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Being Close To God Quotes


"There will never be anything more exciting or wonderful than being close to God." - Rick Joyner

"Suffering brings me so close to God." - Ram Dass

"I like being close to the bats." - Don Mattingly

"As close as you are to God, so close is God to you." - Sathya Sai Baba

"My dream is to live a good life and be loving, be close to God and be a good human being and bring peace to people." - Ziggy Marley

"The friend of silence comes close to God." - John Climacus

"To a close-shorn sheep God gives wind by measure." - George Herbert

"To a close shorn sheep, God gives wind by measure." - George Herbert

"I have always drawn strength from being close to home." - Arthur Ashe

"If you don't think you're close-minded for not believing in Zeus, then please don't accuse atheists of being close-minded for not believing in your god." - Greta Christina

"The just is close to the people's heart, but the merciful is close to the heart of God." - Khalil Gibran

"Since PTSD is being exposed to death and the death of someone close, I felt really close to [the soldiers]." - Alice Winocour

"Being close ain't good enough." - Chris Paul

"I attribute my talent and my success to God, but I believe that the only way you can manifest what He has ordained for you is by being close to Him and by making it happen. But we have to stay close to Him in order to be an image of Him." - Nia Long

"I've gone from, you know, being too close to politicians, to being too close to entertainers, and people's father that I'm not." - Al Sharpton

"Seemed to me that drumming was the best way to get close to God." - Lionel Hampton

"You are as close to God as you choose to be." - Rick Warren

"If you want to become that close to 'God', die instead." - Kazuya Minekura

"If you are not as close to God as you used to be, who moved?" - Anonymous

"Even Heaven would be Hell to some people because they'd be too close to God!" - David Berg

"The lover of silence draws close to God. He talks to Him in secret and God enlightens him." - John Climacus

"I don't just pray for God to open doors, I also pray for God to close doors." - Joyce Meyer

"One of the ways in which I feel close to God is writing poetry." - Christian Wiman

"There is no secret formula-only a life committed to a close walk with God." - Dillon Burroughs

"Poor Mexico. So far from God and so close to the United States." - Porfirio Diaz

"The argument from improbability, properly deployed, comes close to proving that God does not exist." - Richard Dawkins

"Poor Mexico! So far from God, so close to the United States." - Porfirio Diaz

"If you don't feel as close to God today as you did yesterday, who moved?" - Chris Heimerdinger

"The best way of being kind to bears is not to be very close to them." - Margaret Atwood

"Being physically close to extreme power causes one to experience a giddiness, an intoxication." - Maya Angelou

"But there is a difference between cozying up to power and being close to power." - Bono

"I prefer being honest to being 'honest to God.'" - C S Lewis

"Respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality." - U Thant

"I've never heard of any president being so close to his people." - Ho Chi Minh

"I quite frequently don't look through the camera, which is very close to being blind." - William Eggleston

"For me writing is as close to being an engineer as possible." - Guy Kawasaki

"The worst of prison life, he thought, was not being able to close his door." - Stendhal

"Being close to nature, in general, helps boost a child's attention span." - Richard Louv

"Obedience is a powerful spiritual medicine. It comes close to being a cure-all." - Boyd K. Packer

"I loved being in Close Encounters, just to watch Steven Spielberg working was exciting." - Bob Balaban

"I am me, not by finding myself, but by being close to other people." - Linn Ullmann

"Respect for the truth comes close to being the basis for all morality." - Frank Herbert

"We are at the edge of an abyss and we're close to being irrevocably lost." - David R Brower

"You shouldn't get too close to the truth, because then maybe you stop being funny." - Bob Newhart

"Throughout Jesus' ministry, He took time away from the crowds and even His disciples to pray by Himself. Jesus modeled the importance of not only serving God with our actions but of being still and drawing close to God to renew our souls." - David Jeremiah

"Yes, I'm very close to my family. And being that close to your family, I think you also struggle with how to become your own person." - Linda Cardellini

"Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable." - David Augsburger

"The biggest terrorist is the God of the Quran. I know this is very dangerous and this will offend many people. The more you follow the steps of the prophet of Islam and the God of Islam, the more you get close to being a terrorist." - Mosab Hassan Yousef

"Only a philosopher's mind grows wings, since its memory always keeps it as close as possible to those realities by being close to which the gods are divine." - Plato

