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Bad Environment Quotes


"There are no bad boys. There is only bad environment, bad training, bad example, bad thinking." - Edward J. Flanagan

"To get to play a bad person and do bad things in a safe environment like 'Arrow' was pretty amazing." - Seth Gabel

"A good rule of thumb is that any environment that consistently leaves you feeling bad about who you are is the wrong environment." - Laurie Helgoe

"Bad husbands will make bad wives." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"Bad news travels fast." - Proverbs

"Bad news flies fast." - Anne Bronte

"Notions of Good and Evil depend entirely on social context. It is not that people are good or bad, they are raised in an aberrant or twisted environment." - Jacque Fresco

"People in London are so much more exposed to danger, or bad things. It took me quite a long time to grow up in that environment." - Eliot Paulina Sumner

"Wealth is not necessarily a bad thing when it has been earned in an honest manner and neither other individuals nor the environment suffered for it." - Dalai Lama

"Nature doesn't see things through the prism of good or bad. It rewards efficiency. That is the simplicity of evolution, matching design to environment." - Blake Crouch

"It's just like any relationship, the more contained the environment, the more the good stuff appears and the more the bad stuff will reveal itself." - Bruce Greenwood

"The Eisenhower Building - the furniture is mismatched; everything is just bad decor and bad quality. Everybody's looking down at their Blackberry. It's a really frantic, mismatched environment. But on the exterior, it's this whitewashed, gorgeous building. It's a fascinating contrast." - Tony Hale

"My priorities? The environment, the environment, the environment." - Menzies Campbell

"Hard cases make bad law." - Proverbs

"A bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men." - Thomas Paine

"It's too bad music can't be like movies. For me, playing music and listening to music and creating music is very environmental. It creates a certain environment; it sets a specific mood." - Avey Tare

"I would like the [film] industry to be more aware of what they're doing to influence people for good and for bad. There's no doubt that we're affected by our environment" - Dorothy Arzner

"The leader's Attitude is like a thermostat for the place she works. If her attitude is good, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the environment is easy to work in. But if her attitude is bad, the temperature is insufferable." - John C Maxwell

"All good qualities in a child are the result of environment, while all the bad ones are the result of poor heredity on the side of the other parent" - Elinor Smith

"The leader's Attitude is like a thermostat for the place she works. If her attitude is good, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the environment is easy to work in. But if her attitude is bad, the temperature is insufferable." - John C Maxwell

"If home cooks shopped in their own vegetable bin before going to the market, they would save money and help the environment, too, and all because they decided to rescue a vegetable before it turned bad." - Dana Cowin

"I think unscripted variety television may or may not get a bad rap now, but it is a fabulous environment. It is exactly who I am, and there's so much creativity there to express." - James Pearse Connelly

"Rehearsing failure is simply a bad habit, not a productive use of your time. When you choose to visualize the path that works, you're more likely to shore it up and create an environment where it can take place." - Seth Godin

"The Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS), which controls the living environment on shuttles and on the International Space Station, doesn't have the luxury of disposal: discharging trash into space has long been judged a bad idea." - Rose George

"Things will absolutely go wrong. In a healthy team, as soon as things go wrong, that information should be surfaced. Trying to hide or obscure bad news creates an environment of distrust or lack of transparency." - Steven Sinofsky

"Outsourcing is a reflection of a bad economic environment domestically. If you fix that, you fix outsourcing. Our primary export is paper money, and that should change if you change the monetary policy." - Ron Paul

"Rapping's a release of the good and the bad - that's the definition of hyphy. You can't be like that, you can't get hyphy in, like, a business environment. I can be me. I'm energy. Hyphy is energy." - Keak da Sneak

"We are the environment." - Charles Panati

"Examine your environment." - Miyamoto Musashi

"Writing's not precious to me. It's not a thing that requires specific environment. You know, it's my job. Just like anybody with a job, you have to do your job when you don't feel like it, regardless of how good or bad the conditions are, regardless of how good or bad you might feel on any particular day." - James Frey

"Really, how bad is eating a piece of cake? Being bad is murdering someone. That's bad. Don't do that." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"Relax, the bad guys do' knock. (Romeo)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"It's too bad that stupidity is' painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"Relax, the bad guys don't knock. (Romeo)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Fixed formation is bad. Study this well." - Miyamoto Musashi

