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Brother John Quotes


"Death's brother, Sleep." - Virgil

"When I first joined SAG, there was another John Reilly. My dad was John Reilly, too, but growing up I was John John. Nobody in life calls me John C. It's more like, 'Hey you, Step Brother!'" - John C Reilly

"Before, I loved thee as a brother, John, But now, I do respect thee as my soul." - William Shakespeare

"Did Brother Zachariah just steal our cat?" - Cassandra Clare

"My mother adores singing and plays piano. My uncle was a phenomenal pianist. My brother John is a double bassist. I used to play the piano, badly, and cello. My brother Peter played violin." - Fiona Shaw

"Let brother help brother." - Plato

"I want to be the white man's brother, not his brother-in-law." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I have one brother, John, an airline pilot, who is seven years younger. He's adopted, though we're still blood related - he's my cousin. My parents couldn't have any more children after me, so when Dad's brother died, they adopted John, then just a baby." - Gary Numan

"It's time to be with my brother now" - Veronica Roth

"A brother is a friend provided by nature." - Legouve Pere

"Isn't the fear of pain next brother to pain itself?" - Enid Bagnold

"He was brother to a liar and brother to an angel, son of a dream and son of a dreamer." - Maggie Stiefvater

"What she did was like the people stirring up the riots in Egypt and Libya, said my liberal brother John Flaherty. Just say anything without even caring if it is true. That is how riots start." - Colin Flaherty

"I went to drama school with John Schwarz and Mike's his younger brother, so he tends to just hang out, that's it. So we're a pretty tight bunch of guys, they do whatever they do and they're my brothers basically." - Sam Worthington

"I saw 'Six Degrees of Separation' because my brother was in it. It was a watershed experience. It was theatrical and scary, and New York functioned like a character. John Guare became a hero for me." - Adam Rapp

"People are always coming up to me and saying, 'I love you, love your work.' And then the next sentence is, 'I loved your brother.' John made people laugh, and laughter is a powerful thing." - James Belushi

"Pope John Paul would be more popular if he called himself Pope John Paul George and Ringo." - Paul Krassner

"John Ashcroft - John Ashcrack - ibid." - Jello Biafra

"In that year [1865] John Muir offered to buy from his brother ... a sanctuary for the wildflowers that had gladdened his youth. His brother declined to part with the land, but he could not suppress the idea: 1865 still stands in Wisconsin history as the birth-year of mercy for things natural, wild, and free." - Aldo Leopold

"John Keats / John Keats / John / Please put your scarf on." - J D Salinger

"I remember Elton John used to be their owner and he is my favourite singer! I hope the match will be an opportunity to meet Elton John!" - Carlo Ancelotti

"Jazz is a beautiful woman whose older brother is a policeman." - Sid Caesar

"Take care of each man as though he were your own brother. He is." - William O. Wooldridge

"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero." - Marc Brown

"The younger brother must help to pay for the pleasures of the elder." - Jane Austen

"It means, Doug Swieteck, that in this class, you are not your brother." - Gary D. Schmidt

"One may detest the wickedness of a brother without hating him." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Can't clean up after you anymore, baby brother, so don't punk out. Make it count." - Rachel Vincent

"When you labor for your brother you always get the chief reward yourself." - Francis M. Lyman

"Reach out a hand to your brother, for the unselfish look out for their fellow man." - Samuel S. Sumner

"I have given two cousins to war and I stand ready to sacrifice my wife's brother." - Artemus Ward

"There ain't no fans nor no rest and, brother, there ain't no Cokes in hell." - Anonymous

"He loved Big Brother." - George Orwell

"Genius has no brother." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

"I went to my father's at night. He spoke of poor John [Boswell's brother] with disgust. I was shocked and said, "He's your son, and God made him." He answered very harshly, "If my sons are idiots, can I help it?" - James Boswell

