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Caddies Quotes


"All my life I had a rapport with black caddies." - Lee Trevino

"There was a time when caddies couldn't wear shorts." - Dan Jenkins

"I try to respect everybody out here: players, caddies, fans, media." - Phil Mickelson

"There are three things in the world that he held in the smallest esteem - slugs, poets and caddies with hiccups." - P G Wodehouse

"Probably the best caddies are the smartest ones and the ones that are switched on mentally more than some of the others maybe." - Lee Westwood

"I love baseball, but being here (in the United States), I've been able to play golf every day. I can't play in Japan because every course has caddies, and the caddies all want autographs and don't want to let me golf." - Ichiro Suzuki

"Caddies are a breed of their own. If you shoot 66, they say, "Man, we shot 66!" But go out and shoot 77, and they say "Hell, he shot 77!"" - Lee Trevino

"The life of a professional golfer is precarious at best. Win, and they carry you to the clubhouse on their shoulders. Lose, and you pay the caddies in the dark." - Gene Sarazen

"I played a practice round with Hubert [Green] the other day, and when we got to the ninth green, I heard a fan say, "Why does Hubert have two caddies?"" - Ken Green

"Golf's really fun in Japan because of the women caddies. ... I saw one guy start out playing alone with his caddie. By the 9th hole they were engaged and when they finished on 18 they had a foursome." - Bob Hope

"The truth is, the first golf club I owned was an old left-handed, wooden-shafted, rib-faced mashie that a fellow gave me, and that's the club I was weaned on. During the mornings we caddies would bang the ball up and down the practice field until the members arrived and it was time to go to work. So I did all that formative practice left-handed. But I'm a natural right-hander." - Ben Hogan

"There is a lot of pressure on tennis players like other sports that are singular like you're not on a team. When all the pressure rides on your shoulders, it can be a lot different. Team sports you share those moments with the teammates. You share the pressures. You share the wins. You share the losses. You have a coach that can change the course of matches. But in tennis you're out there by yourself. There are no caddies. There are no coaches. You do it alone in the arena and I think that ups the ante a little bit." - Jim Courier