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Baby Learning Quotes


"Like a baby learning language, we learn how to communicate with God by listening to His words first." - Timothy Keller

"In missional churches, the baby birds have been pushed out of the nest and are learning to fly for themselves." - Alan Hirsch

"Our lives are changing, this old world keeps turning. And I sit here and wonder, baby, what we're really learning." - Glenn Frey

"Stop Learning and start thinking." - Jacob Barnett

"Learning is an innate human behavior. A healthy baby is happy and excited to learn to speak, play and express itself. Why should learning stop being fun? The human race cannot survive without continuous learning. Let us impart the enthusiasm and creativity of learning in the classrooms." - Newton Lee

"I wasn't a dancer learning to play Baby Houseman. I was Baby Houseman learning to play a dancer. I was someone who'd never done any Latin dance. I'd taken jazz classes and ballet growing up in New York, so I had dance in me, and I knew I loved it, but I'd never done a dance audition." - Jennifer Grey

"People seldom live up to their baby pictures." - Rodney Dangerfield

"A baby is an inestimable blessing and bother." - Mark Twain

"Flowers are words which even a baby can understand." - Arthur Cleveland Coxe

"Without a deadline, baby, I wouldn't do nothing." - Duke Ellington

"Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard." - Andy Borowitz

"There is no learning without mistakes" - Mary Walton

"Learning is experience understood in tranquility." - Charles Handy

"I am still learning. (at age 87)" - Michelangelo

"Belief gets in the way of learning." - Robert A Heinlein

"Growing is the result of learning." - Malcolm X

"I grow old, ever learning many things." - Solon

"View life as a continuous learning experience." - Denis Waitley

"I am forever learning and changing." - W Edwards Deming

"Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival." - W Edwards Deming

"Learning implies a mind that doesn't know." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Anyone who keeps learning stays young." - Henry Ford

"Learning without thought is labour lost." - Confucius

"It is through suffering that learning comes." - Aeschylus

"Thought, unassisted by learning, is dangerous." - Confucius

"Repetition is the father of learning, I repeat, repetition is the father of learning." - Lil Wayne

"A person moving in zero gravity feels a pitiful helplessness. One wrong move and you find yourself spinning wildly. Everyone becomes a baby again in outer space, laboriously learning how to walk." - Ulrich Walter

"Neither were you [born yesterday], unless of course I am wrong, in which case welcome to the world, little baby, and congratulations on learning to read so early in life." - Daniel Handler

"The method (of learning Japanese) recommended by experts is to be born as a Japanese baby and raised by a Japanese family, in Japan. And even then it's not easy." - Dave Barry

"Cry Baby is about Cry Baby and the next album [which I think I have a title for but I don't wanna say anything yet because I don't know and it's too early] is a place in the weird town that I'm trying to create and its Cry Baby's perspective throughout this album. You're not learning about her, you're learning about the place that she's in and her perspective. Down the line for sure I will think of other characters in this world." - Melanie Martinez

"But I gotta say, oh, baby, oh baby, why is this so familiar? Just met her, already feel like I know the real her." - Drake

"Knowledge comes Of learning well retain'd, unfruitful else." - Dante Alighieri

"Learning from programmed information always hides reality behind a screen." - Ivan Illich

"To teach is part of the very fabric of learning." - Paulo Freire

"The best way of learning about anything is by doing." - Richard Branson

"Writing and learning and thinking are the same process." - William Zinsser

"Seeking to know is too often learning to doubt" - Antoinette du Ligier de la Garde Deshoulieres

"Every person of learning is finally his own teacher." - Thomas Paine

"Learning is something students do, NOT something done to students." - Alfie Kohn

"There is, in fact, no teaching without learning." - Paulo Freire

"When I am through learning, I am through." - John Wooden

"Kids on the Youtube, learning how to be cool." - Toby Keith

"Advertising is like learning - a little is a dangerous thing." - P T Barnum

"Learning is a kind of natural food for the mind." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Learning is the dictionary, but sense the grammar of science." - Laurence Sterne

"Marriage is an excercise in learning our flaws everyday" - Siddharth Katragadda

"With every episode of struggle, there is a learning opportunity." - Richard M. Schulze

