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Bad Behavior Quotes


"Bad beliefs make bad behavior." - Warren Akin Candler

"The government is promoting bad behavior." - Rick Santelli

"Most bad behavior comes from insecurity." - Debra Winger

"Only criminals and bloodsuckers reward bad behavior." - Ted Nugent

"Knowledge is no guarantee of good behavior, but ignorance is a virtual guarantee of bad behavior." - Martha C. Nussbaum

"People feign ignorance as an excuse for their bad behavior." - Alan Robert Neal

"Sometimes poor behavior is simply bad execution of good intent." - Stephen Covey

"I think comedy directors tend to feel a need to justify the bad behavior, and I just never think that. I like bad behavior, I've always liked bad behavior, I'm a fan of bad behavior, and I don't think you have to justify bad behavior." - Todd Phillips

"A person who is knowingly bent on bad behavior, gets upset when better behavior is expected of them." - Jane Austen

"Perception creates behavior. Perception encourages behavior. And because this institution-this artifice-continues to socially reinforce patterns of perception and behavior, if this behavior is destructive, it may not be a bad idea to eliminate or curtail the institution." - Derrick Jensen

"Sometimes bad is bad." - Huey Lewis

"Equality is the measure of all things, and bad behavior is less bad if everyone indulges in it." - Anthony Daniels (psychiatrist)

"Equality is the measure of all things, and bad behavior is less bad if everyone indulges in it." - Anthony Daniels

"The problem with merely tethering your bad behavior is that you'll eventually drop the chain." - Alan Robert Neal

"You can have me the way i am - bad behavior included - or not at all." - Stephenie Meyer

"When you don't respond to bad behavior, you get more of it." - Carly Fiorina

"I cannot tolerate my bad behavior in another person for 10 seconds" - Garrison Wynn

"A lot of bad behavior in singers is caused by nerves." - Renee Fleming

"The real threat, as seen by the ACLU, is that religious behavior might give secular behavior a bad name, and that is, surely, unconstitutional." - William F Buckley Jr

"Scepticism is never certain of itself, being less a firm intellectual position than a pose to justify bad behavior." - Fulton J Sheen

"Whenever we are engaged in our own bad behavior, we see the easy as insurmountable and the difficult as irrelevant." - Alan Robert Neal

"The majority should not be punished and subjected to a licensing curfew because of the bad behavior of the minority." - Tessa Jowell

"Sometimes we forget about common sense. Autism is used too much as an excuse for bad behavior." - Temple Grandin

"The most basic of conservative principles is that if you reward bad behavior you get more of it." - Mark Steyn

"The Boogeyman is your conscience. The Boogeyman is the result of your own bad behavior. I love this Boogeyman." - Sergio Aragones

"The government cannot overcome bad parenting. What our leaders can do is publicly condemn irresponsible parental behavior in vivid terms." - Bill O'Reilly

"The government cannot overcome bad parenting. What our leaders can do is publicly condemn irresponsible parental behavior in vivid terms." - Bill Oreilly

"When our embassy is attacked in Benghazi by terrorists and there is no response, you get more bad behavior. When Russia invades Ukraine and there is no response, you get more bad behavior. When Syria crosses the red line and there is no response, you get more bad behavior. When Iran launches tests of ballistic missiles and there is no response, you get more bad behavior. When North Korea attacks Sony Pictures and there is no response, you get more bad behavior. In other words, Mrs. Clinton, you cannot lead from behind. We must respond when we are attacked or provoked." - Carly Fiorina

"Genetically influenced behavior is not necessarily good and not necessarily unchangeable. Explanations of bad behavior that appeal to genes do not absolve a person any more than do explanations that appeal to upbringing." - Steven Pinker

"If your incentives are set up wrong - if for some reason you reward people for behavior that's actually bad for your customers or your organization - then you're going to encourage that behavior." - Ramez Naam

"This is a world that defines everything backwards, a world in which good is called bad, brightness is called darkness, up is called down, enlightenment is called abnormal behavior and abnormal behavior is applauded as reason." - Frederick Lenz

