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Bad Boys Quotes


"Bad boys do get the girls." - Tom Felton

"There are no bad boys. There is only bad environment, bad training, bad example, bad thinking." - Edward J. Flanagan

"I have a soft spot for bad boys." - Pamela Anderson

"Bad Boys II has knocked everyone's socks off." - Joe Pantoliano

"I love bad boys. They're the most fun to play." - Alex Meraz

"At 18, I was attracted to bad boys." - Carmen Electra

"Good boys are nice - don't go for the bad ones!" - Vanessa Hudgens

"Women with low self-esteem love bad boys. Women who have work to do love bad boys. Women who love themselves love good men." - Tracy Mcmillan

"It's becoming apparent that I like bad boys. That's one of my problems. They've all been bad boys. You're one too. You're a bad boy. But, I think you're a good bad boy." - Jeffery Deaver

"I like bad boys... not really bad, but men with an edge... they should be clean but have that streak." - Sonam Kapoor

"Women like bad boys...Being a good boy never worked for me." - Jude Law

"I have pretty large experience of boys, and you're a bad set of fellows." - Charles Dickens

"I like bad boys, and I like to take them home to my mom." - Priyanka Chopra

"For some unknown reason, bad-boys draw you in despite the fact that they are jerks." - Alexis Bledel

"I think I'm not really into the handsome, chivalrous knight; I like the bad boys." - Sophie Turner

"When looking for a life partner, my advice to women is date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands." - Sheryl Sandberg

"HB-Shizzle's gonna be honest with ya, okay. To hit these bad boys, you have to have pinpoint accuracy." - Shawn Michaels

"Young ghetto boys thought that in this society, the good guys lost and the bad guys won." - Eartha Kitt

"I've a pretty large experience of boys, and you're a bad set of fellows. Now mind... you behave yourself !" - Charles Dickens

"Some girls go for bad boys because they like the challenge of changing them - which is usually unrealistic." - Mark Salling

"War doesn't make boys men, it makes men dead." - Ken Gillespie

"In this day and age, where you have a lot of comic book movies made every day, and most of them are really good boys, it's important to have a couple bad boys out there, too." - Nicolas Cage

"I've done the bad-boy thing. It was fun for a good three months. But the thing about bad boys is, you have to keep in mind, you're never gonna marry a bad boy." - Ariana Grande

"Doesn't it show us all that we are silly little boys or fatuous asses to think that we can play golf without making a lot of bad shots?" - Bobby Jones

"My father insisted that the boys in my life were directly responsible for my juvenile-delinquent tendencies. My mother, more accurately, assumed that I was the bad influence." - Lisa Lutz

"I heard that women are attracted to bad boys, so every once in a while, I throw a recyclable into the regular garbage." - Tom Sims

"I'd like to be more of a bad influence than a role model. I'm getting lots of boys to wear eye-liner again which is good." - Brian Molko

"Men often think it's the bad boys who get the hot chicks. But I'm living proof that the good guys win." - Carson Daly

"To me, in a perfect world, you have the flavor and the magic of movies like 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys." - Ice Cube

"Boys like it when you're mean. That's what I'm best at. I make them feel so bad about themselves, all out of fun." - Ashley Benson

"We should do another 10 Bad Boys movies. I could come in in one of those electric wheelchairs, like Peter Sellers in Dr Strangelove, just shouting away." - Joe Pantoliano

"My favourite character would have to be 'Ash,' because I love my brooding bad boys. But a certain snarky talking cat runs a very close second." - Julie Kagawa

"There's this whole assumption that girls like bad boys, but I have to disagree; I think 'nice' will go a long way." - Brooke Burke

"The argument that 'boys will be boys' actually carries the profoundly anti-male implication that we should expect bad behavior from boys and men. The assumption is that they are somehow not capable of acting appropriately, or treating girls and women with respect." - Jackson Katz

"Yes, I like girls; Yes, I like boys; I like boys who like boys; I like girls who wear toys and girls who don't; I like girls who don't call themselves girls; Crew cuts or curls or that really bad hair phase in between." - Andrea Gibson

"Do not chase boys. Chasing boys is bad. Chasing boys can lead to horrible things like mansions going up into flames, hand amputations, and blindness. So have some self respect and don't let things get too far before the wedding day." - Meg Cabot

"When looking for a life partner, my advice to women is date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier." - Sheryl Sandberg

"Bad women celebrate themselves.." - Janice Mirikitani

"We were good boys, good Presbyterian boys, and loyal and all that; anyway, we were good Presbyterian boys when the weather was doubtful; when it was fair, we did wander a little from the fold." - Mark Twain

