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Backup Quotes


"Always have a backup plan." - Mila Kunis

"Me as a backup center? Hell no." - Dikembe Mutombo

"It can't hurt to have a backup." - Mallory Ortberg

"Most computers today have built in backup software." - Barton Gellman

"I don't think that I've ever been a backup." - Joe Namath

"Doing a good impression of a backup goalie the last few weeks." - Roberto Luongo

"The first thing I ever wanted to be was a backup singer for Guns 'n' Roses." - Katie Mcgrath

"There is no one quite as popular in any form of football as the backup QB." - Verne Lundquist

"Don't let uncertainty talk you into pursuing a backup plan instead of your purpose." - Bob Goff

"The civil justice system is a backup system when the criminal justice system fails." - Ralph Nader

"Backup dancers are completely respectable. They're the studio musicians of dance." - Mike Birbiglia

"But I love singing, and I've been singing backup for friends' bands." - Alia Shawkat

"If you buy a DVD you have a copy. If you want a backup copy you buy another one." - Jack Valenti

"Shapeshifter parenting motto-if your kid slit somebody's throat, always have a backup plan to make the body disappear." - Ilona Andrews

"Steve, it's OK. I know Angle is a dork, but he's a dangerous dork, our dork and your backup dork!" - Vince Mcmahon

"You might be a redneck if the dog catcher calls for a backup unit when he visits your house." - Jeff Foxworthy

"This whole [presidential] election is being rigged. These lies, spread by the media, without witnesses, without backup or anything else." - Donald Trump

"I think that the minute that you have a backup plan, you've admitted that you're not going to succeed," - Elizabeth Holmes

"I like to go full bore into something. If you have a backup plan, then you've already admitted defeat." - Henry Cavill

"For me, a dancer is part of an artist's entertainment - 'backup dancer' isn't even in my vocabulary." - Laurieann Gibson

"And the first flight of the tether satellite happened in '92, and I was the backup on that flight." - Umberto Guidoni

"I used to want to be a backup singer. Not a lead singer, because I really can't sing." - Jamaica Kincaid

"I will never give up my dream of being a prima ballerina and backup dancer for Justin Timberlake!" - Haley Webb

"When you're a single parent, you're often lonely, yet seldom alone. There is no backup ... It is mothering without a net." - Amy Dickinson

"Having Plan B is good. But if your obsessed with Plan A, u'll never need backup. Become Obsessed with ur goals, ur focus will bring results." - Keshia Chante

"Everything good in there, T? Niko quipped. You need backup or anything? Bag of marshmallows to roast over that little campfire you just started?" - Tina St John

"A backup plan means somewhere in my head, I think I might fail and that word is not in my vocabulary. Plus I'm too talented to fail." - Malorie Blackman

"Backup singers just bring so much more life to the situation. When a voice opens up, there comes the life.That's when it's a person-to-person connection." - Lynn Mabry

"Only wimps use tape backup. REAL men just upload their important stuff on ftp and let the rest of the world mirror it." - Linus Torvalds

"Only wimps use tape backup: real men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it ;)" - Linus Torvalds

"Why would you want to be backup dancer when you could be the actual star? Let's show the world that we're stars, let's perform like stars." - Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo

"I'm kind of a low-key guy. The spotlight doesn't suit me. I'm more of a side dish-cole slaw or French fries or a Wham! backup singer." - Haruki Murakami

"It's a very easy thing to say, 'Go get a backup quarterback.' Now tell me where to get them. You just can't dial them up." - Bill Parcells

"As a kid, Terry Bradshaw didn't amaze me. My hero was Steelers backup Terry Hanratty, who nabbed two Super Bowl rings while completing three passes." - Stephen Rodrick

"I wanted so badly to have a backup plan for when I'm not performing anymore. Let's be realistic: it's not going to be like this forever." - Gwen Stefani

"A well-defined backup plan is sabotage waiting to happen. Why push through the dip, why take the risk, why blow it all when there's the comfortable alternative instead? The people who break through usually have nothing to lose, and they almost never have a backup plan." - Seth Godin

"Connect with supportive people who empower you. The more you jump into your life, the further away from Ed you can get. Don't have a backup plan for living. Live today. [...] Trust in God. Believe in yourself. Get friends and family members to stand behind you. That's the only backup you'll need." - Jenni Schaefer

"They walked to school, talking about how much they were longing for the summer holidays. "Oh, I am planning things," said Jamie. "Great, great things. I could join a band." "You gave up the guitar after two lessons." "Well," he said, "I could be a backup dancer." "Backup dancers have to wear belly shirts and glitter," said Mae. "So obviously, I support this plan." - Sarah Rees Brennan

