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Babe Ruth Quotes


"Babe Ruth was great. I'm just lucky." - Reggie Jackson

"I've had heroes in my life - Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth." - Tommy Lasorda

"Babe Ruth made a great mistake when he gave up pitching." - Tris Speaker

"He (Babe Ruth) hits a ball harder and further than any man I ever saw." - Bill Dickey

"We need just two players to be a contender. Babe Ruth and Sandy Koufax." - Whitey Herzog

"I don't want people to forget Babe Ruth. I just want them to remember Henry Aaron." - Hank Aaron

"Born? Hell, Babe Ruth wasn't born. He fell from a tree." - Joe Dugan

"Babe Ruth was the home-run king of his time, but also the strikeout king." - Dan Millman

"Don't let failure get you down. Babe Ruth struck out over 1,300 times." - Lou Holtz

"I don't want them to forget Babe Ruth. I just want them to remember me!" - Hank Aaron

"Don't worry about it. Babe Ruth struck out on occasion, too." - Walter Annenberg

"Mr. Rickey, I'll put more people in the park than anybody since Babe Ruth." - Dizzy Dean

"Now I've had everything except for the thrill of watching Babe Ruth play." - Joe Dimaggio

"Why shouldn't we pitch to Babe Ruth? We pitch to better hitters in the National League." - John Mcgraw

"The current Babe Ruth of improv? Sacha Baron Cohen. He's pretty amazing." - Seth Rogen

"We need just two players to be a contender. Just Babe Ruth and Sandy Koufax." - Whitey Herzog

"The first time that I ever saw Babe Ruth was in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse." - Waite Hoyt

"Nice tackle, babe." Ranger" - Janet Evanovich

"Wives of ballplayers, when they teach their children their prayers, should instruct them how to say: God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, God bless Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth has upped Daddy's paycheck by fifteen to forty percent." - Waite Hoyt

"I don't want to be Babe Ruth. He was a great ballplayer. I'm not trying to replace him. The record is there and damn right I want to break it, but that isn't replacing Babe Ruth." - Roger Maris

"I can't recall a day this year or last when I did not hear the name of Babe Ruth." - Hank Aaron

"So we got fifty percent. Babe Ruth didn't do no better. - Did you mean hittin' it... or throwin' it?" - Walt Kelly

"Babe Ruth was not afraid to strike out. And it was this fearlessness that contributed to his remarkable career." - Simon Sinek

"Hopefully I can become the Babe Ruth of the World Wrestling Federation and be the champion at the same time." - Hulk Hogan

"Well, I'm a Harley Babe." - Laura Schlessinger

"Ruth and I are happily incompatible." - Billy Graham

"I am in awe of Ruth Draper." - Annette Bening

"Honestly, at one time I thought Babe Ruth was a cartoon character. I really did, I mean, I wasn't born until 1961, and I grew up in Indiana." - Don Mattingly

"The home run became glorified with Babe Ruth. Starting with him, batters have been thinking in terms of how far they could hit the ball, not how often." - Rogers Hornsby

"Every big leaguer and his wife should teach their children to pray, God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, and God bless Babe Ruth." - Waite Hoyt

"When I first came to Yankee Stadium I used to feel like the ghosts of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were walking around in there." - Mickey Mantle

"If I'm compared to Babe Ruth or Willie Mays, that's great. But I'm just going to go out there and be myself." - Ken Griffey, Jr.

"He (Babe Ruth) was very brave at the plate. You rarely saw him fall away from a pitch. He stayed right in there. No one drove him out." - Casey Stengel

"I think it's my identity. Like, this is who I am. This is what I do.... Like I'm Babe Ruth, you know?" - Howard Stern

"People think of the greatest home run hitters of all time and think of Babe Ruth; they don't think about that Warren Spahn hit more than anybody." - Rollie Fingers

"It's the same with the ballplayers. Babe Ruth spent a lot, too and the ballplayers make a lot more money now." - Mickey Gilley

"Babe Ruth made a baseball fan of me. I used to go to Yankee Stadium just to see him come to bat." - Effa Manley

