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California Beach Quotes


"I move between San Francisco and Paris... I have a wonderful beach house in California." - Danielle Steel

"I remain California-bound" - Ronald Reagan

"I love living in California and being able to go to the beach or go to the woods." - Tracy Chapman

"California is an unbelievable state." - Drew Barrymore

"I'm taking my talents to South Beach." - Lebron James

"Once a day, take some 'Beach Time.'" - Mireille Guiliano

"I like to take long naps. I like long walks on the beach. The perfect day is back home, California, going to the beach with a couple of friends, laying out in the sunshine, get a nice bronze." - Keaton Stromberg

"I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, and the whole lifestyle revolves around the beach. My parents met surfing, and the beach was a major part of our daily lives." - Marisa Miller

"I grew up in the Midwest, quite far from any ocean or any beach, a million miles. I think for kids who grew up where I did, the idea of California, surfing and beach life was so exotic and glamorous." - John Malkovich

"Myths that need clarification: "Everyone in California lives on a white, sandy beach." False. The only people who live on California beaches are vacationers from Arizona, Utah, and Nevada who own condos." - Erma Bombeck

"I have two houses in California, and they're both within a couple of minutes from the beach. So, I definitely feel at home in California and by the ocean." - Marisa Miller

"The underground is not a place but a way of life. You can be underground most anywhere, from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Hermosa Beach, California." - Bryan Burrough

"I think my best memories are when I go home to California and I get play beach volleyball with my friends from home." - Gigi Hadid

"I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. I was very athletic, playing volleyball and softball. I did gymnastics for about ten years, too." - Jasmine Tookes

"Hate California-it's cold and it's damp." - Lorenz Hart

"I love California. I love Hollywood." - Dwight Henry

"In California, especially Northern California, the fans really cheer for me." - Jeff Gordon

"My life is like a stroll upon the beach." - Henry David Thoreau

"On the beach, you can live in bliss." - Dennis Wilson

"Life is a beach, and these hoes try'na lay out" - Lil Wayne

"At the beach - time you enjoyed wasting, is not wasted." - T S Eliot

"Love the sea? I dote upon it - from the beach." - Douglas Jerrold

"Independence, like honor, is a rocky island, without a beach." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"I love walks, hiking, exploring and being on the beach." - Ireland Baldwin

"The beach is in our blood. Everyone in our family returns to the beach instinctively, just like the sea turtles." - Sandy Archibald

"In my beach shack, we'll be alone. In my beach shack, I'll make you feel at home." - Elvis Presley

"These people, as far as I can see, do not congregate in the notorious centers of the movement, like the North Beach in San Francisco or Greenwich Village, or Venice, California." - Alan Watts

"In Huntington Beach, California, three police instructors lost their jobs after ordering two cadets who were caught smoking to eat cigarette sandwiches as punishment. And of course the tobacco companies are thinking, 'Cigarette sandwiches - what a great idea." - Jay Leno

"I grew up in Southern California so I was always at the beach and outdoors. I remember my dad laying around the pool baking; he was practically George Hamilton." - C. J. Wilson

"The percentage of gays is the same, probably, as anywhere. Most bodybuilders are straight, regular street guys, though a lot aren't serious. Many in California are punks, beach bums just lying around in the sun and maybe collecting unemployment." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"In fall 1967, I was given leave of absence by the National Public Affairs Research Foundation to move to Redondo Beach, California, to work on a short-term research contract with TRW." - Preston Manning

"In California, I do like to just chill out and go to the beach, but I love the energy here. I feel very productive when I'm in New York." - Ashley Greene

"I was born in Orange, California and I grew up in Huntington Beach. I started skateboarding when I was five and continued to do so off and on over the years." - Jason Lee

"I do get credit for having a California sound to my music, but I don't think people really know what that means - they think the Beach Boys. I'm thinking more like Sunset Strip in the 1960s and stuff like that." - Ariel Pink

"There are not many places in the world where you can get to the beach in an hour, the desert in two hours and snowboarding or skiing in three hours. You can do all that in California." - Alex Pettyfer

"It's funny, but when I arrived in California to start college I was much more interested in becoming a surfer and cruise along in life from one beach to the next. I didn't plan out any huge career for myself." - Benicio Del Toro

