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Bad Choices Quotes


"Opposition provides choices, and choices bring consequences - good or bad." - Ezra Taft Benson

"When people have too many choices, they make bad choices." - Thom Browne

"The more bad choices you make, the less bad your choices seem." - Karen Kingsbury

"Make choices-not excuses." - Charles J Givens

"I am the result of the good choices I've made and the bad choices." - Madonna Ciccone

"But the Milanese have made bad choices, bad fashion, and bad jewelry." - Christian Lacroix

"A pessimist, confronted with two bad choices, chooses both." - Proverbs

"Knowledge has the power to help us avoid making bad choices that produce bad results." - Zig Ziglar

"Success is ultimately realized by people who make more good choices and recover quickly from their bad choices. Our personal and professional success depends on repeating good choices, day in and day out, and avoiding repetition of bad choices." - David Cottrell

"Bad beginnings, bad endings." - Livy

"Bad art might be defined as a series of bad choices about what to show and what to leave out." - Alain De Botton

"Magic gives you a lot of choices," Grandad says. "Most of them are bad." - Holly Black

"No one is anything but a shade of grey. It's good people making bad choices." - Sara Bareilles

"Everybody's a mix of good and bad choices that they make." - Joel Edgerton

"Having been through the muck and mire, I've had my own brush with bad choices." - Michael K Williams

"I've had to make friends with an awful lot of bad fashion choices." - Robbie Williams

"Bad choices almost always result from making a choice out of fear." - Jon Fitch

"I make bad choices. I've got such dodgy tastes in men." - Eleanor Mondale

"I have found success is ultimately realized by people who make more right choices . . . and recover quickly from their bad choices." - David Cottrell

"I think life is a matter of choices and that wherever we are, good or bad, is because of choices we make." - Lou Holtz

"Make it look like your skin is not so angry at you for your bad life choices." - Jenna Marbles

"Bad choices or good, if you never take chances, someone else will build your life for you." - Ellen Hopkins

"One of your greatest protections against making bad choices is to not put on any mask of anonymity." - Quentin L. Cook

"Sometimes good choices are really bad ones, wrapped up in so much fear you can't even see straight." - Deb Caletti

"I'm living life as best I can - but I'm not exempt from failure and making bad choices." - Leann Rimes

"There are no completely good or bad people. Everybody makes mistakes, or bad choices. It's how we live with them that make us the people we are." - Karen White

"I like to think that even if we make some really bad choices and go down some bad paths, we'll eventually emerge from it." - Tim Oreilly

"Yeah, we could have done things differently. But - If we'd done things differently, we wouldn't be who we are. We are the sum of the choices we make. Even the bad choices we make. I made a lot of bad choices, but on the other hand, I am who I am, and I'm proud of my work, and I'm proud of my family, and those are also the product of choices, including financial choices, that I made." - Neal Gabler

"It's easy to explain away evil. We have a free choice, and our greatest blessing is also our greatest curse, because I don't always make good choices. Other people make bad choices. I make bad choices. And sometimes we hurt other people. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally." - Rick Warren

"In the world of Art there are no wrong choices." - Herbie Hancock

"Remember this, the choices you make in life, make you." - John Wooden

"We are all living this dance and it is clearly fraught with making choices. Lots of my choices are bad and that's normal. None of us are attractive at all times. What is attractive to me is authenticity." - Andre Dubus

"Dads are awkward because they're older guys who aren't cool anymore and are figuring out who they are, and they often make bad choices in fashion and music." - Tim Heidecker

"Sin is not simply making bad choices or mistakes. Sin is having the desire in our hearts to do the will of the enemy of God." - R C Sproul

"Rationalization for bad choices will not be effective, but repentance will. Those who repent will be particularly blessed by the Atonement." - Quentin L. Cook

"When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you." - Dr. Seuss

"The song stands for a sense of joy in existence, a joy that is free of any good or bad choices." - Deepak Chopra

"Because in fantasy perhaps more than in any other genre, the character is rewarded for making the right choices and punished for making the bad. Ask Boromir." - R A Salvatore

"I put God first, and strive to do my best by being a loving human being, recognizing that sometimes I make mistakes and bad choices." - Common

"We are learning, day by day, about the gift of agency that allows us to experience the consequences, good and bad, of our own choices." - Robert D. Hales

"We make choices everyday, some of them good, some of them bad. And - if we are strong enough - we live with the consequences." - David Gemmell

"You can make bad choices and find yourself in a downward spiral or you can find something that gets you out of it." - Ray Lamontagne

"In my own life, I'm pretty good at choosing between good and bad. It's the choices between good and good I find the most difficult to make." - Ally Condie

