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Baby Died Quotes


"I heard a rumor I died, Murdered in cold blood dramatized, Pictures of me in my final state, You know mama cried, But that was fiction, Some coward got the story twisted, Like I no longer existed, Mysteriously missin', I'm known worldwide baby, I ain't hard to find." - Tupac Shakur

"I brought home a baby without telling [husband John McCain], and he not only took it in stride but loved it, immediately embracing Bridget, who shares John's very dry sense of humor, so she and her dad do pretty well together. If I hadn't taken Bridget out, I think she would have become a prostitute or worse, died." - Cindy McCain

"I'm a real American baby!" - Shawn Michaels

"I think of the chimp, the one with the talking hands. In the course of the experiment, that chimp had a baby. Imagine how her trainers must have thrilled when the mother, without prompting, began to sign her newborn. Baby, drink milk. Baby, play ball. And when the baby died, the mother stood over the body, her wrinkled hands moving with animal grace, forming again and again the words: Baby, come hug, Baby come hug, fluent now in the language of grief." - Amy Hempel

"When the baby died, On every side Rose strangers' voices, hard and harsh and loud. The baby was not wrapped in any shroud. The mother made no sound. Her head was bowed That men's eyes might not see Her misery." - Helen Hunt Jackson

"My sister and the baby she was carrying died in the United States of America. They died in the country that spends more money on pregnancy and birth technology than any other country in this world." - Robin Lim

"Why can't I be naked baby?!" - Randy Orton

"The last Christian died on a cross." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Modesty died when clothes were born." - Mark Twain

"If Socrates died like a philosopher, Jesus Christ died like a God." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"China has its own Baby Boom generation. And China's baby boom generation, because of the size of China itself, is the world's largest baby boom generation." - Howard W. French

"People seldom live up to their baby pictures." - Rodney Dangerfield

"A baby is an inestimable blessing and bother." - Mark Twain

"Flowers are words which even a baby can understand." - Arthur Cleveland Coxe

"Without a deadline, baby, I wouldn't do nothing." - Duke Ellington

"Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard." - Andy Borowitz

"I have a dog and sometimes I'll be the littlest kid with my dog and marvel at his ears and his nose and how he looks at me. If he died, I'd bawl like a baby." - Aaron Eckhart

"Your dear baby has died innocent and blameless, and has been called away by an all wise and merciful Creator, most probably from a life to misery and misfortune, and most certainly to one of happiness and bliss." - George Mason

"Elvis died the day he went into the army." - John Lennon

"We live and die; Christ died and lived!" - John Stott

"No one has ever died, from an overexposure to education." - Robert M. Hensel

"He lives in fame that died in virtue's cause." - William Shakespeare

"You haven't lived until you've died in California." - Mort Sahl

"He is dead, and my hatred has died with him." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Now I've heard the phrase 'there's no such thing as an ugly baby' but that is an ugly baby!" - Shawn Michaels

"Then you should have died! Died, rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you!" - J K Rowling

"I wanted to make a human monster. His name is Coffin Baby. The idea is based on a group of people from Pasadena whose names I can't mention. His mother died and during the funeral, this baby came out of her in the coffin" - Tobe Hooper

"My sister was a twin, and the other baby died in childbirth, and I was three at the time, and I always kind of thought it haunted me. It was a weird thing. My dad was an ob-gyn, and so it was confusing that the other baby didn't come home from the hospital." - Scott Turow

"I wanted to make a human monster. His name is Coffin Baby. The idea is based on a group of people from Pasadena whose names I can't mention. His mother died and during the funeral, this baby came out of her in the coffin." - Tobe Hooper

"I died from a mineral and plant became, Died from the plant, took a sentient frame; Died from the beast, donned a human dress - When by my dying did I ever grow less..." - Rumi

"But I gotta say, oh, baby, oh baby, why is this so familiar? Just met her, already feel like I know the real her." - Drake

"In the course of history many more people have died for their drink and their dope than have died for their religion or their country." - Aldous Huxley

"Do you want - do you want - do you want to dance with me baby?" - Joni Mitchell

"It's like a mother, when the baby is crying, she picks up the baby and she holds the baby tenderly in her arms. Your pain, your anxiety is your baby. You have to take care of it. You have to go back to yourself, to recognize the suffering in you, embrace the suffering, and you get a relief." - Nhat Hanh