"California is choosing between the lesser of, uh, 300 evils." - Jon Stewart

"I hear the weed is really strong in California..." - Saul Williams

"I wish they all could be California girls." - Brian Wilson

"For me, California is all about rest, relaxation, space." - Karen O

"Whatever starts in California unfortunately has an inclination to spread." - Jimmy Carter

"I'm from California, and still live in LA." - Teena Marie

"I went to college for about a year in California." - Seann William Scott

"I grew up in an area of a lot of growth, in Orange County, California, and spent most of my youth on the beach. I had witnessed the degradation of our Back Bay and the increased number of closed beach days over the years." - Aaron Peirsol

"For the women in California, they're just downtrodden because they're so gorgeous here. Every hot cheerleader comes to California to make it. The men don't want to get married, they're lazy lions. Matthew McConaughey is their poster boy so they can procreate and live on the beach in the trailer and have kids and have money and be hedonistic." - Patti Stanger

"The writer loves the fog as it pours in; he loves the sun when the fog pours out. The rest of California is Beach Boys country, but San Francisco has that moody thing going on, those blues notes wrapped in moisture, an atmosphere that tempers California dreaming and makes life more real. The fog brings reality, but it is still a California reality, one spent outdoors the whole year round." - Eric Maisel

"I enjoyed growing up part of my life in Virginia Beach. We had the ocean and the beach and a beautiful landscape." - Mark Ruffalo

"How pleasant to sit on the beach, On the beach, on the sand, in the sun, With ocean galore within reach, And nothing at all to be done!" - Ogden Nash

"I know there are California oranges and Florida oranges. When I'm in Florida, I like Florida oranges. Today, I think California oranges are the best, of course." - Bob Dole

"I was raised in the West. The west of Texas. It's pretty close to California. In more ways than Washington, D.C., is close to California." - George W Bush

"Actually, the University of California says they may start a marijuana research center. Really? I thought the University of California was a marijuana research center." - Jay Leno

"I look my best when I'm totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach" - Rosamund Pike

"She's a sun-kissed beach girl who goes gothgrungepunkhippierockeremocoremetalfreakfashionistabraingeekboycrazyhiphoprastagirl to keep it under wraps." - Jandy Nelson

"One beach-colored. One brown. One Loved. One Loved a Little Less." - Arundhati Roy

"Life is like a beach chair when you can afford one" - Joe Budden

"There's a sweet nirvana, Stirring on a jazzy, North Beach night" - William Henry Irwin

"You said in that moment on the beach you were entirely happy." - Martin Firrell

"You wouldn't want Alan Greenspan to write the instructions for assembling a beach chair." - Robert Orben

"Rich Palm Beach clients all wanted the same kind of different thing." - Billy Baldwin

"I played at the Sainte Maxime Beach Soccer Tournament, which was brilliant fun as usual." - David Ginola

"My actinic keratosis is a result of the triumphalism of the beach. The sun exacerbates it." - John Updike

"My favourite city is Miami. It's very fresh and the beach is sunny." - Liu Wen

"I remember thinking that walking on the beach as a free man is pretty desirable." - Pierre Trudeau

"I don't know a lot of guys who started out as a hard rock and roller with a white stripe in their hair. Suddenly I do a TV movie and I wake up the next day and I'm a teen idol, like I'd laid on a beach in California all my life waiting for that to happen." - Rex Smith

"In these fast and fickle times, it's nice to know that there are some things you can always count on: the enduring brilliance of the last page of The Great Gatsby; the near-religious harmonies of the Beach Boys" "California Girls"; and the lifelong friendship of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck." - Sarah Vowell

"When I was three and Bailey was four, we had arrived in the musty little town, wearing tags on our wrists which instructed - "To Whom It May Concern" - that we were Marguerite and Bailey Johnson Jr., from Long Beach, California, en route to Stamps, Arkansas, c/o Mrs. Annie Henderson." - Maya Angelou

""Beach." It's a very loose term now. Pretty widely used term. And that's awesome, but I guess my California experience is different from a lot of people's interpretations, and I think maybe I just wanted to put my spin on it." - Ty Segall

"I was fortunate to start the sport at a young age. I was 6 years old when my dad started teaching me. We started playing tournaments together when I was 11, in the lower ranking of beach volleyball in California. We weren't playing against kids; we played against grown men, so immediately, I had to raise my game to compete." - Karch Kiraly

