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Cab Drivers Quotes


"Tokyo cab drivers are all ex-kamikaze pilots." - Bob Hope

"Problems are evolutionary drivers." - Barbara Marx Hubbard

"Is that your final answer? Here in New York garbage men, bus drivers, taxi cab drivers, bus drivers, whoever, you know, people just yell it out to me. So that was a lot of fun." - Regis Philbin

"I have a lot of road rage. Mostly with the rickshaw and cab drivers trying to cut me; it's the traffic. Grrrr!" - Kajol

"Some of the best navigators in the world are London taxi cab drivers. They have to learn 25,000 streets and how to get from one to the other." - John Okeefe

"The woods are full of long drivers." - Harvey Penick

"Straight roads do not make skillful drivers." - Paulo Coelho

"a poorly debugged set of device drivers." - Marc Andreessen

"Porsche and BMW drivers are arrogant." - Caroll Shelby

"Porsche and BMW drivers are arrogant." - Carroll Shelby

"What the mind cab conceive, it can achieve" - Napoleon Hill

"I never met a Cab I didn't like." - Graham Kerr

"An empty cab drove up and Sarah Bernhardt got out." - Arthur Baer

"Oh dear,' said Eddie. 'We'd better hurry. Tinto, call me a cab.' All right,' said Tinto. 'You're a cab." - Robert Rankin

"Drivers tend to look for other drivers, rather than for pedestrians or cyclists." - Robert James Thomson

"I want to see riots! I want to see the kind of riots where cab drivers are afraid to pick up white people! I want to see this guy!" - Bill Maher

"When people say that entertainers should "know your place," they might as well say the same thing about plumbers and teachers and cab drivers. We all should be able to express our views." - Viggo Mortensen

"In New York, we tip everyone. We tip doormen, we tip cab drivers, and we tip bartenders at the bar. You'll get quite an evil eye if you don't leave a tip at the bar." - Zach Braff

"As soon as a roast is announced, I get everybody - family, friends, waitresses, cab drivers - giving me jokes about the person getting roasted. I'm the mouthpiece for the masses." - Jeff Ross

"My father worked in the Post Office. A lot of double shifts. All his friends were in the same situation - truck drivers, taxi cab drivers, grocery clerks. Blue collar guys punching the clock and working long, hard hours. The thought that sustained them was the one at the center of the American dream." - Gary David Goldberg

"Are you trying to get run over by a cab? Don't be ridiculous. We could never get a cab that easily in this neighborhood" - Cassandra Clare

"I was still in school at the time and Cab was very popular and everybody was doing Cab Calloway so I did." - Billy Eckstine

"Racing drivers have balls, unfortunantly, none of them are crystal" - David Coulthard

"The crashes people remember, but drivers remember the near misses." - Mario Andretti

"On data: We are the drivers, not the driven." - Andy Hargreaves

"The era of gentleman racing drivers is ended." - Enzo Ferrari

"Pastor is a driver who doesn't respect other drivers." - Sergio Perez

"I had the cab driver drive me here backwards, and the dude owed me $27.50." - Mitch Hedberg

"I had a job as a paralegal. I drove a cab." - Larry David

"What cancer does is, it forces you to focus, to prioritize, and you learn what's important. I mean, I don't sweat the small stuff. I used to get angry at cab drivers. It's not worth it.... And when somebody says you have cancer, you realize it's all small stuff." - Joel Siegel

"I'm sure that all the drivers and motorcycle police had once been racing drivers and were eager to get back to that profession." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"I have talked to stunt drivers all my life, 32 years of talking to stunt drivers. There's a craziness to them." - Bryan Cranston

"Luckily when you drive a cab there are two things: You don't have a boss in the cab with you, and you are not facing the people that you are making money from." - Fran Lebowitz

"At a certain drawing room in London... a guest approached Mr. Choate, who was in the conventional dress of the English waiter, and said, 'Call me a cab.' 'All right,' said Mr. Choate, 'if you wish it. You're a cab." - Joseph H. Choate

"You'd never think of taking a cab if you had to walk a mile down Chicago's Michigan Avenue. But in a bad city you take a cab just to go around the corner." - Helmut Jahn

"The irrational may be attractive in the abstract, but not in cab drives, dinner guests, or elderly relatives." - Mason Cooley

"On the day of the dinner of the Oystermongers' Company, what a noble speech I thought of in the cab!" - William Makepeace Thackeray

"[Of Clark Gable:] That man's ears make him look like a taxi-cab with both doors open." - Howard Hughes

"The one thing you shouldn't do is try to tell a cab driver how to get somewhere." - Jimmy Fallon

