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Be In Love Quotes


"You cannot be in love with love." - Peter Kreeft

"Be soulful. Be kind. Be in love." - Rumi

"Be foolishly in love, because love is all there is." - Rumi

"An oyster may be crossed in love." - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

"It's good to be in love." - Kim Edwards

"Why must I be lonely in love?" - Dan Fogelberg

"I would love to be in Kansas." - Paul Reubens

"We don't love to be loved in return; we love to love." - Leo Buscaglia

"We all dream about love, want to be in love, and have been hurt by love." - Taylor Swift

"A woman in love can't be reasonable - or she probably wouldn't be in love." - Mae West

"There will always be opportunities to be in love again." - Shia Labeouf

"Love is love, no matter who you fall in love with, love is love, it can be painful, it can be wonderful." - John Barrowman

"Love, and don't be caught in opinions and ideas about what love is or should be." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"You will always be loved, and you will always be in love with love." - Oscar Wilde

"I fell in love. It was a great thing to be in love. I was a complete idiot in love." - Kid Rock

"It's awfully easy to be in love in jail" - Dashiell Hammett

"It's awfully easy to be in love in jail." - Dashiell Hammett

"I was lonelier than I should be, for a woman in love, or half in love." - Edna O'Brien

"While being madly in love is fun, perhaps one should aspire to be sanely in love." - Jessica Zafra

"One cannot fall in love, really; one has to be in love." - Erich Fromm

"You have to fall in love to be in love, but falling in love isn't the same as being in love" - Gayle Forman

"I think true love is not only true personal love but totality of love, universal love - to be in love with everything manifest and everything unmanifest." - David Lynch

"That's your problem! You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie." - Nora Ephron

"Races don't fall in love, genders don't fall in love: Individuals fall in love. We all should be free to marry the person that we love." - John Lewis

"My desires are simply I love to teach, I love to be in uniform, I love to throw batting practice, I love to be with the kids." - Gary Carter

"To be in love is to surpass one's self." - Oscar Wilde

"There's beggary in love that can be reckoned" - William Shakespeare

"It's better to be in love than watch it." - Matt Bomer

"I would love to be in the Hall Of Fame." - Rob Halford

"Marriage is unbelievable, i couldn't be more in love." - Jessica Simpson

"I love to be in front of big galleries" - Natalie

"We are in love and meant to be together." - Emily Giffin

"Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love." - Rumi

"A wise man can be a fool in love." - Chetan Bhagat

"Be a loving person rather than in a love relationship." - Rajneesh

"Be in love with your life, every detail of it." - Jack Kerouac

"A life lived in love will never be dull." - Leo Buscaglia

"Real love cannot be silent in the face of injustice." - Mel White

"Be loving and the love in your life will increase." - Rhonda Britten

"I will be dust, but dust in love" - Francisco De Quevedo

"There should be a course in first grade on love." - Andy Warhol

"Love is, to be loved," said Alexander, "in return." - Paullina Simons

"I want enough time to be in love with everything . . ." - Marina Keegan

"Be in love with the moments of your life." - Matthew Knisely

"Theater in Chicago will always be my first love." - William Petersen

"Your work should be in praise of what you love." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"There's beggary in the love that can be reckon'd." - William Shakespeare

"When I fall in love It will be forever." - Edward Heyman

"There's beggary in the love that can be reckoned." - William Shakespeare

"I'd love to be a voice in 'Toy Story 4." - Jackie Weaver

"When I fall in love, it will be forever." - Jane Austen

"Ultimately, I'd love to be able to work in film." - James Van Der Beek

"I love to be in front of big galleries." - Natalie Gulbis

"I love not to be busy in a certain way." - Carlos Ghosn

"You can't be in love with a Google search." - Taylor Swift

"I'd love to be a voice in 'Toy Story 4.'" - Jacki Weaver

"The important thing is to be in love with something." - Ray Bradbury

"Love must be the same in all worlds." - Horace Mann

"The world should be full of love. Love. Love is the most important thing in the world." - Michael Jackson

"Practise love. Sitting alone in your room, be loving. Radiate love. Fill the whole room with your love energy." - Rajneesh

"Love' is finding the familiar dear. / 'In love' is to be taken by surprise." - Mona Van Duyn

"Self-affirmation cannot be found in love; it is a prior condition of genuine love." - Jo Coudert

