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Cake And Ice Cream Quotes


"I love eating chocolate cake and ice cream after a show. I almost justify it in my mind as, 'You were a good boy onstage and you did your show, so now you can have some cake and ice cream.'" - Steven Wright

"Everything slows down with age, except the time it takes cake and ice cream to reach your hips." - John Wagner

"Every two months, I allow myself a splurge day where I eat thick, doughy pizza from Pizzeria Uno or an ice cream sundae from my store with birthday-cake ice cream, Marshmallow Fluff, and toppings mixed in." - Dylan Lauren

"Someone is putting brandy in your bonbons, Grand Marnier in your breakfast jam, Kahlua in your ice cream, Scotch in your mustard and Wild Turkey in your cake." - Marian Burros

"Sometimes, eating a thick slice of chocolate fudge cake with ice cream makes you a better person." - Dr. SunWolf

"I think choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream. You'd be daft not to try both when there are so many different flavors." - Bjork

"I've got a running machine which I try and use, but it's just finding the time. Don't get me wrong, I love cake and ice cream; I'm the kind of girl that, if I want something, I'll have it." - Rebecca Ferguson

"Ben & Jerry's ice cream will try to make some marijuana ice cream, resulting in thousands of people simultaneously getting and curing ice cream headaches." - Peter Sagal

"Everything was chocolate ice cream and kisses and wind." - Francesca Lia Block

"My indulgences are Skittles and rum raisin ice cream." - Sanya Richards-Ross

"Youre gonna grow up and marry some ice cream! Haha!" - Jeff Kinney

"Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos." - Don Kardong

"Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos." - Don Kardong

"I like Kahlua and ice cream as a dessert." - Hamilton Jordan

"Me and Charles Manson like the same ice cream." - Tori Amos

"My indulgences are Skittles and rum raisin ice cream." - Sanya Richardsross

"Sweet cream on an ice cream sandwich!" - Dwayne Johnson

"At my school, they have an ice cream special sometimes, and they have this ice cream sandwich, except the sandwich part is like an Oreo and the inside like cookies n' cream ice cream. I love that." - Lilla Crawford

"Ice cream is happiness condensed." - Jessi Lane Adams

"Ice cream is my vice." - Brad Meltzer

"Have you ever spent days and days and days making up flavors of ice cream that no one's ever eaten before? Like chicken and telepone ice cream? Green mouse ice cream was the worst. I didn't like that at all." - Neil Gaiman

"I love to eat - Kit Kats or cookies-and-cream ice cream. I need sugar like five times a day." - Kim Kardashian

"Honestly, I just go to restaurants to eat so I won't die. If there was a pill I could take in January and then I wouldn't have to eat again for the rest of the year, I would take it. Of course, I wouldn't want to sacrifice my chocolate cake and ice cream." - Steven Wright

"On Saturday, he ate through one piece of chocolate cake, one ice-cream cone, one pickle, one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon. That night he had a stomach ache." - Eric Carle

"On Saturday, he ate through one piece of chocolate cake, one ice-cream cone, one pickle, one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon That night he had a stomach ache." - Eric Carle

"I eat a lot of ice cream, chocolate, and cookies, and I drink rose champagne." - Jenna Lyons

"I"d rather be at home and eat ice cream than go out and get wasted." - Taylor Swift

"I'd rather be at home and eat ice cream than go out and get wasted." - Taylor Swift

"Like cats and ice cream, showers were among life's simple, uncomplicated pleasures." - Mary Jo Putney

"We thread our way through a moving forest of ice-cream cones and crimson thighs." - Jean-Dominique Bauby

"There were some problems only coffee and ice cream could fix." - Amal El-Mohtar

"I came here for a party and what do I get? Nothing. Not even Ice cream." - Groucho Marx

"For a thorough use of ice cream cones, buy two; eat one and drop the other." - Claes Oldenburg

"I spent my summers in Connecticut scooping ice cream and babysitting." - Grace Gummer