"Anytime four New Yorkers get into a cab together without arguing, a bank robbery has just taken place." - Johnny Carson

"It's not a special taste. An American composer should have something to say to a cab driver." - Morton Gould

"You know, before I would think, my cab driver hates me. Now I think my limo driver hates me." - Ray Romano

"Any time three New Yorkers get into a cab without an argument, a bank has just been robbed." - Phyllis Diller

"I'm like Cab Calloway: I love the entertainment, and I've loved entertaining people ever since I was little." - Wyclef Jean

"Sometimes I get drunk and I get into arguments with taxi drivers. And I get out the cab and I slam the door. That's not the way to win an argument with a taxi driver. The way to win is you get out of the cab and you leave the door open. And then he has to step out and come around and close that door. And while he's doing that, I'm on the other side opening the other doors-and we just go around and around and around, and I got my own Benny Hill situation going on in life." - Hannibal Buress

"Most guys at Berklee are going to wind up truck drivers..." - Pat Metheny

"I wonder what language truck drivers are using, now that everyone is using theirs?" - Sydney Pfizer

"How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of negroes?" - Samuel Johnson

"Thus drivers inching southward will see the phalanx of birds heading west as one spontaneous gesture." - Rae Armantrout

"Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers." - Colin McRae

"The racing driver needs to be fed a diet of other racing drivers." - Carroll Smith

"In the old days drivers were fat and tires were skinny." - Jose Froilan Gonzalez

"His saliva tasted like the wet dicks of ten thousand lonely truck drivers." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Normally, racing drivers come from a long line of previous successful sports people." - Lewis Hamilton

"Automate the headlights so drivers can't forget to turn them on in low visibility." - Robert James Thomson

"Like all bad drivers, he thought he was the best driver in the world." - Rebecca West

"I never personally name anyone. I am not comfortable rating other drivers." - Mario Andretti

"Young drivers are supposed to be hard on equipment. That's how you learn." - Mario Andretti

"I know the British people and they are not passengers - they are drivers." - David Cameron

"There are two main drivers of asset class returns - inflation and growth." - Ray Dalio

"I believe to have been one of the rare drivers to have returned to Ferrari." - Jacky Ickx

"We must do a better job of educating all drivers to be safer on the road." - Johnny Isakson

"Unfortunately, we don't educate drivers enough to be respectful on the road." - Mario Andretti

"Small businesses are the economic drivers of our country, providing the stimulus our communities need." - Melissa Bean

"Los Angeles is peopled by waiters and carpenters and drivers who are there to be actors." - Patrick Duffy

"You know who we hear about all the rappers from? The bus drivers." - Dan Auerbach

"Miami drivers will attempt to pass you inside a car wash." - Dave Barry

"All space projects push the frontiers of technology and are drivers of innovation." - Martin Rees

"Our financial services and insurance cluster is one of Delaware's key economic drivers in the state." - Ruth Ann Minner

"My family was poor, my father drove a cab for a living, but we felt normal because everybody else was in the same boat." - Bob Cousy

"Here's how you know that you're really drunk: when you get into a taxi cab and you think the fare is the time." - Dane Cook

"Being a cab river is not unlike being a magician-minus the top hat, the cape, the rabbit, an the gorgeous assistant. But you do have an audience." - Gary Reilly

"Accept people, don't stereotype people. Don't think because right now they're driving a cab, they're not going to have a master's degree or that they're dumber than you." - Isabel Coixet

"A railroad station? That was sort of a primitive airport, only you didn't have to take a cab 20 miles out of town to reach it." - Russell Baker

"I leaned on him for support when I got out of the cab, and he just crumpled to the ground. That's how we found out." - Mickey Mantle

"All these things that crib and cab in your brain, in your imagination, are in fact things that might well in later life drive you insane." - Diana Wynne Jones

"It's probably similar to being in New York City and having a cab driver behind you and you're driving too slow. It's not the most pleasant thing." - Barry Sanders

"Yeah, I'll pay your cab fare home, you can even use my best cologne, just don't be here in the morning when I wake up." - Rod Stewart

"In New York City, a lot of people think 'the great outdoors' is the area between your front door and a taxi cab." - Michael Bloomberg

"I was just school class clown and that was it. Someday I'll get a job as a cab driver or whatever." - John Leguizamo

"Every songwriter lives to have at least one song that a cab driver who asks 'You write anything I know?' will recognize." - Rupert Holmes

"I stopped taking drugs when I was 19, and who wants to drive a cab around New York with drugs in their car?" - Fran Lebowitz

"I am not opposed to doing a side project, like Death Cab for Cutie, where it's completely different from my own band." - Ryan Tedder