"I have learned by experience that a tragic end awaits anyone who dares cross swords with me; Nasser is no more, John and Robert Kennedy died at the hands of assassins, their brother Edward has been disgraced, Krushchev was toppled, the list is endless." - Mohammed Reza Pahlavi

"If I had to write down the most important people in the history of this planet, No.1 would be (abolitionist) John Brown. Why? Because he's a white man who said he would die for the cause, because they could take him, but they weren't going to take his grandchildren. That brother was beautiful." - Dick Gregory

"I experienced Kabul with my brother the way Amir and Hassan do: long school days in the summer, kite fighting in the winter time, westerns with John Wayne at Cinema Park, big parties at our house in Wazir Akbar Khan, picnics in Paghman." - Khaled Hosseini

"I don't deal with death very well. My brother, John Candy, my dad, my mom, Brandon Tartikoff just a couple of weeks ago. I mean, you lose a lot of people in your life, and that's one thing I am constantly working on - pain management." - James Belushi

"I'm lucky to have had a father [John Lennon] who paid attention." - Sean Lennon

"I was always nervous to play my father's [John Lennon's] songs." - Sean Lennon

"My own children are John Cena fans- which really pisses me off by the way." - Paul Heyman

"John Paul to give me a shot, I'll never forget as long as I live." - Donnie Fritts

"John Kerry, windsurfing dilettante" - Eleanor Clift

"President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner played golf this weekend. Obama's handicap is Joe Biden." - Jay Leno

"I nearly always write just as I nearly always breathe. - John Steinbeck" - John Steinbeck

"John Toshack hates me." - Robbie Savage

"Why does it take two days for a polaroid of John Major to appear?" - Barry Cryer

"Godspeed, John Glenn." - Scott Carpenter

"Listen John-' 'Who's John?' 'You're John.' 'I'm John?' 'Yeah, I changed your name." - Dave Eggers

"He (John Major) has the mulishness of a weak man with stupidity." - Norman Tebbit

"How many gangsters you know, from Al Capone up to John Gotti, been gay?" - Method Man

"John Hughes loved improvisers." - Edie Mcclurg

"I love westerns. John Ford is one of the 10 best directors." - Winona Ryder

"When you stand out there," John continues in a hoarse voice, "keep your chin up, all right? Don't let them get to you." "I won't." "Make them work for it. Punch someone if you have to." John gives me a sad, crooked smile. "You're a scary kid. So scare them. Okay? All the way until the end." For the first time in a long time, I feel like a little brother. I have to swallow hard to keep my eyes dry. "Okay," I whisper." - Marie Lu

"Tyson, Frank is a descendant of Poseidon." "Brother!" Tyson crushed Frank in a hug. Percy stifled a laugh. "Actually he's more like a great-great-...Oh, never mind. Yeah, he's your brother." "Thanks." Frank mumbled through a mouthful of flannel." - Rick Riordan

"Brother will kill brother, spilling blood across the land" - Dave Mustaine

"Brother, brother! we are both in the wrong." - John Gay

"I love my brother. I miss my brother." - Randy Quaid

"Hail and Farewell, my brother." - Cassandra Clare

"We must consult Brother Jonathon." - George Washington

"Fine, I guess it's ok then. Go ahead." "Huh? What's ok?" "It's okay if you marry my brother." - Richelle Mead

"I'm drowning my brother drowning." - Eva Paterson

"Jesus! My brother! Heave-up!" - Halldór Laxness

"Time is Galleons, little brother." - J K Rowling

"My father passed from cancer in 2000; his brother died of cancer before that. My grandfather died of cancer." - Hill Harper

"I have a younger brother." - Freddie Highmore

"Big Brother is watching you." - George Orwell

"What always strikes me in the story of Cain and Abel is how often the word "brother" is used. Cain killed his "brother." God says it was "the blood of your brother." The killing was done to another human being, a child of God like you, breaking that sacred bond of common humanity." - Allan Boesak

