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Bad Investment Quotes


"There are no bad business and investment opportunities, but there are bad entrepreneurs and investors." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Courage taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets... any sound investment will eventually pay off." - Carlos Slim

"Courage taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets... any sound investment will eventually pay off." - Carlos Slim

"You might have a worry that's so stupid it just peters out by itself, like a bad investment." - Roz Chast

"Any time an investment company has to spend heavily on advertising, it's probably a bad business in which to invest." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Discrimination is a bad bad bad thing." - Emily Saliers

"Do not undervalue the headache. While it is at its sharpest it seems a bad investment; but when relief begins, the unexpired remainder is worth $4 a minute." - Mark Twain

"It is almost always a bad idea to use a reverse mortgage to pay for a vacation or to buy a risky investment, like stocks or deferred annuities." - Charles Duhigg

"I'm a bad Jew, a bad Russian, a bad everything." - Joseph Brodsky

"The best gift, and investment, you can give your child is your time" - Kevin Heath

"5. Investment
" - Hooked

"Bad thoughts quickly ripen into bad actions." - Beilby Porteus

"A bad ending follows a bad beginning." - Euripides

"A bad beginning makes a bad ending." - Euripides

"It is bad enough to be bad, but to be bad in bad taste is unpardonable." - Agnes Repplier

"Bad news travels fast." - Proverbs

"My memory's bad!" - Jeremy Sumpter

"The Germans made just about every bad investment you could have made. They invested in Icelandic banks. They invested in Greek government bonds. They were heavy into Irish banks, big into Irish banks, and they bought U.S. subprime mortgage bonds." - Michael Lewis

"A bad investment is going for quantity over quality. If you're trying to be careful with your wallet, especially with the economy right now, you have to choose staple pieces." - Christian Siriano

"There's more honor in investment management than in investment banking." - Charlie Munger

"What's a good investment? Go home from work early and spend the afternoon throwing a ball around with your son." - Ben Stein

"Generosity is the best investment." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"I don't give investment advice." - Craig Mccaw

"The investment business has taught me - increasingly as the years have passed - that people, especially investors (and, I believe, Americans), prefer good news and wishful thinking to bad news; and that there are always vested interests to offer facile, optimistic alternatives to the bad news." - Jeremy Grantham

"Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst." - C S Lewis

"Bad marriages don't cause infidelity; infidelity causes bad marriages." - Frank Pittman

"A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing." - Payne Stewart

"There are no bad foods, only bad food habits." - Alton Brown

"There's bad and then there's EDDY CURRY BAD." - Chris Rock

"There are no bad regiments, there are only bad officers." - William Slim, 1st Viscount Slim

"Bad mind, bad heart. (Mals Mens, Malus Animus)" - Anacharsis Cloots

"Bad mind, bad heart. (Mals Mens, Malus Animus" - Anacharsis Cloots

"When you do bad things, bad things happen to you." - Farrah Fawcett

"There are more bad musicians than there is bad music." - Isaac Stern

"Great spenders are bad lenders." - Benjamin Franklin

"Hunger never saw bad bread." - Benjamin Franklin

"Bad company ruins good morals." - Paul the Apostle

"Bad gains are true losses." - Benjamin Franklin

"Good taste is always bad." - Poul Henningsen

"Hard cases make bad law." - Proverbs

"All middle men are bad." - Syd Barrett

"alone, adj. In bad company." - Ambrose Bierce

"A jester, a bad character." - Blaise Pascal

"Sanctions are a bad idea." - Mohamed Elbaradei

"Coffee gives me bad breath." - Norah Jones

"Everyone performs bad actions... A bad person is someone who does not lament his bad actions." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"A bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men." - Thomas Paine

"A recession doubles the necessity to be really focused on three or four tactics that can prove a return on investment." - David Gates

"To praise is an investment in happiness." - David Dunn

"Proof that no investment is yours forever." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Activity is the enemy of investment returns." - Warren Buffett