"Honestly, at one time I though Babe Ruth was a cartoon character. I really did, I mean I wasn't born until 1961 and I grew up in Indiana." - Don Mattingly

"For a long time, I'd been vaguely fascinated by the idea that Charles Lindbergh flew the Atlantic and Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs in the same summer." - Bill Bryson

"He was a parade all by himself, a burst of dazzle and jingle, Santa Claus drinking his whiskey straight and groaning with a bellyache... Babe Ruth made the music that his joyous years danced to in a continuous party... What Babe Ruth is comes down, one generation handing it down to the next, as a nation heirloom." - Jimmy Cannon

"I can't believe that Babe Ruth was a better player than Willie Mays. (Babe) Ruth is to baseball what Arnold Palmer is to golf. He got the game moving. But I can't believe he could run as well as (Willie) Mays, and I can't believe he was any better an outfielder." - Sandy Koufax

"A-Rod wants to be like Babe Ruth. And people don't realize this, he's a lot like Babe Ruth. Before the playoffs a couple of years ago, A-Rod went to the hospital and promised a dying kid he'd ground out to second for him." - Artie Lange

"Don't compare me to Babe Ruth. God gave me the opportunity and the ability to be here at the right time, at the right moment, just like he gave Babe Ruth when he was playing. I just hope I can keep doing what I've been doing - keep taking care of business." - Sammy Sosa

"A babe is a mother's anchor." - Henry Ward Beecher

"I am a babe for a living." - Gabrielle Reece

"I want to live like music sounds."- Ruth" - Eva Ibbotson

"Who is this Baby Ruth? And what does she do?" - George Bernard Shaw

"[T]ruth is considered profane, and only illusion is sacred" - Ludwig Feuerbach

"Look homeward, Angel, now, and melt with ruth." - John Milton

"I usually shop at Charlotte Ruth and Bebe." - Christy Carlson Romano

"I usually shop at Charlotte Ruth and Bebe." - Christy Romano

"Wives of ballplayers, when they teach their children their prayers, should instruct them to say: God bless mommy, God bless daddy, and God bless Babe Ruth! He's upped daddy's paycheck by 15 to 40 percent!" - Waite Hoyt

"No one hit home runs the way Babe (Ruth) did. They were something special. They were like homing pigeons. The ball would leave the bat, pause briefly, suddenly gain its bearings, then take off for the stands." - Lefty Gomez

"Babe Ruth didn't become her father until 18 months after he married her mother, Claire, on April 17, 1929, Opening Day of the baseball season. Julia was 12 years old." - Jane Leavy

"I did not choose necessarily on the basis of significance. If you have a vote for the most significant athlete, then you have Ali, then you have Babe Ruth, then you have Michael Jordan." - Dick Schaap

"Don't try to tell Namath's people on First Avenue about Babe Ruth, because they don't even know the name. In fact, with the young, you can forget all of baseball. The sport is gone. But if you ever have seen Ruth, and then you see Namath, you know there is very little difference." - Jimmy Breslin

"The Babe is here. Who's coming in second?" - Babe Didrikson Zaharias

"...ignorant as the unborne babe! ignorant as unborn twins!" - Mark Twain

"I've been a babe magnet for quite a while now." - Shane Macgowan

"If she were a President, she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln!" - Dana Carvey

"I'm not a period babe. Not at all." - Kate Winslet

"I'm a babe magnet... just the wrong end." - Anonymous

"Every tear from every eye Becomes a babe in eternity." - William Blake

"A babe is nothing but a bundle of possibilities." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Every tear from every eyeBecomes a babe in eternity." - William Blake

"They didn't get along. Gehrig thought Ruth was a big-mouth, and Ruth thought Gehrig was cheap. They were both right." - Tony Lazzeri

"I don't want them to forget Ruth; I just want them to remember me." - Hank Aaron

"Tim Tebow has been on the bench longer than Ruth Bader Ginsburg." - David Letterman

"The biggest inspiration for everything I do is, of course, my wife, playwright Ruth McKee." - Brian K Vaughan