"I eat anything, especially sweets. Chocolate, cookies, and I love mint-chip ice cream." - Mary Mccormack

"My two great treats in life are baked beans and vanilla ice-cream." - Jonathan Dimbleby

"Being married means I can break wind and eat ice cream in bed." - Brad Pitt

"My love for ice cream emerged at an early age - and has never left!" - Ginger Rogers

"I'm always wearing Spanx, eating ice cream and feeling a bit lonely." - Sheridan Smith

"Eating ice cream and not exercising is great. The downside is your health isn't so good." - Jeff Bridges

"We were like the Beatles, Dad.' 'I know you think that, sweetie' 'Seriously. Mom is John, you're Paul, I'm George, and Ice Cream is Ringo.' 'Ice Cream,' I said. 'Resentful of the past, fearful of the future...everytime we saw Ice Cream sitting there with her mouth open, we'd say, Poor Ice Cream, resentful of the past, fearful of the future." - Maria Semple

"It's never too early for ice cream." - Michael Scott

"Do you have any bald ice cream?" - Bobby H. Barbee, Sr.

"Never trust a skinny ice cream man." - Ben Cohen

"Ice cream is my comfort food." - Jessie Ware

"Candy is my fuel. Ice cream, too." - Jane Smiley

"Halva works brilliantly in ice-cream." - Yotam Ottolenghi

"I live like a monk: with one toothbrush, one cake of soap, and a pot of cream." - Greta Garbo

"You can pour melted ice cream on regular ice cream. It's like a sauce!" - Chris Pratt

"The way to beat Luke," he said. "If I'm right, it's the only way you'll stand a chance." I took a deep breath. "Okay. I'm listening." Nico glanced inside my room. His eyebrows furrowed. "Is that blue birthday cake?" He sounded hungry, maybe a little wistful. I wondered if the poor kid had ever had a birthday party, or if he'd ever even been invited to one. :Come inside for cake and ice cream," I said. "It sounds like we've got a lot to talk about." - Rick Riordan

"My first job was scooping ice cream at Friendly's in Albany, New York. I hated the work, most of my colleagues, and the uniform, and I more or less lost my taste for ice cream permanently." - Gregory Maguire

"You can't be the dad who takes your kid out after your wife has said, 'No ice cream,' buys the ice cream, and says, 'Don't tell your mother.' You teach the child to lie - and to disrespect the other parent." - Howie Mandel

"On the spending, don't forget bridges and roads. It's like puppies and ice cream - who doesn't like them?" - Hillary Clinton

"I just want one day off when I can go swimming and eat ice cream and look at rainbows." - Mariah Carey

"I once in a while cheat and have a little ice cream, and then I kind of blame myself." - David H Murdock

"I cannot keep myself away from ice cream. I have two flavors that are my favorite: chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla swiss almond. I can eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting, no problem!" - Brandi Chastain

"You know what ambrosia tastes like? It tastes like all the things you can't eat on Weight Watchers. Cheeseburgers, sugar cookies, regular frickin' ice cream, instead of, like, ice cream that's made out of air ... and human hope." - John Green

"How complicated can ice cream flavors be? How much can you put in there? I mean, when the flavor's something like banana ice cream with caramel, fudge chunks, cheddar goldfish and pennies - you've got to draw a line there." - Marc Maron

"My favorite splurges are cheese pizza with hot peppers, Haagen-Dazs maple-walnut ice cream, Giant brand ice cream sandwiches, and fire sticks - those hot candies the size of a three-inch ruler." - Lindsay Wagner

"The only things you can truly love after such a short time are ice cream flavors and comfortable shoes." - Janette Rallison

"Nothing in life is fun for the whole family. There are no massage parlors with ice cream and free jewelry." - Jerry Seinfeld

"We do not get ice-cream every where, and so, when we do, we are apt to dissipate to excess." - Mark Twain

"I ain't no veggie, like my flesh to the bone, alive and licking on your ice cream cone." - Alice Cooper

