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Bad Daughters Quotes


"Sometimes when daughters have a bad-girl mother, they rebel and become good girls. They are constantly embarrassed by me!" - Ellen Sussman

"Discrimination is a bad bad bad thing." - Emily Saliers

"What song do I hate? I think Daughters, by John Mayer, would be a good candidate. I don't know why he bugs me so bad." - Brandon Flowers

"I think there's a tremendous amount of guilt that goes on between mothers and daughters, no matter how good or bad their relationships are." - Ellen Page

"I'm concerned about the insidious influence of the media's bad messages that undermine the lessons parents try to instill in their sons and daughters." - John Ratzenberger

"Bad beliefs make bad behavior." - Warren Akin Candler

"We have three daughters, our own. And, of course, there's nothing more frightening than something bad happening to them. And also, the thought of our children turning bad in some ways is another frightening thought." - Alexander Ahndoril

"Mothers and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers." - Anonymous

"I think there's a tremendous amount of guilt that goes on between mothers and daughters, no matter how good or bad their relationships are. It kills girls inside when they think they're letting their mothers down." - Drew Barrymore

"My daughters are my Picassos." - Neneh Cherry

"A bad ending follows a bad beginning." - Euripides

"Beware of bad Catholics." - Saint Augustine

"Good anecdote-bad reality." - Carrie Fisher

"I want to see these bad, bad, bad, bad men come to grips with their humanity." - James Ellroy

"I'm blonde and bad." - Ivana Milicevic

"My memory's bad!" - Jeremy Sumpter

"Trust your daughters, they are faithful. Honor your daughters, they are honorable. Educate your daughters, they are amazing." - Ziauddin Yousafzai

"I am pained to listen that my daughters, grand daughters and great grand daughters are no longer safe." - Fauja Singh

"Fame is rot; daughters are the thing." - James M Barrie

"A busy mother makes slothful daughters." - Proverbs

"Proverbs are the daughters of daily experience." - Proverbs

"Honor your daughters. They are honorable." - Malala Yousafzai

"I'm the father of four daughters." - Harvey Weinstein

"Mothers and daughters have that rivalry thing." - Gretchen Wilson

"Teach your daughters to walk in virtue." - Gordon B Hinckley

"Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst." - C S Lewis

"Bad marriages don't cause infidelity; infidelity causes bad marriages." - Frank Pittman

"Be bad, and if you can't be bad be worse." - Tobsha Learner

"Bad decisions made with good intentions, are still bad decisions." - James C Collins

"Roe v. Wade was bad law and bad medical science," - Fred Thompson

"The loss was not bad luck. It was bad analysis." - David Einhorn

"There are no bad regiments, there are only bad officers." - William Slim, 1st Viscount Slim

"It is bad governments, not bad people, who cause revolutions." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Bad mind, bad heart. (Mals Mens, Malus Animus)" - Anacharsis Cloots

"Good and bad, what's good and bad? I don't know." - Nicolas Winding Refn

"Bad mind, bad heart. (Mals Mens, Malus Animus" - Anacharsis Cloots

"A bad facelift is like a bad toupee." - Gloria Steinem

"Unused rooms are such bad feng shui, really bad energy." - Alexandra Stoddard

"They really are bad shots." - Charles De Gaulle

"Bad leadership is an oxymoron." - Joseph C. Rost

"He needed a woman. Bad." - Linda Howard

"Hunger never saw bad bread." - Benjamin Franklin

"Sad company is bad company." - Milan Kundera

"Experience comes from bad judgment." - Mark Twain

"Good taste is always bad." - Poul Henningsen

"Civil liberties, good. Lawyers, bad." - Richard Belzer

"Good riddance to bad rubbish." - Rodman Philbrick

"I'm bad at picking heroes." - Margaret Atwood

"I'd make a bad preacher." - Dan Aykroyd

"Bad company corrupts good character." - Menander

"Atheism thrives on bad religion." - Os Guinness

"Something will break very bad." - Marc Faber

"alone, adj. In bad company." - Ambrose Bierce

"A jester, a bad character." - Blaise Pascal

"I'm used to bad reviews." - Roger Moore

"Melancholy is no bad thing." - Sting

"Sanctions are a bad idea." - Mohamed Elbaradei

"Coffee gives me bad breath." - Norah Jones

"Anger is a bad counselor." - Proverbs

"I would argue that stupidity is born out of bad reading, bad teaching and bad thinking!" - John Green