"All learning is in the learner, not the teacher." - Plato

"You never stop learning. You learn something new every day." - Robinson Cano

"I'm very involved with learning to be self-sufficient." - Shirley Maclaine

"When you have fun then you're more interested in learning." - Magnus Carlsen

"No man is the wiser for his learning." - John Selden

"Men of polite learning and a liberal education." - Matthew Henry

"Abandon learning and there will be no sorrow." - Laozi

"Failure is nothing more than learning how to win." - Robin S. Sharma

"I'm not perfect but I'm learning to be better." - Ronnie Radke

"The minute that you're not learning I believe you're dead." - Jack Nicholson

"Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living." - Anthony D. Williams

"After learning to love God (worship), learning to love others is the second purpose of your life." - Rick Warren

"The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you're learning you're not old." - Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

"Learning to live with ambiguity is learning to live with how life really is, full of complexities and strange surprises..:" - James Hollis

"I'm learning more about life when I'm playing too, and writing music. I'm learning more about life, the connection." - Wayne Shorter

"There is no jewel in the world comparable to learning; no learning so excellent as knowledge of laws." - Edward Coke

"Learning to be silent is far more difficult and far more important than learning to recite prayers." - Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople

"The library is the temple of learning, and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history." - Carl Rowan

"Do you want - do you want - do you want to dance with me baby?" - Joni Mitchell

"It's like a mother, when the baby is crying, she picks up the baby and she holds the baby tenderly in her arms. Your pain, your anxiety is your baby. You have to take care of it. You have to go back to yourself, to recognize the suffering in you, embrace the suffering, and you get a relief." - Nhat Hanh

"Ma-ma does everything for the baby, who responds by saying Da-da first." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"...we almost never speak I don't feel welcome anymore baby what happened, please tell me?" - Taylor Swift

"I should try to be strong, but baby, you're the right kind of wrong." - Leann Rimes

"I would be heavenly if baby you'd just rescue me now" - Matt Nathanson

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities." - Eda LeShan

"I slept like a baby. Every two hours, I woke up and cried." - Tom McVie

"Who is getting more pleasure from this rocking, the baby or me?" - Nancy Thayer

"Precious and priceless, so lovable, too; The world's sweetest miracle, baby, is you." - Helen Steiner Rice

"Baby she look like a star, but only on camera, only on camera, only on camera." - Drake

"Baby I'll never forget none of that. Girl I told you I was comin back." - Drake

"When raindrops hit the tin roof it's crazy. That's a metaphor, did I lose you baby?" - Drake

"I threw out all the bath water, and there was no baby there." - Dan Barker

"Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last." - Charles Dickens

"Don't forget that compared to a grownup person every baby is a genius." - May Sarton

"I really don't believe in abortion. It's like killing a baby." - Justin Bieber

"It was a hubba, hubba, ding dang, baby you are just everythang." - Tom Waits

"What's shaking, chiefy baby?" - Thurgood Marshall

"Just shred baby, shred." - Al Davis

"I'm world champion, baby!" - Jenson Button

"Overpay good baby-sitters." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"I have always felt that too much time was given before the birth, which is spent learning things like how to breathe in and out with your husband (I had my baby when they gave you a shot in the hip and you didn't wake up until the kid was ready to start school), and not enough time given to how to mother after the baby is born." - Erma Bombeck

"I wondered how long it took for a baby to become yours, for familiarity to set in. Maybe as long as it took a new car to lose that scent, or a brand-new house to gather dust. Maybe that was the process more commonly described as bonding: the act of learning your child as well as you know yourself." - Jodi Picoult

"I personally always find something really scary about watching little girls learning to manipulate their dads by baby talking. Then they grow up and use the same technique on their boyfriends or husbands. That scares me because it's just so sick on so many levels." - Megan Fox

"Diabetes is a disease that's had a deep impact on my family. My little brother has had type 1 diabetes since he was a baby and I have spent time learning about the disease and trying to bring attention to it so that one day soon we will reach a cure." - Izabel Goulart

"'Cause your love got the best of me, and baby you're making a fool of me. You got me sprung and i don't care who sees, 'cause baby you got me so crazy." - Beyonce Knowles

"Like, this is my baby. This isn't America's baby." - Kanye West

"A lot of baby boomers are baby bongers." - Kevin Nealon

"Warren is one of the best learning machines on this earth. The turtles who outrun the hares are learning machines. If you stop learning in this world, the world rushes right by you." - Charlie Munger

"A baby changes your dinner party conversation from politics to poops [very pleasant thanks for that mental image Maurice!]" - Mo Johnston