"I really just wanted to be a writer, but people tell you, 'You should have a backup career,' so I thought, 'OK, I'll act.' That was the foolishness of my vision for my life - that my backup career would be completely undependable." - Patti Davis

"What did Isabelle want?" Jace asked. Alec hesitated. "Isabelle says the Queen of the Seelie Court has requested an audience with us." "Sure," said Magnus. "And Madonna wants me as a backup dancer on her next world tour." - Cassandra Clare

"But she was' around, and that's the thing when your parents die, you feel like instead of going in to every fight with backup, you are going into every fight alone." - Mitch Albom

"LTO ultrium is adaptable and scalable backup tape format and its technology is continuously enhanced by its manufacturers to address the growing needs and requirements of the server environments of midrange to the enterprise class." - Sean Paul

"If God is not with us, we do not want to continue. If the Sermon on the Mount is simply impractical, our mission work is hopeless. We have no backup plan. We have nothing but Him." - Heidi Baker

"It was an extraordinary experience to have backup singers like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I have never experienced anything quite like it before and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world." - Angela Lansbury

"Maybe I'd be a storyboard artist. Graphic novel/comic book artist. Backup dancer. Singer. It would be cool to focus on one of these full time. But I like seeing them all intertwine." - Jade Hassoune

"It's the most natural progression for me to becoming a singing sensation next. And so many people have offered to be on it. Eddie Van Halen... and Prince, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper will probably be a backup trio." - Paul Reubens

"But she wasn't around, and that's the thing when your parents die, you feel like instead of going in to every fight with backup, you are going into every fight alone." - Mitch Albom

"It's so logical and so simple. Fat is the backup fuel system. The role it plays in the body is that when there's no carbohydrate around, fat will become the primary energy fuel. That's pretty well known." - Robert Atkins

"It's definitely hard when you're putting in the work and the guy who's starting isn't, especially if he's overhyped or you're not winning. I can't imagine how hard it would be to be that guy's backup." - Matt Hasselbeck

"Well, I actually first got into music as a small child, and as I became a teen, I sought out making money from music, weather that was singing lounge gigs, backup in studios, or weddings." - Chantal Kreviazuk

"I created lots of characters in high school and college, and the first character I created in pro comics was Liana, Green Lantern of M'Elu, for a backup story in 'Green Lantern 162,' my first professional sale." - Kurt Busiek

"My family was always very supportive. Whether you're an actor or not, everybody hears the horror stories of people going to L.A. and trying to be an actor, and their dreams are crushed, and they end up working for the IRS. So they were always protective to the point that they wanted me to have a backup plan, which is understandable, but there was always something inside of me that knew: backup plan, schmackup plan." - Zachary Levi

"What you do is ultimately pointless. You could be replaced any day of the week with the first moron who walks in the door. So work as little as possible, and spend a little time (not too much, though) 'selling yourself' and 'networking' so that you will have backup and will be untouchable (and untouched) the next time the company is restructured." - Corinne Maier

"The dreams that you hold for your future are what you dream about at night. They're always at the back of your mind. They're what your heart desires. They keep you going. Accept reality and have a backup plan, but always follow your dreams no matter what." - Miley Cyrus

"The dreams that you hold for your future are what you dream about at night. They"re always at the back of your mind. They"re what your heart desires. They keep you going. Accept reality and have a backup plan, but always follow your dreams no matter what." - Miley Cyrus

"It's not my fault Snow didn't have any other options coming out of high school. If going to college gets you a career backup goaltender job, and my route gets you a thousand points and a thousand games, and compare the two contracts, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whose decision was better." - Jeremy Roenick

"I'd really like having a couple days of being a rock star, although I'd rather be a backup - like maybe the drummer for Muse It would also be fun to be gorgeous, like be Charlize Theron, just for a couple of days." - Stephenie Meyer

"Most beginners want to learn lead because they think it's cool .. consequently, they never really develop good rhythm skills .. since most of a rock guitarists time is spent playing rhythm, it's important to learn to do it well .. learning lead should come after you can play solid backup and have the sound of the chords in your head" - Eddie Van Halen

"... even when I'm touring, I feel like a sideman ... everybody's working together. We get to play longer solos; it's not just "Here's the record! Thank you for coming Goodnight" ... it has always had a "band" feel instead of being a singer and his backup band..." - Vince Gill

"You can't always be 100-percent positive that a joke will work, so you've just got to try it. Fortunately, if one new joke doesn't work, I've got lots of old ones that do. Just like cops, it's important to have backup." - Doug Benson

