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Bad Influence Quotes


"I went to a very militantly Republican grammar school and, under its influence, began to revolt against the Establishment, on thesimple rule of thumb, highly satisfying to a ten-year-old, that Irish equals good, English equals bad." - Bernadette Devlin

"Bad philosophers may have a certain influence; good philosophers, never." - Bertrand Russell

"Everyone has influence, for good or bad, upon others." - Henry Ward Beecher

"We can influence people for bad or good." - Johnny Hunt

"Inference is founded upon obvious reasons. Regard to reputation has a less active influence, when the infamy of a bad action is to be divided upon a number, than when it is to fall singly upon one. A spirit of faction . . . will often hurry the persons of whom they were composed into improprieties and excesses for which they would blush in a private capacity." - James Madison

"Controls them and subdues, transmutes, bereaves Of their bad influence, and their good receives." - William Wordsworth

"Example, whether it be good or bad, has a powerful influence." - George Washington

"Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority." - Lord Acton

"I've been as bad an influence on American literature as anyone I can think of." - Dashiell Hammett

"Bad laws make bad customs." - Jane Aiken Hodge

"The persecution of genius fosters its influence." - Tacitus

"True influence drives action, not just awareness." - Jay Baer

"Function influence but does not dictate form" - Eero Saarinen

"Leadership is influence. To the extent we influence others, we lead them." - Charles R Swindoll

"You can expect no influence if you are not susceptible to influence." - Carl Jung

"Keep the weeds of negative influence from your life. 'Farm' the seeds of constructive influence." - Jim Rohn

"Money is either a good or bad influence, according to the character of the person who possesses it." - Napoleon Hill

"Bad moments don't make bad mommas." - Lysa TerKeurst

"Whitman had a profound influence on me. That was during my sophomore year when I came down with a bad attack of Whitmanitis. But he did me a lot of good, and I think the influence is discoverable." - Conrad Aiken

"No influence is so powerful as that of the mother." - Sarah Josepha Hale

"Cheerfulness has a directly beneficial influence upon health." - Grenville Kleiser

"Your real influence is measured by your treatment of yourself." - Amos Bronson Alcott

"On balance the moral influence of religion has been awful." - Steven Weinberg

"Poetry has a small audience, but a large influence." - Genevieve Taggard

"In order to have influence, you have to be influenced." - Stephen Covey

"With relationship comes access, and with intimacy comes influence." - Tommy Tenney

"You can't influence people you refuse to associate with." - Andy Stanley

"Connecting is the key to Influence. Influence is the key to Leading. Leading is the key to Success!" - John C Maxwell

"No more watching that show Small England or whatever it's called where those two idiots dress up as 'laydees'. It's a bad influence." - David Walliams

"My father insisted that the boys in my life were directly responsible for my juvenile-delinquent tendencies. My mother, more accurately, assumed that I was the bad influence." - Lisa Lutz

"Frustration and I have become good friends. And like any friend who's a bad influence, frustration sometimes makes me do things that are, in retrospect, stupid. - Sirensong" - Jenna Black

"I'd like to be more of a bad influence than a role model. I'm getting lots of boys to wear eye-liner again which is good." - Brian Molko

"Rob Lowe, who I thought was really good in the movie [ Bad Influence], had his performance overshadowed by this sort of tabloid approach to him and the movie." - Curtis Hanson

"If the Church is not now as bad as the Soviet Government, that is due to the influence of those who attacked the Church" - Bertrand Russell

"I'm concerned about the insidious influence of the media's bad messages that undermine the lessons parents try to instill in their sons and daughters." - John Ratzenberger

"I don't want to have a bad influence on anybody, but there's no point in my giving up cigarettes now. I won't die young." - Golda Meir

"We are well aware that religion is not as bad an influence as it was a short time ago, as history is counted. But it is a sufficiently bad influence even in modern times, and its reduced viciousness (in practice) is due plainly enough to its reduced power." - E. Haldeman-Julius

"There are two parts to influence: First, influence is powerful; and second, influence is subtle. You wouldn't let someone push you off course, but you might let someone nudge you off course and not even realize it." - Jim Rohn

"Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst." - C S Lewis

"Bad marriages don't cause infidelity; infidelity causes bad marriages." - Frank Pittman

"A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing." - Payne Stewart

"Bad taste is a species of bad morals." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"Breathe. It's only a bad day not a bad life." - Ashley Purdy

"Be bad, and if you can't be bad be worse." - Tobsha Learner

"Bad shooters are always open" - Pete Carril

"They really are bad shots." - Charles De Gaulle

"Bad leadership is an oxymoron." - Joseph C. Rost

"Great spenders are bad lenders." - Benjamin Franklin

"Every family has bad memories." - Mario Puzo

"He needed a woman. Bad." - Linda Howard

"What kind of influence do you want to have? What kind of effect do you want to have on other people? Never mistake the power of influence." - Jim Rohn

"If you can influence the outcome, do the work. If you can't influence the outcome, ignore the possibility. It's merely a distraction." - Seth Godin

"Good people can do bad things, make bad decisions. It doesn't make them bad people." - Sonia

