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Baby Mothers Quotes


"I'm world champion, baby!" - Jenson Button

"I can dodge bullets, baby!" - Phil Hellmuth

"Prism! Where is that baby?" - Oscar Wilde

"We're all born bald, baby." - Telly Savalas

"America, ever the narcissistic mother, prefers baby bumps to children and expectant mothers to full-fledged bum-and-nose-wiping ones." - Koren Zailckas

"Babies don't need fathers, but mothers do. Someone who is taking care of a baby needs to be taken care of." - Amy Heckerling

"Most of us in the baby-boom generation were raised by full-time mothers. Even as recently as 14 years ago, 6 out of 10 mothers with babies were staying at home. Today that is totally reversed. Does that mean we love our children less than our mothers loved us? No, but it certainly causes a lot of guilt trips." - Jane Pauley

"Women-wives and mothers-are the same everywhere." - Mary Boykin Chesnut

"We have nothing to fear but our mothers." - Anne Taintor

"All mothers are working mothers." - Phyllis Diller

"All mothers are working mothers." - Anonymous

"... and what good is a baby?" - Michael Faraday

"Baby girl, Cross is a tsunami." - Sylvia Day

"The universe is the baby of time." - Jon Jones

"My baby love and I are ENGAGED!!!" - Evan Ross

"The baby is a different person" - Jeremy Vine

"I was a straight-A student, baby!" - Gloria Estefan

"For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." - Ernest Hemingway

"I've retired my sneakers for stilettos, baby!" - Vivica A Fox

"My body is a baby machine." - Kristin Scott Thomas

"Desmond, don't poke the baby!'... 'I'll get you next time-' Don't threaten the baby either!'..." - Derek Landy

"When a mother has a baby, she should stay home with that baby." - Bernie Sanders

"Or people who have one baby and go buy a minivan... how big is your baby?" - Chelsea Handler

"Before a baby is born, you have a baby shower, not a fetus shower." - June Hunt

"Every moment is a brand new baby, Baby. Every vow is a brave new voice." - Buddy Wakefield

"You must have been a beautiful baby, 'Cos baby just look at you now." - Johnny Mercer

"Abortion kills twice. It kills the body of the baby and it kills the conscience of the mother. Abortion is profoundly anti-women. Three quarters of its victims are women: Half the babies and all the mothers." - Mother Teresa

"Children of eight and nine who love their mothers dearly will cross to the other side of the street when they see her coming, if they happen to be with friends, because to greet or be greeted by their mothers in the presence of peers is to acknowledge having been (and perhaps still being) a baby." - Dorothy H Cohen

"I feel that the connection with children and mothers is so strong in places where there are not so many 'things' to get in the way, no electronic distraction devices, no high-tech baby equipment, just a mother carrying her little one everywhere, sharing a family bed and having the help of all the other women around to raise the baby." - Milla Jovovich

"Let's just call what happened in the eighties the reclamation of motherhood . . . by women I knew and loved, hard-driving women with major careers who were after not just babies per se or motherhood per se, but after a reconciliation with their memories of their own mothers. So having a baby wasn't just having a baby. It became a major healing." - Anne Taylor Fleming

"The difference between most mothers and me is that I didn't sit around drinking coffee at baby group for 12 months after the birth of my baby. No, in three weeks I was back in my suit, back at my desk earning profit for my business and I don't see why other women shouldn't do the same." - Katie Hopkins

"If you do nothing, if a mother doesn't come for care, if she breastfeeds her baby, the chances of the baby getting HIV are about 40%. So it's about the difference between 40% and zero. This is almost totally preventable. But it requires mothers coming for care and getting the medicines they need, and getting the education and support they need." - Annie Lennox

"People who care about celebrity babies are creepy. What will her baby look like?! A baby. Youve seen a baby right? Itll look like that." - Anna Kendrick

"China has its own Baby Boom generation. And China's baby boom generation, because of the size of China itself, is the world's largest baby boom generation." - Howard W. French

"You're never too old to take baby steps" - Capital STEEZ

"I got introduced to audiobooks because of having a baby" - Susie Bright

"Nine people can't make a baby in a month." - Fred Brooks

"You Call This One And It's All Over, Baby!" - Scotty Nguyen

"Stay here, baby ... Trust me, okay? Don't run." - Jessica Sorensen

"Stay here, baby ... Trust me, okay? Do' run." - Jessica Sorensen

"I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?" - Beck

"What instruction the baby brings to the mother!" - Thomas Wentworth Higginson

"We were never meant to be baby, we just happened" - Keri Hilson

"Baby I'm so into you I can hardly breathe." - Martina Mcbride

"Lestat: Toughen up baby. I'm looking for the eternal scum." - Anne Rice

"Having a baby, it's like a five year commitment." - Chelsea Handler

"Don't throw a baby at anything - even a burglar." - Eugene Mirman

"If you ain't laughing, you ain't living, baby." - Carlos Mencia

"Don't pull your love out on me baby." - Joe Frank

"I was raised as a red diaper baby." - Murray Bookchin

"I'm such a baby if I even get a flu." - George Saunders

"Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater." - Proverbs

"The cradle is rocked but the baby is pinched." - Proverbs

"Having a baby with him meant marrying that face forever." - Erica Jong

"Oh my God, baby, you are in so much trouble." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Baby, high school's over. High school's never over.." - Karen Joy Fowler