"The average American thinks billionaire investors are going to be right based on some talking head. They invest and they have no backup plan. Americans think these guys are giant risk-takers. The truth is they believe in taking as little risk as humanly possible, for the maximum amount of upside. They're looking for that spread of disproportionate risk-reward." - Tony Robbins

"I call my backup singers my sister wives. To me, they are my best friends. We are all super close. It's kind of like the closest relationship you can have without being blood related, to me. It's a joke that they're sister wives - obviously, we're not polygamists." - Alex Winston

"I thought about what I wanted to do besides playing violin and singing backup in a band. Don't get me wrong, playing and singing in That Dog was really fun, but I wanted to work on other musical projects and sing more. So I started a vocal project, i.e. Imaginaryland." - Petra Haden

"Youth. The fact that, in the mid-'90s, guys like Lee Fields gave me and all these young people the chance to do backup. I was in my 30s, but some of those guys were still teenagers. Others were 22 and 23 - babies, all of them." - Sharon Jones

"As journalism dies, I kind of feel like I want some skills besides writing. I'd like to be able to write movies or host TV shows or whatever. Things that I might actually not inherently like quite as much, but are interesting and fun things to do. A good backup plan." - Joel Stein

"It's great, because we've had some really great people playing with us who really have studied the record and been able to recreate a lot of what was done. But I would need a choir of eight, probably, to do all of the backup vocals." - Zooey Deschanel

"I'm hoping, as a choreographer, that is going to bring it to the next level again, just like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly when they were the stars of the screen. Where you can go somewhere and it's not 'backup' dancing; you're the actual show." - Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo

"What I gotta do? Cats don't even have a clue Can't stand to see Me kick a flow so unbelievably And never gave a hand Askin' 'bout the backup plan Now that it's true Forever tellin' me that you always knew" - Eamon

"Sarah Palin is a great example of someone that just stirs the pot for the sake of the attention. No vision, no critical thinking, no backup to her statements. Just to incite little riots everywhere and capitalize upon it financially. To me, she is a microcosm of the ultimate cynicism in American politics." - Rosanne Cash

"I like to think I have a good few years left of my career yet, as long as I stay fit and healthy. However, it's always good to have a backup plan, which is why I have been working hard to build my business portfolio outside tennis." - Andy Murray

"Variable but forecastable renewables (wind and solar cells) are very reliable when integrated with each other, existing supplies and demand. For example, three German states were more than 30 percent wind-powered in 2007-and more than 100 percent in some months. Mostly renewable power generally needs less backup than utilities already bought to combat big coal and nuclear plants' intermittence." - Amory Lovins

"I played street hockey in Riverside Park when I was a kid. I played goalie. I didn't make the hockey team in college, so I played lacrosse instead. I didn't play hockey again for 20 to 25 years, and then my son became interested in the game. I decided to pick it up again. A friend let me play backup on his team." - John Katzman

"My whole thing is I want to have a backup plan because maybe I won't get another acting job after 'Fame', maybe I'll want to give up on acting in five years or whatever and I want to have something else that I enjoy just as much as I enjoy acting." - Kay Panabaker

"What I gotta do? Cats don't even have a clue Can't stand to see Me kick a flow so unbelievably And never gave a hand Askin' 'bout the backup plan Now that it's true Forever tellin' me that you always knew" - Eamon

"In aviation they have auto pilot and color radar and a lot of other instrumentation that is a backup for pilots. It's really brought the incidents of plane crashes way down. Same thing ought to happen in the medical industry, I think." - Dennis Quaid

"Cloud services cut both ways in terms of security: you get off-site backup and disaster recovery, but you entrust your secrets to somebody else's hands. Doing the latter increases your exposure to government surveillance and the potential for deliberate or inadvertent breaches of your confidential files." - Barton Gellman

"If I wasn't doing candy, I'd want to create the best rescue animal-shelter organization. Otherwise, the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson were so much a part of my childhood, and Janet and I have become friends. So my second dream job would be backup singer for Janet Jackson!" - Dylan Lauren

"I'd really like having a couple days of being a rock star, although I'd rather be a backup - like maybe the drummer for Muse... It would also be fun to be gorgeous, like be Charlize Theron, just for a couple of days." - Stephenie Meyer

"I had never dreamed about the NBA like some guys did. I was a non-scholarship player at an NAIA college. I played on the Boys and Girls Club team in my freshman and sophomore years of high school before I made the high school team. I was our backup center in college." - Terry Porter