"Growth today is an investment for tomorrow." - John C Maxwell

"Marketing is an investment, not a cost." - Martin Sorrell

"Entitlement never wins Championships, Investment wins Championships." - Jay Bilas

"Knowledge of the investment is most profitable" - Benjamin Franklin

"Avoid organizing investment team into silos." - Seth Klarman

"I call children "our ultimate investment."" - Laura Huxley

"Hearing protection is a sound investment." - Anonymous

"The best investment opportunities are often scary." - Robert D. Arnott

"To praise is an investment in happiness." - George Matthew Adams

"Taxes are an investment in America." - Bill Gates

"Real economic stimulus comes from real investment." - Tim Bishop

"The way forward for Africa is investment." - Mo Ibrahim

"Diversification is something that stock brokers came up with to protect themselves, so they wouldn't get sued for making bad investment choices for clients. Henry Ford never diversified, Bill Gates didn't diversify. The way to get rich is to put your eggs in one basket, but watch that basket very carefully. And make sure you have the right basket." - Jim Rogers

"University administrators are the equivalent of subprime mortgage brokers selling you a story that you should go into debt massively, that it's not a consumption decision, it's an investment decision. Actually, no, it's a bad consumption decision. Most colleges are four-year parties." - Peter Thiel

"From my experience let me say this: in today's world it is no bad thing for a politician to have had the benefit of a scientific background. And not only politicians. Those who work in industry, in commerce, in investment. Indeed, so important has it become that I believe we are right to make science a compulsory subject for all schoolchildren." - Margaret Thatcher

"If partisanship makes us abandon intellectual honesty, if we oppose what our opponents say or do simply because they are the ones saying or doing it, we become mere political short-sellers, hoping for bad news because it's good for our ideological investment." - Kurt Andersen

"We have a raising wages agenda. And that includes tax policy, trade policy. TPP is a very bad agreement. Covers 40 percent of the world's economy, and it will cost us jobs. It's not well-drafted. It's an agreement, an investment agreement that will benefit Wall Street a lot, but not working people." - Richard Trumka

"Merchandise from Wal-Mart has become as ubiquitous as the water supply. Yet, still, the company is rebuked and reviled by anyone claiming a social conscience and is lambasted by legislators as if its bad behavior places it somewhere between investment bankers and the Taliban." - Charles Platt

"Barack Obama's life was so much simpler in 2009. Back then, he had refined the cold act of blaming others for the bad economy into an art form. Deficits? Blame Bush's tax cuts. Spending? Blame the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. No business investment? Blame Wall Street." - John Sununu

"Without getting into brothels, there are ethical capitalists the problem is that there aren't enough of them. It is not "just a few bad apples" that have been evident in our corporations, our investment bankers and our mutual funds, but so many that one has to concede that the barrel itself needs some work." - John C. Bogle

"There are no bad business and investment opportunities, but there are bad entrepreneurs and investors. To be a successful business owner and investor, you have to be emotionally neutral to winning and losing. Winning and losing are just part of the game. The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire, the size of your dream and how you handle disappointment along the way." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Investment in girls' education may well be the highest-return investment available in the developing world." - Lawrence Summers

"Once you adopt a value-investment strategy, any other investment behavior starts to seem like gambling." - Seth Klarman

"An investment in your personal development is the best investment you can make." - Jim Rohn

"We know that investment causes growth. But it is also true that growth causes investment." - Jim Stanford

"I hope that my investment into Atomico will become my best financial investment to date." - Niklas Zennstrom

"European investment in Texas alone exceeds all U.S. investment in China and Japan put together." - John Bruton

"Really, how bad is eating a piece of cake? Being bad is murdering someone. That's bad. Don't do that." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"Great men are almost always bad men." - Lord Acton

"Anticipation is a bad sleeping draught." - Letitia Elizabeth Landon

"There are no bad haircuts in cyberspace." - Dave Barry

"Make good use of bad rubbish." - Elisabeth Beresford

"Bad spellers of the world untie!" - Adam Savage

"... deep down nobody is bad, only frightened." - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"It's too bad that stupidity is' painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"Do' lick the guests, darling. Bad manners." - Patricia Briggs