"Baseball has traditionally possessed a wonderful lack of seriousness. The game's best player, Babe Ruth, was a Rabelaisian fat man, and its most loved manager, Casey Stengel, spoke gibberish. In this lazy sport, only the pitcher pours sweat. Then he takes three days off." - Thomas Boswell

"The press still considers me one of the most laid-back athletes since Babe Ruth. That's supposed to be a criticism, but I consider it a compliment because I think being carefree on the course is one of the secrets to scoring well consistently" - Fred Couples

"You can't judge a man by watching him live. . . . I personally watched Babe Ruth at bat three times, and he struck out every time. But at the very time that I was watching him strike out, the record said that he was the greatest home-run king who ever lived." - Sterling W Sill

"Now they talk on the radio about the record set by (Babe) Ruth, and (Joe) DiMaggio and Henry Aaron. But they rarely mention mine. Do you know what I have to show for the sixty-one home runs? Nothing, exactly nothing." - Roger Maris

"We have an obligation to spread amateur baseball both at home and abroad. Building up the game at all levels - Little League, Babe Ruth Leagues, the colleges - is in our own self-interest. That's where the pool of talent is - and also of fans." - A Bartlett Giamatti

"You don't have to know anything about baseball to respond to Babe Ruth because he's just this magnificent human being. And a really good story because he was this kid who grew up essentially as an orphan, you know, had a tough life, and then he became the most successful baseball player ever. But he was also a really good guy." - Bill Bryson

"It was funny, when I thought of it afterward, how Ruth and Gehrig looked as they stood there. The Babe must have been waiting for me to get the ball up a little so he could get his bat under it." - Carl Hubbell

"I was obsessed with David Bowie - still am. He's a babe, a total babe. His music is killer; his visuals are beautiful." - Charlotte Sullivan

"Men accept compliments much better than women do. Example: "Mitch, you look great." Mitch: "Thanks." On the other side: "Ruth, you look great." Ruth: "I do? Must be the lighting."" - Rita Rudner

"When you come to a place where you have to left or right,' says Sister Ruth, 'go straight ahead." - Kathleen Norris

"You sat there and watched our colleague Ruth Smeeth abused at a Labour event. Your words are hollow." - Wes Streeting

"The early giants of modern dance - Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis - barely left traces of their art." - Robert Gottlieb

"All through graduate school, instead of having a television I read murder mysteries: Hammett, Chandler, Ruth Rendell, P. D. James." - Donna Leon

"Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the most liberal and illumined of the nine Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court." - Donna Leon

"Ruth was probably the greatest athlete to perform in any sport. Never has there been anybody like him." - George Steinbrenner

"There are only three ages for women in Hollywood-Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy." - Goldie Hawn

"Attending fully and becoming supple, Can you be as a newborn babe?" - Laozi

"The problem was , you never heard anyone say,"wow, check out the brain on that babe." - Jodi Picoult

"Balow, my babe, lye still and sleipe, It grieves me sair to see thee weipe." - Thomas Percy

"A babe in a house is a well-spring of pleasure." - Martin Farquhar Tupper

"Good loving is hard to find, you got lucky babe, when I found you." - Tom Petty

"There are only three ages for women in Hollywood - Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy." - Goldie Hawn

"You're an idiot, babe. It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe." - Bob Dylan

"Life's too short, babe, time's a-flying. I'm looking for baggage that goes with mine." - Jonathan Larson

"I don't find offensive that I'm being labelled a babe by blokes. I'm absolutely flattered." - Kirsty Gallacher

"This isn't just a job. This is a service profession. We uphold the law, babe." Ranger" - Janet Evanovich

"I recommend you stick to your own species, Shy Babe." p. 155" - James Patterson

"I'm a babe in the woods when it comes to the Internet." - Peter Benchley

"Is the babe young? When I behold it, it seems more venerable than the oldest man." - Henry David Thoreau

"A babe at the breast is as much pleasure as the bearing is pain." - Marion Zimmer Bradley

"The babe at first feeds upon the mother's bosom, but it is always on her heart." - Henry Ward Beecher

