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Bad Guy Quotes


"What's "God"? Well, you know, when you want something really bad and you close your eyes and you wish for it? God's the guy that ignores you." - Steve Buscemi

"Say the BAD GUY!" - Scott Hall

"NOBODY messes with "The Bad Guy"!" - Scott Hall

"I played every bad guy in Shakespeare." - Alton Brown

"You have to kill the bad guy." - Dino De Laurentiis

"I think [Bashar] Assad is a bad guy, a very bad guy, all right?" - Donald Trump

"Who is the bad guy? Is America possibly the bad guy?" - Mandy Patinkin

"Every thriller needs a good bad guy; without a bad guy, there's no thriller." - Michael Eklund

"I don't believe that there's a good guy and a bad guy. Unless it's like Superman or Batman, there is no good guy and bad guy." - Blake Lively

"Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun" - Bruce Campbell

"It's so enjoyable to play a bad guy, you know." - Brady Corbet

"This guy, Barack Obama's as bad as Hillary Clinton is." - Donald Trump

"It was easy to be the bad guy throughout." - Dean Cain

"Carbohydrate is the bad guy. You have to see that." - Robert Atkins

"I was really good at being a bad guy." - Ric Flair

"Suddenly playing the charming bad guy was my thing." - Ray Liotta

"To some people I'll always be the bad guy." - Kevin Mitnick

"Bad beginnings, bad endings." - Livy

"I'm not a bad guy... I'm just good guy that runs over women with his car." - Michael Scott

"Really a bad guy is more interesting, dramatically, than the good guy." - Kirk Douglas

"Playing a bad guy is always more fun than playing the good guy." - Margot Robbie

"I've never seen any character I've ever played as a bad guy or a good guy." - Barry Sloane

"Once you do one bad guy, usually all you get offered is bad guys." - Mads Mikkelsen

"Slaying dragons, melting witches, and banishing demons is all fun and games until someone loses a sidekick-then it's personal. The bad guy isn't just the "bad guy" anymore, he's the BAD GUY!" - Michael J. Sullivan

"Slaying dragons, melting witches, and banishing demons is all fun and games until someone loses a sidekick-then it's personal. The bad guy is' just the "bad guy" anymore, he's the BAD GUY!" - Michael J. Sullivan

"I'm a bad guy. But if I was a good guy, nobody would want to pay to see me fight." - Mike Tyson

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." - Wayne LaPierre

"Mr. President, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke." - Sarah Palin

"Usually, I play the bad guy, so it's been a pleasant break to play a good guy." - Mariana Klaveno

"In the films the good guy always wins, but this is one bad guy who ain't gonna lose." - Sonny Liston

"Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking, 'I'm a bad guy.' They think they're the right guy." - Ray Stevenson

"On 'CSI: NY,' the audience knew I was a really good guy, and I caught the bad guy." - Hill Harper

"Show me a guy who's afraid to look bad, and I'll show you a guy you can beat every time." - Lou Brock

"Look, Orrin Hatch is not a bad guy. But he is an old guy, and he's a lifer politician." - Scott Howell

"I don't think Mike Tyson's a bad guy. I think the people, the media, makes him out to be a bad guy." - Larry Holmes

"I dated a guy who played bad guys in movies all the time, and I think he was just a bad guy." - Jennifer Coolidge

"Usually if you read a screenplay, no matter who's writing it, the bad guy is always written as a one-dimensional bad guy." - Mickey Rourke

"In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is." - Taylor Swift

"You know, I think a lot of times what happens when we as actors know we're playing a bad guy is we get into bad guy mode. You know what, man? In real life, bad people do good things too and good people do bad things. So you don't necessarily have to be the stereotypical bad guy to still do bad things." - Laz Alonso

"If you want to get together in any exclusive situation and have people love you, fine - but to hang all this desperate sociology on the idea of The Cloud-Guy who has The Big Book, who knows if you've been bad or good - and CARES about any of it - to hang it all on that, folks, is the chimpanzee part of the brain working." - Frank Zappa

"I wasn't a bad guy. I just wanted God to give me a second chance." - Allen Iverson

"Any time you see a white guy in jail, you know he did something bad." - Will Smith

"It's about having's not about being the bad guy, it's about entertaining people." - Floyd Mayweather Jr