"So I put up with bad behavior in the name of loving the way I thought you were supposed to love." - Deb Caletti

"You cannot "love" a dog out of her bad behavior, just as you can't "love" a criminal into stopping his crimes." - Cesar Millan

"I think to deal with Putin, you need to deal from strength. He's a bully, you enable bad behavior when you're nuanced with a guy like that." - Jeb Bush

"Flee and your bad behavior will be fixed in people's minds. Return, seem in goo spirits, and everyone will doubt their own memory of events." - Jo Beverley

"At the time, my grandparents told my mom, Lordy, what is Shannen doing? Now I've calmed down. [On her reputation for bad behavior]" - Shannen Doherty

"The library is every child's lighthouse. It is every person's sanctuary. It is every town and county's fortress in the face of ignorance, intrusion and bad behavior." - Amy Bloom

"If there are issues, if there's wrongdoing, people have to be held accountable and we have to try to deter future bad behavior." - Hillary Clinton

"I think a lot of American comedies tend to apologize for their bad behavior in the last 10 minutes of the movie." - Todd Phillips

"At what point is someone precluded from availing themselves of the justification of self-defense because of their own poor judgment or bad behavior?" - Dan Gelber

"What is indisputable is the fact that unbelief is the force that gives birth to all of our bad behavior and every moral failure. It is the root." - Tullian Tchividjian

"I think people, whether they realize they're doing it or not, seek out distractions to take their minds off what they know is bad behavior." - Terence Winter

"No one is more sentimentalized in America than mothers on Mother's Day, but no one is more often blamed for the culture's bad people and behavior." - Anne Lamott

"Fantasy-based ideologies invariably have neat happy endings where all the bad people and all the bad behavior goes away when the volume is turned up and enough force is applied." - Steven Weber

"Five hundred thousand Americans die from tobacco poisoning every year, and it's legal. I don't know, it just that's the - you can't stop giving people organs because of bad behavior. If you keep on having bad behavior, then of course they'll deny you a liver, or whatever you need." - Larry Hagman

"I believe the election and reelection of Obama were among the most conspicuous acts of denial in recent years. Voters just stopped paying attention. They accepted consistently bad behavior and rewarded it. Then they wonder why they get more bad behavior." - Allen West

"Behavior shapes beliefs." - A J Jacobs

"Behavior shapes emotions." - A J Jacobs

"Human behavior is timeless." - Barbara Tuchman

"Belief forms behavior." - David Klinghoffer

"My behavior is humiliating." - Danny Bonaduce

"Discipline isn't a dirty word. Far from it. Discipline is the one thing that separates us from chaos and anarchy. Discipline implies timing. It's the precursor to good behavior, and it never comes from bad behavior. People who associate discipline with punishment are wrong: with discipline, punishment is unnecessary." - Buck Brannaman

"The thing about markets, and I think the thing people don't understand about that, is markets are not kind, but they're very efficient. So when the marketplace determines an inefficiency in the system, it corrects that, and a market system that's left alone will reward good behavior and punish bad behavior." - Randy Neugebauer

"The fact is, as actors, everything we do, bad or good, is a contribution. To me, it is a positive thing to give people as wide a range of human behavior with some sense of understanding of that behavior or some clue to it." - Grace Zabriskie

"What I loved about 'Goodfellas' is that it's a film about bad behavior - but told with great energy and without judgment - but it doesn't actually shy away from the consequences of that behavior in the characters' lives, which I think is similar in 'Keep the Lights On.'" - Ira Sachs

"I want to get violence - I want schools to start from K through 12 to just every day have teachers understand that they don't want to talk about anything that is violent, and they want to explain to the children how bad violence is and how behavior - violent behavior, is something that they really should not practice and think about." - Bill Cosby

"Don't reward bad behavior. It is one of the first rules of parenting. During the financial cataclysm of 2008, we said it differently. When we bailed out banks that had created their own misfortune, we called it a 'moral hazard,' because the bailout absolved the bank's bad acts and created an incentive for it to make the same bad loans again." - Eliot Spitzer