"Why can't you just love me? Why can't you just be in love with me?" - David Nicholls

"... in order to be a true revolutionary, you must understand love. Love, sacrifice, and death." - Sonia Sanchez

"Love is exaggerated affection; affection is unexaggerated love! Always be sober in everything!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Let's always love each other, and never be in love with each other." - David Levithan

"Why ca' you just love me? Why ca' you just be in love with me?" - David Nicholls

"A token of love comes in a box because love itself cannot be contained." - Binnie Kirshenbaum

"It's a bad religion to be in love with someone who could never love you." - Frank Ocean

"Let's always love each other, and never be in love with each other." - David Levithan

"I love karaoke. I love maudlin country ballads. In another life, I'd be Loretta Lynn." - Sam Taylorwood

"Everybody's looking for love, and you want to love somebody and be loved in return." - Jill Scott

"Why should it be essential to love rarely in order to love much?" - Albert Camus

"I love karaoke. I love maudlin country ballads. In another life, I'd be Loretta Lynn." - Sam Taylor-Wood

"Real Christianity can be summed up in two commands: Love God, and love people." - Joyce Meyer

"My thing is that I'm in love with love. Actually, I'm in love with the possibility of true love. Which could be considered a major problem." - Susane Colasanti

"This could be it, I think I'm in love. It's love this time... It just seems to fit, I think I'm in love... This love is mine." - Shania Twain

"Peace and love are ever in us, being and working; but we be not alway in peace and in love." - Julian of Norwich

"I want to know what it means to be in love. But in my dictionary 'in love' is indefinable." - Ellen Hopkins

"Our first priority in ministry must be love. Love for His Word, love for His people, and love for His appearing." - Sinclair B. Ferguson

"Affection may be abiding and love may be abiding, but the state of being in love is transitory." - Jo Coudert

"When you fall in love, love deeply. Be tough but also be open to the possibility of forgiveness." - Nicholas Sparks

"Our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action." - John The Apostle

"Worry is the enemy of love. You cannot be in love and be worried at the same time." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"It isn't hard to be in a relationship because I've always loved to be in a relationship, and I love to be in love." - Usher

"Total surrender to the demands of the human spirit: be attentive, be intelligent, be reasonable, be responsible, be in love." - Bernard Lonergan

"I'd love to go to art school. I'd love to learn how to draw. I'd love to be fluent in Spanish. I'd like to be a brain surgeon." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"We're supposed to be making up this stuff, playing at being in love, not actually being in love." - Suzanne Collins

"In true love you want your partner to be happy. In false love you want your partner." - Paulo Coelho

"-the great my darling happens to be that love are in we, that love are in we" - E E Cummings

"Obviously I love working in film and television, but I started in theater and I'd love to be on Broadway." - Adrianne Palicki

"The desert loves me. I love the desert. It's nice to be in the heat in Africa. I love it." - Liya Kebede

"The man who has never made a fool of himself in love will never be wise in love." - Theodor Reik

"Love never ends or fails. Love never ends. Everything must be based on love - the relation between two friends, my ministry, my service; the church services in every field must be based on love. Why? Because God is Love." - Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria

"Love never ends or fails. Love never ends. Everything must be based on love - the relation between two friends, my ministry, my service; the church services in every field must be based on love. Why? Because God is Love." - Pope Theodoros Ii

"I love being in love." - Brittany Murphy

"There has to be a moment at the beginning when you wonder whether you're in love with the person or in love with the feeling of love itself." - David Levithan

"There has to be a moment at the beginning when you wonder whether you're in love with the person or in love with the feeling of love itself." - David Levithan

"Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary." - Mother Teresa

"In my religion, there would be no exclusive doctrine; all would be love, poetry, and doubt." - Cyril Connolly

"There will be no white flag above my door, I'm in love and always will be" - Dido Armstrong

"Friendship should be in the singular; it can be no more plural than love." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"Always be a beginner at something, and always be in love with what you are beginning." - Bill Buxton

"In my religion there would be no exclusive doctrine; all would be love, poetry and doubt." - Cyril Connolly

"Our desires, be they spiritual or temporal, should be rooted in a love of the Lord." - Ezra Taft Benson

"Have courage, be capable of loving.... Be happy in love. Be joyful in victory. Follow the dictates of your heart." - Paulo Coelho

"May you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world." - Ray Bradbury

