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Bad Administration Quotes


"Bad administration, to be sure, can destroy good policy; but good administration can never save bad policy." - Adlai Stevenson

"Bad administration, to be sure, can destroy good policy; but good administration can never save bad policy." - Adlai Stevenson I

"In this administration, a place can be found for every bad man." - John Philpot Curran

"The Bush administration doesn't particularly like public participation. It makes them look bad." - Ted Hughes

"The good news is that, according to the Obama administration, the rich will pay for everything. The bad news is that, according to the Obama administration, you're rich." - P. J. O'Rourke

"The good news is that, according to the Obama administration, the rich will pay for everything. The bad news is that, according to the Obama administration, you're rich." - P J Orourke

"Bad beginnings, bad endings." - Livy

"[There can be no] rational administration of government when good men are held in the same esteem as bad ones." - Polybius

"You know what the [Barack] Obama administration keeps getting wrong is whenever anything bad happens they focus on law-abiding citizens instead of focusing on the bad guys." - Ted Cruz

"Bad laws make bad customs." - Jane Aiken Hodge

"How quickly was every bad thing discovered to be the fault of the previous administration (an evil set of men who wedded general stupidity to wickedness of purpose)." - Susanna Clarke

"There are no bad boys. There is only bad environment, bad training, bad example, bad thinking." - Edward J. Flanagan

"I never have a bad night, bad day, bad moment." - Nina Hagen

"Bad times don't last, bad guys do." - Scott Hall

"Bad husbands will make bad wives." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"I'm bad at rationalisation - very bad." - Erin O'Connor

"Bad decisions, good intentions." - Drake

"It is bad enough to be bad, but to be bad in bad taste is unpardonable." - Agnes Repplier

"Bad women celebrate themselves.." - Janice Mirikitani

"I want to see these bad, bad, bad, bad men come to grips with their humanity." - James Ellroy

"One of the baffling things about life is that the purposes of institutions may be ideal, while their administration, dependent upon the faults and weaknesses of human beings, may be bad." - Mary Barnett Gilson

"ADMINISTRATION, n. An ingenious abstraction in politics, designed to receive the kicks and cuffs due to the premier or president. A man of straw, proof against bad-egging and dead-catting." - Ambrose Bierce

"I think Winston Churchill is an appallingly bad politician, and always has been, that he hung onto power long after he should have done, and that his post-war administration was a disaster." - Malcolm Muggeridge

"Most Americans have little idea of how far our nation's worldwide standing had fallen by the end of the Bush administration; no matter how bad you thought it had gotten, it was worse." - Thomas Pm Barnett

"A people can prosper under a very bad government and suffer under a very good one, if in the first case the local administration is effective and in the second it is inefficient." - Annie Besant

"I might say that when the settlement was made the Nixon administration issued what they called a second inflation alert in which the General Motors settlement was branded as being inflationary and bad for the country." - Leonard Woodcock

"You could argue that Barack Obama faced in '08 a situation as bad as any president since the Great Depression. What Obama inherited from the Bush administration, we all remember, was just an absolute global catastrophe." - Tony Kushner

"Secretary Clinton and I have worked well together, but the Arab Spring is a different question... This administration, collectively, made some very bad decisions, and they now have to climb out of a deep hole." - Jim Webb

"This administration is totally colorblind." - Ronald Reagan

"Is this administration, the Clinton administration, an administration that needed defending?" - Judy Woodruff

"Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst." - C S Lewis

"A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing." - Payne Stewart

"Bad taste is a species of bad morals." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"Breathe. It's only a bad day not a bad life." - Ashley Purdy

"Roe v. Wade was bad law and bad medical science," - Fred Thompson

"The loss was not bad luck. It was bad analysis." - David Einhorn

"Bad words don't exist, but words with bad intentions behind." - Roberto Fontanarrosa

"There's bad and then there's EDDY CURRY BAD." - Chris Rock

"Good talent with bad attitude equals bad talent," - Bill Walsh

"Alas, for the effects of bad tea and bad temper!" - Emily Bronte

"Unused rooms are such bad feng shui, really bad energy." - Alexandra Stoddard

"Bad shooters are always open" - Pete Carril

"They really are bad shots." - Charles De Gaulle

"Every family has bad memories." - Mario Puzo

"He needed a woman. Bad." - Linda Howard

"Hunger never saw bad bread." - Benjamin Franklin

"Bad guys need love too." - Denzel Washington

"Shiny, let's be bad guys!" - Joss Whedon

"Knock your bad self out." - Laurell K Hamilton

"alone, adj. In bad company." - Ambrose Bierce

"A jester, a bad character." - Blaise Pascal

"Melancholy is no bad thing." - Sting

"America ain't three fifths bad." - Eddie Huang

"Anger is a bad counselor." - Proverbs

"Bad books engender bad habits, but bad habits engender good books." - Rene Descartes