"Bad books engender bad habits, but bad habits engender good books." - Rene Descartes

"I heard someone's playing hooky,' Zach told me. He smiled. Standing there, it felt almost like nothing bad had ever happened- or would ever happen again 'There's a boy in my life,' I told him. 'He's a very bad influence.' Then Zach nodded. 'Bad boys have a way of doing that. But they're worth it." - Ally Carter

"I knew there was never anyone to blame when people get into drugs. They're always responsible for their own behavior, and it's not the dealer, it's not the friend, it's not the bad influence, it's not the childhood." - Anthony Kiedis

"Great is the issue at stake, greater than appears, whether a man is to be good or bad. And what will any one be profited if, under the influence of money or power, he neglect justice and virtue?" - Plato

"[It was] the poverty caused by the bad influence of the English bankers on the Parliament which has caused in the colonies hatred of the English and . . . the Revolutionary War." - Benjamin Franklin

"Boys are sent out into the world to buffet with its temptations, to mingle with bad and good, to govern and direct - girls are to dwell in quiet homes among few friends, to exercise a noiseless influence." - Elizabeth Missing Sewell

"I would like the [film] industry to be more aware of what they're doing to influence people for good and for bad. There's no doubt that we're affected by our environment" - Dorothy Arzner

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority." - Lord Acton

"Helmut Newton shot the ad campaign [for Bad Influence]. It's [James] Spader at the top of his game, right after Sex, Lies And Videotape. It's sexy. It's weird. It's dark. The characters are great." - Rob Lowe

"Bad Influence, which is an early movie of mine that I'm very fond of. It was an unhappy experience when that picture got released, because it coincided with that ridiculous Rob Lowe videotape scandal." - Curtis Hanson

"If you see that you are not behaving according to your inner desires, but because of some outer influence, stop and consider whether what drives you is good or bad." - Leo Tolstoy

"I went to a very militantly Republican grammar school and, under its influence, began to revolt against the Establishment, on the simple rule of thumb, highly satisfying to a ten-year-old, that Irish equals good, English equals bad." - Bernadette Devlin

"The good and the bad mix themselves so thoroughly in our thoughts, even in our aspirations, that we must look for excellence rather in overcoming evil than in freeing ourselves from its influence." - Anthony Trollope

"I understand the importance of political power, so I will use my strength and influence to convince as many people as I can within the party and outside the party that a Palestinian state is bad news for Israel." - Danny Danon

"Everybody we meet has an influence on us and an impact - good or bad. And I think that's why we have to be careful with the way we handle people because what we're doing is making an impact." - Ernie Harwell

"If we cannot by reason, by influence, by example, by strenuous effort, and by personal sacrifice, mend the bad places of civilization, we certainly cannot do it by force." - Auberon Herbert

"If beautiful movies can influence you to go out and hug your children, then we have to be honest and say that other movies can inspire you to do bad things." - Nick Cave

"As writers go, I have a skin of average thickness. I am pleased by a good review, disappointed by a bad. None of it penetrates far enough to influence the thing I write next." - Rachel Cusk

"Scarcity of self value cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection, attention or influence." - Gary Zukav

"Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops." - Henry Adams

"The influence of coffee in stimulating the genital organs is notorious." - John Harvey Kellogg

"Influence is like a savings account, the less you use it, the more you've got" - Andrew Young

"To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well" - John Marshall

"Color is a means to exert a direct influence on the soul." - Wassily Kandinsky

"The United States of America should have a foundation free from the influence of clergy." - George Washington

"Appraise war in terms of the fundamental factors. The first of these factors is moral influence." - Sun Tzu

"You stars that reigned at my nativity, whose influence hath allotted death and hell." - Christopher Marlowe

"Influence is exerted by every human being from the hour of birth to that of death." - Edwin Hubbel Chapin

"Religion is the biggest influence on the intellect and the decadence of a people." - Siddharth Katragadda

"Whither, O god of wine, art thou hurrying me, whilst under thy all-powerful influence?" - Horace

"The effectiveness of your work will never rise above your ability to lead and influence others." - John C Maxwell

"[The American position at the UN is] essentially impotent, without influence, heavily outvoted, and isolated." - Jeane Kirkpatrick

"Relationships of any kind are powerful, and they always influence an artist. It's inescapable." - Jack White

"The Nightmare Before Christmas is my number one biggest influence artistically in every way." - Amy Lee

"Those who give up on their dreams shouldn't influence you to give up on yours." - Rita Zahara

"I have overlived the generation with which mutual labors & perils begat mutual confidence and influence." - Thomas Jefferson

"We can trace almost all the disasters of English history to the influence of Wales." - Evelyn Waugh

"No man is really honest; none of us is above the influence of gain." - Aristophanes

"I think those who have impact and influence over us are often unaware." - Nora Roberts

"We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why." - Stephen King

"You have no idea the numbers of people that God may want to influence through you" - Andy Stanley

"We should never let our experience influence what we think about our potential." - Zig Ziglar

