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British Language Quotes


"Shakespeare's language does not require a British accent. It requires a facility with language, and that's all." - Joss Whedon

"Amazing what the British do with language; the nuances of politeness. The world's great diplomats, surely." - Anne Rice

"The Americans are identical to the British in all respects except, of course, language." - Oscar Wilde

"Being British, I don't really have a way of expressing myself in conversation. Music transcends language." - James Blunt

"That's a true actor's nightmare: "Improvise in British sign language. Go."" - Hank Azaria

"I definitely wish to distinguish American poetry from British or other English language poetry." - Diane Wakoski

"I lived for a year in Scotland. British sign language is very different from American." - I King Jordan

"(Talking about American and British Language) You say 'erbs and we say herbs. Because there's a fucking 'H' in it" - Eddie Izzard

"Music is a language, a universal language." - Sun Ra

"Fashion is instant language." - Miuccia Prada

"Verbing weirds language." - Bill Watterson

"Language disguises thought." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"I believe that a large part of the training in the regional theaters is in imitation of the British style of acting. The British orientation is textual; they start from the language and work toward the character." - Arthur Penn

"At the end of the day, flirting is a pretty universal language. Americans are more direct. British people are more indirect about everything" - Rachel Weisz

"I may fight the British ruler, but I do not hate the English or their language. In fact, I appreciate their literary treasures." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I listened to a lot of tapes of British theatre actresses and tried to learn from them. As Americans, we don't have such a gift with language." - Angelina Jolie

"Be Briton still to Britain true, Among oursel's united; For never but by British hands Maun British wrangs be righted." - Robert Burns

"Silence is God's first language." - John of the Cross

"Music is a universal language." - Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

"Fashion is an instant language." - Miuccia Prada

"Abstraction is an esoteric language." - Eric Fischl

"Hands have their own language." - Simon Van Booy

"Sometimes language is not enough." - Justin Adams

"My programming language was solder." - Terry Pratchett

"In language clarity is everything." - Confucius

"Afrikaans is my first language, although you would never know, as my English accent has more of an American-British thing going on from all my years of travelling." - Tanit Phoenix

"In the British embassy in Afghanistan in 2008, an embassy of 350 people, there were only three people who could speak Dari, the main language of Afghanistan, at a decent level. And there was not a single Pashto speaker." - Rory Stewart

"One of the characteristics of New Labour - and Miliband is irredeemably of that species - is that, in the guise of a new liberal language, it has adopted the age-old default mode of British foreign policy, namely military intervention." - Martin Jacques

"British people are surprised that I'm British!" - David Harewood

"I remember I was really into this British band, The Vapors, with that song "Turning Japanese." I thought that they were really next level genius cryptic weirdos. And then I realized when I got older they are just using a lot of British words, and I didn't know what they meant. But I thought, Oh, they are making up their own language." - Craig Finn

"All language is a longing for home." - Rumi

"There is no language without deceit." - Italo Calvino

"Laughter is the language of the heart" - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"Language betrays, in order to mean." - Terence Mckenna

"Music is the language of heaven." - Levon Helm

"Language operates between literal and metaphorical signification" - Robert Smithson

"My subconscious speaks in a foreign language." - Deb Caletti

"I want to start where language ends." - Antony Gormley

"All people smile in the same language." - Anonymous

"Poetry is the language of feeling." - William Winter

"Language is a machine for making falsehoods." - Iris Murdoch

"Dreams are the language of God." - Paulo Coelho

"Language is the medium of our thoughts." - Frederick Lenz

"Language is the source of misunderstandings." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"Color is a language, like music." - Vlady Kibalchich Russakov

"Invent a new language anyone can understand." - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