"Everyone performs bad actions... A bad person is someone who does not lament his bad actions." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"I would argue that stupidity is born out of bad reading, bad teaching and bad thinking!" - John Green

"I'm bad at baking. I'm bad at letting go of things. I'm probably bad at reading." - Heidi Klum

"In practical administration, experience is everything." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"This is the worst administration since Caligula." - John Dingell

"I worked in the Clinton administration." - Andrew Cuomo

"This is one of the great tragedies of the Bush administration. The more successful they've been at intercepting and stopping bad guys, the less proof there is that we're in danger.... It's almost like they should every once in a while have allowed an attack to get through just to remind us." - Newt Gingrich

"This is one of the great tragedies of the Bush administration. The more successful they"ve been at intercepting and stopping bad guys, the less proof there is that we"re in danger.... It's almost like they should every once in a while have allowed an attack to get through just to remind us." - Newt Gingrich

"Nidal Hasan communicated with Anwar al-Awlaki, a known radical cleric, asked about waging jihad against his fellow soldiers. The problem is because of political correctness, the [Barack] Obama administration, like a lot of folks here, want to search everyone's cell phones and e-mails and not focus on the bad guys. And political correctness is killing people." - Ted Cruz

"We think the administration can give us a lot of regulatory flexibility which will bring more insurers in the marketplace, which means more competition, more choice which drives down costs, so that discretion can work in a good way or it could work in a bad way." - Paul Ryan

"I don't mind bad stories when it's true, but we have an administration where the Democrats are making it very difficult. I think we're setting a record or close to a record in the time of approval of a cabinet. The numbers are crazy when I'm looking." - Donald Trump

"There are too many bad policy choices to go into that are being pushed by the Trump Administration, but the relaxation of environmental regulations and corporate and banking regulations alone are enough to keep me busy and should be a big concern for every citizen who isn't a billionaire and likes to breathe air." - Shepard Fairey

"I think what President [Barack] Obama has done is to chart a steady course. When I was there, the first four years we had a lot of cleanup to do. We inherited a lot of bad feelings from the [George W.] Bush administration, and much of what I spent my time doing was traveling around the world reassuring friends and allies." - Hillary Clinton

"What happened at the prison, it is now clear, was not the result of random acts by a few bad apples, it was the natural consequence of the Bush Administration policy that has dismantled those wise constraints and has made war on America's checks and balances." - Al Gore

"The Obama administration now has regulations that tells them that they can no longer promote marriage to these young girls. They can no longer promote marriage as a way of avoiding poverty and bad choices that they make in their life. They can no longer even teach abstinence education. They have to be neutral with respect to how people behave." - Rick Santorum

"A preacher who doesn't believe he's that bad will attract people who don't think they're that bad. And that's bad." - Tullian Tchividjian

"Really, how bad is eating a piece of cake? Being bad is murdering someone. That's bad. Don't do that." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"I played my age. Not bad." - Ron Francis

"Even bad men love their mamas." - Russell Crowe

"The real genres: good and bad." - Franz Grillparzer

"Bad poets imitate, good poets steal." - T S Eliot

"Great men are almost always bad men." - Lord Acton

"Bad writers have influences. Good writers steal." - S.M. Stirling

"Make good use of bad rubbish." - Elisabeth Beresford

"It's too bad that stupidity isn't painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"It gave dirty politics a bad name." - Bob Hope

"Bad theology dishonors God and hurts people." - John Piper

"All women are NATURALLY, bad ass!" - Alicia Keys

"Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas." - Isaac

"Bad spellers of the world untie!" - Adam Savage

"... deep down nobody is bad, only frightened." - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"Break a bad habit - drop it" - Anonymous

"Relax, the bad guys do' knock. (Romeo)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"It's too bad that stupidity is' painful." - Anton Szandor LaVey