"You have hal..... real bad, chum." - Vladimir Nabokov

"Bad is never good until worse happens." - Proverbs

"Break the leg of a bad habit." - Proverbs

"A bad penny is sure to return." - Proverbs

"Good for me... bad for my opponents!!!" - Brimstone

"If I put myself on the side of those who see the world as warming up in a bad way, who see the general march of industrial culture as something undesirable, the one thing I must be beware of doing and which my colleagues on that side don't beware of doing, we must beware of saying we've got to stop changing the environment. There is no 'the' environment which we can change, the world is changing all the time." - Richard Lewontin

"I love the environment, but I'm cheap on the environment." - Newt Gingrich

"Environment is stronger than will." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"Take charge of your environment." - Marshall Sylver

"Your environment influences your mindset." - Robin S. Sharma

"The environment shapes people's actions." - B F Skinner

"The environment isn't over here. The environment isn't over there. You are the environment." - Oren Lyons

"Bad beginnings, bad endings." - Livy

"If you choose bad companions, no one will believe that you are anything but bad yourself." - Aesop

"Technology happens, it's not good, it's not bad. Is steel good or bad?" - Andy Grove

"How good bad music and bad reasons sound when we march against an enemy." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Good taste is better than bad taste but bad taste is better than no taste." - Arnold Bennett

"Sometimes bad is bad." - Huey Lewis

"A bad wound may heal, but a bad name will kill." - Proverbs

"My friends, ask gladness from God. Be glad as children, as birds in the sky. And let man's sin not disturb you in your efforts, do not feat that it will dampen your endeavor and keep it from being fulfilled, do not say, Sin is strong, impiety is strong, the bad environment is strong, and we are lonely and powerless, the bad environment will dampen us and keep our good endeavor from being fulfilled. Flee from such despondency, my children! There is only one salvation for you: take yourself up, and make yourself responsible for the sins of men." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

"There is something I call social intelligence. You can do a lot in life on your own and you can do all kinds of stuff, but if you're really bad with people, if you're really naive or aggressive and push people away, if you don't know the political environment you're in, it invalidates all the things you know. You're not going to get anywhere." - Robert Greene

"After I saw how badly animals were treated to en up in our plates, how bad it was for our health and for the environment, I decided to stop this nonsense and educate others. After all, animals can't talk and they need people that have notoriety like me to be their voices." - Georges Laraque

"The meat industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars lying to the public about their product. But no amount of false propaganda can sanitize meat. The facts are absolutely clear: Eating meat is bad for human health, catastrophic for the environment, and a living nightmare for animals" - Chrissie Hynde

"Prominent Democratic strategists are growing increasingly nervous that the national political environment is not only bad for their side but moving in the wrong direction in the final days before the election, a trend that not only could cost their party control of the Senate but also result in double-digit House losses." - Christopher Michael Cillizza

"There is consequence of our forgetting who we are. Forgetting that we're able to create our environment, from our health to economy to war. Something can be done about everything we perceive as bad, if we so choose. If we are aware of the concept of compassion." - Alanis Morissette

"Cars are the most central thing in America, in a lot of ways. They've probably influenced the way we live more than anything else, and yet every really big problem - whether it's the environment or who dictates the international economy because of oil - is all tied to cars. Ultimately, cars are bad for civilization. I don't know if they'll end us." - Chuck Klosterman

"Sure I am a religious man who is also passionate about conserving the environment. But I am also a CEO, with all the bad habits and attitudes that are natural to the species. . . . I am still naturally self-interested, overconfident, full of pride, and eager to control a meeting as any CEO in America. Every day, I struggle with my ego." - Tom Chappell

"After I saw how badly animals were treated to en up in our plates, how bad it was for our health and for the environment, I decided to stop this nonsense and educate others. After all, animals ca' talk and they need people that have notoriety like me to be their voices." - Georges Laraque

"I really have no preference between TV and film. I think that each individual project is its own thing and has a very different style. I have worked on big movies and small movies and network TV. I have had amazing experiences in each environment, and awful ones - more good than bad, though." - Zach Gilford

"All the Tauruses I know have this connection to the earth and the environment. We are very curious people, very loyal, very aware of and respectful of our surroundings. Also, we're stubborn, but that's our way. We understand what we want, which is not bad." - Francisco Costa