"If I'm a character, it's a biographical movie. My character is as close to me as possible. As close to being myself as possible. So my character, J. Cole, is very close to Jermaine Cole." - J Cole

"The closer we are to God, the closer we are to those who are close to him." - Thomas Merton

"The Church's challenge is staying close to the people, close to the people of the United States, not being a detached Church from the people but close to them, close, close, and this is something that the Church in the United States has understood and understood well." - Pope Francis

"Whatever is to make us better and happy God has placed either openly before us or close to us." - Seneca the Younger

"It's not possible to be close to God without thinking about the lost. They never leave His mind." - Christine Caine

"The primary virtue is: hold your tongue; who knows how to keep quiet is close to God." - Cato the Younger

"One way you can get really close to God is to sin as hard as you can." - John Darnielle

"The primary virtue is: hold your tongue; who knows how to keep quiet is close to God." - Cato the Elder

"In their poverty, the mentally handicapped reveal God to us and hold us close to the gospel." - Henri Nouwen

"I guess a lot of people think that a girl who shows her bosom and wears tight dresses can't be close to God. God has always been close to me. Only He knew what was in my heart." - Jayne Mansfield

"However softly we speak, God is so close to us that he can hear us; nor do we need wings to go in search of him, but merely to seek solitude and contemplate him within ourselves, without being surprised to find such a good Guest there." - John of the Cross

"I adore being with Roberta. I adore being in her spiritual light. I adore being close to her talent and gifts." - Peabo Bryson

"Making the effort to improve as a human being is what Coach Lombardi was all about. He was able to see the gap between where we were and what we could become-both as football players and as people. And he felt it was his God-given responsibility to close that gap." - Jerry Kramer

"The friend of silence comes close to God. In secret he converses with him and receives his light." - John Climacus

"Pray that God will open the doors you can't open and close the doors that need to be closed." - Joyce Meyer

"I felt very close to God.... My friends say that's because I was always on my knees." - Armistead Maupin

"When we break bread and give it to each other, fear vanishes and God becomes very close." - Henri Nouwen

"People who are close to God cultivate a personal intimacy with Him like a good gardener cultivates beautiful flowers." - Charles R Swindoll

"The best thing is being really close. The worst thing is being really close." - Joel Madden

"Pay close attention to when you're being the real you & when you're trying to impress an invisible jury." - Derek Sivers

"I grew as close to Madonna as I've ever been to a woman without being romantically involved." - Nile Rodgers

"I like to play these unconventional characters, yes. They're close to the way I feel as a human being." - Ken Stott

"Israel desperately needs peace if it is to come anywhere close to being the 'light unto nations' of Jewish dreams." - Edgar Bronfman Sr

"I don't use cages - I've been surrounded by 150 to 200 sharks, not once ever been close to being bitten." - Michael Muller

"So close was Christ's connection with God that he equated a man's attitude to himself with the man's attitude to God." - John Stott

"Snow reminds Ka of God! But I'm not sure it would be accurate. What brings me close to God is the silence of snow." - Orhan Pamuk

"Snow reminds Ka of God! But I'm not sure it would be accurate. What brings me close to God is the silence of snow." - Orhan Pamuk

"Democracy is itself, a religious faith. For some it comes close to being the only formal religion they have." - E B White

"A fly was very close to being called a land, cause that's what they do half the time." - Mitch Hedberg

"Even being close to L.A., I was always inspired by old movies and Marilyn Monroe and the glamour of Hollywood." - Gwen Stefani

"A fly was very close to being called a land, because that's what it does half the time." - Mitch Hedberg

"I had a very lovely childhood, and, being an only child, I'm very close to my mom and my dad." - Luke Evans

"Sugar Ray Leonard was as close as anyone came after Ali to being Ali, but he wasn't Ali." - Dick Schaap

"I'm probably the furthest from being romantic that you've ever seen; I'm not even close to being romantic in any way until I have to be." - Brian Mcknight

"If you're not aligned with God, it's hard to recognize yourself as being of God. The way that you get aligned with God is by being like God, being like Source, being like energy. That means understanding how God works." - Wayne Dyer

"The films that I've made with my company Irish DreamTime are close to my heart. 'The Greatest' being one of them, and 'Evelyn' being another." - Pierce Brosnan