"Im not a bad guy. People who know me know who I am." - Juan Pablo Galavis

"What if I'm not a superhero. What if I'm the bad guy?" - Stephenie Meyer

"Was an American archetype, the bad guy with the big heart." - Waylon Jennings

"I was meant to play the bad guy, for always and ever." - Cam Gigandet

"The guy thought he was Mick Jagger. I felt bad for him." - Kami Garcia

"I just see myself as a short, dumpy guy with bad feet, and I'm passionate." - Tracy Morgan

"They have bad taste. I am not a good-looking guy." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"What I want to be is the best bad guy you've ever seen." - Curtis Jackson

"No one ever writes a book in which he is the bad guy." - Andy Rooney

"I'm very arrogant and mean. I'm almost like a bad guy professional wrestler." - Anthony Jeselnik

"Assad is a bad guy, but you may very well end up with worse than Assad." - Donald Trump

"When I look at myself in the mirror, I don't see the bad guy." - Patrick Heusinger

"I would think, as an actor, it's just much more fun to be the bad guy." - Karl Urban

"Usually I play the bad guy role, a terrorist or someone." - Sayed Badreya

"I'm not a bad guy. People who know me know who I am." - Juan Pablo Galavis

"Going after 'the bad guy' has not been a real issue for me." - Jennifer Garner

"It's cool to play a sinister bad guy who also has a human side." - Lukas Haas

"Marlon was so sensitive, you thought the poor guy just had a bad education." - Uta Hagen

"My favorite driver is always either the bad guy or the underdog." - Bo Jackson

"I keep getting cast as this bad guy, and I don't know why." - Hunter Parrish

"Shane was a classic, and you can't find a better bad guy than Jack Palance." - Clint Walker

"I thought that would be kind of cool, to make a bad guy look sympathetic." - Christopher Atkins

"Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber is the greatest bad guy in a movie ever." - Ike Barinholtz

"It's more fun playing someone who isn't just a bad guy." - Martin Freeman

"You know, it's always fun to play the bad guy at the end of the day." - Julian Mcmahon

"If you're playing the bad guy, you have to find what you like about them." - Mads Mikkelsen

"I love playing bad guys; they're always much more fun than the good guy." - Grant Bowler

"A hero can only be as good as the bad guy." - Terry Hayes

"I prefer to play the bad guy - it gives you more freedom as an actor." - Alex Pettyfer

"You know, the blond guy plays the good guy and I play the bad part, the bad guys. Which is a lot of fun. Playing the bad guy is great. And it's the whole British thing. You know, in so many films the bad guy is British. Gary Oldman makes a living doing that." - Matt Robinson

"Whether it s the country or city, I never liked the bad guy." - Robert Stack

"Everyone thinks I'm a nice guy, which is not a bad way to be perceived." - Matthew Morrison

"Boy, did he depress me! I don't mean he was a bad guy- he wasn't. But you don't have to be bad guy to depress somebody- you can be a good guy and do it." - J D Salinger

"I don't make the decision about what percentage of good guy or bad guy I play. For some reason, if I put my energy into the bad guy, that scares people. It's magic." - Rutger Hauer

"I haven't spent my entire career playing the guy in the bad hat, although I have to say that the bad guy is frequently much more interesting than the good guy." - Christopher Lee

"This guy makes coffee nervous." - Bobby Heenan

"America has always been fascinated with the bad guy that's probably why I'm still here. I'm not just living off my bad guy image cuz at the end of the day nobody wants to be bad forever." - Cormega

"I was always the bad guy in westerns. I played more bad guys than you can shake a stick at until I played the Professor. Then I couldn't get a job being a bad guy." - Russell Johnson

"In the ring, it's fun to be the bad guy, but 24 hours a day, when you have to talk to kids, and you see Make-A-Wish kids that love you, the bad guy stuff is not fun. I'd rather be a good guy 24 hours a day than a bad guy just for a few minutes in the ring." - Hulk Hogan

"The nice thing about Farscape is that you got to be the good guy and still do the bad guy things." - Ben Browder

"I live in a bad neighborhood. Why, I saw two complete strangers share a taxi - yeah, one guy took the radio and the other guy took the tires." - Rodney Dangerfield

"The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a pressure cooker bomb is a good guy with a slightly larger pressure cooker bomb." - Dana Gould