"A babe, by intercourse of touch I held mute dialogues with my Mother's heart." - William Wordsworth

"In a whirlwind, Reagan quickly knocked off fifty more push-ups, flipped, and did thirty crunches, then turned and landed a kick that dented the metal door. "I'm feeling sick, too, and look at me. What if Babe Ruth had said 'Time to Rest'? Or Michael Phelps? Or Neil Armstrong? Come on, guys-what are we?" "Hungry," Natalie said. "Sleepy," Alistair added. "Grumpy," Fiske said. "Sneezy," Phoenix piped up. "Shot," Nellie said." - Peter Lerangis

"Babe Ruth, what can you say? You are almost speechless when people put your name alongside his name. I wish I can go back in time in meet him. Obviously, he was probably the most important sports figure in the world at that time. Hopefully, someday when I pass away, I get to meet him, and then I can really find out what he was really like." - Mark Mcgwire

"This guy from L.A. sits down next to me, and he says "you like baseball?" I said, "Oh, man, I love baseball." So he goes "Did you know that if Jesus had played ball, he'd have been the greatest ball player ever?" Like I'm gonna argue with that logic. So I sat there for a second, and then I said "did you know that if Babe Ruth had been the Messiah, the Catholics would have beer and hot dogs at Communion?" He left." - Bill Engvall

"A role can go from being a babe to anything, as long as it's something that makes me curious." - Connie Nielsen

"When people put my name next to (Babe) Ruth's name it still blows me away. I'm still in awe." - Mark Mcgwire

"You sure know how to throw a party! No food, no drinks, and the only babe just left." - Dante Alighieri

"But see! theVirgin blessed Hath laid her Babe to rest. Time is our tedious song should here have ending." - John Milton

"The little babe up in his arms he bent, who with sweet pleasure and bold blandishment 'gan smile." - Edmund Spenser

"I have givens suck, and know how tender it is to love the babe that milks me." - William Shakespeare

"So you're a dom, huh? Nice." I stabbed my pancakes again. "Kinky." "You're the one who ties people up, babe." - Lilith Saintcrow

"Stupid cupid keeps on calling me, but I see nothing in his eyes. I miss my babe" - George Michael

"Wassup dear? Sup babe? What street you by? On 5th Bout to hit the West Side High" - Slick Rick

"The art school babe quotes William Blake as she rolls a joint, then I think that I'll score." - Ray Davies

"God does not reveal himself in strength or power, but in the weakness and fragility of a newborn babe." - Pope Francis

"The babe in arms is a channel through which the energies we call fate, love, and reason visibly stream." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Behold a silly tender babe, In freezing winter night, In homely manger trembling lies; Alas! a piteous sight." - Robert Southwell

"Behold a silly tender babe,In freezing winter night,In homely manger trembling lies;Alas! a piteous sight." - Robert Southwell

"You been down to the bottom with a bad man, babe But you're back were you belong" - Bob Dylan

"More or Less Love Poems 11: No babe We'd never Swing together but the syncopation would be something wild" - Diane di Prima

"Shepherds at the grange, Where the Babe was born, Sang with many a change, Christmas carols until morn." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"When asked his secret of love, being married fifty-four years to the same person, he said, "Ruth and I are happily incompatible."" - Billy Graham

"I'll not have my grandson subjected to the humiliation of his reading becoming public. We have to cope with this disgrace discreetly - Grandma Ruth" - Brandon Mull

"It's always the same, Combs walks, Koening singles, Ruth hits one out of the park, Gehrig doubles, Lazzeri triples. Then Dugan goes in the dirt on his can." - Joe Dugan

"Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell asleep during Obama's speech. She woke up with the other justices drawing a gavel on her face." - Conan O'Brien

"Sunday is the Academy Awards. Every time an actor says, 'I didn't expect this,' Ruth Bader Ginsburg will do a shot." - David Letterman