"The thing you want to be able to do is to be well-liked when you retire. I know right now I'm not close to retiring, and I'm not close to being liked." - Kyle Busch

"Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June." - Al Bernstein

"We are not called on to believe this or that doctrine which may be proposed to us till we can do so from honest conviction. But we are called on to trust-to trust ourselves to God, being sure that He will lead us right-to keep close to Him-and to trust the promises which He whispers through our conscience; this we can do, and we ought to do." - John Campbell Shairp

"He who understands nature walks close with God." - Edgar Cayce

"To live as true children of God means to love our neighbour and to be close to those who are lonely and in difficulty" - Pope Francis

"As the day comes to a close and we review what we have tried to do, again there should be that sense of committing everything to God." - Lee Roberson

"Truly great people in history never wanted to be great for themselves. All they wanted was the chance to do good for others and be close to God." - Muhammad Ali

"The wisest thing you'll ever do in this life is to draw close to God and to seek Him with all your heart." - Bob Sorge

"We are close to God when we are close to people. If we think of God as something in favor of the betterment of human beings, and if we act in a way that brings about that betterment-if we do not cling to riches, selfishness, or greed-then I believe we are getting closer to God." - Daniel Ortega

"Prayer is not about changing God, but being willing to let God change us." - Richard Rohr

"Mindset of the man too busy: I am too busy BEING God to become LIKE God." - Mark Buchanan

"When a stray animal crosses your path, it may be as close to God as you're going to get in this lifetime." - Kinky Friedman

"Just know this: What you will do among children is as close to the heart of God and central to his kingdom as anything we could mention." - Wess Stafford

"What's closest to your heart is what you talk about, and if God is close to your heart, you'll talk about Him." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"Don't seek God in temples. He is close to you. He is within you. Only you should surrender to Him and you will rise above happiness and unhappiness." - Leo Tolstoy

"Friendship is an opportunity to act on God's behalf in the lives of the people that we're close to, reminding each other who God is." - Shauna Niequist

"Me, I'm spiritually retarded, I need to be knee deep in water with a fly rod in my hands, that's about as close to God as I get." - Steve Earle

"The Lord has placed next to me many people, who, with generosity and love for God and the church, have helped me and been close to me." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"Our decision to close on Sunday was our way of honoring God and of directing our attention to things that mattered more than our business." - S Truett Cathy

"Stay very close to Our Lady. If you do this, you can do great things for God and the good of people." - Mother Teresa

"In times of defeat, we never know how close we are to victory. In every event of failure, God has planted a seed of success." - Charles Stanley

"Our great object of glorifying God is to be mainly achieved by the winning of souls Do not close a single sermon without addressing the ungodly." - Charles Spurgeon

"Every time you get on your knees and pray to God, 'Holy' keeps the respect and reverence while 'Father' brings Him close & intimate." - Ravi Zacharias

"Our great object of glorifying God is to be mainly achieved by the winning of souls... Do not close a single sermon without addressing the ungodly." - Charles Spurgeon

"The toppling crags of Duty scaled Are close upon the shining table-lands To which our God Himself is moon and sun." - Alfred Tennyson

"...knowing that to be a librarian was to come as close as any human being can to sitting in the peak-seat of eternity's engine." - Stephen King

"Being able to laugh at a situation can help you hang on to your perspective. And there's an intimacy in laughter that nothing else can come close to." - Eric Mabius

"The only way to avoid being unhappy is to close yourself up in Art and to count for nothing all the rest." - Gustave Flaubert

"If there's a fire, I want to be there. Maybe because in being so close to death, I think I understand what it means to be truly alive." - Caroline Paul

"We stand there for a moment, looking at each other, and in that instant I feel our connection so strongly it's as though it achieves physical existence, becomes a hand all around us, cupping us together, protecting us. This is what people are always talking about when they talk about god: this feeling, of being held and understood and protected. feeling this way seems about as close to saying a prayer as you could get..." - Lauren Oliver

"I didn't start out thinking that I could ever make films. I started out being a film lover, loving films, and wanting to have a job that put me close to them and close to filmmakers and close to film sets." - Ava Duvernay

"You come to God not by being strong, but by being weak; not by being right, but through your mistakes." - Richard Rohr