"Ma-ma does everything for the baby, who responds by saying Da-da first." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"...we almost never speak I don't feel welcome anymore baby what happened, please tell me?" - Taylor Swift

"I should try to be strong, but baby, you're the right kind of wrong." - Leann Rimes

"I would be heavenly if baby you'd just rescue me now" - Matt Nathanson

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities." - Eda LeShan

"I slept like a baby. Every two hours, I woke up and cried." - Tom McVie

"Who is getting more pleasure from this rocking, the baby or me?" - Nancy Thayer

"Precious and priceless, so lovable, too; The world's sweetest miracle, baby, is you." - Helen Steiner Rice

"Baby she look like a star, but only on camera, only on camera, only on camera." - Drake

"Baby I'll never forget none of that. Girl I told you I was comin back." - Drake

"When raindrops hit the tin roof it's crazy. That's a metaphor, did I lose you baby?" - Drake

"I threw out all the bath water, and there was no baby there." - Dan Barker

"Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last." - Charles Dickens

"Don't forget that compared to a grownup person every baby is a genius." - May Sarton

"I really don't believe in abortion. It's like killing a baby." - Justin Bieber

"What's shaking, chiefy baby?" - Thurgood Marshall

"Just shred baby, shred." - Al Davis

"I'm world champion, baby!" - Jenson Button

"Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child." - Tina Brown

"The human baby, the human being, is a mosaic of animal and angel." - Jacob Bronowski

"Vickie is so fat that her baby pictures were taken via satellite." - John Cena

"I like my body so much more now since having my baby." - Nelly

"Photography's like this baby that needs to be fed all the time. It's always hungry." - Annie Leibovitz

"Overpay good baby-sitters." - H Jackson Brown Jr

"Don't threaten me with love, baby. Let's just go walking in the rain." - Billie Holiday

"I reach out and grab her wrist. It feels impossibly tiny in my hand, like this one time I found a baby bird near goose Point, and I picked it up and it died there, taking its final gasping fluttering breaths in my palm." - Lauren Oliver

"Time rushes by and yet time is frozen. Funny how we get so exact about time at the end of life and at its beginning. She died at 6:08 or 3:46, we say, or the baby was born at 4:02. But in between we slosh through huge swatches of time-weeks, months, years, decades even." - Helen Prejean

"When the baby died we said, With a sudden secret dread; Death be merciful and pass; Leave the other! - but alas! While we watched he waited there, One foot on the golden stair One hand beckoning at the gate, Till the home was desolate." - Nora Perry

"The Negro fought and bled and died in every war the white man waged, and he still won't give you justice. You nursed his baby and cleaned behind his wife, and he still won't give you freedom; you turned the other cheek while he lynched you and raped your women, but he still won't give you equality." - Malcolm X

"As soon as you lay down, that's when the most bizarre things start coming out of her mouth. 'Goodnight, baby.' 'Do you think we were together in a past life?' 'Yeah, and I died of sleep deprivation. Go to bed.' 'Don't you feel like we're soul...'" - Adam Ferrara

"I did not want to raise a genetically compromised child. I did not want my children to have to contend with the massive diversion of parental attention, and the consequences of being compelled to care for their brother after I died. I wanted a genetically perfect baby, and because that was something I could control, I chose to end his life." - Ayelet Waldman

"I have one brother, John, an airline pilot, who is seven years younger. He's adopted, though we're still blood related - he's my cousin. My parents couldn't have any more children after me, so when Dad's brother died, they adopted John, then just a baby." - Gary Numan

"I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died." - Richard K. Diran

"Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrims' pride, From every mountainside Let freedom ring!" - Samuel Francis Smith

"Truth and History. 21 Men. The Boy Bandit King - He Died As He Lived." - Billy the Kid

"The Englishman who has lost his fortune is said to have died of a broken heart." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I died to the law so that I might live for God." - Paul the Apostle

"I prefer my oysters fried; that way I know my oysters died." - Roy Blount Jr

"Of no distemper, of no blast he died, But fell like autumn fruit that mellow'd long." - John Dryden