"We have no reason to think that climate change is harmful if you look at the world as a whole. Most places, in fact, are better off being warmer than being colder. And historically, the really bad times for the environment and for people have been the cold periods rather than the warm periods." - Freeman Dyson

"I certainly know first hand the waste one lady can create through her primping routine, because I am a victim of fashion: to me a day without makeup and a bouffant to match is a day wasted. I love it all - whether it's fancy, cheap or, I'm ashamed to say, even if it's bad for the environment." - Beth Ditto

"People always accuse me of being motivational in a way, like it was a bad thing, but that's just how I was raised. My mom raised me in a positive environment, with lots of love in my heart, and that reflects in my music." - Lenny Kravitz

"One argument against open systems is that they become open to everything, good and bad. Like a Richard Meier skyscraper, the anal retentive, Bauhaus elegance of the Mac does prevent the loose ends and confusion of a less sterile environment. But it also prevents fertility. Apple's development must come from within." - Douglas Rushkoff

"Technology sometimes gets a bad rap because of certain consequences that it's had on the environment and unforeseen problems, but we shouldn't use it as an excuse to reject our tools; rather, we should decide that we need to make better tools to solve the problems caused by the initial tools in a progressive wave of innovation." - Jason Silva

"Take any person, put them in the wrong environment, and they can get off to some pretty bad things. Warren Buffett has said that he would not like to get into debt because he doesn't want to discover what behavior he's capable of." - Guy Spier

"My wife says in Richard Stark's world, the honest citizens are goofy. Okay, they are. I don't know if it's good or bad, but because he's outside his own world, it sort of freed up the environment around him to be a little more looser and goofier." - Donald E Westlake

"My birthday is May 10. I'm so Taurus, you would not even believe. All the Tauruses I know have this connection to the earth and the environment. We are very curious people, very loyal, very aware of and respectful of our surroundings. Also we're stubborn, but that's our way. We understand what we want, which is not bad." - Francisco Costa

"Discrimination is a bad bad bad thing." - Emily Saliers

"Ugliness, squalor are breeding grounds for revolution. Beauty is conducive to tranquillity, happiness. Beautifying of homes and places of worship began with the dawn of civilization. Beautifying of workplaces is only in its infancy. Yet, since men normally spend more than half of their waking hours at work, surely it is important that adequate attention be devoted to elevating their working environment, whether office or factory, foundry or machine shop, mine or warehouse. Beautiful surroundings subtly encourage beautiful living. Drab surroundings, bad air, bad light, evoke bad reactions." - B C Forbes

"Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster." - David Ogilvy

"Money. It's a good servant but a bad master." - Gretchen Rubin

"Good things could happen to not so bad people." - Mike Gayle

"There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." - Ranulph Fiennes

"Girl talk. That thing I've always been so bad at." - Suzanne Collins

"Because it's his bad luck to be the best." - Thomas Harris

"Do' feel bad; I regularly reduce people to unintelligible stammers." - Eoin Colfer

"Fire is' good or bad. It just burns." - Karen Marie Moning

"You can feel bad... I mean, that's not illegal." - Zadie Smith

"Every memory was valuable; even the bad ones." - Cassandra Clare

"For evil deeds may better than bad words be borne." - Edmund Spenser

"Many a good beginning makes a bad ending." - Laura Ingalls Wilder

"What makes bad writers so annoying is their good passages." - Natalie Clifford Barney

"The tongue is the worst part of a bad servant." - Juvenal

"Elegance has a bad effect on my constitution." - Louisa May Alcott

"Imagination is a good servant, and a bad master." - Agatha Christie

"We all played bad before we played good." - Branford Marsalis

"Voices and faces aren't manifestations of good or bad." - Gail Carson Levine

"Sometimes I get too exhausted to even feel bad" - Charles Bukowski

"Bad news should be followed with soup. Then a nap." - Augusten Burroughs

"For children, inheritance is very, very bad, like an enemy." - Namboku Mizuno

"God was knocking, and he wanted in bad." - Larry Niven

"A pessimist, confronted with two bad choices, chooses both." - Proverbs

"Parents are never as bad as kids think they are." - Matt Witten

"Bad money drives out good money from circulation." - Henry Dunning Macleod

"You have to take the bad with the good." - Proverbs

"Sex is like money-even when it's bad, it's good." - Saying

"I'd rather be like myself, bad as I am." - Anne Bronte

"Persecution is a bad and indirect way to plant Religion." - Thomas Browne

"She's just as bad as he is! God help me." - Lois Mcmaster Bujold

"Bad laws make bad customs." - Jane Aiken Hodge

"If you don't want it bad enough to risk losing it- you don't want it bad enough." - Tom Krause