"White pants should be worn on two occasions: One, never. And two, if you're selling ice cream." - Greg Proops

"When I'm not longer rappin', I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg." - Snoop Dogg

"On some of my darkest days, Lucifer's the one who comes and gives me an ice cream." - Tori Amos

"When I'm not longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg." - Snoop Dogg

"Skinny Cow ice cream and candy - like dancing - brings a little bit of fun to your day." - Jennifer Grey

"Aside from the obvious chocolate cookies and ice cream, chocolate can be used in a variety of ways for desserts." - Marcus Samuelsson

"Ice cream was my undoing, and six chocolate milk shakes in a row were nothing to me at one time." - Kate Smith

"L.A. still ranks as one of my guilty pleasures, along with butter-pecan ice cream and Coldplay albums." - Damian Lewis

"I actually think the same things do make most people happy. The differences are extremely small, and around the margins. You like peach ice cream; I like strawberry ice cream. Both of us like ice cream much better than a smack on the head with two-by-four." - Daniel Gilbert

"Spreadable butter is wonderful for cake-making: it's much easier to cream than the block type and slightly lighter because it's blended with oil." - Jane Asher

"Tottenham ice their sublime cake with the ridiculous." - Peter Drury

"She tells enough white lies to ice a wedding cake." - Margot Asquith

"I'm not a ice cream, i'm a human being" - Louise Rennison

"That was the best ice-cream soda I ever tasted." - Lou Costello

"Enjoy your ice cream while it's on your plate." - Thornton Wilder

"Where, oh, where are my WWE ice cream bars?!" - CM Punk

"No, I was just good at holding ice cream cones." - Mitch Hedberg

"Wasted is when you have a hankering for ice cream." - Adam Sandler

"I'm a glutton for coffee Heath Bar crunch ice cream." - Josh Duhamel

"Ice cream cravings are not to be taken lightly." - Betsy Canas Garmon

"I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream." - Billy Moll

"Forget art. Put your trust in ice cream." - Charles Baxter

"That was the best ice cream soda I ever tasted." - Lou Costello

"Ice-cream is exquisite - what a pity it isn't illegal." - Voltaire

"Scoops of mint ice cream with chips of chocolate cows." - Jim Bishop

"I eat ice cream. It's better than booze." - Del Shannon

"The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream." - Wallace Stevens

"You have an Ice Cream Sundae, put the whipped cream on - that's what managers do." - Lou Albano

"But I'd like the pie heated and I don't want the ice cream on top I want it on the side and I'd like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it if not then no ice cream just whipped cream but only if it's real if it's out of a can then nothing." - Meg Ryan

"Everyone is bisexual": "I've always had as many powerful, creative ladies in my life as I have men, and you could probably describe some of those relationships as romantic. I think everyone's bisexual to some degree or another; it's just a question of whether or not you choose to recognise it and embrace it. Personally, I think choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream. You'd be daft not to try both when there are so many different flavours." - Bjork

"Write, if you must; not otherwise. Do not write, if you can earn a fair living at teaching or dressmaking, at electricity or hod-carrying. Make shoes, weed cabbages, survey land, keep house, make ice-cream, sell cake, climb a telephone pole. Nay, be a lightning-rod peddler or a book agent, before you set your heart upon it that you shall write for a living.... Living? It is more likely to be dying by your pen; despairing by your pen; burying hope and heart and youth and courage in your ink-stand." - Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward

"For us who live in cities Nature is not natural. Nature is supernatural. Just as monks watched and strove to get a glimpse of heaven, so we watch and strive to get a glimpse of earth. It is as if men had cake and wine every day but were sometimes allowed common bread." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"When a woman gets married it is like jumping into a hole in the ice in the middle of winter: you do it once and you remember it the rest of your days." - Maxim Gorky

"Forget the fake syrupy stuff. Melt down a bar of chocolate, mix it into some warmed up whipping cream, and put it on top of ice cream. Add some sprinkles, and you've got a delicious treat." - Blake Lively

