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Behave Yourself Quotes


"Ask yourself constantly, "What is the right thing to do?" Behave toward everyone as if receiving a great guest." - Confucius

"I am going to tell you what nature behaves like. If you will simply admit that maybe she does behave like this, you will find her a delightful, entrancing thing. Do not keep saying to yourself, if you can possibly avoid it, 'But how can it be like that?' ...Nobody knows how it can be like that." - Richard P Feynman

"I will teach you how to behave yourself in the ring." - Wladimir Klitschko

"You can't talk your way out of problems you behave yourself into." - Stephen Covey

"Carry your bag by yourself; carry your umbrella by yourself; open your door by yourself; light your own candle! Do your job by yourself! Don't use others! Don't behave like a king, don't behave like a queen! Be humble!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"If you love yourself, if you truly love yourself, then you'll see other people in yourself, and you won't behave that way." - Malik Yoba

"I've a pretty large experience of boys, and you're a bad set of fellows. Now mind... you behave yourself !" - Charles Dickens

"When you have children your own hypocrisy becomes more apparent because you're telling them how to behave, and you're not behaving like that yourself. So it obliges one to really go in and try to look at why there is a huge gulf between how one knows one wants to behave and how one actually does behave." - Danny Boyle

"That is almost the definition of any friendship that is worthwhile - that we don't care a damn how you behave yourself." - E. C. Bentley

"I leave you free to be yourself: to think your thoughts, indulge your tastes, follow your inclinations, behave in ways that you decide are to your liking." - Anthony De Mello

"One thing the passage of time has shown me is that you never know how you'll behave in a situation until you're in that situation yourself." - Christine Sneed

"There's always a part of your nation's history that you haven't been told that... has a powerful impact on how you yourself may behave and may believe." - Barbara Kingsolver

"Wait for the Lord. Behave yourself manfully, and be of good courage. Do not be faithless, but stay in your place and do not turn back." - Thomas A Kempis

"Know yourself, like yourself, be yourself." - Charles R Swindoll

"We only learn to behave ourselves in the presence of God." - C S Lewis

"When you see yourself as calm, positive, truthful and possessed of high character, you behave with greater strength. Other people respect you more. You feel in control of yourself and the situation." - Brian Tracy

"Law is for the society; love is for the individual. Law is how you behave with others; love is how you behave with yourself. Love is an inner flowering; law is an outward performance. Because you live with people you have to be lawful, but that is not enough - good, but not enough." - Rajneesh

"Your beliefs about yourself and your world create your expectations. Your expectations determine your attitude. Your attitude determines your behavior and the way you relate to other people. And the way you behave toward and relate to other people determines how they relate to and behave toward you." - Brian Tracy

"A guy's calling to say he's failing algebra II. Just as a point of practice, I say, Kill yourself. A woman calls and says her kids won't behave. Without missing a beat, I tell her, Kill yourself. A man calls to say his car won't start. Kill yourself. A woman calls to ask what time the late movie starts. Kill yourself. She asks, "Isn't this 555-1327? Is this the Moorehouse CinePlex? I say, Kill yourself. Kill yourself. Kill yourself." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide." - Marva Collins

"I behave in public like I behave in private." - Andrew Breitbart

"All writers behave badly. All people behave badly." - Claire Tomalin

"Harpernus Stoyan, if you can't behave yourself and go and turn all Roman hands and Russian Fingers under that comforter, you're going to have to sit on the couch," Stephanie snapped, sounding for all the world like a stern schoolteacher." - Lynsay Sands

"I didn't want to tell Mother I worked as a journalist. She thought I was a prostitute. Locking yourself in a room and inventing characters and conversations which do not exit is no way for a grown man to behave." - Sebastian Horsley

"Respect yourself. Try to remember that not everything in life can be perfect. You will make mistakes. That's inevitable. But you are not ugly. You will only be ugly when you behave in an ugly way." - Pete Townshend

"Ralph could you please sit down and behave yourself or we are going to have to throw you out. As a matter of fact Ralph can you leave right now?....Ok sit down." - Brandon DiCamillo

"The way you define yourself as a writer is that you write every time you have a free minute. If you didn't behave that way you would never do anything." - John Irving

"If you behave like a regular guy, you get treated like a regular guy. You can't cut yourself off from the world. You ultimately would go crazy, wouldn't you?" - Timothy Dalton

"If you're put on a pedestal, you're supposed to behave yourself like a pedestal type of person. Pedestals actually have a limited circumference. Not much room to move around." - Margaret Atwood

"All outward forms of religion are almost useless, and are the causes of endless strife. Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest." - Beatrix Potter

"We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Society becomes how you behave." - Eric Liu