"All good novelists have bad memories." - Graham Greene

"Relax, the bad guys don't knock. (Romeo)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"bitter is a bad way to live!" - Margaret Haddix

"We must take the good with the bad; For the good when it's good, is so very good That the bad when it's bad can't be bad!" - Moliere

"...if you catalogue grudges, anything looks bad." - Anne Tyler

"There's no bad publicity except an obituary." - Brendan Behan

"Israel today is bad for the Jews," - Tony Judt

"No Such Thing as Bad Results" - Thomas A Edison

"Bad news is just an excuse." - Neil Young

"Everybody has bad at-bats - except McCutchen." - Kirk Gibson

"A bad dog never sees the Wolfe." - George Herbert

"Advertising never sold a bad product twice." - Dorothy L Sayers

"Good or bad, habits always deliver results." - Jack Canfield

"NOBODY messes with "The Bad Guy"!" - Scott Hall

"Don't lick the guests, darling. Bad manners." - Patricia Briggs

"Cherish the good, learn from the bad" - Brittany Murphy

"Hardly anything wrong can go bad." - Phil Simms

"Good laws are produced by bad actions." - Ambrosius Theodosius Macrobius

"No worse than a bad cold." - Harpo Marx

"Fixed formation is bad. Study this well." - Miyamoto Musashi

"You have hal..... real bad, chum." - Vladimir Nabokov

"The only thing bad is their excuse." - Blaise Pascal

"It is bad luck to be superstitious." - Andrew W. Mathis

"Bad is never good until worse happens." - Proverbs

"Break the leg of a bad habit." - Proverbs

"Equal, adj. As bad as something else." - Ambrose Bierce

"A bad penny is sure to return." - Proverbs

"Hidden valor is as bad as cowardice." - Proverbs

"We must take the good with the bad; For the good when it's good, is so very good That the bad when it's bad can't be bad!" - Moliere

"The best brewer sometimes makes bad beer." - Proverbs

"All bad precedents began as justifiable measures." - Julius Caesar

"Age is a bad traveling companion." - Proverbs

"Certain winds will make men's temper bad." - George Eliot

"Bad habits die hard........... livingforlove rebelheart" - Madonna Ciccone

"Words are good servants but bad masters." - Aldous Huxley

"All bad precedents begin as justifiable measures." - Julius Caesar

"Intention, good or bad, is not enough." - John Steinbeck

"Bad artists copy. Good artists steal." - Pablo Picasso

"Weird is good, strange is bad." - Cinda Williams Chima

"Everyone can have a bad day." - Nikki Haley

"I think any label is bad." - Nikki Haley

"Progress just means bad things happen faster." - Terry Pratchett

"Everybody get drunk and make bad decisions." - Gilbert Arenas

"Oh you is a bad elf, Dobby!" - J K Rowling

"I have had so many bad auditions." - Ethan Hawke

"Must swear off from swearing. Bad habit." - Rutherford B Hayes

"Generally, I get bad reviews in Turkey." - Orhan Pamuk

"I think dieting is bad for you." - Joan Collins

"I've never been a bad boy." - John Mayer

"A stout heart breaks bad luck." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Man's the bad child of the universe" - James Oppenheim

"Sickness seizes the body from bad ventilation." - Ovid

"I'm the baddest among the bad guys." - Kareem Abduljabbar

"I'm bad at returning phone calls." - Zac Efron

"Bad excuses are worse than none." - Thomas Fuller

"Better be alone than in bad company." - Thomas Fuller

"I'm horrible at remembering names, embarrassingly bad." - Sam Trammell

"I don't use Twitter for bad." - Kevin Hart

"The deal looks bad and smells worse." - Michelle Malkin

"I so love the bad-boy look." - Jenna Morasca

"A bad salesman will automatically drop his price. Bad salesmen make me sick." - Danny Devito

"If it's bad art, it's bad religion, no matter how pious the subject." - Madeleine L'Engle

"The only thing worse than bad health is a bad name." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez



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