"Grammar is the analysis of language." - Edgar Allan Poe

"poetry is where the language is renewed." - Margaret Atwood

"Sometimes, language is the sound of longing" - Simon Van Booy

"Musicians are not so concerned with language." - Ry Cooder

"A proverb is an ornament to language." - Proverbs

"Everyone smiles in the same language." - Anonymous

"Music is indeed the Universal Language." - L Ron Hubbard

"Numbers constitute the only universal language." - Nathanael West

"Mastery of language affords one remarkable opportunities." - Alexandre Dumas

"It's embarrassingly plain how inadequate language is." - Anthony Doerr

"Dig - the mostly uncouth - language of grace." - Geoffrey Hill

"The only thing that could possibly save British politics would be Margaret Thatcher's assassin." - Steven Morrissey

"British women can't cook." - Prince Philip

"I love British bands." - Taylor Momsen

"I love the British." - David Mamet

"Everyone prays in their own language, and there is no language that God does not understand." - Duke Ellington

"Silence is God's language, and it's a very difficult language to learn." - Thomas Keating

"Language alone protects us from the scariness of things with no names. Language alone is meditation." - Toni Morrison

"When you play music, you don't need a language. Music is a language." - Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

"Faith talks in the language of God. Doubt talks in the language of man." - E. W. Kenyon

"The language you use for your poems should be the language you use with your friends." - Robert Bly

"Language is power... Language can be used as a means of changing reality." - Adrienne Rich

"When experience flies into realms that language cannot touch, honesty demands beyond-language." - David James Duncan

"Mathematics is not just a language. Mathematics is a language plus reasoning." - Richard P Feynman

"A man who has a language consequently possesses the world expressed and implied by that language." - Frantz Fanon

"There is the English language and then there's the Trump language." - David Brooks

"If a language is corruptible, then a constitution written in that language is corruptible." - Robert Brault

"The Hawaiian language needs to be studied globally as a language of life." - Caryhiroyuki Tagawa

"What do you call that nice, shiny white metal they use to make sidings and airplanes out of? Aluminum, right? Aluminum, pronounced 'uh-LOO-mih-num', right? Anybody knows that! But do you know how the British spell it? 'Aluminium', pronounced 'Al-yoo-MIH-nee-um'. Ever hear anything so ridiculous? The French and Germans spell it 'aluminium', too, but they're foreigners who don't speak Earth-standard. You'd think the British, however, using our language, would be more careful" - Isaac Asimov

"You will hear people say the C-word. Except, it's a regional language: in British English, c - t has much less of an inflammatory sense than it does in North American English. You can hear someone on British TV called "a c - ting monkey" or a man being called a c - t. The particular fascination of profanity is how culturally specific it is and how it evolves." - Kory Stamper

"The problem with the British film industry is that it's really the American film industry, or a small branch of in lots of ways because of the common language. But it's great to see some individual voices still there. I think I probably gravitate towards a slightly more European, auteur model rather than the studio thing. I think it would be great if British films were a little bit more auteur driven." - David Mackenzie

"The job of the poet is to use language effectively, his own language, the only language which is to him authentic." - William Carlos Williams

"No medieval monarch in the whole of British history ever had such power as every modern British Prime Minister has in his or her hands. Nor does any American President have power approaching this" - Tony Benn

"However British you may be, I am more British still." - Henry James

"Lawrence of Arabia, British Beatlemania." - Billy Joel

"No sex, please - we're British!" - Anthony Marriott

"Greasy, miserable, British and pathetic" - Stephen Fry

"British comedy fans go crazy." - Chris Lilley

"I'm proud to be British." - Roger Moore

"The British are so funny." - Rose Byrne

"There is no language that love does not speak." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"Music begins where the possibilities of language end." - Jean Sibelius

"Jazz music is a language of the emotions." - Charles Mingus

"That is not good language which all understand not." - George Herbert

"The only love language is 'die to self.'" - Christine Caine

"The most important word in the English language is hope." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"I want to understand you, I study your obscure language." - Alexander Pushkin