"I wouldn't change a thing about what I've done in the past because what may have been bad choices have all led me to this moment." - Minnie Driver

"I did the best I could, and in some arenas, my best was not good enough. I've made some bad choices." - Amy Grant

"I'll take any life in which I can make choices and have agency, and America is not a bad place for all that." - Aleksandar Hemon

"My father so appropriately put it that we are certainly the only animal that makes conscious choices that are bad for our survival as a species." - Louise Leakey

"Good mothers make all kinds of choices. Making a decision that might sound selfish does not make a woman a bad mother." - Jada Pinkett Smith

"It's important with any new technology to try to pay conscious attention to what the drawbacks might be. We choose to multitask. Sometimes our choices aren't the wisest of choices, and we regret them, but they are our choices. I think it'd be wrong to think that they're automatically bad." - James Gleick

"All generalizations are bad." - R.H. Grenier

"Bad news travels fast." - Proverbs

"I take this art very seriously and passionately. I love what I do. You can't help but grow. That's not to say you don't make mistakes or make bad choices, but that's part of the art. Painters paint bad paintings" - Christopher Meloni

"I take this art very seriously and passionately. I love what I do. You can't help but grow. That's not to say you don't make mistakes or make bad choices, but that's part of the art. Painters paint bad paintings." - Christopher Meloni

"I have very little faith that I'll ever find someone. I've had some bad luck and I've made some bad choices - not in men, but in how I've chosen to deal with relationships." - Selma Blair

"Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible" - Cherie Carter-Scott

"You become yourself, every single day of your life, through your choices and how you think." - Jenna Marbles

"Emotions are choices." - Wayne Dyer

"You are your choices." - Seneca the Younger

"No regrets, only choices." - Jason Roy

"We are our choices." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Choices determine character." - Brandon Mull

"Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst." - C S Lewis

"Bad marriages don't cause infidelity; infidelity causes bad marriages." - Frank Pittman

"We've all done things we wish we hadn't, made choices we didn't even know were choices at that time. but that doesn't mean we have to stick by them. In life, you find out who you are gradually, not all at once. You made a bad choice, okay? But you can still get out of it." - Jane Stanton Hitchcock

"In life our first job is this, to divide and distinguish things into two categories: externals I cannot control, but the choices I make with regard to them I do control. Where will I find good and bad? In me, in my choices." - Epictetus

"Bad shooters are always open" - Pete Carril

"They really are bad shots." - Charles De Gaulle

"Great spenders are bad lenders." - Benjamin Franklin

"Hard cases make bad law." - Proverbs

"Bad shopping habits die hard." - Tori Spelling

"Coffee gives me bad breath." - Norah Jones

"I was a bad journalist." - David Brock

"The message was, the choices you make can have bad consequences. Everyone has the power of choice. Just like this kid had the power of choice to steal my car." - Bill Vaughan

"This president [Barack Obama] has had weak leadership, which has led to bad choices. We have got to stop worrying about being loved and start worrying about being respected. And that's exactly how I'll lead our country." - Chris Christie

"In Lullabies, I wanted to capture what I remembered of the drunken babbling of unfortunate twelve-year-olds: their illusions, their ludicrously bad choices, their lack of morality and utter disbelief in cause and effect" - Heather O'Neill

"The beauty of balance is that I can do it all and not feel bad about my choices, because every moment is an opportunity to start all over again" - Jorge M. Perez

"Everyone makes choices in life. Some bad, some good. It's called living, and if you want to bow out, then go right ahead. But don't do it halfway. Don't linger in whiner's limbo." - Maria V. Snyder

"We're constantly making choices about the way we spend our time. The issue is not between the good and the bad, but between the good and the best. So often, the enemy of the best is the good." - Stephen Covey

"Loneliness is something we [all people] go through. We go through mourning and longing. We make some bad choices sometimes because we're desperate for something, and that's okay. That's part of life." - Jennifer Lee

"Part of what we have to do is not just keep ignorant people away from the polls. We have to actually change the structural realities that make people make bad choices beyond their ignorance or what have you." - Marc Lamont Hill

"Not everyone who's homeless is a drug-addict or in need of mental health care. Some are normal people who've been knocked down, and it can happen to you, too. Not all of us made bad life choices." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Women have the stress of being beautiful, of age and youth. Men don't have all that. And with women, that stress causes a lot of mistakes and bad choices - a lot of not being their true self." - Miuccia Prada

"I had a pretty modest upbringing; it was no pleasure cruise. I don't think I would be as happy today if I hadn't been through that. It was tough; I made some bad choices myself." - Vanilla Ice