"Hamburger bad fries bad, coca-cola bad....There I said it. Drink your water people." - Tony Horton

"But the Milanese have made bad choices, bad fashion, and bad jewelry." - Christian Lacroix

"I'm bad at baking. I'm bad at letting go of things. I'm probably bad at reading." - Heidi Klum

"You need to try to find a way to humanize your villains. Genuine villains, in real life, still have mothers and daughters and sisters, and they fall in love. They don't walk around with a big sign saying, "Bad guy," on their head. They think they're good guys. If you can play that, I think it makes it more interesting." - Mark Strong

"Words, especially when yelled in anger, can be very damaging to a child's self-confidence. The child probably already feels bad enough just from seeing the consequences of his or her behavior. Our sons and daughters don't need more guilt and self-doubt heaped upon their already wounded egos." - Jack Canfield

"I'm still not a great reader, but my wife is and my daughters are, and I envy them. I think I got into a bad habit of trying to do something all the time, instead of trying to sit down and take my time a little bit." - Mike Krzyzewski

"Kids put life into perspective. I never have a bad day. Life happens and you get bad news sometime, or things don't go your way at work - for me that might mean I lose a game or not play well - but that doesn't affect my mood from day to day. I love going home and seeing the smiles on my daughters' faces being happy to see me, and that makes everything all right." - Stephen Curry

"There are some forms of religion that are bad, just as there's bad cooking or bad art or bad sex, you have bad religion too." - Karen Armstrong

"Fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do. Girls become lovers, who turn into mothers, so mothers be good to your daughters, too." - John Mayer

"My daughters, your daughters, our daughters deserve safety, protection, and the freedom to make their own choices about their personal lives and their physical selves." - Carre Otis

"We ask justice, we ask equality, we ask that all the civil and political rights that belong to citizens of the United States, be guaranteed to us and our daughters forever." - Susan B Anthony

"The people whom the sons and daughters find it hardest to understand are the fathers and mothers, but young people can get on very well with the grandfathers and grandmothers." - Simeon Strunsky

"Hope has two lovely daughters, anger and courage." - Saint Augustine

"Marry your daughters betimes, lest they marry themselves." - George Herbert

"Go home and tell your daughters they are beautiful." - Stokely Carmichael

"You nine daughters of Jupiter, sisters of one heart." - Gnaeus Naevius

"We must educate our sons to save our daughters" - Yvette Cooper

"Back-to-School Chats - Advice from Mothers to their Daughters" - George Bradt

"Honour your daughters, trust them and most importantly, educate them." - Ziauddin Yousafzai

"It makes you all look like Dracula's daughters!" - Prince Philip

"So curses all Eve's daughters of what complexion soever." - William Shakespeare

"Words are men's daughters, but God's sons are things." - Samuel Madden

"Fornication with your daughters thats like a double dog sin." - Christopher Moore

"He who has daughters is always a shepherd." - Proverbs

"They are the greatest curse of all great men, daughters." - Jason Zebehazy

"Ever since Two Daughters I've been composing my own music." - Satyajit Ray

"Words are men's daughters, but God's sons are things." - Izaak Walton

"I say 'I love you' to my daughters every day." - Amy Chua

"The daughters of God don't brake for jerks." - Marianne Williamson

"I worry that my daughters are too taken care of." - Rachel Roy

"I have to be a teacher to my daughters." - Carnie Wilson

"I believe in the freedom of God's sons and daughters." - Pat Buckley

"A preacher who doesn't believe he's that bad will attract people who don't think they're that bad. And that's bad." - Tullian Tchividjian