"I was always the girl who had that baby face." - Jessica Capshaw

"'Tis love that makes the world go round, my baby." - Charles Dickens

"The baby boom is about to become a patient boom." - Dalton Mcguinty

"Our firefighters are our last line of defense, baby." - Jack Scalia

"Personally, I think wearing a baby chinchilla says, 'I'm ignorant.'" - Eva Mendes

"We mothers rock into the heart of the world the melody of peace." - Nelly Sachs

"Mothers always think you are working either too hard or not hard enough." - Peg Bracken

"Mothers can forgive anything!" - Louisa May Alcott

"I come from a long line of matriarchal women, and my greatest teachers were my mothers." - Erykah Badu

"On a baby of his own: You gotta be married first. That's my rule: marriage then baby!" - Rob Kardashian

"I've got three women in my life: my mama, ex baby mama and my new baby mama." - Felipe Esparza

"I owe the baby my life. I owe this baby everything and I have a responsibility now." - Nicole Richie

"Trust grows when babies and mothers establish that they can find each other again after the inevitable moments of losing touch. It is not the goodness of the mother or the relationship per se that is the basis for trust; it is the ability of mother and baby together to repair the breaks in their relationship that builds a safe house for love." - Carol Gilligan

"In the States, the HIV transmission from mother to child is almost completely preventable - the only mothers who really do transmit it are the ones who don't come in for care. If a mother in the United States or in Europe or in the UK comes to care and gets her medicines, she will have an HIV negative baby. Most people don't know that." - Annie Lennox

"I certainly know what it is like to go to work and leave your baby at home. It is an ache that only other mothers can understand. I always say that it feels like you've left a limb at home. And I really struggled for the first few months of work. There were times when I shut myself in my room and cried." - Leighallyn Baker

"Although the needs of babies have changed very little over the millennia, over the past decades, female equality in education and occupational opportunities has altered maternal expectations. This renders baby-care requirements discordant with ambition for many mothers, and produces heartfelt dilemmas for others." - Joan Raphael-Leff

"Tabloid discussion of bad children always blames baby-boomer liberals, careerist mothers and fashion-crazed Nathan Barley types who think it's all enormously funny. But the centre-leftish psycho-thinker Oliver James says it's all down to the Thatcher-and-after culture of turbo-capitalism, making people acquisitive and unsatisfied." - Peter York

"There is a special intense love between human children and the people who take care of them, not just mothers but also fathers and older sisters and great-uncles and baby-sitters. And that love doesn't just provide us with emotional warmth and sustenance. It also lets human beings, as a species, understand the world and create new worlds ourselves." - Alison Gopnik

"Mothers and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers." - Anonymous

"All mothers are slightly insane..." - J D Salinger

"Welfare mothers make better lovers." - Neil Young

"Men often marry their mothers." - Edna Ferber

"Mothers are all slightly insane." - J D Salinger

"The world needs our mothers." - Liya Kebede

"Most mothers are instinctive philosophers." - Harriet Beecher Stowe

"Three tomatoes are walking down the street-a poppa tomato, a mamma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and smooshes him and says, Catch up." - Uma Thurman

"I'll tell you a secret I don't even know. Baby, there's something wrong with me Baby, there's something wrong with me Baby, there's something wrong with me That I can't see." - Aimee Mann

"It's so ridiculous, I can barely stop. I can hardly breathe, you make me wanna scream. You're so fabulous, you're so good to me baby, baby." - Avril Lavigne

"Inside my head I carry: my baby goat, my baby brother, my ama's face, our family's future. My bundle is light. My burden is heavy." - Patricia Mccormick

"A woman in Germany gave birth to a 13 1/2 pound baby. That baby was so fat his first word was strudel." - Craig Ferguson

"I think my friends wife has been banging a black guy. Because they just had a baby. And the baby had a hole in it." - Anthony Jeselnik

"For some people, the better route for finding like-minded parents is just to get out of your house with your baby and frequent baby-friendly places." - Carolyn Hax

"The 14th Amendment is very questionable as to whether or not somebody can come over, have a baby and immediately that baby is a citizen." - Donald Trump

"Congrats to Prince William and Kate Middleton, who welcomed a baby girl on Saturday. The royal baby weighed eight pounds - or around 12 American dollars." - Jimmy Fallon

"You know there is a person inside every baby, right? And anybody who has ever met a baby knows there is already a person in there." - Gloria Steinem

"I want to be here, for my family. I want to be here for my baby. I want to see the birth of my baby." - Jayson Williams