"Thankfully, I'm lucky enough to be able to eat ice cream. I've got to have my cookies and cream! But I work out a lot, so I burn a lot of calories." - Adrian Peterson

"Bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air and feather canyons everywhere, I've looked at clouds that way." - Joni Mitchell

"My kids are normal. If they could eat burgers and fries and ice cream every day, they would. And so would I. But that doesn't sustain us." - Michelle Obama

"Chocolate, coffee, and ice cream were far more reliable when it came to providing a good time, and at least they would never disappoint me." - Keri Arthur

"The things I care about are the most pedestrian things in the world. I care about good ice cream and being a good dad and a decent husband." - Michael Ian Black

"Pine needle sorbet? Pine needle sorbet?! My kids do NOT eat sorbet. They eat sherbet, and they pronounce it sherbert, and they wish it was ice cream!" - Homer

"My final, considered judgment is that the hardy bulb [garlic] blesses and ennobles everything it touches - with the possible exception of ice cream and pie." - Angelo Pellegrini

"The time for crying with your girlfriends about a broken heart is over chocolate ice cream and chick flicks-not stun guns and bulletproof vests." - Ally Carter

"Bread pudding makes me weak. I have been known to be moved to tears by cookies and ice cream, and ribs are a spiritual experience for me." - Bill Rancic

"You can allow yourself 72 hours of wallowing time. Then you've got to get into the gym, stop eating the ice cream and move on." - Jennifer Love Hewitt

"My secret indulgent food is dessert. I have an incredible sweet tooth - chocolate pudding with vanilla ice-cream or trifle and pavlova. I do love dessert." - Deborra-Lee Furness

"Frank: "I wish I was ADHD or dyslexic. All I got is lactose intolerance." Percy: "Seriously?" Frank: "And I love ice cream too..." - Rick Riordan

"It's like a child who is used to having ice cream whenever he wants. When it doesn't come when he asks he tends to get confused and nervous." - Arsene Wenger

"There are moments in life that the white-chocolate Magnum ice cream was invented for, and this is one of them." - Sophie Kinsella

"Newspapers are even worse for me than ice cream; headlines, and the big issues that generate the headlines, are pure fat." - John Irving

"If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face. Seriously. Punch them in the face and go get some ice cream." - Frank Ocean

"I like playing make-believe. And my brothers do it with me, so its fun. Its almost better than chocolate ice cream." - Madylin Sweeten

"We have lost the good old British spirit. Instead we have American journalism and black-shirted buffoons making a cheap imitation of ice-cream sellers." - Oswald Mosley

"She could not have gazed at him with a more rapturous intensity if she had been a small child and he a saucer of ice cream." - P G Wodehouse

"I'm a daughter of a minister and I love chasing the Dark. That which is hidden. I like licking it like ice cream" - Tori Amos

"There are two things I eat that I know I shouldn't: chocolate and ice cream. You only live once, so I am going to eat chocolate." - John Tomac

"When I have bad days, I just eat lots of chocolate ice cream and dance to the Lion King soundtrack. It's really odd, but it's true." - Blake Lively

"Our ice cream man was found lying on the floor of his van covered with hundreds and thousands. Police say that he topped himself." - Tommy Cooper

"Being in a marriage and having children is the greatest pleasure, but it is certainly not the easiest pleasure. It is not like eating ice cream." - Andrew Solomon

"It is always sad when someone leaves home, unless they are simply going around the corner and will return in a few minutes with ice-cream sandwiches." - Daniel Handler

"As a child I wanted to be a ballerina, ice-cream van owner, wife of George Michael, a nun, and a music conductor." - Erin Oconnor

"I am for the art of underwear and the art of taxicabs. I am for the art of ice cream cones dropped on concrete." - Claes Oldenburg

"Ari smiled. The sun was shining, the weather was great, he was eating ice cream, and all his dreams were about to come true." - James Patterson