"Nothing that had ever happened to him, not the shooting of Oyster, or the piteous muttering expiration of John Wesley Shannenhouse, or the death of his father, or internment of his mother and grandfather, not even the drowning of his beloved brother, had ever broken his heart quite as terribly as the realization, when he was halfway to the rimed zinc hatch of the German station, that he was hauling a corpse behind him" - Michael Chabon

"Jesus lives! the same comforting, helping, instructing, loving Elder Brother, as when John leaned on His bosom, as when He lifted Peter up from the waves, as when He dried Mary's tears with His, "Thy sins are forgiven thee." Jesus lives! the same almighty Saviour, Guide, Intercessor, as when He ascended to glory with the broken fetters of sin and death in His pierced hands." - Abbott Eliot Kittredge

"John Goodman's pretty dark - I love John Goodman." - Todd Phillips

"In the [John F.] Kennedy case, I believe the absence of a conspiracy can be proved to a virtual certainty." - Vincent Bugliosi

"John R. told me you don't work for the radio station. You work for the people out there." - Wolfman Jack

"John Wayne never wore Lycra." - Ron Kauk

"I could get a better education interviewing John Steinbeck than talking to an English professor about novels." - William Safire

"The nomination of John McCain is another milestone. So whether black, women, or bald, yes we can." - Donna Brazile

"God, I love John Cassavetes." - Angela Sarafyan

"I just shot John Lennon." - Mark David Chapman

"John Muir, Earth-planet, Universe." - John Muir

"I can't stand John McCain." - Harry Reid

"A personal game-changer was when Ridley Scott cast me as King John, the King of England, for 'Robin Hood.'" - Oscar Isaac

"I prefer the old masters, by which I mean John Ford, John Ford, and John Ford." - Orson Welles

"Mother, mother There's too many of you crying Brother, brother, brother There's far too many of you dying." - Marvin Gaye

"Oh brother we are not worthy!" - Rick Jeanneret

"He aint heavy, he's my brother." - Neil Diamond

"The younger brother hath the more wit." - John Ray

"Brother, thy tail hangs down behind." - Rudyard Kipling

"RATTLESNAKE, n. Our prostrate brother, "Homo ventrambulans"." - Ambrose Bierce

"Duck, big brother! Here comes another day!" - Charles M Schulz

"Who combats with a brother, wounds himself." - Edward Young

"It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you...yes, it is Christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand." - Mother Teresa

"Then gently scan your brother man, Still gentler sister woman; Though they may gang a kennin' wrang, To step aside is human." - Robert Burns

"Preacher to me: 'A dollar for the Lord, brother?' Me to preacher: 'That's all right, I'm headed his way. I'll give it to him when I see him.'" - Edward Abbey

"Brother Cadfael knew better than to be in a hurry, where souls were concerned. There was plenty of elbow-room in eternity." - Ellis Peters

"A Mario Brother never says 'can't', Luigi!" - Mario

"Dude, that was a knuckle buster brother." - Joe Teti

"Am I not a man and brother?" - Josiah Wedgwood

"I was very much in my own world, never the popular kid. But I had a great family, a great brother and mother." - Jared Leto

"Oh, I'll never leave Montana, brother." - Brad Pitt

"Fear is the brother of hate." - Larry Niven

"Respect, my brother, nothing but respect, man." - Wyclef Jean

"The jester is brother to the sage." - Arthur Koestler

"Hypocrite reader - my fellow - my brother!" - Jerome

"Hypocrite reader - my likeness - my brother." - Charles Baudelaire

"Be my brother, or I kill you." - Nicolas Chamfort

"He ain't heavy, Father, he's m' brother." - Jim Edwards

"No stranger can get a great many notes of torture out of a human soul; it takes one that knows it well, - parent, child, brother, sister, intimate." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"And forever, brother, hail and farewell." - Gaius Valerius Catullus

"No author ever spar'd a brother." - John Gay

"Night, having Sleep, the brother of Death." - Hesiod

"I figure I'll be champ for about ten years and then I'll let my brother take over - like the Kennedys down in Washington." - Muhammad Ali

