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Cabernet Quotes


"God made Cabernet Sauvignon, whereas the Devil made Pinot Noir." - Andre Tchelistcheff

"I'm a huge fan of Cabernet and Bordeaux, and am passionate about Pinot Noir and Burgundies." - Raymond E Feist

"Mmm. O positive, my favorite." "Is it? I thought it was a cabernet sauvignon." "So it is," said Adrian, straight-faced. "My mistake." - Richelle Mead

"If you talk about Cabernet and Merlot-based value between $10 and $25, I will tell you that Bordeaux is the best value in the world." - Gary Vaynerchuk

"My generation, faced as it grew with a choice between religious belief and existential despair, chose marijuana. Now we are in our Cabernet stage." - Peggy Noonan

"Walla Walla is where I make wine, with Eric Dunham. He and I partnered up on a small project for me. We make pretty good cabernet and syrah." - Kyle Maclachlan

"Hmmm... cooking with wine? I usually drink wine while cooking... I do a good braised short ribs with cabernet, though. We're big red wine drinkers here. All that research showing that it's good for you takes the guilt away." - Alafair Burke

"When I pair food and wine, I start with the food. If I have a beautiful roasted bird, I might choose a Cabernet or Pinot Noir, or maybe a Syrah, depending on the sauce and what is in my cellar." - Jacques Pepin

"What's important in a cellar is having wines that have a broad range of drinkability, which California Cabernet does. Wines with a broad range of drinkability give you a lot of flexibility; they are the sort of wines that make me feel secure. I think of my wine cellar as security - if the apocalypse comes, I can just go down to the cellar." - Robert M Parker Jr

"Keith was just bringing the glass to his lips when Adrian said, "Mmm. O positive, my favorite." Keith sprayed out the wine he'd just drunk and promptly started coughing. I was relieved that none got on me. jill burst into giggles, and Clarence stared at his glass wonderingly. "Is it? I thought it was a cabernet sauvignon." "So it is," said Adrian, straight-faced. "My mistake." - Richelle Mead

"I have to drink wine before I go on stage. That is still part of the ritual, the ceremony. I usually go for a Cabernet or a Merlot. You're at the mercy of promoters who try to cut corners, so you don't always get the best wines in the world. But I look at the wine as being medicinal. It's not there to be enjoyed, it's part of my preparation for a show." - Wayne Hussey