"In these fast and fickle times, it's nice to know that there are some things you can always count on: the enduring brilliance of the last page of The Great Gatsby; the near-religious harmonies of the Beach Boys' California Girls ; and the lifelong friendship of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck." - Sarah Vowell

"Here's an uplifting story. Congratulations to the Little League team from Huntington Beach, California. Yeah, they beat Japan to win the Little League World Series. That's pretty good. See, that proves that when math and science aren't involved, our kids can beat anybody." - Jay Leno

"When I was eight, I would look at the cover of the 'Ghost Rider' comic book in my little home in Long Beach, California, and I couldn't get my head around how something that scary could also be good. To me it was my first philosophical awakening - 'How is this possible, this duality?'" - Nicolas Cage

"In these fast and fickle times, it's nice to know that there are some things you can always count on: the enduring brilliance of the last page of The Great Gatsby; the near-religious harmonies of the Beach Boys' "California Girls"; and the lifelong friendship of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck." - Sarah Vowell

"California has all the beauties of youth as well as its idiocies and vices ..." - Gertrude Atherton

"California is a place where they shoot too many pictures and not enough actors." - Walter Winchell

"California is the most reactionary state in America. Fascist sentiments are very strong here." - Ilya Ilf

"California can and does furnish the best bad things that are obtainable in America." - Hinton Rowan Helper

"Among many U. S. wine consumers, California holds a strong position." - Pete Rose

"In Massachusetts they [Democratic politicians] steal, in California they feud, and in New York they lie." - Robert Kennedy

"We have to make sure everyone in California has a great job. A fantastic job!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Lancaster, California ... that promised land sometimes called 'the west coast of Iowa." - Joan Didion

"Welcome to Anaheim, California, my fellow broken-down, washed-up wrestler." - Mick Foley

"We have seen the Democrat solution to an energy crisis; it's called California." - J C Watts

"In California, thieves have three choices: They can go to prison, Sacramento, or Washington D.C." - Burt Prelutsky

"California: Sunny nutland." - Edwin Diamond

"It's a really good time for California right now in music." - G-Eazy

"California had its first medical marijuana job fair. Over 2 million people meant to show up." - Conan O'Brien

"I'll write about California someday, I imagine, but I don't know when." - Tom Barbash

"Nothing wrong with Southern California that a rise in the ocean wouldn't cure." - Ross Macdonald

"California can and does furnish the best bad things that are obtainable in America." - Hinton R. Helper

"They turned the country up on its side, and everything loose fell into California." - Anonymous

"[After being defeated in the California Senate primary:] The people have spoke-the bastards." - Dick Tuck

"There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California." - Edward Abbey

"Best way to live in California is to be from somewheres else." - Cormac Mccarthy

"My career in racing started at a very young age in California." - Jeff Gordon

"I'm meant for California." - Lauren Conrad

"My mom was born in San Diego, around Vista. So we've always been California people." - Gracie Gold

"All scenery in California requires distance to give it its highest charm." - Mark Twain

"California, in a sense, is almost Starbucks' largest country, with almost 3,000 stores." - Howard Schultz

"I've enjoyed my time in the American League, the fans of Southern California and other friendships." - Joe Torre

"In California, they don't throw their garbage away - they make it into TV shows." - Woody Allen

"When I was growing up, I didn't know there was a world outside of California." - Willie Aames

"Each time that I have two or three days off, I'm off somewhere in California." - Lizzie Brochere

"I'm eternally grateful to the penal system in California for saving my life." - Frank Morgan

"Hollywood is a place where some people lie on the beach and look up at the stars, whereas other people lie on the stars and look down at the beach." - Noel Coward

"It seems that half the point of being in Miami Beach - particularly the northern end of South Beach - is to be observed by people-watchers like me, and the display along Ocean Drive during my visit was, as always, sublime." - Susan Orlean

"I couldn't live in L.A. and not be close to the beach, you know, that's like the whole thing. I don't understand people who don't live by the beach. Why would you not?" - Mayer Hawthorne

"At Mach 20, we can fly from New York to Long Beach in 11 minutes and 20 seconds." - Regina E. Dugan

"It's not enough to be numbered with the grains of sand on the beach and the stars in the sky." - Chuck Palahniuk

"To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me." - Isaac Newton

"I grew up on the beach. It was such a luxury to wake up to the sun and the ocean." - Gemma Ward