"Aniela died this morning." - Henryk Sienkiewicz

"My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them." - Mitch Hedberg

"Then my mother was taken ill and died and my father took me to St. Mary's." - Desmond Dekker

"I always thought I was going to be the film guy until I died." - M Night Shyamalan

"May God bless those who died and bless their families. With regards, George Bush." - George H W Bush

"And then I bought my own horse, which I had until it died." - Eric Roberts

"There are atheists, and I love them. In fact, I died for them." - Frank Turek

"'Cause your love got the best of me, and baby you're making a fool of me. You got me sprung and i don't care who sees, 'cause baby you got me so crazy." - Beyonce Knowles

"Like, this is my baby. This isn't America's baby." - Kanye West

"Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma, have given birth to a baby boy. He posted a photo of the new baby on Twitter, but people are afraid to open it." - Jay Leno

"A lot of baby boomers are baby bongers." - Kevin Nealon

"I don't particularly like being pregnant. I like the baby at the end. Pregnancy is a very distant thing for me. I can't seem to believe there's really a baby there. It's such a miracle." - Mary Beth Whitehead

"Ludwig Boltzmann, who spent much of his life studying statistical mechanics, died in 1906 by his own hand. Paul Ehrenfest, carrying on the work, died similarly in 1933. Now it is our turn to study statistical mechanics." - David Goodstein

"Worry affects the circulation, the heart, the glands, the whole nervous system. I have never known a man who died from over work, but many who died from doubt." - Charles Horace Mayo

"Christ not only died for all: He died for each." - Billy Graham

"I had a dove and the sweet dove died; And I have thought it died of grieving: O, what could it grieve for? Its feet were tied, With a silken thread of my own hands' weaving." - John Keats

"A baby changes your dinner party conversation from politics to poops [very pleasant thanks for that mental image Maurice!]" - Mo Johnston

"My sister's expecting a baby, and I don't know if I'm going to be an uncle or an aunt." - Chuck Nevitt

"I always wondered why babies spend so much time sucking their thumbs. Then I tasted baby food." - Robert Orben

"Baby being part of this life I feel like I'm bound to end up with somebody that's been with everybody" - Drake

"He is so mean, he won't let his little baby have more than one measle at a time." - Eugene Field

"What's wrong with assholes, baby?" - Charles Bukowski

"No one vinces me, baby" - Michael Grant

"I can dodge bullets, baby!" - Phil Hellmuth

"Oh God, me." - Julie James

"I took a baby shower." - Steven Wright

"Liberty plucks justice by the nose; The baby beats the nurse, and quite athwart Goes all decorum." - William Shakespeare

"C'mon baby light for me!" - Cody Lundin

"Everybody's baby, ain't nobody's gal." - Dan Bern

"There's no way I can tag team with Randy Orton; he just wears too much baby oil!" - John Cena

"Every baby needs a lap." - Henry Robin

"According to Ethiopian custom, parents wait to name a baby because children often die in the first weeks of life." - Bill Gates

"Prism! Where is that baby?" - Oscar Wilde

"I knew I was an unwanted baby when I saw that my bath toys were a toaster and a radio." - Joan Rivers

"Whenever I look at a baby or children in general, I smile and just want to play with them." - Odeya Rush

"We're all born bald, baby." - Telly Savalas

"I'm not adopting a baby." - Cynthia Nixon

"Stand-up is my baby." - Kevin Hart

"I have such a lovely life and I just never imagined that I would miscarry a baby." - Amanda Holden

"I've always wanted a baby." - Marilyn Monroe

"I was raised by drag queens, practically ... my mother died when I was four-years-old, so I was effectively raised by a bunch of different people. A lot of those people were friends of my sister, Kathleen, who had all these gay friends. She would baby-sit me everyday, and she would take me over to her friend's houses with all kinds of things going on: tucking, and eyebrow drawing, waxing, all sorts of things. I was literally raised by gay men." - Ellen Pompeo

"I like owls. I admire their intransigent spirit. I have respected them deeply ever since I met a baby owl in a wood, when it fell over dead, apparently from sheer temper, because I dared to approach it. It defied me first, and then died. I have never forgotten the horror and shame I experienced when that soft fluffy thing (towards which I had nothing but the most humanitarian motives) fell dead from rage at my feet." - Vita Sackville-West