"Temptation to behave is terrible." - Bertolt Brecht

"Surround yourself with brilliance." - Peter Gabriel

"Changing yourself changes everything." - Bryant H Mcgill

"Have faith in yourself." - Nathan Parsons

"Dare to be yourself." - Andre Gide

"Yourself" - Joe Vitale

"Rise above yourself." - Thomas Leonard

"Surrounding yourself with others..." - Michael Losier

"Control yourself. You'll spurt." - John Lennon

"How would you feel if you had no fear? Feel like that. How would you behave toward other people if you realized their powerlessness to hurt you? Behave like that. How would your react to so-called misfortune if you saw its inability to bother you? React like that. How would you think toward yourself if you knew you were really all right? Think like that." - Vernon Howard

"You cannot ask everyone to behave ethically." - Sepp Blatter

"Behave like everything you do matters." - Gloria Steinem

"Tutors should behave reverently before their pupils." - Roger L'Estrange

"You are a guest of nature - behave." - Friedensreich Hundertwasser

"Behave simply and hold on to purity." - Laozi

"We come to feel as we behave." - Paul Pearsall

"People who behave rarely make history." - Josh Linkner

"You're as old as you behave." - Harvey Mackay

"Take a good look at your life right now. If you don't like something about it, close your eyes and imagine the life you want. Now allow yourself to focus your inner eye on the person you would be if you were living this preferred life. Notice the differences in how you behave and present yourself; allow yourself to spend several seconds breathing in the new image, expanding your energy into this..." - Marianne Williamson

"Ground yourself, strip yourself down, To blind loving Silence" - Rumi

"Sometimes it helps to scold yourself, to give yourself advice." - R L Stine

"You owe it to yourself to be yourself." - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

"Science is a method to keep yourself from kidding yourself." - Edwin Land

"As you behave towards others, expect that others will behave to you." - Decimus Laberius

"We should behave to our friends as we would wish our friends behave to us" - Aristotle

"If you don't behave as you believe, you will end by believing as you behave." - Fulton J Sheen

"People do notice you but they behave normally if you behave normal." - Lara Dutta

"We should behave to our friends as we would wish our friends to behave to us." - Aristotle

"Your garden will reveal yourself." - Henry Mitchell

"Inoculate yourself from dangerous bozos." - Guy Kawasaki

"Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself." - Tara Stiles

"Let yourself become living poetry." - Rumi

"Be yourself, until you bleed." - Mike Carey

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery" - Bob Marley

"Forgive yourself, but don't forget" - Alexandra Bracken

"Change art to include yourself." - Joseph Kosuth

"Why not imagine yourself successful?" - Maxwell Maltz

"Please be kinder to yourself!" - Jennifer Widerstrom

"Neither blame or praise yourself." - Plutarch

"Surround yourself with positive people." - Melanie Fiona

"Love yourself no matter what!" - Erin Heatherton

"Surround yourself with optimistic people." - Zig Ziglar

"Never Google yourself. Seriously, don't!" - Marcus Brigstocke

"Control yourself, not your dreams." - Stephen Laberge

"Honour, cherish and nourish yourself." - Brandon Bays

"Class is much more than Marx's definition of relationship to the means of production. Class involved your behavior, your basic assumptions, how you are taught to behave, what you expect from yourself and from others, your concept of a future, how you understand problems and solve them, how you think, feel, act." - Rita Mae Brown

"If you are content with being nobody in particular, content not to stand out, you align yourself with the power of the universe. What looks like weakness to the ego is in fact the only true strength. This spiritual truth is diametrically opposed to the values of our contemporary culture and the way it conditions people to behave." - Eckhart Tolle

"The history of Israel is divided into two parts. One, under attack that we have had to defend ourselves. When you defend yourself your thinking is totally different from when you want to make peace. So under attack you behave like if you want a hawk, when peace comes you become a dove." - Shimon Peres

"You know that if you get in the water and have nothing to hold on to, but try to behave as you would on dry land, you will drown. But if, on the other hand, you trust yourself to the water and let go, you will float. And this is exactly the situation of faith." - Alan Watts

"Imagine for a moment your own version of a perfect future. See yourself in that future with everything you could wish for at this very moment fulfilled. Now take the memory of that future and bring it here into the present. Let it influence how you will behave from this moment on." - Deepak Chopra

"And here I thought you were actually going to behave yourself," he said. "It's going to get worse if they don't keep their hands off you." "I suppose you're going to tell me now that only you have the right to touch me." "I see we understand each other." - Johanna Lindsey

"The most important thing is to be true to yourself, however you feel, and not try to feel or behave differently because you think you should, or someone has told you how you must feel. But do think about it. Unexamined feelings lead to all kinds of trouble." - Garth Nix

"When I play myself, I want to be a slightly better person. It just agrees. Everything I play about myself is kind of true, but it's amplified. We all edit, don't we? If you're self-aware, you stop yourself - you know how to behave properly." - Steve Coogan