"The truth is, no matter how trying they become, babies two and under don't have the ability to make moral choices, so they can't be bad. That category only exists in the adult mind." - Anne Cassidy

"The thing that I like about the way characters are written on the show these days is that nobody's perfect. Everyone has made a lot of mistakes and bad choices." - Crystal Chappell

"Letting the greens dictate your energy choices, whether it's halting the XL Pipeline or fracking in New York, isn't just bad economics. It can also leave your rivals and enemies controlling your energy destiny." - Arthur L Herman

"Sarah Michelle Gellar's made some really good choices. She's had some bad breaks. She goes with the independent, interesting young filmmakers and then they get slammed, like 'Southland Tales.' I'm proud of what she's trying to do. It's hard." - Joss Whedon

"Acting never was about the money for me... Maybe in 10 years, I'll be able to appreciate the fact that I am financially stable and independent and I don't have to make bad choices. I can be very picky." - Emma Watson

"A bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men." - Thomas Paine

"No one really has a bad life. Not even a bad day. Just bad moments." - Regina Brett

"No matter what choice you make, it doesn't define you. Not forever. People can make bad choices and change their minds and hearts and do good things later; just as people can make good choices and then turn around and walk a bad path. No choice we make lasts our whole life. If there's ever a choice you've made that you no longer agree with, you can make another choice." - Jonathan Maberry

"Making mistakes is part of learning to choose well. No way around it. Choices are thrust upon us, and we don't always get things right. Even postponing or avoiding a decision can become a choice that carries heavy consequences. Mistakes can be painful-sometimes they cause irrevocable harm-but welcome to Earth. Poor choices are part of growing up, and part of life. You will make bad choices, and you will be affected by the poor choices of others. We must rise above such things." - Brandon Mull

"We have some role in almost everything that happens in our lives. When "bad" things happen, the mistake is not in the role, but in calling them bad. For in calling them bad, we call ourselves bad, since we had a role in their creation. We then have only two choices: blame ourselves, or disown our creative power, neither of which is congruent with our highest purpose." - Neale Donald Walsch

"It was possible, he understood, for a person's life to become just a long series of mistakes, and that the end, when it came, was just one more mistake in a chain of bad choices. The thing was, most of these mistakes were actually borrowed from other people. You took their bad ideas, and for whatever reason, made them your own." - Justin Cronin

"For a long time I've been walking down life's road with my two pals, Bad Luck and Bad Choices. Fortunately I'm a big believer in new beginnings, new friends, and running from my problems. So one day I decided to head for the island. Aloha, my name is Jack." - Elmore Leonard

"You knew exactly who the good guys were and who were the bad guys just by the chord: the good guys got a perfect fifth - strong, compassionate - the bad guys got an augmented fourth... Just a semitone, but sometimes in life when you make the wrong choices, it's just a semitone out." - Bill Bailey

"I see bad stuff on the street all the time that I don't do anything about. I do bad stuff myself all the time. The goal is not to somehow be perfect - that's silly, that's naive. The goal is to just recognize there are choices in front of us, and to try to make better ones." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"What's unique about 'House of Cards' is that even the lead character is technically the bad guy, but you like him, and you connect to his motivation. I think that - in life, as well - even if there are people who you and I could agree on that, 'Oh, that's a bad person,' in their mind, they can justify those choices." - Mahershala Ali

"People make their own choices, and sometimes those choices suck." - Carol Plum-Ucci

"There are no safe choices. Only other choices." - Libba Bray

"There are no easy choices. Easy choices are long gone." - Alan Greenspan

"Love takes your choices away." - Cassandra Clare

"Our choices determine our destiny" - A. R. Bernard

"We're products of our choices." - Susane Colasanti

"My choices were never wrong." - Anthony Anderson

"Every day brings new choices." - Martha Beck

"You're always going to have ups and downs - if you look at the careers of a whole bunch of people I respect, some of them have good movies, some of them have bad movies. I remember Andrew Garfield said that the only power we really have as actors - or one of the main powers we have as actors - is our choices. We can make interesting choices, but as soon as you've made that choice, so much else is in play: the director, the script can change, the other actors. All you can do is try to make interesting choices and, once you're in it, just do the best you can." - Douglas Booth

"We think abortion is a bad thing." - Kate Michelman

"I played my age. Not bad." - Ron Francis

"A bad workman quarrels with his tools." - George Herbert

"Every punch was thrown with bad intentions." - Mike Tyson

"Good laws are produced by bad actions." - Ambrosius Theodosius Macrobius

"There is only good and bad art." - William Saroyan

"A bad penny is sure to return." - Proverbs

"Hidden valor is as bad as cowardice." - Proverbs

"We must take the good with the bad; For the good when it's good, is so very good That the bad when it's bad can't be bad!" - Moliere