"Living with a single kidney is almost exactly like living with two; the remaining kidney expands to take up the slack. (When kidneys fail, they generally fail together; barring trauma or cancer, there's not much advantage to a backup.) The main risk to the donor is the risk of any surgery." - Virginia Postrel

"I would have gone to law school, or gotten a psychology degree. I wasn't interested in sleeping on a futon forever. And what happened is I walked into auditions, and I had nothing to lose, because I had a backup plan." - Julianna Margulies

"The first record I made when I was 17. Labels merged and plans didn't work out, but plans never work out as planned. But I never stopped making music. I never had a backup plan. I never thought, 'Maybe I should just write, or maybe I should...' I just kept going." - Ashley Monroe

"I was in 'Seussical,' and I was in a cage onstage in a purple yarn suit singing backup, and I was like: 'I've had it. I can't do this anymore.' I will say for the record that I did love the show, but I was like: 'I want to do something else. I need a little more.'" - Casey Nicholaw

"nothing happens in August - except when something really happens in August. World War I began in August, Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait began in August, al Qaida was preparing to bring down the World Trade Center in August. August, in other words, is the time when all of us should prepare our backup plans, chart our reversals of course, [and] think through possible paradigm changes." - Anne Applebaum

"What kind of plan B?" Hale asked. He was almost holding his breath when a voice answered, "My kind." Macey tried to read the look on his face then, but it was gone in a flash. It had been a simple moment of peace and joy and pure happiness. That voice made Hale happy. It kept him calm. It was his backup and his conscience. Macey couldn't help herself, she envied him." - Ally Carter

"The thing you realize as you get older and you play, that you don't really understand when you're a backup the first few offseasons, how important that mental rest is. It's a grind physically during the season, dealing with the hits and the physical pain that goes with playing in this game. But mentally it's probably more taxing, so you need that ability to find that escape." - Aaron Rodgers

"They [policemen] are in a profession that if you do the job incorrectly, or proceeding incorrectly, it's over for you because there isn't any supporter backup. If you make a mistake as a plumber, you know, you fix it and everything goes on or you get sued. But if you make a mistake as a cop, you are more infamous than Jesse James, everything's over." - Greg Gutfeld

"Cave divers, of course, deal with an elevated level of risk, and the most that I can say here is that we tend to conduct our work at the bottom of a deep cave on an extremely conservative basis with heavy levels of backup equipment and a policy to abort if any single person doesn't like the situation underwater at any time during the mission." - William Stone

"Now, the question of the hour is, who's got the Pandorica? Answer, I do. Next question, who's coming to take it from me? Come on! Look at me, no plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn. Oh, and something else - I don't have anything to lose! So, if you're sitting up there in your silly little spaceship with all your silly little guns, and you've got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who's standing in your way. Remember every black day I ever stopped you. And then, and THEN, do the smart thing. Let somebody else try first." - Matt Smith

"What did Isabelle want?" Jace asked. Alec hesitated. "Isabelle says the Queen of the Seelie Court has requested an audience with us." "Sure," said Magnus. "And Madonna wants me as a backup dancer on her next world tour." Alec looked puzzled. "Who's Madonna?" "Who's the Queen of the Seelie Court?" said Clary. "She is the Queen of Faerie," said Magnus. "Well, the local one, anyway." Jace put his head in his hands. "Tell Isabelle no." "But she thinks it's a good idea," Alec protested. "Then tell her no twice." - Cassandra Clare

"I thought I would make it (to the NBA). I believed that I would make it. But I had a Plan B. I was going to get my Master's degree at Tulane University had it not worked out. I think the pressure of making it wasn't on me as great as some other players that had no other options. I was going to do something special in life and I wanted to play in the NBA. I had a backup plan but I went full speed ahead with my Plan A." - Avery Johnson

"My dad was an actor, and my older sister is an actress, and so I very much remember thinking, "Well, of course I'll do that as well." But I never imagined myself as an actor who would be in films. I always only thought of myself being in a play or a musical and maybe the odd episode of [U.K. '80s TV drama] Casualty. My backup plan was to do something with children, to start a nursery school or work with underprivileged kids. And I still dream of maybe doing that in some way. I've always got children in my house, always." - Kate Winslet

"When people floated this idea that this was a conspiracy by the [Jeb] Bush campaign to undermine [Marco] Rubio, at first, it was like it`s too complicated, wheels within wheels but as I thought about it more I did buy that, that this is part of a campaign by Jeb to make it look like there`s no backup plan to Donald Trump, try to blow everything up and then all that will be left is Donald Trump and Jeb who nobody really likes but who has a ton of money and then he`s the only option left." - Josh Barro



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