"I have no bad conscience." - Alois Brunner

"I was a bad journalist." - David Brock

"I knew there was never anyone to blame when people get into drugs. They're always responsible for their own behavior, and it's not the dealer, it's not the friend, it's not the bad influence, it's not the childhood." - Anthony Kiedis

"I focus on darker things or bad behavior or explicit dialogue because creatively I am more interested in my mistakes and why I made them than my good deeds and my achievements." - Leslye Headland

"The Greeks distinguished between good and bad behavior, language that enhanced or diminished persons. Being intoxicated with scientism, we fail to recognize that the seemingly technical terms used to identify psychiatric illnesses and interventions are simply dyphemisms and euphemisms." - Thomas Szasz

"Criminal court is where bad people are on their best behavior. It's much more dangerous for lawyers and judges in family court, where good people are at their worst." - Richard Dooling

"No doubt I do act in 'bad faith' when I deliberately avoid facing an honest decision and follow the conventional pattern of behavior in order to be spared the anxiety that comes when one is... thrown into seventy thousand fathoms." - John Macquarrie

"We had no idea what we were getting into. We thought we were just doing this little vampire movie in Portland. There was just a lot of silliness, a lot of hijinks and bad behavior." - Elizabeth Reaser

"Good writing is often about letting go of fear and affectation. Affectation itself, beginning with the need to define some sorts of writing as 'good' and other sorts as 'bad' is fearful behavior." - Stephen King

"It's too bad that it takes egregious behavior or some kind of crisis to get people to take notice and get clearer about things that were just below the surface." - Peter Buffett

"Don't confuse acceptance with being a naive or weak person. Acceptance does not mean condoning negative behavior, staying in a bad situation, or not working to improve our life and the world." - Lee L Jampolsky

"It's interesting that people who can perpetrate cons have talked themselves into believing that they're not doing anything bad. That they tell themselves that there is nothing wrong with what they're doing is the crazy thing about human behavior." - Craig Zobel

"I believe we have to take this step by step to try to reign in Iranian aggression, their support for terrorism and the other bad behavior that can come back and haunt us." - Hillary Clinton

"To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior righteous indignation -this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats." - Aldous Huxley

"I don't think there's a quick fix to this. I don't think there's any simple way to deal with this. And I will not support amnesty for anybody, I mean, that would be rewarding bad behavior." - Jim Clyburn

"You know you are addicted to a food if despite knowing it is bad for you and despite wanting to change, you still keep eating it. Addiction means that a craving has more control over your behavior than you do." - Kathy Freston

"Our liberal, New York/Washington-based media would never in a million years put Liberal Godfather Ted Kennedy on the spot about his clan's bad behavior, to whose lurid history he himself has contributed so much." - Camille Paglia

"We really don't know how to love each other because we haven't really learned to love ourselves. In many instances, not all, it's not malicious. We've just been conditioned to such bad behavior." - Iyanla Vanzant

"She gets away with it. Everybody co-signs her bad behavior. It's like we all are co-dependent on Lindsay Lohan. When are we going to stand up to her?" - Jane Velezmitchell

"If only shame were a reliable engine for behavior modification. All it does is make me feel bad, which inspires me to bust open a bag of cheese popcorn, which then makes me feel crappy about my weight." - Ayelet Waldman

"When actors get a bad name for diva behavior - I've never seen it. Because my experience with people who are really famous actors is that they work really hard." - Hayley Atwell

"I'm not a fan of justifying bad behavior or justifying why people are the way they are. I think that's a cop out. I don't have a lot of empathy for that." - Charlize Theron

"I will overlook bad behavior if I know that people's intentions are good. I have this belief that people really can do good things and that people want to be good." - Elizabeth Mitchell

"There are no bad words. Bad thoughts. Bad intentions, and wooooords." - George Carlin

"I'm bad at baking. I'm bad at letting go of things. I'm probably bad at reading." - Heidi Klum

"No one really has a bad life. Not even a bad day. Just bad moments." - Regina Brett

