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Army Families Quotes


"Are you truly doing what's best for the nation, what's best for the Army, what's best for your unit, and what's best for your soldiers and their families? Are you taking all of that into consideration, or are you looking at what makes you as an individual look the best?" - Richard A. Kidd

"The sergeant is the Army." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"Entire families work for Xerox." - Anne M Mulcahy

"An army of lovers shall not fail." - Rita Mae Brown

"Discipline is the soul of an army." - George Washington

"A rational army would run away." - Baron de Montesquieu

"Without supplies no army is brave." - Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

"George Bush doesn't care about black people... They're saying black families are looting and white families are just looking for food... they're giving the (Army) permission to shoot us." - Kanye West

"What this world needs is a new kind of army - the army of the kind." - Cleveland Amory

"Where some states possess an army, the Prussian Army possesses a state." - Voltaire

"I don't believe in happy families," - Pat Conroy

"Our world needs good and strong families." - Pope Francis

"Is there life in other families?" - Ashleigh Brilliant

"Families are the bedrock of our society." - Hillary Clinton

"Families with babies and families without babies are sorry for each other." - E W Howe

"Elvis died the day he went into the army." - John Lennon

"Whoever has an army has power, and war decides everything." - Mao Zedong

"Like an army defeated the snow hath retreated." - William Wordsworth

"I smoked pot in college and in the Army..." - Al Gore

"When we drink coffee, ideas march in like the army" - Honore De Balzac

"No army has ever done so much with so little." - Douglas Macarthur

"Training distinguishes an army from an armed mob." - Douglas Macarthur

"A standing army is a standing menace to liberty." - Voltairine de Cleyre

"Without a People's army, the people have nothing." - Mao Zedong

"Love has more force than a besieging army." - Mahatma Gandhi

"There is an army of waiters in this world." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Every army has a beginning, no matter how humble." - Ann Aguirre

"The army of brokers, jobbers and other quaintly named parasites." - Neil Kinnock

"An army, like a serpent, travels on its belly." - Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

"Army Specialist Bradley Manning deserves a medal, not prison." - Michael Moore

"Therefore a victorious army first wins and then seeks battle; a defeated army first battles and then seeks victory." - Sun Tzu

"Be not dumb, obedient slaves in an army of destruction! Be heroes in an army of construction!" - Helen Keller

"My time in the Army gave me an understanding for what it takes to provide for our national security and what it means to our service members and their families." - James Inhofe

"My dad and grandpa were in the army and as a country singer you're constantly playing at military bases all across the country and meeting soldiers and their families and hearing their stories." - Dierks Bentley

"As an active member of the Air Force, Army and Mine Warfare Caucuses, I meet with enlisted personnel and officers on a regular basis to learn more about their needs, both on the job and with their families." - Allen Boyd

"This is the season for families. Hold yours close." - Celine Dion

"Companies are' families. They"re battlefields in a civil war." - Charles Duhigg

"Have you noticed that families on TV never watch television?" - Henny Youngman

"... good teachers, like Tolstoy's happy families, are alike everywhere." - Bel Kaufman

"Families must spend more time together in work and recreation." - Ezra Taft Benson

"Middle income families with children are Australia's new poor" - Tony Abbott

"I want to invest in hard-working families." - Hillary Clinton

"It is within the families themselves where peace can begin." - Susan Partnow

"Secret families are really the bedrock issue of Western literature." - Tayari Jones

"I think families find a dynamic that works for them." - Treat Williams

"Middle-class families know education begins at birth." - Geoffrey Canada

"Tax cuts are an investment in working families." - Tommy Thompson

"Good families are generally worse than any others." - Anthony Hope

"I grew up in a world that was clannish - old Tasmanian-Irish families with big extended families." - Richard Flanagan

"If it's necessary to form a Black Nationalist army, we'll form a Black Nationalist army. It'll be ballot or the bullet. It'll be liberty or it'll be death." - Malcolm X

"An army may be likened to water, for just as flowing water avoids the heights and hastens to the lowlands, so an army avoids strength and strikes weakness." - Sun Tzu

"The New Deal began, like the Salvation Army, by promising to save humanity. It ended, again like the Salvation Army, by running flop-houses and disturbing the peace." - H L Mencken

"One blow from the German army and another from the Soviet army put an end to this ugly product of Versailles." - Vyacheslav Molotov

"I am more afraid of an army of one hundred sheep led by a lion than an army of one hundred lions led by a sheep." - Charles Maurice

"I am more afraid of an army of a hundred sheep led by a lion than an army of a hundred lions led by a sheep." - Frederick Russell Burnham

"Back to the Army again, sergeant, Back to the Army again: Out o' the cold an' the rain, sergeant, Out o' the cold an' the rain." - Rudyard Kipling

