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Caddie Quotes


"Don't worry about your caddie. He may be an irritating little wretch, but for eighteen holes he is your caddie." - Arnold Haultain

"I didn't become a caddie because I wanted to be a caddie. I was a caddie because that was how I could make money and feed myself. It was work. It was a dignified job." - Angel Cabrera

"Nobody but you and your caddie care what you do out there, and if your caddie is betting against you, he doesn't care, either." - Lee Trevino

"If a caddie can help you, you don't know how to play golf." - Dan Jenkins

"If it wasn't for golf, I'd probably be a caddie today." - George Archer

"Then Lee Trevino and Jack Nicklaus come in. I'll caddie for Jack." - Chi Chi Rodriguez

"Make friends with your caddie and the game will make friends with you." - Stephen Potter

"My horse was in the lead, coming down the home stretch, but the caddie fell off." - Samuel Goldwyn

"When you're told as a caddie we need to take a break, you're fired." - Steve Williams

"Just because you're a good caddie doesn't mean to say that you're the one that can put a player over the top. A good caddie doesn't necessarily help you've got to gel." - Steve Williams

"If I needed advice from my caddie, he'd be hitting the shots and I'd be carrying the bag." - Bobby Jones

"I'm going to win so much money this year, my caddie will make the top twenty money-winners list." - Lee Trevino

"I don't know why that putt hung on the edge. I'm a clean liver. It must be my caddie." - JoAnne Carner

"My caddie dared me to try it, but I didn't think it was worth losing a ball." - Ian Woosnam

"I don't think anywhere is there a symbiotic relationship between caddie and player like there is in golf." - Johnny Miller

"I'm going to win so much money this year, my caddie will make the top twenty money winner's list." - Lee Trevino

"I was lying ten and had a thirty-five foot putt. I whispered over my shoulder: "How does this one break?" And my caddie said, "Who cares?"" - Jack Lemmon

"I know you can be fined for throwing a club, but I want to know if you can get fined for throwing a caddie?" - Tommy Bolt

"It was a great honour to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I didn't know they had a caddie division." - Bob Hope

"Once when I'd been in a lot of bunkers, my caddie told me he was getting blisters from raking so much." - JoAnne Carner

"The only time I talk on the golf course is to my caddie. And then only to complain when he gives me the wrong club." - Seve Ballesteros

"Real golfers, no matter what the provocation, never strike a caddie with the driver. The sand wedge is far more effective." - Huxtable Pippey

"I never kick my ball in the rough or improve my lie in a sand trap. For that I have a caddie." - Bob Hope

"After all these years, it's still embarrassing for me to play on the American golf tour. Like the time I asked my caddie for a sand wedge and he came back ten minutes later with a ham on rye." - Chi Chi Rodriguez

"In golf, a player can step and mar the line of his adversary's putt. A player can also hit his adversary or his caddie intentionally with his ball and claim the hole - but it isn't usually done." - Charles Brown MacDonald

"He [Bill Clinton] told me that he caddied in the same group with me in the Hot Springs Open. That's why I voted for him, becasue he was a caddie." - Tommy Bolt

"Golf took young kids like Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan and myself out of the caddie ranks and gave us money and a little bit of fame and let us live in the tall cotton." - Jimmy Demaret

"John's old Caddie had a huge engine that would qualify as a human rights violation if built today. It roared down the road, chugging gas and farting a blue cloud of dinosaur souls." - David Wong

"Golf's really fun in Japan because of the women caddies. ... I saw one guy start out playing alone with his caddie. By the 9th hole they were engaged and when they finished on 18 they had a foursome." - Bob Hope

"If you want me to come and caddie for you full time, you've got to sit down and do some hard work and do some hard yards because that's what I expect." - Steve Williams

"When I push, the top part of the leg goes ahead of the bottom part, and you can hear a big plonk when it comes back. My caddie said 'What the hell was that?!" - Jean van de Velde

"Those years on the golf course as a caddie, boy, those people were something. They were vulgar, some were alcoholics, racist, they were very difficult people to deal with. A lot of them didn't have a sense of humor." - Martin Sheen

"Remember the basic rule. Make friends with your caddie and the game will make friends with you. How true this is. It is easy to arrange that your guest opponent shall be deceived in to undertipping his caddie at the end of the morning round, so that the news gets round among the club employees that your opponent is a no good, and the boys will gang up against him." - Stephen Potter

"According to the Captain of The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, striking your opponent or caddie at St Andrews, Hoylake or Westward Ho! meant that you lost the hole, except on medal days when it counted as a rub of the green." - Herbert Wind

"Much of the fire with him [Ben Hogan] was lit by Byron Nelson, who came from the same town - the same caddie yard - and achieved fame and fortune several years ahead of Ben and who, as a kid, had always been popular and better liked than Ben. No puzzle at all." - Dan Jenkins

"I told my caddie today that I am in the position that I want to be in. That this is what I have been waiting for, to win my tenth victory. I said that I am going to do everything that I can do today and that nothing is going to stop me." - Annika Sorenstam

"I think it's always when you go to caddie for another player, it's no different to when you start with a new player. The very most important thing is when you get the first opportunity to have a win is to try and show them that you know what you're doing. It's easier said than done." - Steve Williams

"Every single guy that I've caddied, even guys that I've caddied for just here and there over the years has won tournaments. There's no one I've caddied for that hasn't won tournaments. So I guess when I caddie for someone, it's kind of a reassurance thing that Steve knows what it takes to get it done." - Steve Williams

""The caddie will only drink the more if overpaid," you say. Indeed! and to what good purpose do you apply the money you grudge to the poor? Is there something nobler in your gout and dyspepsia than in my caddie's red nose?" - Charles Walter Simpson

"To concentrate intensely for 4 and a half hours, that's too hard for me. Too tiring. I concentrate 'lo maximo' on the 'golpe,' the stroke, but between strokes I'm interacting with the crowd or laughing with my caddie, talking about the spectators, the cute girls." - Sergio Garcia

"My first years on tour, I tried to be super professional by considering the yardages to every feature and hazard. Over time my caddie and I noticed I play better when we keep it simple. Think about the distance you want the ball to fly, and only that number." - Rickie Fowler

"The reason I don't play golf is because I was a caddie when I was 13. Women never gave up a golf ball that was lost somewhere in the trees and thicket and down through the poison ivy. It was during one of these searches that I vowed to the Lord above that if I ever earned enough money I would never set foot on a course again." - Art Buchwald

"I never had any thought the whole week. I figured my caddie [Jerry Beard] knew the course a lot better than me, so I put out my hand and played whatever club he put in it. I'd say, "How hard do I hit it?" He'd tell me and I'd swing. The guys who come down here once a year and try to get smart with Mr. Jones' course are the dumb ones." - Fuzzy Zoeller

"My caddie 'Stovepipe' tried to talk me into hitting a 3-wood. But I took out the turf rider (4-wood) instead. The moment I hit it, I felt something in my bones. Walter Hagen was playing with me and Bobby Jones was on the green. 21 people were behind the green. The sun was going down. I wasn't sure it had gone in the hole until I saw all 21 people jumping up and down." - Gene Sarazen

"Golf is no longer a game of hitting the ball, finding it, and hitting it again. There is wind to be measured, whether that means tossing blades of grass in the air or studying the gentle movement of 60-foot high branches. There are caddie conferences for even the most routine shots. There are sports psychologists who tell players not to hit until they're ready." - Doug Ferguson