"Anyone can tell you that how you're raised as a child has a great deal to do with how you behave as an adult and whether you have complexes or whether you need to prove yourself or all that kind of stuff and yet the mother in a traditional family who has raised a child never makes it in the history books." - Rita Dove

"Intrusive people force you to behave as a victim, or feel like a perp, by betting you would rather succumb to their rudeness than escape it through actions you find as vulgar as theirs. You are thusly trapped between feeling weak for not freeing yourself or abusive if you do." - Alan Robert Neal

"I think creative people need to do a bit of, you know, tuning into every radio station - you just do, otherwise you don't know much about other people. You kind of have to learn a bit about yourself so you can work out how we all behave and why we do the things we do." - Anne-Marie Duff

"Never trust a man whom you know to have acted like a scoundrel to others, whatever friendliness he may profess to feel towards yourself, however plausible he may be, or however kindly he may behave; be sure that, the moment he has anything to gain by so doing, he will "throw you over."" - Charlie Day

"We live in a racist world. Everywhere there is racism. We say to White people, "You really have to examine how you behave in the world. You are responsible for deconstructing internalized racism and being part of a ongoing process of decolonizing yourself."" - Eve Ensler

"Now don't go wandering off, William," she said with a meaningful glance. "I don't want to lose you in the crowd." Will's jaw set. "I'm getting the oddest feeling that you're enjoying this," he said under his breath. "Nothing odd about it." Feeling unbelievably bold, Tessa chucked him under the chin with the tip of her lace fan. "Simply behave yourself." - Cassandra Clare

"Conservative concepts believe in little government - take care of yourself, and that makes men who invent things like the constitution! Liberal thought has big government - we'll take care of you - and that creates boys and they create things like Occupy Wall Street! There's a difference between the way men and boys behave." - Brad Stine

"The moral of the story of the Pilgrims is that if you work hard all your life and behave yourself every minute and take no time out for fun you will break practically even, if you can borrow enough money to pay your taxes." - Will Cuppy

"If you are strong, and you are fighting the weak for any period of time, you are going to become weak yourself. If you behave like a coward, then you are going to become cowardly - it's only a question of time." - Martin Van Creveld

"I think creative people need to do a bit of, you know, tuning into every radio station - you just do, otherwise you don't know much about other people. You kind of have to learn a bit about yourself so you can work out how we all behave and why we do the things we do." - Annemarie Duff

"The whole point of being in the Army is wanting to get killed, wanting to test yourself to the limits. Now you have to fly 15,000ft above the war zone to avoid getting hit. I don't think there is any point in having wars if that's how you're going to behave. It's pathetic. All this whining!" - Rupert Everett

"The repressed memory is like a noisy intruder being thrown out of the concert hall. You can throw him out, but he will bang on the door and continue to disturb the concert. The analyst opens the door and says, If you promise to behave yourself, you can come back in." - Theodor Reik

"With horses, familiarity breeds comfort. If you haven't been around horses for a while (or ever), the best thing to do is to go to the racetrack, a horse show, a rodeo, or some other horsey activity, and watch the horses. Familiarize yourself with the way they move and behave themselves." - Jane Smiley

"There is nothing magnanimous in bearing misfortunes with fortitude, when the whole world is looking on.... He who, without friends to encourage or even without hope to alleviate his misfortunes, can behave with tranquility and indifference, is truly great." - Oliver Goldsmith

"All sorts of things in this world behave like mirrors." - Jacques Lacan

"Internal character: how you behave when no one is watching." - Bill Courtney

"I do not dislike teaching when the boys behave themselves." - Helen Herron Taft

"Champions behave like champions before they are champions" - Bill Walsh

"preety girls behave best when you ignore them" - Chetan Bhagat

"The higher our position the more modestly we should behave." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"The best way to behave is to misbehave." - Mae West

"Intelligent people discuss ideas. Fools discuss how people should behave." - Paulo Coelho

"Insanity is to behave like someone that you are not." - Paulo Coelho

"Let the guilt teach you how to behave next time," - Veronica Roth

"Gentlemen do not behave in such a way." - Austen Chamberlain

"Behave like the human being you wish all would be" - Robin S. Sharma

"We can't behave like people in novels, though, can we?" - Edith Wharton

"People don't know how to behave in public anymore." - Gallagher

"Men behave very oddly in the company of attractive women." - Alex Kapranos

"I've seen golems. They don't behave like a real person." - Diana Wynne Jones

"If bigots behave like bigots, it's not a huge surprise." - Salman Rushdie

"I try to behave myself, and I succeed." - Judith Martin

"Freedom means the freedom to behave coarsely, basely, foolishly." - George Will

"Illness can make us behave in the most surprising ways." - Susan Minot

"Gods always behave like the people who make them." - Zora Neale Hurston

"You cannot say things one week and then behave differently." - Brian Odriscoll

"A great many women can feel and behave like men. Very few of them can behave like gentlemen." - Radclyffe Hall