"Once and for all, people must understand that addiction is a disease. It's critical if we"re going to effectively prevent and treat addiction. Accepting that addiction is an illness will transform our approach to public policy, research, insurance, and criminality; it will change how we feel about addicts, and how they feel about themselves. There's another essential reason why we must understand that addiction is an illness and not just bad behavior: We punish bad behavior. We treat illness." - David Sheff

"Once and for all, people must understand that addiction is a disease. It's critical if we're going to effectively prevent and treat addiction. Accepting that addiction is an illness will transform our approach to public policy, research, insurance, and criminality; it will change how we feel about addicts, and how they feel about themselves. There's another essential reason why we must understand that addiction is an illness and not just bad behavior: We punish bad behavior. We treat illness." - David Sheff

"More often than not, the belief that you are bad contributes to the "bad" behavior. Change and learning occur most readily when you (a) recognize that an error has occurred and (b) develop a strategy for correcting the problem. An attitude of self-love and relaxation facilitates this, whereas guilt often interferes." - David D Burns

"I wasn't a bad kid. I was a good kid. But I had gotten in a lot of fights 'cause in the neighborhood I grew up in, that wasn't equated with bad behavior almost. I mean, we'd fought like it was another game. 'You wanna play stick ball today?' 'Nah, let's go fight.'" - Tony Danza

"I came to the conclusion is that we have a very shallow view of human nature in the policy world. We're really good at talking about material things, really bad at talking about emotions, really good at stuff we can count, really bad at the deeper stuff that actually drives behavior." - David Brooks

"I just feel like we as a human race tend to fear that which we don't understand. It's cause for a lot of bad things and bad behavior to exist on the planet. Artists have a way of touching people and changing minds in a way that sometimes other mediums don't." - Billy Porter

"Science attempts to analyze how things and people and animals behave; it has no concern whether this behavior is good or bad, is purposeful or not. But religion is precisely the quest for such answers: whether an act is right or wrong, good or bad, and why." - Warren Weaver

"Past behavior is the most reliable predictor of future behavior." - Gordon Livingston

"I don't want traffic behavior, I want social behavior." - Hans Monderman

"I do' want traffic behavior, I want social behavior." - Hans Monderman

"Neurotic behavior is quite predictable. Healthy behavior is unpredictable." - Carl Rogers

"Values determine behavior; Principles determine the consequences of behavior." - Stephen Covey

"Rational behavior requires theory. Reactive behavior requires only reflex action." - W Edwards Deming

"Human action is purposeful behavior." - Ludwig Von Mises

"Inappropriate behavior makes me laugh." - Will Ferrell

"We make a big mistake when we conclude that the law is the answer to bad behavior. In fact, the law alone stirs up more of such behavior. People get worse, not better, when you lay down the law. To be sure, the Spirit does use both God's law and God's gospel in our sanctification. But the law and the gospel do very different things." - Tullian Tchividjian

"You start doing the addictive behavior to feel good and then your receptors get overloaded with dopamine, then you stop doing the addictive thing and some of the receptors have shut down and you don't have enough dopamine to feel good. So then you feel bad and go back to the addictive behavior to get more dopamine. The strange thing is that it works with what we think of as uppers and downers and whatever you call gambling - sidewaysers." - Bill Nye

"My mother moved abroad when I was 11, my dad wasn't around from the time that I was a baby, so I was not the product of a family, but a product of observation - of watching what went on around me, of watching who I liked, what I didn't like, what I thought was good behavior and what I thought was bad behavior and tailoring myself accordingly." - Mark Strong

"If a hungry lion suddenly appeared, you'd be terrified. So terrified you'd probably run away. Great, fear's doing its job. But you might get so afraid that you lock up and can't move. This would be very bad. Guilt's the same. It can prevent you from fixing the situation, make you feel so bad you can't function at 100% and even lead to more guilt-provoking bad behavior." - David D Burns