"Regret; The saddest word in the English language." - Tonya Hurley

"i couldn't speak the language of his feelings" - Jonathan Safran Foer

"I went with my very being toward language." - Paul Celan

"C++ is the only current language making COBOL look good" - Bertrand Meyer

"Jargon: any technical language we do not understand." - Mason Cooley

"A man reacheth not to excellence with one language." - Roger Ascham

"I think of language as our first music." - Yusef Komunyakaa

"The Bible is God's Word given in man's language" - Max Lucado

"Language thus becomes monumental because of the mutations of advertising" - Robert Smithson

"Language because of our deep inner need to complain...." - Jane Wagner

"If only. The saddest two words in any language." - Maggie Osborne

"I can ask for cigarettes in every language" - David Bowie

"One must not be shy where language is concerned." - Ann Patchett

"Accuracy of language is one of the bulwarks of truth." - Anna Brownell Jameson

"The language of truth is unadorned and always simple." - Ammianus Marcellinus

"We should never lower our dignity by lowering our language." - Ted E. Brewerton

"My cat speaks sign language with her tail." - Robert A M Stern

"It is the distance between us that creates language." - Robin Skelton

"Learn the Arabic language; it will sharpen your wisdom." - Umar

"The only true language in the world is a kiss." - Alfred De Musset

"A thug only understands you when you speak his language" - Alexander Lukashenko

"The language of the street is always strong." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Clarity in language depends on clarity in thought." - Arthur M Schlesinger Jr

"Dialogue is a lean language in which every word counts." - Sol Stein

"Photography is a language more universal than words." - Minor White

"Javier Chevanton don't speak the language too good." - Kevin Bond

"The misuse of language induces evil in the soul." - Socrates

"Language is decanted and shared. If only one person is left alive speaking a language - the case with some American Indian languages - the language is dead. Language takes two and their multiples." - Rita Mae Brown

"Clarity of language is the first casualty of authoritarianism." - Robin Morgan

"Murky language means someone wants to pick your pocket." - Erica Jong

"For prayer is the language of the heart ..." - Grace Aguilar

"Anthony Doerr again takes language beyond mortal limits." - Elissa Schappell

"If only...the saddest words in the English language." - Kristan Higgins

"To speak another language is to have another soul" - Charlemagne

"Don't worry about what your mother thinks of your language." - Elmore Leonard

"Doing TV is a different kind of language." - Tim Roth

"Language is as fragile as the little alpine plant." - Martha Ronk

"The English language is not always the President's friend." - George Will

"A filthy mouth will not utter decent language." - Proverbs

"As was his language so was his life." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Learn a new language and get a new soul." - Proverbs

"The greatest enemy of clear language is insincerity." - George Orwell

"Language upon a silvered tongue affords enchantment enough." - Salman Rushdie

"Language was not given to man: he seized it." - Louis Aragon

"The language of priorities is the religion of socialism." - Aneurin Bevan

"Language cares." - Howard Nemerov

"The language of friendship is not words but meanings." - Henry David Thoreau

"Net - the biggest word in the language of business." - Herbert Newton Casson

"You need language for thought, and you need language to anticipate death. There is no abstract thought without language and no anticipation. I think the anticipation of death without language would be impossible." - David Cronenberg

"I said in sharp language that that practice was wrong." - Ken Starr

"Language shapes consciousness and from consciousness, our world is shaped." - Antonella Gambotto-Burke

"Speak the language of the person you want to become." - Adam Braun

"Part of what makes a language 'alive' is its constant evolution. I would hate to think Britain would ever emulate France, where they actually have a learned faculty whose job it is to attempt to prevent the incursion of foreign words into the language. I love editing Harry with Arthur Levine, my American editor-the differences between 'British English' (of which there must be at least 200 versions) and 'American English' (ditto!) are a source of constant interest and amusement to me." - J K Rowling

"Well British pension funds have not been investing the savings of British people in British infrastructure." - George Osborne

"It is music that, being the universal language, has no need to learn any particular language of the world." - Sri Chinmoy

"Its language is a language which the soul alone understands, but which the soul can never translate." - Arnold Bennett

"Mathematics is a language plus reasoning; it is like a language plus logic. Mathematics is a tool for reasoning." - Richard P Feynman



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