"My sight is bad, my hearing is bad, I feel bad, but I don't suffer, I don't complain." - Jeanne Calment

"There's too much bad. The worst is mediocre. Bad is easy. There's high quality, there's pornography, and then there's bad." - Henry Blodget

"from the beginning, through the middle years and up to the end: too bad, too bad, too bad." - Charles Bukowski

"We all need each other. Sons of god need daughters of god, daughters of god need sons of god." - Carole M. Stephens

"At first, I felt bad judging an entire state by one county political official, but then I found out Morrison had also helped screen public school textbooks, a topic which is another chapter in my book. The Alamo is managed by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, a group whose members can claim a relative who was living in Texas during the revolution. The fight over mismanagement of the Alamo has been going on for years." - Gail Collins

"Bad guys do what good guys dream." - Rene Balcer

"Great men are almost always bad men." - Lord Acton

"There are no bad haircuts in cyberspace." - Dave Barry

"There's no such thing as bad publicity," - P T Barnum

"It's too bad that stupidity isn't painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"It gave dirty politics a bad name." - Bob Hope

"Bad theology dishonors God and hurts people." - John Piper

"I've got soul and I'm super bad." - James Brown

"Bad spellers of the world untie!" - Adam Savage

"... deep down nobody is bad, only frightened." - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"Break a bad habit - drop it" - Anonymous

"Relax, the bad guys do' knock. (Romeo)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"All good novelists have bad memories." - Graham Greene

"Bad artists always admire each others work." - Oscar Wilde

"Even true believers had consciences, Too bad." - Tom Clancy

"Good music always defeats bad luck" - Jack Vance

"We must take the good with the bad; For the good when it's good, is so very good That the bad when it's bad can't be bad!" - Moliere

"A bad workman quarrels with his tools." - George Herbert

"Every punch was thrown with bad intentions." - Mike Tyson

"No Such Thing as Bad Results" - Thomas A Edison

"Bad weather makes for good photography." - Ansel Adams

"Bad news is just an excuse." - Neil Young

"Everybody has bad at-bats - except McCutchen." - Kirk Gibson

"Nobody likes the bringer of bad news." - Sophocles

"A bad forgery's the ultimate insult." - John Grant

"The best of a bad bargain." - Samuel Pepys

"Only the bad man is alone." - Denis Diderot

"Courage is how bad you want it." - Joe Frazier

"Good or bad, habits always deliver results." - Jack Canfield

"Fire and fear, good servants, bad lords." - Ursula K Le Guin

"You can't dress rehearse the bad moments." - Brene Brown

"NOBODY messes with "The Bad Guy"!" - Scott Hall

"Don't lick the guests, darling. Bad manners." - Patricia Briggs

"Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas." - Isaac

"No man becomes bad all at once." - Juvenal

"Every bad thing starts from creation." - Wu Shanzhuan

"Convert bad news to good news." - Bill Gates

"I have a bad memory for facts." - Stendhal

"Cherish the good, learn from the bad" - Brittany Murphy

"Hardly anything wrong can go bad." - Phil Simms

"Bad men cannot make good citizens." - Patrick Henry

"Never, ever, work for bad people" - George Lois

"If something bad can happen, it will." - Warren Murphy

"Halloween without kids is tremendously bad." - Christopher Michael Cillizza

"I am deebly self-conscious, and bad." - Gene Weingarten

"I am a tragically bad artist." - Liza Campbell

"Hawaii ain't a bad place to work." - Ti

"I played every bad guy in Shakespeare." - Alton Brown

"I don't feel bad about losing." - Kinky Friedman

"Bad nature never lacks an instructor." - Publilius Syrus

"No worse than a bad cold." - Harpo Marx

"The only thing bad is their excuse." - Blaise Pascal



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