"Good laws are produced by bad actions." - Ambrosius Theodosius Macrobius

"The only thing bad is their excuse." - Blaise Pascal

"You got good and bad people everywhere." - Suge Knight

"I love playing the bad girl." - Kristen Renton

"I love playing the bad girl." - Kristin Renton

"This is not a bad life." - Stephen King

"Bad literature is a form of treason." - Joseph Brodsky

"Any team can have a bad century." - Jack Brickhouse

"Bad beginnings, bad endings." - Livy

"Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit - and man is his own gardener." - James Allen

"Every thriller needs a good bad guy; without a bad guy, there's no thriller." - Michael Eklund

"Most comic scriptwriters are very bad. The artists are good, but the writers are so bad." - Harry Harrison

"Just because I don't do bad things doesn't mean I don't have bad thoughts." - Kristin Kreuk

"If you're convinced that you face bad options, then by all means take the least bad." - Michael Ledeen

"Well-reported news is a public good; bad news is bad for everyone." - Jill Lepore

"Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you!" - Tommy Smothers

"Nothing that comes from the deep, passional soul is bad, or can be bad." - D H Lawrence

"You know, bad people, I've never seen bad people have angels." - Sylvia Browne

"I have to say that I think maybe they did her a favor, and maybe she'll actually get help. Coffee's one thing, but coke is another. It's not something you want to really have as a problem in your life. I think we have to kind of stop rewarding bad behavior and actually start helping people." - Jennifer Love Hewitt

"Purity of action guided Janis's behavior. If she was going to be good, she was very, very good. If she was going to be bad, she let all the stops out. Anything less than full commitment to an idea of activity was 'hypocritical', the worst adjective anyone could hurl at another." - Laura Joplin

"It's clearly a crisis of two things: of consciousness and conditioning. We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, to cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; But we lack the intellectual vision, the ability to change our minds. We must decondition ourselves from 10,000 years of bad behavior. And, it's not easy." - Terence Mckenna

"Understanding child development takes the emphasis away from the child's character-looking at the child as good or bad. The emphasis is put on behavior as communication. Discipline is thus seen as problem-solving. The child is helped to learn a more acceptable manner of communication." - Ellen Galinsky

"There are some heterosexuals that have heterosexual behavior that is appalling sexually, that is deviant and bad and not really moral and Christ-like and biblical. But those people are never questioned as to whether or not they're allowed to be a parent." - Rosie O'Donnell

"To be a social success, do not act pathetic, arrogant, or bored. Do not discuss your unhappy childhood, your visit to the dentist,the shortcomings of your cleaning woman, the state of your bowels, or your spouse's bad habits. You will be thought a paragon (or perhaps a monster) of good behavior." - Mason Cooley

"Remember that God is within us when we are in a state of grace and outside of us when we are in a state of sin; but His angel never abandons us. . . He is our most sincere and faithful friend even when we sadden him with our bad behavior." - Pio of Pietrelcina

"I think having the opportunity to get inside the skin of people that operate outside the law and normal moral and ethical restraints, and then to go home afterwards leaving them on set, is pretty cathartic. I get to play out all kinds of bad behavior without anyone actually coming to harm." - Adam Croasdell

"The fans are bad everywhere you go, with language, and with behavior. You can't put enough cops in the stands, but you ought to give the cops cameras, give people cameras, so they can take a picture of the idiot and you can identify him." - John Chaney

"The argument that 'boys will be boys' actually carries the profoundly anti-male implication that we should expect bad behavior from boys and men. The assumption is that they are somehow not capable of acting appropriately, or treating girls and women with respect." - Jackson Katz

"Although both my grandfathers encountered ethnic prejudice, they viewed this as an aberration-a failure of some Americans to live up to the nation's ideals. It did not dawn on them to blame the bad behavior of some Americans on America itself." - Robert P. George

"Part of the problem about authenticity is that virtues aren't the only things that are habit forming: the more someone behaves in a way that is damaging to self or to others, the more "natural" it will both seem and actually be. Spontaneity, left to itself, can begin by excusing bad behavior and end by congratulating vice." - N T Wright