"The postman wants an autograph. The cab driver wants a picture. The waitress wants a handshake. Everyone wants a piece of you." - John Lennon

"It was reported in the paper that President Bush received a 'warm reception' from the Daytona 500 drivers. Well sure, the drivers had never met anyone who was sponsored by more oil companies than they were." - Jay Leno

"I want to win a championship with the best drivers, the best engineers and the best technology. As drivers, we want to make sure that we are involved in a championship with such a standard." - Sam Bird

"The vastly different sentences afforded drunk drivers and drug offenders tells us who is viewed as disposable - someone to be purged from the body politic - and who is not. Drunk drivers are predominately white and male." - Michelle Alexander

"We stay true to our values, and that's very people-centric, and taking care of our drivers, and drivers taking care of our passengers, and what we're seeing now is a driver preference and a passenger preference for Lyft." - John Zimmer

"It is an ancient political vehicle, held together by soft soap and hunger and with front-seat drivers and back-seat drivers contradicting each other in a bedlam of voices, shouting go right and go left at the same time." - Adlai Stevenson

"Once you see the drivers in Indonesia you understand why religion plays such a part in their lives." - Erma Bombeck

"Baseball would be a better game if more third basemen got hit in the mouth by line drivers." - Dan Jenkins

"It seems that these phenomenal feats that race car drivers are performing are instinctive. They [require] very little mental workload." - Chris Gerdes

"Ferrari always tries to get the best possible drivers, and my fellow team members have always been highly promising people." - Michael Schumacher

"That she's the worst driver in the history of drivers. If I know she's going somewhere, I stay home." - Matthew Perry

"The European drivers have adapted to this circuit extremely quickly, especially Paul Radisich who's a New Zealander." - Murray Walker

"The drivers have one foot on the brake, one on the clutch and one on the throttle." - Bob Varsha

"Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers, so we could identify their corporate sponsors." - Caroline Baum

"Like all bad drivers, he thought he was the best driver in the world. [husband Henry Andrews]" - Rebecca West

"I'm driving my old car until I'm on a first name basis with the low tow truck drivers!" - Michelle Singletary

"I'm all about sharing the road with other drivers; as long as they use the part that's behind me." - Anonymous

"I don't aspire to be like other drivers - I aspire to be unique in my own way." - Lewis Hamilton

"But due to the present regulations the other drivers have better chances again. This brings back the tension." - Jacky Ickx

"That's why teenagers fascinate me - they're like children with drivers' licenses. Like children in that their impulses are so direct." - Nancy Jo Sales

"One thing I would like to see is a stronger ladder series for up-and-coming American drivers." - Michael Andretti

"It might just be me, but it's tough when you get drivers that don't stay where they should be." - Scott Dixon

"We must be part of the general staff at the inception, rather than the ambulance drivers at the bitter end." - Lane Kirkland

"I can't blame the drivers for making the move, and I can't blame the owners for being upset." - Ken Schrader

"I think fans of the sport have a good understanding now of how fit Formula One drivers need to be." - Jenson Button

"In India, there are real consequences to inattention; drivers who jeopardize pedestrians can be lynched on the spot." - Bharati Mukherjee

"The shuttle is the worst $20 you'll ever save. It adds 90 minutes to whatever a Town Car or cab would have been. You have the unenviable choice between being dropped off last or being dropped off first and having a bunch of losers who can't afford cab fare and have no friends or loved ones with cars knowing exactly where you live." - Adam Carolla

"I was in a cab in New York. The cab had a sign, "Please do not smoke, Christ is our unseen guest." This guy was reaching. I figure, if he could overcome being nailed to a cross, I don't think a Marlboro Light's gonna faze him that much." - Bill Hicks

"There were always men looking for jobs in America. There were always all these usable bodies. And I wanted to be a writer. Almost everybody was a writer. Not everybody thought they could be a dentist or an automobile mechanic but everybody knew they could be a writer. Of those fifty guys in the room, probably fifteen of them thought they were writers. Almost everybody used words and could write them down, i.e., almost everybody could be a writer. But most men, fortunately, aren't writers, or even cab drivers, and some men - many men - unfortunately aren't anything." - Charles Bukowski

"Some years ago, someone had come up with the idea that the State should hold all Titles to vehicles, mailing a Certificate of Title to the 'owners'. This created a legal fiction that the State owned the vehicles. Drivers were thus driving a State owned vehicle, mandating drivers must have a license to drive a State vehicle, which was false. The State reaped many millions with its drivers license scam, and began issuing heavy fines for not having a State license." - Eustace Mullins

"Drivers don't always see the (flashing) lights. You can't get tunnel vision. You've got to look everywhere, even when your adrenaline is going." - Sixto Rodriguez

