had an innate calling." - Nina Conti

"I could announce one morning that the world was going to blow up in three hours and people would be calling in about my hair!" - Katie Couric

"I'm not sure who has the right to say that you have better taste than somebody else, because essentially what you're doing is calling millions of people morons." - Simon Cowell

"People are calling a lot, sending scripts my way. Yes, it's wonderful because, let's face it, there aren't many wonderful scripts for women over the age of 10." - Janet Mcteer

"I'm really normal. I play football, go to the beach, drive. We have dogs. I can imagine people calling me a character, but I'm Joe Straight." - River Phoenix

"It's going to be really weird when I'm 80 years old, in a walker, and people are still calling me America's sweetheart. We need a new one." - Mary Lou Retton

"People from New York have been calling, to see if I'm still alive. When I answer the phone, you can hear the disappointment in their voice." - Maurice Sendak

"When it comes to serious cuts to major programs like Medicaid, the American people are not calling for leadership but magic. They want cuts with no pain." - Juan Williams

"Only my phone number and email are private because I don't want random people calling me. But I like the ability to share everything." - Paul Buchheit

"The problem with at-home IQ tests is that too many people wouldn't understand the results. Calling customer service is a bad sign." - Iimani David

"Calling George Bush shallow is like calling a dwarf short." - Molly Ivins

"To call war the soil of courage and virtue is like calling debauchery the soil of love." - George Santayana

"The wild night is calling." - Van Morrison

"What I saw day-to-day is like people who are actually asking for freedom, calling for freedom - protesting, singing, chanting, calling for the removal of the regime - plain and simple. And of course there were clashes there because people, they tried to remove those protesters from Tahrir. And I was, like, doing my job as a doctor treating them." - Bassem Youssef

"When you create a business, you create something that improves the life of your customer, of another person, maybe of ten people, of a thousand people, of a million people. There's no higher calling." - Paul Zane Pilzer

"The minute the church and pastors start saying what do people want and then giving it to them, we betray our calling. We're called to have people follow Jesus. We're called to have people learn how to forgive their enemies." - Eugene H Peterson

"I'm constantly criticised for being too skinny. I'm trying to gain weight but my body won't let it happen. What people don't understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat, it's not a nice feeling." - Kendall Jenner

"The Buddha would not have liked people to call themselves Buddhist. To him that would have been a fundamental error because there are no fixed identities. He would have thought that someone calling himself a Buddhist has too much invested in calling himself a Buddhist." - Pankaj Mishra

"I'm constantly criticised for being too skinny. I'm trying to gain weight but my body wo' let it happen. What people do' understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat, it's not a nice feeling." - Kendall Jenner

"I think my favorite thing is when people send me Instagram photos of people's yearbooks, and one guy will put "Are you calling me a liar?," and his friend will have "I ain't calling you a truther." And those are people's actual yearbook quotes. That's so amazing." - Drake Bell

"You've heard of people calling in sick. You may have called in sick a few times yourself. But have you ever thought about calling in well? It'd go like this: You'd get the boss on the line and say, "Listen, I've been sick ever since I started working here, but today I'm well and I won't be in anymore." Call in well." - Tom Robbins

"The bus scares me. Way too many gross people on the bus. Sixty-five people on the bus and I was the last one on. I felt like calling Unsolved Mysteries. 'Yeah, I found everybody." - Kathleen Madigan

"What you've got is 30,000 people calling you an asshole.- Stone Cold Steve Austin What I've got is 30,000 people I couldn't care less if they lived or died." - Triple H

"If we all discovered that we only had five minutes left to say all that we wanted to say, every telephone booth would be occupied by people calling other people to tell them that they loved them." - Christopher Morley

"I hate it when people say I'm not a true punk. I don't go around calling myself punk; I never have. That's what people need to know - it's not me saying that, it's the media. I'm a rocker." - Avril Lavigne

"The argument has been made in Congress that it is slippery slope if you allow therapeutic, what people people are calling therapeutic cloning, then you will get reproductive cloning." - David Baltimore

"If we discovered that we only had five minutes left to say all that we wanted to say, every telephone booth would be occupied by people calling other people to stammer that they loved them." - Christopher Morley

"I went to Africa without the perspective of a balance between teaching people the truth, which has been my calling, and helping people who have physical problems, like AIDS and orphans and hunger." - Bruce Wilkinson

"A grandmother's special calling is to pray and to be a fellow worker in the battle in which her children or her grandchildren are engaged." - Elisabeth Elliot

"The scholar's greatest weakness: calling procrastination research." - Stephen King

"Every calling is great when greatly pursued." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Apart from if Playboy come calling." - Michelle Bass

"Racing is a calling, a passion." - Janet Guthrie

"Acting is my calling, not my career." - Angela Bassett

"It's America calling the shots in everything" - Mikhail Gorbachev

"[Donald] Trump is obsessed with name calling." - Hillary Clinton

"Calling all dance music producers! I'm available." - Kristin Chenoweth

"We have started calling him grandfather." - Yuvraj Singh

"Writing is a calling, not a choice." - Isabel Allende

"Every calling is great when greatly pursued." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