"Boys are boys, they make mistakes." - Mulayam Singh Yadav

"Boys will be boys... They commit mistakes." - Mulayam Singh Yadav

"We might as well swing boys, because Stravinsky cuts us all." - Woody Herman

"These guys [the Catholic church] make Enron look like altar boys." - Dan Rather

"I have seven boys." - George Benson

"Hollywood used to look at Asian actors as the bad boys, the delivery boys, whatever. But now, they are starting to see beyond that; they're starting to see Asian actors as human beings and casting them in better roles. So I always tell Asian actors, especially Filipinos wanting to break into Hollywood, to study, study and study and show their best." - Reggie Lee

"I heard someone's playing hooky,' Zach told me. He smiled. Standing there, it felt almost like nothing bad had ever happened- or would ever happen again 'There's a boy in my life,' I told him. 'He's a very bad influence.' Then Zach nodded. 'Bad boys have a way of doing that. But they're worth it." - Ally Carter

"He's got the whole bad-boy-in-need-of-redemption thing going on, but the catch is, most bad boys don't want redemption. They like being bad. They like the power they get from striking fear and panic into the hearts of mothers everywhere" - Becca Fitzpatrick

"Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst." - C S Lewis

"Bad mind, bad heart. (Mals Mens, Malus Animus)" - Anacharsis Cloots

"Boys are sent out into the world to buffet with its temptations, to mingle with bad and good, to govern and direct - girls are to dwell in quiet homes among few friends, to exercise a noiseless influence." - Elizabeth Missing Sewell

"His voice was low and rough ... "What about you? Do you like bad boys?" "There's definitely appeal," she breathed. "Good," He bent and clipped her earlobe with his teeth ... "Because they don't come badder than me." - Larissa Ione

"These powerbrokers, which bomb innocent countries and slaughter people, and, you know, pump the food chain full of garbage and just everything else they do, it's probably something fun for them. They really get off on being bad little boys." - Alex Jones

"I don't think evil is sexy! I don't think being cruel and mean and hurting other people is sexy! ... Although I have been quite attracted to some very bad boys!" - Madonna Ciccone

"His voice was low and rough ... "What about you? Do you like bad boys?" "There's definitely appeal," she breathed. "Good," He bent and clipped her earlobe with his teeth ... "Because they do' come badder than me." - Larissa Ione

"I think it's probably a bad idea for young boys to see how they're being depicted in men's fantasies. It could get very dark. You could learn how to do things wrong." - Amanda Seyfried

"I wanted to play a good guy after doing this lunatic on The Sopranos for two years. And then they did the sequel to Bad Boys, where I get to play the barking captain again." - Joe Pantoliano

"How 'bout a cheer for all those bad girls? And all those boys that play that rock and roll? They love it like you love Jesus, It does the same thing to their souls." - Tom Petty

"I believe the most attractive thing about a guy is his personality and the way he views the world. I'm not into bad boys. I like the sweet sometimes even shy guys." - Nadia Ali

"This aesthetic quality, then, is what politics is all about. It's authenticity that separates winners from losers, good politics from bad, and he-man leader-types from consultant-directed puppet-boys." - Thomas Frank

"I am not sure that it is a bad thing to go to a school, as I did, where the boys threw things at me, and asked if there was nothing else I could do [but draw]." - William Merritt Chase

"He needed a woman. Bad." - Linda Howard

"Bad company ruins good morals." - Bible

"Of Ickworth's boys, their father's joys, There is but one a bad one; The tenth is he, the parson's fee, And indeed he is a sad one. No love of fame, no sense of shame, And a bad heart, let me tell ye: Without, all brass; within, all ass, And the puppy's name is Felly." - Horace Walpole

"I think there's something so attractive about mystery. There's something so attractive about the chase. And the bad guy ... bad boys know how to keep the chase going throughout an entire relationship because you never know if you completely have them or not. That's why they're so hard to get over." - Taylor Swift

"I had given thought to acting, but I never really had a good enough opportunity or a character who made sense and paralleled my life a little bit. I feel like I'm one of the poster boys for a bad guy in a movie. I feel like I'm a good person to play a bad guy in a movie. I can say that." - Gucci Mane

"Boys and girls should be taught respect for each other's liberty... and that jealousy and possessiveness kill love." - Bertrand Russell

"Girls don't dress for boys...." - Betsey Johnson

"Curse false-hand-holding boys!" - Lauren Myracle

"I never see any difference in boys. I only know two sorts of boys. Mealy boys and beef-faced boys." - Charles Dickens