"Forbes magazine has named Mel Gibson this year's most powerful celebrity.... Forbes' least powerful celebrity? You're looking at him. Screw this guy.... bad guy." - Dennis Miller

"I play out negative fantasies for people. I'm the guy people love to hate. And they always remember the bad guy." - Brion James

"In philosophy seminars, the choice is usually between good and evil. In the real world, however, the choice is often between a bad guy and a worse guy." - Dinesh D'Souza

"Good guy' or 'bad guy', hero or anti hero; doesn't matter to me, what role I play, only the character have something magical." - Rutger Hauer

"That's sort of what I like about this character is that he's not the good guy, he's not truly the bad guy." - Nicholas Lea

"In D&D, I love playing the first guy through the door - the guy with the battle-axe. 'Where are the bad guys? Just point me at 'em!'" - Brian Posehn

"A character on screen that's the 'good guy' or the 'bad guy,' they're never interesting. There's got to be an internal struggle, the duality is important to find." - Bill Skarsgard

"My inner motivation is to make the world a better place; the bad guy and the good guy think the same thing." - Mandy Patinkin

"I've always played the guy with the gun and the knife. That's how many actors start out, playing the bad guy." - Benicio Del Toro

"When you're playing the good guy, you want to find the dirty parts - and when you're playing the bad guy, you want to find the vulnerability." - Patrick Wilson

"The nice thing about 'Farscape' is that you got to be the good guy and still do the bad guy things." - Ben Browder

"What makes 'The Wire' a beautiful story is how true to life it is. In other shows, you have a good guy and a bad guy. In 'The Wire,' bad guys are trying to be good, good guys are doing bad. You have real life. The people who do bad get bad things done to them." - Tristan Wilds

"Bad guys don't think they're bad guys. Hitler probably thought he was a wonderful guy doing some wonderful and righteous work for Germany." - Martin Landau

"First time I ever played a bad guy. I didn't want to do it. I got stuck in bad guys for 13 years after that." - Robert Forster

"When good people consider you the bad guy, you develop a heart to help the bad ones. You actually understand them." - Criss Jami

"I played a nerdy guy on 'CSI: NY' for nine years. I want to be bad for a while. I want to be really, really bad." - A J Buckley

"It's difficult to gauge that. With a bad guy you just know you're bad. To play a nice guy is harder - unless you are a very nice person like me of course." - James D'arcy

"The media can make anything true or untrue. So if you do 80 films and you play a bad guy ten times, then you're a bad guy, and then the media repeats that." - John Malkovich

"The question is whether Donald Trump recognizes that Vladimir Putin is a bad guy. And I guess there's no indication that he regards Putin as in any way a bad guy." - David Brooks

"As an actor in the theater you're taught that you never play a bad guy. You have to love who you are. You can't say, "Oh, I'm a bad guy." How do you play that?" - Denzel Washington

"It's difficult to gauge that. With a bad guy you just know you're bad. To play a nice guy is harder - unless you are a very nice person like me of course." - James Darcy

"That song is a story that shows how easily you could get slipped into being labeled as the bad guy, even though what you really trying to do is tell the bad guy to leave you alone." - Slick Rick

"The very first things that I did, even in theater, were bad guys. They are meaty roles for the most part. With the bad guy you have more freedom to experiment and go further out than with a good guy." - Benicio Del Toro

"Are there any good guys on 'Prison Break?' I suppose there might be. I can't honestly say whether I'm a good guy or a bad guy or I'm a good guy in wolf's clothing or sheep's clothing." - Chris Vance

"I've always been, in games, the bad guy. If there was ever cops and robbers I was always a robber." - Jake M. Johnson

"There is not always a good guy. Nor is there always a bad one. Most people are somewhere in between." - Patrick Ness

"My mission is to kill the bad guy, save the world, and hopefully end up with the girl. (Steele)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I'm not bad (his speed). I'm no Joe Morgan, but I'm pretty good for a white guy." - Pete Rose

"I got a story, ain't no moral, I let the bad guy win every now and then." - Billy Preston

"War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself." - Benjamin Franklin

"I always root for the bad guy and I don't think you have a great movie without a great villain." - Mark Wahlberg

"Don King ain't a bad guy. He cut my earnings, but I don't hold any hard feelings toward him." - Larry Holmes

"I was so bad. Out of control. So glad I turned out to be a nice guy." - Stevie Wonder