"Medicine has always been my calling." - Mehmet Oz

"Every calling is great when greatly pursued." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

"The people who make it to the top - whether they're musicians, or great chefs, or corporate honchos - are addicted to their calling ... [they] are the ones who'd be doing whatever it is they love, even if they weren't being paid." - Quincy Jones

"You can cut the ties that bind but not without losing a part of yourself. You can walk away and hide from the people who made you, but you'll always hear them calling your name." - Lisa Unger

"To all my friends in Los Angeles: the Sultan of Brunei, owner of the Beverly Hills Hotel, has signed legislation calling for gay people to be stoned to death." - Cleve Jones

"Yoga means to bind back, unite. To bring the body and the soul together. For this reason the practice of yoga is a holy endeavor and the teaching of it to our people a very high calling." - Alice Walker

"Black people have this thing about calling themselves apes and monkeys I know they get real (whatever) and I don't blame em'. But I feel like I'm a brute. I am, but I'm smart though. I'm not a dummy." - Sean Price

"I'm tired of people calling me a devil worshipper. It's kind of pointless you know. Because if the Devil did exist, he'd be worshipping me, because I'm more successful than he is." - Marilyn Manson

"What the people out there are calling for is honesty which has been missing for quite some time now. We are tired of all the deceit and incompetence of this government." - Joseph Muscat

"Ascribing racial animus to people who are trying to safeguard democratic integrity is a crude yet effective political tactic that obscures the truth. But there's something even worse than name-calling: legal interference from Washington with valid laws." - Edwin Meese

"India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay." - Shashi Tharoor

"The history of God's people is not a record of God searching for courageous men and women who could handle the task, but God transforming the hearts of cowards and calling them to live courageous lives." - Erwin Mcmanus

"Astrology is framed by the devil, to the end people may be scared from entering into the state of matrimony, and from every divine and human office and calling." - Martin Luther

"Since Russia has the largest number of illegal immigrants, second only to the US, and immigrants from Central Asia bring in drugs, I'm calling for a visa requirement for all those wonderful people from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan." - Alexei Navalny

"[Calling you a] star is just a trick. It's like a straw man thing. They [people] set you up just to knock you over. It's bull. You avoid it, I avoid it." - David Crosby

"When we reduce the notion of "calling" to work inside the church, we fail to equip our people to apply their Christian faith to everything they do, everywhere they are." - Tullian Tchividjian

"What Lincoln did is he gathered people around him the way that I believe President Obama is doing by calling Republicans, talking to them, trying to work with them. And when that happens, big things get solved." - Ray LaHood

"Our political correct society is acting like some giant insult's taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards...There's going to be a retard summit at the White House." - Rush Limbaugh

"Fashion is about so much more than just a pretty pair of pumps or the perfect hemline. For so many people across the country, it is a calling, it is a career, and it's a way they feed their families." - Michelle Obama

"I mean, if we're regulating cigarettes and sex and cuss words, because of the effect they have on our younger generation, why aren't we regulating things like calling people fat?" - Jennifer Lawrence

"When we reduce the notion of "calling" to work inside the church, we fail to equip our people to apply their Christian faith to everything they do, everywhere they are." - Tullian Tchividjian

"People like definite decisions, / Tidy answers, all the little ravelings / Snipped off, the lint removed, they / Hop happily among their roughs / Calling what they can't clutch insanity / Or saintliness." - Gwendolyn Brooks

"What a great discrepancy there is between people and the results they achieve! It is due to the difference in their power of calling together all the rays of their ability, and concentrating them upon one point." - Orison Swett Marden

"Like me or not, I am the only one who has won the world's three most important leagues. So, maybe instead of the 'Special One', people should start calling me the 'Only One'." - Jose Mourinho

"Many times people think if God has called you to something, he's promising you success. He might be calling you to fail to prepare you for something else through the failure." - Timothy Keller

"The human experience of weakness is God's blueprint for calling attention to the supremacy of his Son. When miserably failing people continue to belong to, believe in, and worship Jesus, God is happy." - Michael Spencer

"People in LA seem to have no concept of the time outside of their city. I've been trained for thirty years in the film industry of having whether its agents, lawyers, actors, or whoever calling up all night." - Matthew Vaughn

"By the end of the 20th century, "liberals" had again discredited themselves, to the point where they went back to calling themselves "progressives" to escape their past, much as people do when they declare bankruptcy." - Thomas Sowell

"I am calling on all citizens with access to unreleased records pertaining to illegal, unconstitutional, or immoral government activities to return those records to their rightful owners, the American people." - Ryan Shapiro

"One of the reasons I'm not so keen on people calling me an "experimental" writer is that it suggests the work is about the experiment, when it's always the opposite - any "experimentation" is dictated by the material." - Steve Erickson

"I am grateful for the men and women who pastor, who lead in churches across our country. Ultimately, their role of loving people and seeing hearts changed is probably the greatest calling." - Steve Daines



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