"Men are polished, through act and speech, Each by each, As pebbles are smoothed on the rolling beach." - John Townsend Trowbridge

"Beach is a place where a man can feel he's the only soul in the world that's real." - Pete Townshend

"What we know is to what we do not know, as a grain of sand is to the beach." - Ivan Panin

"Yet, still, from either beach, The voice of blood shall reach, More audible than speech, We are one!" - Washington Allston

"At a certain point memory becomes a beach strewn with landmines, all life's many losses buried in those sands." - Thomas H. Cook

"Having colleagues nearby, whether at the beach or in a crypt, means the ideas are always flowing" - Richard Branson

"Honor is like an island, rugged and without a beach; once we have left it, we can never return." - Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux

"If a woman can go to the beach and wear nothing, then why can't she also wear everything?" - Malala Yousafzai

"I want the cheesy dates at the movies, the stupid walks at the beach and sharing straws in a cup" - Tyler The Creator

"To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me" - Isaac Newton

"When I go to a nude beach, I always take a ruler, just in case I have to prove something." - Rodney Dangerfield

"I love Florida. I love the beach. I love the sound of the crashing surfers against the rocks." - Emo Philips

"No flip flops for black dudes. I do' care where you at. Wear some hot ass Jordans on the beach." - Kanye West

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." - Woody Hayes

"Sometimes I just stand on the beach and look at the water, and Cuba feels so close it's unbelievable." - Jose Contreras

"From an endless beach of reality, we take a grain of sand and call it the world." - Robert M Pirsig

"If airline seat cushions are such great flotation devices, why don't you ever see anyone take one to the beach?" - Jerry Seinfeld

"I hate the beach. I hate the sun. I'm pale and I'm redheaded. I don't tan-I stroke." - Woody Allen

"If you want to win her hand, Let the maiden understand That she's not the only pebble on the beach." - Harry Braisted

"Against the outcrop boulders of a raised beach We built our house when I and my love were young." - Robinson Jeffers

"Most people associate reading with laying on the beach. They don't see that it's crucial for a democracy!" - David Baldacci

"I'm such an L.A. boy, I love hanging out by the beach and throwing some steaks on the grill." - Eric Balfour

"When I'm not acting, I'm at the beach. I like to spend a lot of time in the water, surfing." - Brenton Thwaites

"I'm not a beach person." - Theophilus London

"...every once in a while it seems like the cosmos part and something great plops into your lap, that's how it was with "Hotel California".. a leased beach house in Malibu ... all the doors wide open on a spectacular July day probably in 1975 ... soaking wet ... thinking the world is a wonderful place to be... with an acoustic 12 string ... those chords just oozed out." - Don Felder

"I grew up in a utopia, I did. California when I was a child was a child's paradise, I was healthy, well fed, well clothed, well housed. I went to school and there were libraries with all the world in them and after school I played in orange groves and in Little League and in the band and down at the beach and every day was an adventure. . . . I grew up in utopia." - Kim Stanley Robinson

"California love! California-knows how to party... In the city of L.A. In the city of good ol' Watts In the city, the city of Compton We keep it rockin'!" - Tupac Shakur

"The California proposition [Prop. 187] is one I would agree with. That's the easiest way to put it." - Bob Dole

"I have thought of relocating, somewhere where I'd be more appreciated. California, perhaps. I could teach earthquake preparedness." - Wesley Strick

"The way they dress here (California), your head is always in the stands. All those bikinis, your eyes get tired." - Rod Carew

"Everything is drive-through. In California, they even have a burial service called Jump-In-The-Box." - Wil Shriner

"In California everyone goes to a therapist, is a therapist, or is a therapist going to a therapist." - Truman Capote

"You're all welcome in California," - Jerry Brown

"No matter where I was, my compass pointed west. I would always know what time it was in California." - Janet Fitch

"California, the department store state." - Raymond Chandler

"California is like an artificial limb the rest of the country doesn't really need. You can quote me on that." - Saul Bellow

"In California, up to 15 percent of wells in agricultural areas exceed a federal contaminant threshold, according to studies." - Charles Duhigg

"California is beautiful to look at, but you can't be a part of it like you can in Michigan." - Jennifer Granholm

"I'm a typical California boy." - Gary Lockwood

"My family didn't have any money growing up. I'm just a girl from the ghetto; from Indio, California." - Vanessa Marcil



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