"I should try to be strong, but baby, you're the right kind of wrong." - Leann Rimes

"I would be heavenly if baby you'd just rescue me now" - Matt Nathanson

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities." - Eda LeShan

"I slept like a baby. Every two hours, I woke up and cried." - Tom McVie

"It was a hubba, hubba, ding dang, baby you are just everythang." - Tom Waits

"My hair is a battle. It's an uphill, fine, baby-haired battle." - Emma Stone

"Grip the club as if you were holding a baby bird." - Sam Snead

"Baby wee is good because it's pure, doesn't contain toxins and doesn't smell," - Vitali Klitschko

"The best time to have a baby is when you're a black teenager." - Sarah Silverman

"What's shaking, chiefy baby?" - Thurgood Marshall

"Just shred baby, shred." - Al Davis

"If Elton John and Madonna had a baby it would be Lady Gaga." - Jon Bon Jovi

"Truth is the baby of the world. It never gets old." - Dick Gregory

"The biggest man you're ever going to see was once a baby." - Bob Marley

"Bringing a baby into the world is not like grilling enchiladas. It's a difficult thing." - Gael Garcia Bernal

"Come over to my house with your sister, baby, and I'll show you who's gay!" - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

"This is what you get, Maura, for using your DNA to make a baby." - Maggie Stiefvater

"The firsts go away - first love, first kiss, first baby. You have to create new ones." - Sarah Jessica Parker

"Rejoice and love yourself today 'Cause baby, you were born this way." - Lady Gaga

"A conscience is like a baby. It has to go to sleep before you can." - Anonymous

"He grinned. "That's because pixies are ever-after. We"re magic, baby. Just ask Matalina." - Kim Harrison

"You see, baby, after a glass or two of wine I'm inclined to extravagance." - Tennessee Williams

"No one wants to hear about the labor pains, they just want to see the baby." - Lou Brock

"My heart's never smiled so hard Baby. Lovin' you is fun." - Easton Corbin

"To change the world, you must first change yourself. And baby, that's hard enough." - Alonzo King

"The baby romped on my lap like a short stout salmon." - Sylvia Townsend Warner

"I was the world's ugliest baby. When I was born, the doctor slapped everybody." - Phyllis Diller

"I'm beginning to have morning sickness. I'm not having a baby, I'm just sick of morning." - Phyllis Diller

"I don't want to be your friend, baby. I am your friend." - Ernest Hemingway

"Always respect Mother Nature. Especially when she weighs 400 pounds and is guarding her baby." - James Rollins

"May you be ordinary, as the poet once wished the new-born baby." - Julian Barnes

"There's a thin line baby. A thing line between love and hate." -Cage York" - Abbi Glines

"I got my first laugh when my mother entered me in a baby contest." - Phyllis Diller

"Sophia Loren, whose new baby asked her, Is all that for me? Never got a dinner!" - Red Buttons

"I used to drink from my little sister's bottle when she was a baby." - Jessica Jung

"Photography's like this baby that needs to be fed all the time. It's always hungry." - Annie Leibovitz

"Overpay good baby-sitters." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"Every time I would say put a baby in every scene." - Robert Pattinson

"These are things they need to hear, baby. It's their history." - Mildred D. Taylor

"I show Baby, and Oswald shows the hounds. We've nothing else to interest anybody." - Anthony Trollope

"[A nurse excusing her illegitimate baby:] If you please, ma'am, it was a very little one." - Frederick Marryat

"You must have been a beautiful baby, You must have been a beautiful child." - Johnny Mercer

"Come on, baby, light my fire Try to set the night on fire." - Jim Morrison

"Gimme a whiskey-ginger ale on the side. And don't be stingy, baby." - Eugene O'Neill

"Where's my leadin' lady? Let me try this new love scene on you, baby." - Bootsy Collins

"Having a baby is like taking your lower lip and forcing it over your head." - Carol Burnett

"The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything." - Frank Sinatra

"and will I like being called a jazz baby? -You will love it." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"The baby bat Screamed out in fright, 'Turn on the dark, I'm afraid of the light." - Shel Silverstein

"My mom is my biggest fan. She's been a fan since I was a baby." - Justin Bieber

"I prefer to sing in the shower because the acoustics make you sound great, baby." - Naima Adedapo

"I am glad to go with my wife and baby boy." - Alex Campbell

"As cute as baby clothes are... I try to buy less." - Jessica Capshaw

"Don't even try to talk to me when I'm watching the moon. That's my moon, baby." - Wendelin Van Draanen

"Genuine polemics approach a book as lovingly as a cannibal spices a baby." - Walter Benjamin

"When I was a baby, my mom was always bringing me onto set." - Gia Coppola

"It's been crazy trying to tour with a baby. But it's actually working out okay." - Caroline Corr

"The only way I'm interested in having a baby is the old-fashioned way." - Bethenny Frankel



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