"Keith Olbermann is trying to make a business out of destroying Bill O'Reilly. He's done certain things to Bill O'Reilly that I believe were way over the line. I think that's bad behavior. But it's okay for him to criticize Bill. And Bill shouldn't be so sensitive. He should ignore that." - Rupert Murdoch

"The government is promoting bad behavior... do we really want to subsidize the losers' mortgages... This is America! How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage? President Obama are you listening? How about we all stop paying our mortgage! It's a moral hazard" - Rick Santelli

"I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment. I'm 23 years old and despite the successes I've had in the pool, I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way, not in a manner people have come to expect from me. For this, I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public it will not happen again." - Michael Phelps

"Children model the behavior of adults, on whatever scale is available to them. Ours are growing up in a nation whose most important, influential men - from presidents to the coolest film characters - solve problems by killing people. ... We have taught our children in a thousand ways, sometimes with flag-waving and sometimes with a laugh track, that the bad guy deserves to die." - Barbara Kingsolver

"The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior 'righteous indignation' - this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats." - Aldous Huxley

"We're not served by only knowing our finest hours through film or media, or in the history that we are taught. I think the only way we have a chance to not make the same mistakes again, is to historically understand the bad behavior and mistakes we've made previously." - David Oyelowo

"I am a bit of a Dudley Do-Gooder, though, because if I see a car accident or something bad happen, I am one of those idiots who runs toward the problem instead of away from it. Not that I would recommend this behavior." - Karin Slaughter

"I think social media can be harmful and helpful at the same time. I started in 2003 ... back then, we didn't have the connection to the rest of the world that we have now. The fact that we can make bad behavior more public, it makes us more aware." - Cristela Alonzo

"When Iran continues to get away with bad behavior, what do our allies who are Iran's enemies think about us? It is why we cannot stand by while Russia allies itself with Iran. You can't outsource American leadership to Russia. Russia isn't on our side. They're on their side and Iran's side." - Carly Fiorina

"Dogs seek attention from you. But by paying them that attention when they want it, you're reinforcing the bad or hyperactive or anxious behavior that you're trying to avoid. Practice - no touch, no talk, no eye contact - and see how you fare. You might be surprised at how quickly the dog settles down and looks to you as his pack leader for direction." - Cesar Millan

"They're both about the correct or proper way to do something. There is a correct and proper way to use words and there is a correct and proper way to behave with other people. And I behaved improperly with John and feel bad, so I compensate by obsessing with language, which is easier to control than behavior." - Peter Cameron

"Words, especially when yelled in anger, can be very damaging to a child's self-confidence. The child probably already feels bad enough just from seeing the consequences of his or her behavior. Our sons and daughters don't need more guilt and self-doubt heaped upon their already wounded egos." - Jack Canfield

"Sociologists well understand that chaos at home causes violent behavior, educational failure and social alienation among children. Yet, many of us in America stay far, far away from this topic. That in itself is a national scandal. Bad parenting is gravely harming this nation." - Bill Oreilly

"He had some measure of the infuriating trait that causes a young man to be a nonconformist for its own sake and found that the surest way to shock most people, in those days, was to believe that some kinds of behavior were bad and others good, and that it was reasonable to live one's life accordingly." - Neal Stephenson

"The end result of positively reinforcing bad behavior is that you get more of it. The culmination of a failure to punish predators is a debased, dissolute, slum-dog society in which, by legal decree, the righteous suffer and the wicked prosper." - Ilana Mercer

"I would not suggest the U.S. should sit down with the North Koreans bilaterally immediately after they've fired missiles - because the appearance is that you reward bad behavior. But if North Korea behaves for some period of time, I would pretty much favor direct talks." - Richard Armitage

"All of the characters in my films, they share one commonality. It doesn't matter whether they are good or bad, it doesn't matter whether they are smart or stupid, these characters all take responsibility for their own behavior. I'm much the same." - Park Chanwook

"As a female, you are often being asked by directors to be warmer, softer, flirt more, smile more etc... None of those things are bad, and obviously we are capable of a variety of human behavior, but it gets really old having to play into somebody's stereotype or ideal." - Trieste Kelly Dunn



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