"The best brewer sometimes makes bad beer." - Proverbs

"All bad precedents began as justifiable measures." - Julius Caesar

"Age is a bad traveling companion." - Proverbs

"Certain winds will make men's temper bad." - George Eliot

"The bad guys are the best parts." - Brion James

"Hollywood is kind of a bad world." - Mia Maestro

"Sickness seizes the body from bad ventilation." - Ovid

"Single guys get a bad rap." - David Spade

"Bad literature is a form of treason." - Joseph Brodsky

"Any team can have a bad century." - Jack Brickhouse

"There's no good guys and bad guys." - Hal Holbrook

"Bad as I wanna be. She aint bad, she a sad little wannabe." - Nicki Minaj

"How good bad music and bad reasons sound when we march against an enemy." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Good taste is better than bad taste but bad taste is better than no taste." - Arnold Bennett

"Sometimes bad is bad." - Huey Lewis

"Who has good luck is good, Who has bad luck is bad." - Bertolt Brecht

"How good bad music and bad reasons sound when one marches against an enemy!" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Of human work none but what is bad can be perfect in its own bad way." - John Ruskin

"Most comic scriptwriters are very bad. The artists are good, but the writers are so bad." - Harry Harrison

"The only thing you have to worry about is bad luck. I never had bad luck." - Harry S Truman

"Good writers hate bad writing but hating bad writing doesn't make you good. Writing badly does." - Dan Harmon

"Even if people end up doing awful things, you can empathize with their motives when you know them. When you get to know the person, you can understand why they make those choices, even if they're bad. And oftentimes people do have good drives that are sympathetic and can even be seen as selfless and good-hearted." - Bob Odenkirk

"I would like whispering with someone who is like me. But no one is.I think it is because my sizzle doesn't match anyone else's. I want something to happen so bad that it sizzles inside of me. It never stops, but it also never fits any of the choices presented." - Sarah Bird

"People don't realize, he said, how important it is to wake up every morning with a song in your heart." J. Krishnamurti. "The song stands for a sense of joy in existence, a joy that is free of any good or bad choices." - Deepak Chopra

"Diversification is something that stock brokers came up with to protect themselves, so they wouldn't get sued for making bad investment choices for clients. Henry Ford never diversified, Bill Gates didn't diversify. The way to get rich is to put your eggs in one basket, but watch that basket very carefully. And make sure you have the right basket." - Jim Rogers

"When you write the script, you're home in a room by yourself, and you're writing, and there's no connection with the real performing world. So you get a lot of things wrong and make a lot of mistakes and make a lot of bad choices." - Woody Allen

"God isn't about making good things happen to you, or bad things happen to you. He's all about you making choices-exercising the gift of free will. God wants you to have good things and a good life, but He won't gift wrap them for you. You have to choose the actions that lead you to that life." - Jim Butcher

"Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally . Leadership means that 'the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership." - Barack Obama

"There are massive stacks of bad choices in my backyard. Haven't finished cleaning the place up but I'm workin' on it and clearly I have not yet reached enlightenment for more than a fleeting moment but I'm tryin' and I found somethin' here I want ya to have. It's not much just a story but it's all I've got so take it." - Buddy Wakefield

"This is the truth. I have been in love. I have been in lust. I've made good choices and bad ones, I have been smart and I've been stupid. But I have never in my life felt the way I do now, here, with Will." - Megan Hart

"People do' realize, he said, how important it is to wake up every morning with a song in your heart." J. Krishnamurti. "The song stands for a sense of joy in existence, a joy that is free of any good or bad choices." - Deepak Chopra

"Patrick: Is fear rith maith n? drochseasamh. Jessica:And that means what? Patrick: A good run is better than a bad stand. Jessica: Oh. And that means what? Patrick: It means, Jessica, that life is about choices. Sometimes you fight, sometimes you flee, but you never surrender." - Michele Bardsley

"He had been someone before. That person had been the result of a lifetime of choices, good and bad. And like it or not, he was drawing closer to that identity now. Not the freedom of infinite variety, but the tyranny of a decision made, a path walked, a life lived. What if he didn't like the view" - Marcus Sakey

"It's bad enough for me to make choices that hurt my own relationship with God. How much more serious is it to be the cause of someone else deciding to sin? Not only must I choose the pathway of holiness for God's sake and for my own sake; I must also do it for the sake of others." - Nancy Leigh DeMoss



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