"Boys need wood to chop." - Stephen D. Nadauld

"I loove the Backstreet Boys." - Daisy Fuentes

"Boys Shack, MEN build homes" - Steve Harvey

"Boys are so much drama." - Gabrielle Union

"We were the Spice Boys." - George Harrison

"Little boys have amazing minds." - Ferdinand Marcos

"I only know two sorts of boys. Mealy boys, and beef-faced boys." - Charles Dickens

"Don't take this the wrong way," Blue replied. Her cheeks felt a little warm, but she was well into this conversation and she couldn't back down now. "Because I know you're going to think I feel bad about it, and I don't." "All right." "Because I'm not pretty. Not in the way Aglionby boys seem to lie." "I go to Aglionby," Adam said. Adam did not seem to go to Aglinoby like other boys went to Aglionby. "I think you're pretty," he said." - Maggie Stiefvater

"I was reading Raymond Chandler very much with the feminist eye. In six of his seven novels, it's the woman who presents herself in a sexual way, who is the main bad person. And then you start reading more fiction, whether crime fiction or straight fiction, it's just bad girls trying to make good boys do bad things, going all the way back to Adam and Eve. The woman that thou gavest me made me do it, Adam says to God." - Sara Paretsky

"A preacher who doesn't believe he's that bad will attract people who don't think they're that bad. And that's bad." - Tullian Tchividjian

"There are no bad haircuts in cyberspace." - Dave Barry

"I've got soul and I'm super bad." - James Brown

"It is bad luck to be superstitious." - Andrew W. Mathis

"A good lawyer is a bad neighbor." - Proverbs

"Look at them. There are your true philosophers. I think that Mack and the boys know everything that has ever happened in the world and possibly everything that will happen. I think they survive in this particular world better than other people. In a time when people tear themselves to pieces with ambition and nervousness and covetousness, they are relaxed. All of our so-called successful men are sick men, with bad stomachs, and bad souls, but Mack and the boys are healthy and curiously clean. They can do what they want. They can satisfy their appetites without calling them something else." - John Steinbeck

"If it's bad art, it's bad religion, no matter how pious the subject." - Madeleine L'Engle

"Bad beginnings, bad endings." - Livy

"Bad government is the natural product of rule by those who believe government is bad." - Thomas Frank

"I'm a bad boyfriend. She's a bad girlfriend. We deserve each other." - John Green

"Good taste is better than bad taste but bad taste is better than no taste." - Arnold Bennett

"Sometimes bad is bad." - Huey Lewis

"I'd rather be a great bad poet than a good bad poet." - Ogden Nash

"The actors are different, although I didn't set out to be different. My inspiration came from people like Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. The genre is what it is. My inspiration was drawn from great movies like 48 Hours, Bad Boys and Rush Hour." - Tracy Morgan

"First, I want to pay tribute to Diana myself. She was an exceptional and gifted human being. In good times and bad, she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh, nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness. I admired and respected her - for her energy and commitment to others, and especially for her devotion to her two boys." - Elizabeth II

"The true history of Vietnamese civilian suffering does not fit comfortably into America's preferred postwar narrative - the tale of a conflict nobly fought by responsible commanders and good American boys, who should not be tainted by the occasional mistakes of a few 'bad apples' in their midst." - Nick Turse

"Boys, there ain't no free lunches in this country. And don't go spending your whole life commiserating that you got the raw deals. You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it bad enough I can have it. It's called perseverance." - Lee Iacocca

"Education had been a great gift for him [Ziauddin]. He believed that lack of education was the root of all the Pakistan's problems. Ignorance allowed politicians to fool people and bad administrators to be reelected. He believed schooling should be available for all, rich and poor, boys and girls." - Malala Yousafzai

"Grandpappy told my pappy, back in my day son, a man had to answer for the wicked he done. Take all the rope in Texas, find a tall oak tree, round up all the bad boys, and hang them in the streets for all the people to see." - Toby Keith

"And i know better, not to be friends with boys with girlfriends, oh I know better than that, i know better. you'll play the victim, and i'll be the bad guy, but i know better than that, no i know better." - Meiko

"First, I want to pay tribute to Diana myself. She was an exceptional and gifted human being. In good times and bad, she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh, nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness. I admired and respected her - for her energy and commitment to others, and especially for her devotion to her two boys." - Queen Elizabeth II

"I love movies, of course. 'Terminator 3' and 'Bad Boys II' - lots of action. Sports movies, action movies, comedies - I'll go to those, but not 'las de amor.' Not romance. It's not that I don't like love, but on the screen it bores me." - Sergio Garcia

"It's too bad that there aren't as many light comedies around in the movies as there were when I was making pictures like 'The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.' The boys are just not writing them. Many writers are more serious now than they used to be, and that's showing up in all phases of entertainment." - Rudy Vallee