"Love & kindness have far greater influence than punishment upon the improvement of human character." - Shoghi Effendi

"Biggest influence: my mother." - Charles Stross

"Influence is not government." - George Washington

"Milliseconds influence centuries." - Robert Cowley

"Leadership is influence." - John C Maxwell

"Affluence means influence." - Jack London

"The faults of advertising are only those common to all human institutions. If advertising speaks to a thousand in order to influence one, so does the church. And if it encourages people to live beyond their means, so does matrimony. Good times, bad times, there will always be advertising. In good times, people want to advertise; in bad times they have to." - Bruce Barton

"The power of your thoughts can influence how events turn out. I'm a positive person - when bad things happen, I can see the silver lining. As a result I think I am very lucky, even though I probably have as much bad luck as anyone else, and that translates into seeing opportunity." - Natalie Massenet

"A preacher who doesn't believe he's that bad will attract people who don't think they're that bad. And that's bad." - Tullian Tchividjian

"We think abortion is a bad thing." - Kate Michelman

"I played my age. Not bad." - Ron Francis

"Even bad men love their mamas." - Russell Crowe

"Bad guys do what good guys dream." - Rene Balcer

"The real genres: good and bad." - Franz Grillparzer

"Different isn't bad, it's just different." - Lauren Potter

"Bad poets imitate, good poets steal." - T S Eliot

"Bad luck relies on absolutely perfect timing." - Catherynne M Valente

"New security architecture is being laid down in the Northern Middle East, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, in which pro-Iranian governments are consolidating their grip on the territory and they're backed by Russia, to a large degree. And this has caused great grief and consternation in Saudi Arabia and amongst many of the United States' allies, Israel, the Gulf countries, Turkey, because they see this new architecture of security and Iranian influence and Russian influence as something that's very bad for them." - Joshua Landis

"It's not just for its influence on us, but to knowknow that we can play a part in it, to understand the influence that we have outside our own existence." - Siobhan Davies

"Voroshilov was a striking figure, with a great deal of influence among the workers, so that the degree of influence of the committee on the workers and its success as regards recruitment depended primarily on him." - Kliment Voroshilov

"The influence of mystery is the greatest influence." - Paul Caponigro

"The stewardship of influence. What have you done with influence?" - Johnny Hunt

"Influencers influence people and the people who they influence." - Johnny Hunt

"The past does not influence me; I influence it." - Willem De Kooning

"There is no influence like the influence of habit." - Gilbert Parker

"My land, the power of training! Of influence! Of education! It can bring a body up to believe anything." - Mark Twain

"My responsibility is leadership, and the minute I get negative, that is going to have an influence on my team." - Don Shula

"The good news is that parents are the leading influence on kids decision not to drink alcohol." - Xavier Becerra

"Conclusions arrived at through reasoning have very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives." - Carlos Castaneda

"Principles do not mainly influence even the principled; we talk on principle, but we act on interest." - Walter Savage Landor

"I write books to influence people I will never meet. Books increase my audience and my message." - Les Parrott

"Acquiring Sunseeker deepens Wandas international influence and represents an important step forward for the development of the business." - Wang Jianlin

"Mothers have as powerful an influence over the welfare of future generations as all other earthly causes combined." - John Stevens Cabot Abbott

"It is said that the propriety even of old Cato often yielded to the exciting influence of the grape." - Horace

"It is a maxim that no man was ever enslaved by influence while he was fit to be free." - Samuel Johnson

"The ability to connect and influence people, that's the job of a leader. And we're all leaders at some level." - Tony Robbins

"One truly affectionate soul in a family will evert a sweetening and harmonizing influence upon all its members." - Henry Van Dyke

"We are all cups, and our destiny is poured according to measures we cannot understand, cannot influence." - Anne Fortier

"... so long as the serpent continues to crawl on the ground, the primary influence of woman will be indirect ..." - Ellen Glasgow

"I learned the power of storytelling and the responsibility that people with influence have to speak out" - Demi Lovato

"The antidote to this abuse of formal Government, is, the influence of private character, the growth of the Individual." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What if miliseconds influence centuries?" - Robert Cowley

"Influence is about being genuine." - Johnny Hunt

"Diminish the influence of fate" - Darin Strauss

"Bowie's obviously my biggest influence." - Scott Weiland

"Bad as I wanna be. She aint bad, she a sad little wannabe." - Nicki Minaj

"The more bad choices you make, the less bad your choices seem." - Karen Kingsbury

"A bad salesman will automatically drop his price. Bad salesmen make me sick." - Danny Devito

"Sadness is not necessarily something bad. Don't judge it as a bad or negative quality." - Rajneesh

"There are no bad business and investment opportunities, but there are bad entrepreneurs and investors." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you!" - Chi Chi Rodriguez

"What seems good turns bad, what seems bad turns good. It is an endless cycle." - Brenda Shoshanna

"The cynic puts all human actions into two classes - openly bad and secretly bad." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Mediocre art is far worse than bad art. Bad art does not waste our time." - Don Paterson

"Good books get praised, bad books get praised. Good books get ignored, bad books get ignored" - Vikram



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