"Most people, even in simple risky situations, don't behave the way the theory of utility would have them behave." - Howard Raiffa

"When people in authority want the rest of us to behave, it matters-first and foremost-how they behave." - Malcolm Gladwell

"When we Christians behave badly, or fail to behave well, we are making Christianity unbelievable to the outside world" - C S Lewis

"I always expect people to behave much better than I do. When they actually behave worse, I am frankly incredulous." - Elaine Dundy

"Success is absolutely intoxicating. I've seen people behave in ways that seem very far from how they would behave normally." - Chris O'Dowd

"Of all my children, you were always the hardest on yourself. You were always looking for the right way to behave, so concerned you might make a mistake. But, darling, there are no mistakes. There are only our wishes, our actions, and the consequences that follow both. There are only events, how we cope with them, and what we learn from the coping." "That's too easy," he said. "On the contrary. It's monumentally difficult." - Elizabeth George

"There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge. It makes you behave like the village drunkard in some early Irish novel. Total loss of all basic motor skills, blurred vision, no balance, numb tongue - the mind recoils in horror, unable to communicate with the spinal column. Which is interesting, because you can actually watch yourself behaving in this terrible way, but you ca' control it." - Hunter S Thompson

"I don't know who had the training of you," he continued doggedly, "but your morals are shocking. You spent a night in my bed, remember, after a night in a bawdy house. You go about collecting street urchins and letting inebriated vagabonds kiss you, and then you get into brawls in pawnshops. You are probably past all redemption, but I'm going to reform you anyhow. If you behave yourself, perhaps I'll let you reform me on occasion, but I make no promises." - Loretta Chase

"To be sure, our mental processes often go wrong, so that we imagine God to have gone away. What should be done then? Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure. Learn to behave thus even in deepest distress and keep yourself that way in any and every estate of life. I can give you no better advice than to find God where you lost him." - Meister Eckhart

"Behave when away from home as though you were in the presence of an honored guest. Employ the people as though you were assisting at an important sacrifice. Do not do to others what you would not like yourself. Then there will be no feelings of opposition to you, whether it is the affairs of a state that you are handling or the affairs of a family." - Confucius

"There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge. It makes you behave like the village drunkard in some early Irish novel. Total loss of all basic motor skills, blurred vision, no balance, numb tongue - the mind recoils in horror, unable to communicate with the spinal column. Which is interesting, because you can actually watch yourself behaving in this terrible way, but you can't control it." - Hunter S Thompson

"We act, we behave, and we feel the vibration that we're in at the present time according to what we consider our self image to be. And we do not deviate from that pattern. The image you hold of yourself is a premise, a foundation (idea) on which your entire personality is built. This image, not only controls your behavior but your circumstances as well." - Maxwell Maltz

"There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge. It makes you behave like the village drunkard in some early Irish novel. Total loss of all basic motor skills, blurred vision, no balance, numb tongue - the mind recoils in horror, unable to communicate with the spinal column. Which is interesting, because you can actually watch yourself behaving in this terrible way, but you can't control it." - Hunter S Thompson

"The two words that I've arrived at to describe what we all need to feel about ourselves, children and adults, in order to perceive ourselves accurately, are worthy and welcome. If you don't feel worthy and welcome, you really won't know what to do with yourself. You won't know how to behave in a world of other people. You won't think you deserve to get what you need." - Jean Liedloff

"People can be so petty, can't they? This is why you should only give as much notice as is considered culturally appropriate in the organization, and once you do, keep up with all of your job responsibilities until the very last hour. Other than that, all you can do is take the high road, and behave professionally yourself even if you aren't receiving the same treatment back." - Alexandra Levit

"After two takes you're imitating yourself." - Thelonious Monk

"Stop explaining yourself. Shut up and act!" - Craig MacDonald

"Whatever you condemn, you have done yourself." - Georg Groddeck

"Be first the master of yourself" - Baltasar Gracian

"If you ? love love, look for yourself." - Rumi

"To rule yourself is the ultimate power" - Seneca the Younger

"Forgive yourself for not being at peace." - Eckhart Tolle

"Don't talk yourself into not being you." - Bill Cosby

"Giving yourself is the ultimate revolution." - Bryant H Mcgill

"System: Save yourself time, energy and money." - Mark Victor Hansen

"You can't run away from yourself" - Bob Marley

"Be kind to yourself this evening. Buy something for yourself. Treat yourself to a meal. Look in the mirror and give yourself a smile" - Yoko Ono

"Be yourself. Authenticity trumps cool every time." - Craig Groeschel



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