"God's love is free. He asks for nothing in return; all he wants is for his love to be accepted." - Pope Francis

"God's love is free. He asks for nothing in return; all he wants is for his love to be accepted." - Pope Francis

"I always believe in earning love. I consider unconditional love to be one of the worst ideas developed" - Dennis Prager

"Someday love will find me in the rough. Someday love will finally be enough. I shine a little more lately." - Anna Nalick

"You may be hurt if you love too much, but you will live in misery if you love too little." - Napoleon Hill

"If you fear nothing, you love nothing. If you love nothing, what joy can there be in life?" - Sean Connery

"You can love many people. But the truth is you can only be IN LOVE with just ONE." - Rita Zahara

"Love alone makes us happy, because we live in relation, and we live to love and to be loved." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"Be certain that in the religion of Love there are no believers and unbelievers. LOVE embraces all." - Rumi

"I'm the greatest fighter in the entire world, how can I be afraid? I love people and people love me." - Muhammad Ali

"All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time." - Julie Andrews

"How sweet it is to love, and to be dissolved, and as it were to bathe myself in thy love." - Thomas A Kempis

"I love pop culture. I love to be inside of it, and step outside and look back in." - Nick Rhodes

"In the quest to be clever, I completely forgot about the people that I love and that love me." - John Mayer

"I mean you have been disappointed in love, but don't you know how many things there are to be disappointed in besides love? You are lucky to be still disappointed in love. Later it may be even more terrible." - Saul Bellow

"That softness around your eyes, a softness in your face. Almost the way you feel when you're about to start crying. That, to me, is love. It can be romantic love, it can be friendship love, it can be family love, it can be love for a chipmunk. It can be love for anything." - Moby

"Love, love will be my strongest weapon" - Michael Stipe

"Be worthy love, and love will come." - Louisa May Alcott

"Incredible nervous state, trepidation beyond words: to be this much in love is to be sick (and I love to be sick)." - Georges Bataille

"I love you and I forgive you. I am like you and you are like me. I love all people. I love the world. I love creating. Everything in our life should be based on love." - Ray Bradbury

"An authentically powered person lives in love. Love is the energy of the soul. Love is what heals the personality. There is nothing that cannot be healed by love. There is nothing but love." - Gary Zukav

"To love is never just to love since it is also to will to love, and ... to love in spite of oneself, to allow oneself to be overcome by one's love." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Remember this: When I am gone, only love can take my place. Be absorbed night and day in the love of God, and give that love to all." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"Be drunk with Love, for Love is all that exists. Where is intimacy found if not in the give and take of Love." - Rumi

"People say love is a gift but i say love is a burden, loving someone and having to watch them be in love with someone else." - Joshua

"How can you go wrong with two people in love? Goodness has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Love is love, and there will never be too much." - Fiona Apple

"Beware of all the paradoxical in love. It is simplicity which saves, it is simplicity which brings happiness...Love should be love." - Charles Baudelaire

"I fell in love with gymnastics. I love what I do now. I work with people that I love to be around. Success comes from that." - Shawn Johnson

"We all love being outdoors. Grandma was in her garden or fishing; Mama loves to fish and I love to be outside. We all love the Lord." - Reba Mcentire

"For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith, But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting." - T S Eliot

"We are to be strong in faith, and soft in love." - John Stott

"We must be proactive in our love in order for it to change our lives." - Marianne Williamson

"The man who hath music in his soul will be most in love with the loveliest." - Plato

"I've never been in a love triangle. I would not want to be in that situation." - Taylor Lautner

"Be humble, believe in yourself, and have the love of the world in your heart." - Michael Jackson

"...falling in love could be achieved in a single word-a glance." - Ian Mcewan

"In love as in sport, the amateur status must be strictly maintained." - Robert Graves

"I love working in cinema - it can be in any language!" - Jiah Khan

"I love my body when I'm in the best shape I can be in." - Katharine Mcphee

"Politics is in my blood. I'd love to be involved in 2008, maybe even '06." - Judy Woodruff

"To be in love is not the same as loving. You can be in love with a woman and still hate her." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

"I love poetry, be it in music or be it in Andrei Tarkovsky, Francesca Woodman or anyone else, I just love poetry." - Graciela Iturbide

"You have to be in love with yourself before anyone else can fall in love with you; to be happy with yourself." - Lily Allen



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