"The ballpark is the star. In the age of Tris Speaker and Babe Ruth, the era of Jimmie Foxx and Ted Williams, through the empty-seats epoch of Don Buddin and Willie Tasby and unto the decades of Carl Yastrzemski and Jim Rice, the ballpark is the star. A crazy-quilt violation of city planning principles, an irregular pile of architecture, a menace to marketing consultants, Fenway Park works. It works as a symbol of New England's pride, as a repository of evergreen hopes, as a tabernacle of lost innocence. It works as a place to watch baseball." - Martin Nolan

"In the 1920s, everyone wanted to be a celebrity. Everyone wanted to be like Babe Ruth or Charles Lindbergh. ... Businessmen, in particular, in the '20s really believed that to be a success, an entrepreneur needed to have a personality, a sense that you were a success. That's why I think Capone dressed the way he did. And that's why he entertained the press - because he wanted to be perceived as a successful American. Dale Carnegie ... would later cite Capone as a model for creating the public image. Obviously, it went bad in many ways for Capone, but that's the image he was going for." - Jonathan Eig

"But this is the point I want to make: When you talk about steroids and you talk about what it means to the game, the three greatest home run hitters of all time-Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Willie Mays, right? When they were 39 years old, how many home runs do you think they averaged? The three greatest home run hitters of all time averaged 18 home runs at age 39. Now, how many home runs did Barry Bonds hit when he was 39? He hit 73!" - Carlton Fisk

"God mark thee to His grace! Thou was the prettiest babe that e'er I nursed. And might I live to see thee married once, I have my wish." - William Shakespeare

"How wayward is this foolish love that, like a testy babe, will scratch the nurse and presently, all humble, kiss the rod." - William Shakespeare

"I have never turned to my girlfriend and said, Oh, okay, babe, and I see it in scripts all the time." - Casey Wilson

"For where'er the sun does shine, And where'er the rain does fall, Babe can never hunger there, Nor poverty the mind appall." - William Blake

"Only when we see that sacred, unadorned child of our devotion-the Babe of Bethlehem-will we know why the giving of gifts is so appropriate" - Jeffrey R. Holland

"I cop a fair bit of flack for going from 'such a babe to such a boy'. I wanted to share (that) story." - Ruby Rose

"Wherever there is power, there is age. Don't be deceived by dimples and curls. I tell you that babe is a thousand years old." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Bow, stubborn knees, and, heart with strings of steel, Be soft as sinews of the new-born babe. All many be well." - William Shakespeare

"Alas! dear Joy, the merriest, is dead. But I have wed Peace ; and our babe, a boy, New-born, is Joy." - John B. Tabb

"The old Irish when immersing a babe at baptism left out the right arm so that it would remain pagan for good fighting" - Mark Twain

"Alex grabbed our things from the bike and bought them inside; then he fastened the tent closed, securing us in. "Come here, babe, I'll keep you warm." - La Weatherly

"The magi, as you know, were wise men wonderfully wise men who brought gifts to the Babe in the manger. They invented the art of giving Christmas presents." - O Henry

"An honest man is the best thing on the sod; but a mother and her babe is the noblest work of God." - Anonymous

"God mark thee to his grace! Thou wast the prettiest babe that e'er I nursed. An I might live to see thee married once, I have my wish." - William Shakespeare

"And my heart rocked its babe of bliss, And soothed its child of air, With something 'twixt a song and kiss, To keep it nestling there." - Gerald Massey

"The babe is at peace with the womb, The corpse is at rest within the tomb. We begin in what we end." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"The children with the streamlets sing, When April stops at last her weeping; And every happy growing thing Laughs like a babe just roused from sleeping." - Lucy Larcom

"A daughter, and a goodly babe, Lusty and like to live. The queen receives Much comfort in't, says, 'My poor prisoner, I am innocent as you." - William Shakespeare

"Bow, stubborn knees, and, heart with strings of steel, Be soft as sinews of the new-born babe. All many be well." - William Shakespeare

"Omygod, I have' got years. I"ll have to hide in the Bat Cave." "Once you go to the Bat Cave it's forever, babe." Eeek." - Janet Evanovich

"To be loved is the birthright of every mewling babe, but, once grown, a man is not assured of such affection." - Katherine Marsh



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