"Do' lick the guests, darling. Bad manners." - Patricia Briggs

"Good music always defeats bad luck" - Jack Vance

"That was extraordinary. Unfortunately, extraordinarily bad." - Simon Cowell

"bitter is a bad way to live!" - Margaret Haddix

"It's not as bad as it sounds." - Mark Twain

"There's a bad moon on the rise." - John Fogerty

"There's no thief like a bad movie." - Sam Ewing

"Preferences are bad solutions to performance problems." - Havoc Pennington

"Say the BAD GUY!" - Scott Hall

"No Such Thing as Bad Results" - Thomas A Edison

"Everybody has bad at-bats - except McCutchen." - Kirk Gibson

"Nobody likes the bringer of bad news." - Sophocles

"A bad forgery's the ultimate insult." - John Grant

"Advertising never sold a bad product twice." - Dorothy L Sayers

"A bad deed always brings a punishment." - Johanna Spyri

"Courage is how bad you want it." - Joe Frazier

"Good or bad, habits always deliver results." - Jack Canfield

"There's not enough bad taste! I LOVE bad taste! I live for bad taste! I am the spokesman for bad taste!" - Mel Brooks

"Im a peaceful man with bad intentions." - Charlie Sheen

"Bad luck relies on absolutely perfect timing." - Catherynne M Valente

"Don't lick the guests, darling. Bad manners." - Patricia Briggs

"No man becomes bad all at once." - Juvenal

"Bad music can make you weak." - Ry Cooder

"You ca' dress rehearse the bad moments." - Brene Brown

"Never, ever, work for bad people" - George Lois

"Bad is never good until worse happens." - Proverbs

"Break the leg of a bad habit." - Proverbs

"Age is a bad traveling companion." - Proverbs

"Certain winds will make men's temper bad." - George Eliot

"Weird is good, strange is bad." - Cinda Williams Chima

"No vice is so bad as advice." - Marie Dressler

"All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling." - Oscar Wilde

"You got good and bad people everywhere." - Suge Knight

"A stout heart breaks bad luck." - Miguel De Cervantes

"Man's the bad child of the universe" - James Oppenheim

"Sickness seizes the body from bad ventilation." - Ovid

"The Cheesecake Factory's not that bad." - Eric Ripert

"No enemy is worse than bad advice." - Sophocles

"Corporate welfare isn't necessarily a bad thing." - James Surowiecki

"I don't use Twitter for bad." - Kevin Hart

"I ate ants. They weren't that bad." - Leslie Hope

"I'm really bad at writing jokes." - Glenn Howerton

"When everyone sees good, then bad exists." - Laozi

"Once you take yourself off the pedestal, saying, "It's bad for you to torture, but for us, this is our national security, so we're gonna do it". You can't live that way and the United States doesn't need to do it, it shouldn't do it, and I think a Democratic administration, whoever the democratic president is, will repudiate that kind of conduct. I think it was an overreaction caused by a lot of different strains of thought in the administration. I think it was clearly wrong and I think that repudiation, which will come from the United States, will be a key in restoring America's legitimacy." - Wesley Clark

"Your jobs come back under a Trump administration. Your income goes up under a Trump administration." - Donald Trump

"Let's face it, the Obama administration was handed a pretty poor deal from the previous administration." - Richard Armitage

"Bad as I wanna be. She aint bad, she a sad little wannabe." - Nicki Minaj

"The more bad choices you make, the less bad your choices seem." - Karen Kingsbury

"A bad salesman will automatically drop his price. Bad salesmen make me sick." - Danny Devito

"Sadness is not necessarily something bad. Don't judge it as a bad or negative quality." - Rajneesh

"How'd it go with Leesha?" "It was great! We were bad cop and bad cop!" - Cinda Williams Chima

"The only thing worse than bad health is a bad name." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"If goodness can't come from bad things, it makes bad things unbearable." - David Levithan

"It's weird when you wake of from a bad dream and everything is still bad." - Todd Strasser

"A good man giving bad advice is more dangerous than a nasty man giving bad advice." - Conor Cruise O'Brien

"I see no purpose in Bad Coffee, Bad Wine, or Insincere friends." - Edward L. Morse

"Good judgment comes from bad experience. Unfortunately, most of that comes from bad judgment. - Tara Daniels -" - Jill Shalvis

"Things that are bad for business are bad for the people who work for business." - Thomas E. Dewey

"At gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck." - Ian Fleming

"No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets; I'm going to make it." - Les Brown

"Put a good person in a bad system and the bad system wins, no contest." - W Edwards Deming



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