"Rilke has a very bizarre relationship to women because his mother had an older child, a girl who died when she was a baby. So when Rilke was born she named him Sophie and dressed him as a girl until he was 7. And psychologically, the repercussions of that made him the genius that he is. By the time he was 35, he was continuously falling in love with older women, mother figures, spiritual mothers." - Laura Marling

"I think the craziest thing I heard, and this guy's not even nominated, he's from Texas...he said there's no reason that women shouldn't carry a stillborn baby to term, and that it's an excuse to have an abortion if she doesn't want to. She should just let nature take its course from start to finish. Literally forcing birth of a fetus that died in the womb." - Lizz Winstead

"I made my money the old-fashioned way. I was very nice to a wealthy relative right before he died." - Malcolm Forbes

"Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis." - Jack Handey

"The families of Aboriginals who have died in custody in NSW will suffer again because of these white lies." - Arthur Murray

"I always went to my sister, because she was older and had the care of me after my mother died." - Lizzie Borden

"Drinking and driving is safer than either drinking or driving - and no one has ever died drinking, driving and juggling." - Lee Mack

"Hero worship has died with heroes, and if someone bows down today, it is to pick up something." - Natalie Clifford Barney

"States Rights died at Appomattox." - Salmon P Chase

"Bob [Gordon] died young tragically." - Jon Gordon

"I was slapped down to the ground when my son Wade died in 1996, in April of 1996." - John Edwards

"Nobody ever died of laughter." - Max Beerbohm

"Christ died for the truth." - Jim Caviezel

"At least 23,000 civilians have also died in the Iraqi killing field and the U.S. is stuck in a quagmire." - Charles Rangel

"My son died for lies." - Cindy Sheehan

"Who ne'er knew joy but friendship might divide,Or gave his father grief but when he died." - Alexander Pope

"It's not burn baby burn, but learn, baby, learn, so that you can earn, baby, earn." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"She was lying like a loaf of bread. I said, baby, baby, baby, are you dead?" - Mojo Nixon

"When Lincoln died, hate died - ... And anger, came to North and South When Lincoln died." - William James Lampton

"I love my baby more than anything. He's like a Gerber baby. He's the cutest baby in the whole world." - Bristol Palin

"People "died" all the time. . . . Parts of them died when they made the wrong kinds of decisions-decisions against life. Sometimes they died bit by bit until finally they were just living corpses walking around. If you were perceptive you could see it in their eyes; the fire had gone out. . . you always knew when you made a decision against life. The door clicked and you were safe inside-safe and dead." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"Feelings of love and gratitude arise directly and spontaneously in the baby in response to the love and care of his mother." - Melanie Klein

"I'm decorating my parents' house for Christmas... I hope they find my manger with a baby yeezus in it as funny as I do!" - Lisa Lampanelli

"The solution [to a crisis pregnancy] is not to kill the innocent baby but to deal with the mother's values and her attitudes toward life." - Jesse Jackson

"I have found being a mother has made me emotionally raw in many situations. You heart is beating outside your body when you have a baby." - Kate Beckinsale

"I had to get back to work. NBC has me under contract. The baby and I only have a verbal agreement." - Tina Fey

"Crash programs fail because they are based on theory that, with nine women pregnant, you can get a baby in a month." - Wernher Von Braun

"My mother tried to kill me when I was a baby. She denied it. She said she thought the plastic bag would keep me fresh." - Bob Monkhouse

"I'm so lost without you. Feeling lonely, scared & cold. I'm so lost without you. Tell me baby, when are you coming home?" - Roch Voisine

"I don't have a kid, but I think that I would be a good father, especially if my baby liked to go out drinking." - Eugene Mirman

"Baby girl you need to stop it, all that pride and self esteem got you angry bout this girl I'm wit in all them magazines." - Drake

"Baby you're my everything, you're all I ever wanted, we can do it real big, bigger than you've ever done it." - Drake

"I was told I had a two per cent chance of getting pregnant, so I say she's a two per cent baby." - Nicole Kidman

"When you have a baby, sleep is not an option. You can't sleep. Even on vacation, you wake up at 6:30 a.m." - Jimmy Fallon

"I'm beautiful in my way 'cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way." - Lady Gaga



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