"It's not like I don't want to play the guy next door. But sometimes they're not the best written or the most complicated. But I am very, very particular about my bad boys. There are certain types of characters I will not play. I've said no so many times to so many parts that are just way too dark. You have to be careful." - Kim Coates

"I grew up in a community where it was not the exception to be a good girl. It was sort of expected. And all of my friends were good girls too, and my boyfriends were good boys. Everybody was pretty nice. And that affects how I write my characters. There aren't very many bad guys in my novels." - Stephenie Meyer

"I felt like one of the boys. My friends were boys. In school I related to boys." - Chaz Bono

"Boys and boys' body image and clothes have become just as important an issue for boys as for girls." - Rosalind Wiseman

"Institutionalised in sports, the military, acculturated sexuality, the history and mythology of heroism, violence is taught to boys until they becomes its advocates." - Andrea Dworkin

"Distorted history boasts of bellicose glory... and seduces the souls of boys to seek mystical bliss in bloodshed and in battles." - Alfred Adler

"Friends are forever Boys are whatever." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Silly girls your heads full of boys" - John Ashbery

"Wear pink and make the boys wink." - Lilly Pulitzer

"Come on up, boys -I'm dead." - Dylan Thomas

"If boys don't learn, men won't know." - Douglas Wilson

"Noseless and Handless, the Lannister Boys." - George R R Martin

"Why aren't I like other boys?" - Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia

"In school I related to boys." - Chastity Bono

"Boys turns girls into such idiots." - Stephanie Perkins

"Scoutmasters need to enter into boys' ambitions." - Baden Powell de Aquino

"Boys don't cry, but men do." - Malorie Blackman

"I'm down with just the Backstreet Boys." - Howard Stern

"Boys are cute, but food is cuter" - Tori Amos

"Boys like girls who look like...girls." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"Boys are the cash of war." - John Ciardi

"I am fond of children - except boys." - Lewis Carroll

"Crank up the Beach Boys, Baby." - Randy Newman

"We're not raising grass. We're raising boys." - Harmon Killebrew

"Palming separates the men from the boys!" - Ed Marlo

"Boys are stupid and girls are trouble." - Michelle Hodkin

"Boogity, boogity boogity! Let's go racing boys!" - Darrell Waltrip

"Boys, boys, boys. Boys buy the little spinny tops, they but the action figures, girls buy princesses, we're not selling princesses." - Paul Dini

"Men are boys in bigger packages." - Nora Roberts

"Boogity, boogity boogity! Let's go racing boys!" - Darrell Waltrip

"We're going to tear those boys apart." - Will Carling

"So many boys, so little time..." - Alanis Morissette

"When I was young, boys didn't type." - Fran Lebowitz

"Grandfathers are just antique little boys." - Anonymous

"I've dated a number of 'mama's boys." - Gabrielle Union

"Keep marching boys and girls. Keep marching" - Rodman Philbrick

"Some people are boys longer than others." - Patricia Briggs

"All boys belong in insane asylums." - Brandon Mull

"I've dated a number of 'mama's boys.'" - Gabrielle Union

"OK, boys; let's go make a withdrawal." - John Dillinger

"I never trusted good-looking boys." - Frances Mcdormand

"In school I related to boys." - Chaz Bono

"I enjoy knocking around with the boys." - Gwendoline Christie

"Raise boys and girls the same way." - Jenny Holzer

"Things without defense: insects, kittens, small boys." - Paul Fussell

"Little boys are a ton of fun." - Tori Spelling

"All my boys make me laugh." - Liv Tyler

"Actually, I started as a ventriloquist and my music teacher said, "Why don't you emcee the talent show?" My act was out of the back of Boys' Life magazine-they had a whole series of jokes in the back of Boys' Life magazine for Boy Scouts. So my act was jokes with my ventriloquist figure, and it was really bad, but I walked into the classroom afterward and the kids went, "Wow, you're cool." I wasn't cool at all, but I thought, "Well, this is a pretty good deal."" - David Copperfield

"A leather jacket," Kami said as he shrugged into it. "Are' you trying a little too hard to play into certain bad boy cliches?" "Nah", said Jared. "You're thinking of black leather. Black leather's for bad boys. It's all in the color. You would' think I was a bad boy if I was wearing a pink leather jacket." "That's true," Kami said. "What I would think of you, I do not know. So what does brown leather mean, then?" "I'm going for manly," Jared said. "Maybe a little rugged." "It's bits of dead cow; do' ask it to perform miracles." - Sarah Rees Brennan



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