"My sister's expecting a baby, and I don't know if I'm going to be an uncle or an aunt." - Chuck Nevitt

"I always wondered why babies spend so much time sucking their thumbs. Then I tasted baby food." - Robert Orben

"Baby being part of this life I feel like I'm bound to end up with somebody that's been with everybody" - Drake

"He is so mean, he won't let his little baby have more than one measle at a time." - Eugene Field

"She would lift her peignoir above her knees and say to her husband: 'Give baby a kiss...'" - Isaac Babel

"What's wrong with assholes, baby?" - Charles Bukowski

"No one vinces me, baby" - Michael Grant

"I can dodge bullets, baby!" - Phil Hellmuth

"Oh God, me." - Julie James

"I took a baby shower." - Steven Wright

"C'mon baby light for me!" - Cody Lundin

"Everybody's baby, ain't nobody's gal." - Dan Bern

"I'm a real American baby!" - Shawn Michaels

"Every baby needs a lap." - Henry Robin

"Prism! Where is that baby?" - Oscar Wilde

"We're all born bald, baby." - Telly Savalas

"I'm not adopting a baby." - Cynthia Nixon

"Stand-up is my baby." - Kevin Hart

"I've always wanted a baby." - Marilyn Monroe

"It's not burn baby burn, but learn, baby, learn, so that you can earn, baby, earn." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"She was lying like a loaf of bread. I said, baby, baby, baby, are you dead?" - Mojo Nixon

"Learning to play golf is like learning to play the violin. It's not only difficult to do, it's very painful to everyone around you." - Hal Linden

"When you learn through coding, [you're] coding to learn. You're learning it in a meaningful context, and that's the best way of learning things." - Mitchel Resnick

"By learning to control the tenor and flow of your electromagnetic energy, you are learning to take control of your destiny." - Lynn Grabhorn

"But let me say this about learning experiences: they're weird. Or put it this way: what you learn from a learning experience is generally something else." - Peg Bracken

"I'm always learning something. Learning never ends." - Raymond Carver

"There is no separation of mind and emotions; emotions, thinking, and learning are all linked." - Eric Jensen

"It is what we think we know that keeps us from learning." - Chester Barnard

"All teaching and all intellectual learning come about from already existing knowledge." - Aristotle

"Success in the marketplace increasingly depends on learning. Yet most people don't know how to learn." - Chris Argyris

"American writer 1803-1882 Play is our brain's favorite way of learning." - Diane Ackerman

"Learning is ever in the freshness of its youth, even for the old." - Aeschylus

"The joy of learning is as indispensable in study as breathing is in running." - Simone Weil

"Love seldom haunts the breast where learning lies, And Venus sets ere Mercury can rise." - Alexander Pope

"Gie me ae spark o' Nature's fire, That's a' the learning I desire." - Robert Burns

"Anxiety checks learning. A feeling of well being and respect stimulates an alert mind." - Eda LeShan

"Most great learning happens in groups. Collaboration is the stuff of growth." - Ken Robinson

"The best path to happiness is learning to change as rapidly as life does." - Miguel Angel Ruiz

"Never let formal education get in the way of your learning." - Mark Twain

"Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness are the first requisite for acquiring learning of any kind." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The only 'good' learning is that which is in advance of development." - Lev S. Vygotsky

"Most of my learning and philosophy regarding coaching basketball was developed after great frustration." - Dick Bennett

"One learns to ignore criticism by first learning to ignore applause." - Robert Breault

"We mothers are learning to mark our mothering success by our daughters' lengthening flight." - Letty Cottin Pogrebin

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty." - Henry Ford

"My joy in learning is partly that it enables me to teach." - Seneca the Younger

"That which anyone has been long learning unwillingly, he unlearns with proportional eagerness and haste." - William Hazlitt

"Cursed be all that learning that is contrary to the cross of Christ." - James Madison

"I'm still learning. Hopefully I can keep getting better, and not stop where I am now." - Tim Duncan

"Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field." - Brian Tracy

"The most important skill to acquire now is learning how to learn." - John Naisbitt

"A great deal of learning can be packed into an empty head." - Karl Kraus

"Success isn't magic or hocus-pocus - it's simply learning how to focus." - Jack Canfield

"A total immersion in life offers the best classroom for learning to love." - Leo Buscaglia



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