"God wants my life to be about being successful and being happy and blessing other people and being blessed." - Miley Cyrus

"It takes a while to get a movie together, and they dont start talking books until the movie is close to being finished." - Gregory Keyes

"Grief is the price we pay for being close to one another. If we want to avoid our grief, we simply avoid each other." - Thomas Lynch

"We need to give up what no longer works and find new ways of being that keeps us close to what matters." - Mark Nepo

"It's bullshit to think of friendship and romance as being different. They're not. They're just variations of the same love. Variations of the same desire to be close." - Rachel Cohn

"Childbirth being one's most significant life passage, those close to us when we open to birth a baby will never be forgotten." - Robin Lim

"It's particularly hard to take being stabbed in the back close to home. There's always a feeling of betrayal when people of your own group oppose you." - Catharine Mackinnon

"When I'm writing a movie, it's usually pretty close to what the movie is going to be, which is just a luxury of being a writer-director." - J C Chandor

"It takes a while to get a movie together, and they don't start talking books until the movie is close to being finished." - Gregory Keyes

"A guitar riff played on a piano doesn't come close to the purity of it being played on a guitar but I faked it enough to get by." - Barry Mann

"To understand somebody else as a human being, I think, is about as close to real forgiveness as one can get." - David Small

"I enjoy the Web site a lot and I like being able to talk to my readers. I've always had a very close relationship with them." - Anne Rice

"When it comes to health and well-being, regular exercise is about as close to a magic potion as you can get." - Nhat Hanh

"The Divine was beyond description, beyond knowing, beyond comprehension. To say that the Divine was Creation divided by Destruction was as close as one could come to definition. But the puny of soul, the dull of wit, weren't content with that. They wanted to hang a face on the Divine. They went so far as to attribute petty human emotions (anger, jealousy, etc) to it, not stopping to realize that if God were a being, even a supreme being, our prayers would have bored him to death long ago." - Tom Robbins

"I don't believe in inevitability. But I think it's pretty close to being inevitable...Yes, I think it's probably a near thing." - Michael Scheuer

"Delightful, tragic, gloriously elegiac and riddled with puns-Close to Hugh is just like life, only so much more beautiful for being art." - Lynn Coady

"When you are up close to an opera singer, hearing this incredible volume of noise coming from a human being - its beyond belief." - Eve Best

"The gods being always close to men perceive those who afflict others with unjust devices and do not fear the wrath of heaven." - Hesiod

"You wouldn't take a portrait of a human being from a hundred feet away and expect to capture their spirit; you'd move in close." - Nick Brandt

"The United States is dangerously close to being a plutocracy. A third of the private wealth is owned by less than 5 percent of the population." - Robert Payne

"She had never been so close to anybody. It was as if they were one being, together, not predator and prey, but partners in a dance." - L J Smith

"What is a friend if not someone you feel close to, someone you like being with, someone you can confide in and share pleasure with. -Jeremy Malory-" - Johanna Lindsey

"You keep on going until you get it as close to being right as the time and patience of others will allow." - Harrison Ford

"There was some discussion, but nothing got close to being a reality. They asked for a lot and got a lot (from the White Sox)." - Eric Wedge

"I am working on three things: on being a prayerful person; on staying close to the handicapped; and on my writing. These are my constant concerns." - Henri Nouwen

"I really loved my dad. I was very, very close to my dad. He - you know, he was very, very nervous about my being an actor." - Jeffrey Tambor

"The United States is dangerously close to being a plutocracy. A third of the private wealth is owned by less than 5 percent of the population." - Pierre Stephen Robert Payne

"They snuggled closer, and when they were as close as they could get without being behind one another, they commenced to kiss again." - Tom Robbins

"While there is no cure, cystic fibrosis is so close to being a livable disease. There is a lot of hope." - Max Carver

"I grew up in a show business family, so we've always had a great sense of balance, being so close to my parents." - Andy Gibb

"No doubt I enjoy being close to people in the way I dress, the way I speak, and the way I communicate with people." - Vicente Fox

"I can't pull off blond, but I got some blond tips. Which is as close as I'll ever come to being in a '90s boy band." - Ron Livingston

"When you are up close to an opera singer, hearing this incredible volume of noise coming from a human being - it's beyond belief." - Eve Best



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