"Bad beliefs make bad behavior." - Warren Akin Candler

"It's bad. It's damned bad." - Abraham Lincoln

"Damon: "If you're going to be bad, be bad with a purpose or else you're not worth forgiving." - Kevin Williamson

"Good and bad luck is but a synonyme, in the great majority of instances, for good and bad judgment." - Horace Smith

"Problems are rarely as bad as we think-or rather, they are precisely as bad as we think." - Ryan Holiday

"It's wrong to hurt even bad people. Because they don't know any better, and because bad people sometimes become good." - Khaled Hosseini

"We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals; we know now that it is bad economics." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"Creativity dies in an indisciplined environment." - James C Collins

"Man is the Child of his Environment" - Shinichi Suzuki

"Man is a child of his environment" - Shinichi Suzuki

"I'm a product of my environment." - Ariel Pink

"We need a more prosperous environment." - Patrick Hunt

"Ethics is the new competitive environment" - Peter Robinson

"Don't change the man. Change his environment." - R Buckminster Fuller

"The environment can actually affect gene expression." - Michael Marmot

"The environment is everything that isn't me." - Albert Einstein

"Hierarchy works well in a stable environment." - Mary Douglas

"Hollywood's got its own particular environment." - Harrison Ford

"The atmosphere defines the environment of sound." - Bill Laswell

"Everything I do is the environment." - Arthur Boyd

"We are losing our environment so rapidly." - Stefanie Powers

"The environment on set is very encouraging." - Michael Shanks

"Conservation of energy also protects our environment." - Lamar S Smith

"Radicals can be found in any environment." - Vladimir Putin

"Dance is such a stressful environment." - Mia Wasikowska

"Ecoterrorism is terrorism against the environment." - Paul Watson

"New Orleans is a unique environment." - Steve Earle

"Man is a child of his environment." - Shinichi Suzuki

"Heredity is nothing but stored environment." - Luther Burbank

"Your environment affects you wherever you are." - David Mitchell

"Accept that environment compromises values far more than values do their number on environment." - Sidney Poitier

"The commercial media are to the mental environment what factories are to the physical environment" - Kalle Lasn

"When our souls are healthy, we change the environment; the environment doesn't change us." - Carl Lentz

"The revolt against one's environment is usually 'shame' of one's environment." - Czeslaw Milosz

"Paul Watson talking about the environment seen here, YouTube Video - Cpt. Paul Watson on the environment" - Paul Watson

"Every way of life produces its own environment and in turn is influenced by that environment." - Hugh Nibley

"Because we're not in harmony with the environment, we're destroying the environment that supports us." - Bruce Lipton

"There's degradation of the environment. But the real issue is the degradation of one's inner environment." - Frederick Lenz

"You know, the environment is fragmenting, and the environment is, in many places, absolutely hideous!" - Richard Rogers

"When envy lies within a woman's heart it cuts into her soul & gives her a toxic spirit. It is truly something to be disgusted by. I have experienced it so much in my own life that I can sense the energy of envy without any communication from the other person. It lingers in the air to pollute your environment. Envy is a brutal force of bad vibes sucking the love right out of your heart." - Bindu

"My view is there will be problems and bad people as long as the earth exists, and since we're moving into a completely interdependent global environment, we're better off building a world we'd like to live in when the United States are not the only military superpower. That is, we need to build a world of shared responsibility, shared benefits, and shared commitment to our common humanity." - William J Clinton

"Adaptation is one of the great advantages to being born and bred in Jersey. We're simply not bested by bad air or tainted water. We're like that catfish with lungs. Take us out of our environment and we can grow whatever body parts we need to survive. After Jersey the rest of the country's a piece of cake. You want to send someone into a fallout zone? Get him from Jersey. He'll be fine." - Janet Evanovich

"When you have some skills but don't fully understand your environment, there is no way you can be a plus one. At best, you can be a zero. But a zero isn't a bad thing to be. You're competent enough not to create problems or make more work for everyone else. And you have to be competent, and prove to others that you are, before you can be extraordinary. There are no short-cuts, unfortunately." - Chris Hadfield



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