"It's definitely more fun playing a bad guy. It feels a lot better than playing one of the good guys." - Tom Felton

"My father was, like, the token bad white guy in all the old Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee films." - Celina Jade

"Every time you play a bad girl or guy in a movie, you really come from a place of pain." - Patricia Velasquez

"Sometimes I'd like to play the bad guy and sometimes I'd like to die in a movie." - Jackie Chan

"I watch HGTV like a maniac, and when it's bad, it's like some crazy college guy watching a football game." - Melissa Mccarthy

"I'm often painted as the bad guy, and the artistic part of me wants to hand out the brush." - Criss Jami

"I don't want to play a bad guy who doesn't have a bit of good in him." - Jeremy Renner

"The guy who sits in front of the television is unengaged. That man is a bad man." - John Eldredge

"Even if I'm playing a bad guy, I work hard to make him multi-leveled and interesting." - Isaiah Washington

"For 'Breaking Bad,' people were with Walter White for 99% of that show, even though that guy is a monster." - Adam Mckay

"In a normal movie, you'd never see one guy talk for an entire page, whether good or bad." - Patrick Wilson

"This is the sixth book I've written, which isn't bad for a guy who's only read two." - George Burns

"I love being the bad guy, simply because I was always so responsible, so predictable growing up." - Sandra Brown

"Well, people fall in love with the wrong guy all the time, it doesn't make them bad people." - Laurie Holden

"The problem was, you couldn't have one without the other. There couldn't be a bad guy unless there was a good guy to create the standard. And there couldn't be a good guy until a bad guy showed just how far off the path he might stray." - Jodi Picoult

"Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. Right? He was a bad guy, really bad guy. But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good. They didn't read him the rights. They didn't talk. They were terrorists. It was over." - Donald Trump

"I really like playing the bad guy. There are so many more objectives to play when you're mad or villainesque, or when there's some agenda that you have. That's drama, that's where the heart lives. I love playing the bad guy, but especially the bad guy who's still with the girl." - Keegan Allen

"It's easy for me to play bad guys because it's a very linear acting. Bad guys aren't empathetic. Being a bad guy is great because you're not friendly and you don't have to do much with your face." - Henry Rollins

"Actually, I think you're more stymied playing the good guy than you are the bad guy. As the bad guy, you have no inhibitions. Nothing stops you from doing what it is you feel you have to do. You do it because it's what's required. I have to protect my goddess, as best as I can." - Dennis Haysbert

"The number one thing for me is diversity. I always want to ensure that people can't put me in a box. I can play a bad guy, I can play a good guy, I can play a good bad guy, I can be the host of a show, I can be serious, and I can be funny." - Dominic Monaghan

"When I play a good guy, I try to explore them and figure out what shapes them and makes them interesting. When I'm playing a bad guy, I try to explore everything that makes them good. No one ever really thinks that they're a bad guy." - William Katt

"No one ever let me be a bad guy once I started working more frequently after I got out of college and started pursuing acting. I just got all of the good-guy roles because if I walk in the room, not a lot of people believe me as a bad guy." - Tom Everett Scott

"Shared suffering: one guy messes up and everyone runs. One guy does well and everyone benefits." - Don Meyer

"Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst." - C S Lewis

"Bad marriages don't cause infidelity; infidelity causes bad marriages." - Frank Pittman

"A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing." - Payne Stewart

"Bad taste is a species of bad morals." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"Nikolaj [Coster-Waldau] plays one of the ugliest villains. We had to create such a horrible guy, because he is the bad guy in the [The Other Woman] movie. We took him as far pathologically as possible." - Kate Upton

"You know, you find that these stories ... will turn one of us into the good guy and one of us into the bad guy. If you look at it closely or even not that closely ... it's ridiculous." - Brad Pitt

"Today, the media dictatorship is becoming a substitute to military dictatorship. The big economic groups are using the media and decide who can speak, who the good guy is and who the bad guy is..." - Danny Glover

"It's not always so simple, Haven. Sometimes there isn't a good guy and a bad guy. Sometimes even the ones you want to believe turn out to be liars." - Sarah Dessen

"I think it's very interesting how an American network chooses to tell this story. We don't name one country the good guy and the other country the bad guy. We talk about this co-responsibility that we share, in everything." - Demian Bichir



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