"Man lives freely only by his readiness to die, if need be, at the hands of his brother, never by killing him." - Mahatma Gandhi

"My brother and I are best friends." - Joel Edgerton

"Although raised on the farm - my grandfather was an unsuccessful fundamentalist preacher turned farmer - my father and his brother both became professors." - Philip Warren Anderson

"I had a really normal childhood except I acted. It was like, my brother played soccer, and I was on television sometimes." - Shiri Appleby

"I had a simple goal in life: to be true to my parents and our country as an honorable son, a caring brother, and a good citizen." - Benigno Aquino Iii

"Hypocrite reader my fellow my brother!" - Charles Baudelaire

"Doubt is the brother of shame." - Erik Erikson

"Big Brother is watching... look busy." - Brandon Boyd

"My brother is really, really slow." - Usain Bolt

"My brother makes beats, and I DJ." - Slim Jimmy

"One can be a brother only in something. Where there is no tie that binds men, men are not united but merely lined up." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"I have men in my life. I have a brother. So Maddox will have male teachers. I was raised without a father." - Angelina Jolie

"My brother is my best friend." - Erinn Smart

"God blesses him who helps his brother." - Abu Bakr

"Doubt is brother-devil to Despair." - John Boyle O'Reilly

"Forget the brother and resume the man." - Homer

"Legitimized love always despises its easygoing brother." - Guy De Maupassant

" is proper that the duty of helping the poor and unfortunate should especially stir Catholics, since they are members of the Mystical Body of Christ. In this we have come to know the love of God, said John the Apostle, that He laid down His life for us, and we likewise ought to lay down our life for the brethren. He who has the goods of this world and sees his brother in need and closes his heart to him, how does the love of God abide in him? (1Jn 3:16 17)" - Pope John XXII

"In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing. We lived at the junction of great trout rivers in western Montana, and our father was a Presbyterian minister and a fly fisherman who tied his own flies and taught others. He told us about Christ's disciples being fishermen, and we were left to assume, as my brother and I did, that all first-class fishermen on the Sea of Galilee were fly fishermen and that John, the favorite, was a dry-fly fisherman." - Norman Maclean

"Imagine for a moment Napoleon I, to have borne the name of Jenkins, or Washington to have sustained the appellation of John Smith!" - Artemas Ward

"As an astronomer in the true sense of the term, Sir John Herschel stood before all his contemporaries. Nay, he stood almost alone." - Richard A. Proctor

"I've always wanted to marry Elton John." - Barry Manilow

"John Lott has done the most extensive, thorough and sophisticated study we have on the effects of loosening gun control laws." - Gary Kleck

"Why is this generation looking to aging icons like John Lennon and Bob Dylan for inspiration? Why not raising up their own icons?" - Tucker Carlson

"The loss of Jerry Garcia feels like the end of an era in the same way it felt when Elvis died and John Lennon was killed." - Lyle Lovett

"[Without Pope John Paul II] there would be no end of Communism or at least much later, and the end would have been bloody." - Lech Walesa

"I love everything John Carpenters ever done." - D J Cotrona

"The Tanakh says John Lennon is wrong." - Daniel Gordis

"American naturalist John Burroughs put it, "A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else." - Jeff Olson

"Bring me the head of Elton John . . . which is one instance in which meat would not be murder, if it were served on a plate." - Steven Morrissey

"Why can't I beat up John Cena?" - Shawn Michaels

"John McCain has already tapped me" - Sarah Palin

"The Gospel of John opens with Jesus Christ in the bosom of God, and closes with the sinner in the bosom of Jesus Christ." - Dwight L Moody

"John McCain was a prisoner of war." - Fred Thompson

"I would love John McCain as president." - Kimberly Guilfoyle

"John Hurt was incredible to work with." - Judd Nelson

"Jeb Bush is the new John Connelly." - Chuck Todd

"Freddie Mercury and Elton John are, like, two of the biggest Influences in my whole life. And probably always will be." - Axl Rose



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