"I do my best to stay away from dairy, especially ice cream. I've become a cookie monster whenever I want to mess around and eat something cheap." - Randy Couture

"I never carry a purse. My iPhone is always with me, a credit card, and a piece of mint chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream gum." - Rachel G Fox

"My secret indulgent food is dessert. I have an incredible sweet tooth - chocolate pudding with vanilla ice-cream or trifle and pavlova. I do love dessert." - Deborralee Furness

"You can show me some stick ice cream and I can tell you if it's good or not just looking at it." - O Winston Link

"When I have bad days, I just eat lots of chocolate ice cream and dance to the 'Lion King' soundtrack. It's really odd, but it's true." - Blake Lively

"The secret to scooping ice cream is all about the scooper. You have to dip it in water before and after every scoop. Then it just rolls off." - Crystal Reed

"I like playing make-believe. And my brothers do it with me, so it's fun. It's almost better than chocolate ice cream." - Madylin Sweeten

"England was full of words I'd never heard before - streaky bacon, short back and sides, Belisha beacon, serviettes, high tea, ice-cream cornet." - Bill Bryson

"As a small child, me and my pals fantasised about one day owning an ice-cream van. To have ice creams on demand would have been a dream come true." - Erin O'Connor

"As a small child, me and my pals fantasised about one day owning an ice-cream van. To have ice creams on demand would have been a dream come true." - Erin Oconnor

"He that will have a cake out of the wheat must tarry the grinding." - William Shakespeare

"Do you understand any of this?" he said, pointing to the lines and symbols that covered the massive screens. "Some people understand the value of an education." Hale stretched and crossed his legs, the settled his arm around Kat's shoulders. "That's sweet, Kat. Maybe later I'll buy you a university. And an ice cream." "I'd settle for the ice cream." "Deal." - Ally Carter

"When Japanese went to Hawaii they would go straight and buy the same thing that they would buy in Japan. They just got it cheaper, which they liked. And so they would still eat the red bean ice cream or the green tea ice cream, but they didn't really take advantage of the variety and it wasn't clear that they cared." - Sheena Iyengar

"I worked at an ice cream parlor called Chadwicks. We wore old-timey outfits and had to bang a drum, play a kazoo, and sing 'Happy Birthday' to people while giving them free birthday sundaes. Lots of ice cream scooping and $1 tips." - Amy Poehler

"Well I took her over to a soda fountain over on Bo's She had an Ice Cream Sundae and a hot cup of Jo She leaned way back just to straighten up her hose Well the ice cream melted and the coffee froze." - Gene Vincent

"I went to Disney World for the first time, and I got an ice cream cone. The kid at the booth recognized me and started tweeting... It was the first time in my life someone handed me ice cream for acting." - Barbara Rosenblat

"So I went down my local ice-cream shop, and said 'I want to buy an ice-cream'. He said Hundreds & thousands?' I said 'We'll start with one.' He said 'Knickerbocker glory?' I said 'I do get a certain amount of freedom in these trousers, yes.'" - Tim Vine

"I should probably confess that ice cream is my favorite food, and I eat it every night. When I go grocery shopping, I try to buy a new flavor, rather than reverting back to a favorite flavor. I'm on a mission to taste every flavor of ice cream out there!" - Becca Fitzpatrick

"Ice cream is the perfect buffer, because you can do things in a somewhat lighthearted way. Plus, people have an emotional response to ice cream; it's more than just food. So I think when you combine caring, and eating wonderful food, it's a very powerful combination." - Jerry Greenfield

"Sometimes if you've got a story that's interesting enough, you don't need to pour sugar on ice cream. The ice cream is great." - Paul Schneider

"Every American may have equal access to ice cream, but there's no guarantee that the outcome of eating ice cream will be equal." - Dan Savage

"Cake and tea or death?" - Eddie Izzard

"You cannot eat your cake and have your cake." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Where there's cake, there's hope. And there's always cake." - Dean Koontz

"Wolde ye bothe eate your cake, and haue your cake?" - John Heywood



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