"Well understand this! If you want to join our sales team; I don't need pillion riders; I need high drivers who grasp the handle-bars." - Martin Carver

"The public probably knows that teen drivers are at greater risk for fatal accidents. What the public doesn't know is what we ought to do about it." - Laurence Steinberg

"I have a drivers licence, but the truth is that I hardly ever drive. I prefer to get around by taxi." - Ferran Adria

"I'm turning into an old woman. Might as well start knitting and bitching about soap operas, gas prices, and rude drivers." - Sundown" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I should have known the power-hungry slave drivers at River's Edge would see my five days of freedom only as a challenge to be filled." - Cate Tiernan

"Alberta funds almost all its schools and districts to design and evaluate their own innovations. Teachers are the drivers of change, not the driven." - Andy Hargreaves

"They are by far the worst drivers. They are spiteful, dithering, old and in the way. They should have their licences taken away." - Jeremy Clarkson

"For the drivers, a weekend off would be nice, but for the fans, it would not be a very good deal." - Tony Stewart

"I drove out to Glendale to put three new truck drivers on a brewery company bond, and then I remembered this renewal over in Hollywood." - James M Cain

"I'm turning into an old woman. Might as well start knitting and bitching about soap operas, gas prices, and rude drivers." - Sundown" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"When I first met with agents, they said, "Okay, you're going to play plumbers and mechanics and bus drivers and farmers. Go."" - Nick Offerman

"I was looking at the history of the sport and I couldn't understand why there have been so many good South American drivers, especially Brazilians." - Alain Prost

"It is amazing how may drivers, even at the Formula One Level, think that the brakes are for slowing the car down." - Mario Andretti

"I even worry about reflective flea collars. Oh, sure, drivers can see them glow in the dark, but so can the fleas." - Jane Wagner

"For a driver to be driven by somebody else is an ordeal, for there are only three types of drivers: the too fast, the timid and oneself." - Virginia Graham

"I chose to wait to get my drivers license. Since I was working and I didn't have time, I got it like a week before my 18th birthday." - Michelle Trachtenberg

"My wife had her drivers' test the other day. She got 8 out of 10. The other 2 guys jumped clear." - Rodney Dangerfield

"If it's OK to register cars and license drivers, why is it not OK to impose similar legal responsibilities on gun owners?" - Stephen King

"Any time you stand in line at the D.M.V. and look around, you're like, Oh, my God, I wish all these people were replaced by computer drivers." - Marc Andreessen

"There are easily accessible programs to help aging drivers maintain their skills, or recognize when they need to give up their cars." - Robert James Thomson

"The cars themselves are getting smarter and will be increasingly able to assist drivers - to the point where the cars will be completely automated." - Robert James Thomson

"Taxi drivers all over the world, by the way, are under Newspaper Guild contract to give easy quotes to foreign correspondents." - P. J. O'Rourke

"We should make politicians dress like race car drivers - when they get money, make them wear the company logos on their suit." - Jay Leno

"As we drive down the freeways, we see the new cars, but not the massive new-car loans that enslave their drivers to the banks." - Gerry Spence

"Software substitution, whether it's for drivers or waiters or nurses - it's progressing. Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set." - Bill Gates

"Technology is one of the key drivers of female economic empowerment, but the fields that women choose to participate in are still decidedly gendered." - Weili Dai

"One of those professional drivers hit one of those blockade barriers. It was the first car accident I have ever been in, so I was a little startled." - Matt Hasselbeck

"I looked out the window for other passengers in love with their drivers, but we were well disguised, we pretended boredom and prayed for traffic." - Miranda July

"Personally, I'm not interested in making device drivers look like user-level. They aren't, they shouldn't be, and microkernels are just stupid." - Linus Torvalds

"At Linfox we have zero tolerance. If any alcohol or drugs are found in any drivers' blood, they are instantly dismissed." - Lindsay Fox

"Any time you stand in line at the D.M.V. and look around, you're like, Oh, my God, I wish all these people were replaced by computer drivers." - Marc Andreessen

"The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background, is that we all believe we are above-average drivers." - Dave Barry

"If police officers routinely issue tickets for the most serious traffic offenses, they'll be treating drivers of all races, sexes, and ages equally." - Bill Dedman

"Unwanted honking not only irritates others, but may also end up causing accidents. Drivers lose cool and it may result in road rage." - Rahul Dravid

"The Daytona 500 is a career-winning race. It defines careers for drivers, crew members, crew chiefs and race teams. It has that power." - Jimmie Johnson

"Beside the brand-ambassador elements of the modern racing driver, the evolution of the athlete has mandated that as drivers, we are very committed to fitness." - Charlie Kimball



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