"Democrats have always historically referred to our families as working families, and I have sort of changed that moniker. I think what we have is a nation of worried families - families that are concerned about job security, families who thought their pensions were secure and now have questions." - Tom Vilsack

"The British Army should be a projectile to be fired by the British Navy." - Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon

"He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks." - Sun Tzu

"Good order and discipline in any army are to be depended upon more than courage alone." - Niccolo Machiavelli

"Upon his royal face there is no note how dread an army hath enrounded him." - William Shakespeare

"One who sets the entire army in motion to chase an advantage will not attain it." - Sun Tzu

"To capture an enemies army is better than to destroy it." - Sun Tzu

"Without Spam, we wouldn't have been able to feed our army." - Nikita Khrushchev

"A standing army is one of the greatest mischief that can possibly happen." - James Madison

"An army is a nation within a nation, it is one of the vices of courage." - Alfred De Vigny

"In war, the army is not merely a pure consumer, but a negative producer..." - Lewis Mumford

"Take up the weapons of the glorious army for the salvation of many thousands." - Adela of Normandy

"The strength of an Army lies in strict discipline and undeviating obedience to its officers." - Thucydides

"It is not an army that we must train for war; it is a nation." - Woodrow Wilson

"Every man who expresses an honest thought is a soldier in the army of intellectual liberty." - Robert Green Ingersoll

"It takes a brave man to be a coward in the Red Army." - Joseph Stalin

"The Lybian army is capable of destroying America and breaking its nose." - Muammar al-Gaddafi

"As the rising sun melts thinly frozen ice, so the Japanese Army is overcoming Chinese troops." - Shunroku Hata

"It is not possible to foretell the reaction of certain elements in the Army and Navy." - Yoshijiro Umezu

"An army abroad is of little use unless there are prudent counsels at home." - Cicero

"The British army should be a projectile to be fired by the British navy." - Edward Grey

"Any god who can invent hell is no candidate for the Salvation Army" - Joseph Campbell

"The Red Army must keep its powder dry and be in constant mobilization and preparedness." - Semyon Timoshenko

"We have just received your reply. The Japanese Army will consider nothing but surrender." - Tomoyuki Yamashita

"OFFENSIVE, adj. Generating disagreeable emotions or sensations, as the advance of an army against its enemy." - Ambrose Bierce

"Army of one': when the shit hits the fan, you're on your own." - Ze Frank

"I'm a gambler, a farmboy, and I'm here to take command of your bloody army!" - Robert Jordan

"If soldiers were to begin to think, not one of them would remain in the army." - Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

"A conquering army on the border will not be stopped by eloquence." - Otto Von Bismarck

"no army has ever marched into battle thinking that the Creator had sided with their enemy." - Terry Goodkind

"Lebanon is a small country, weak, an army with very humble capabilities." - Hassan Nasrallah

"Families want their child to get an education; families want safe access to healthcare; families want a roof over their head. When we silo issues, we end up with solutions that are in conflict with each other." - Cameron Sinclair

"Families without songs are unhappy families." - Pat Conroy

"That's what the Ivy League is. And many of the people there are legacy. Their families went there; their families are in government. The kids go there." - Rush Limbaugh

"Spiritually, compulsory disarmament has made us unmanly, and the presence of an alien army of occupation, employed with deadly effect to crush in us the spirit of resistance, has made us think we cannot look after ourselves or put up a defense against foreign aggression, or even defend our homes and families..." - Mahatma Gandhi

"There are three ways in which a ruler can bring misfortune on his army: By commanding the army to advance or to retreat, being ignorant of the fact that it cannot obey. This is called hobbling the army. By attempting to govern an army in the same way as he administers a kingdom, being ignorant of the conditions which obtain in an army. This causes restlessness in the soldier's minds. By employing the officers of his army without discrimination, through ignorance of the military principle of adaptation to circumstances. This shakes the confidence of the soldiers." - Sun Tzu

"Seeing is believing to most families who have lived with a drinker." - Bill W.

"All well-regulated families set apart an hour every morning for tea and bread and butter" - Joseph Addison

"Isn't it interesting how men 'leave' their families, but women 'abandon' their children?" - Susan Powter

"Friends are God's way of apologizing to us for our families" - Tennessee Williams

"The middle income families in America have been crushed over the last four years," - Mitt Romney

"Characteristics cling to families." - Francis Galton

"It's human nature - we want to believe our children, our families, our President!" - Richard Gere

"Successful families try to work together toward solutions instead of resorting to criticism and contention." - Ezra Taft Benson

"What we are learning around the world is that if women are healthy and educated, their families will flourish. If women are free from violence, their families will flourish. If women have a chance to work and earn as full and equal partners in society, their families will flourish. And when families flourish, communities and nations do as well." - Hillary Clinton

"My goal is to have that be a haven for families." - J Cole

"Americans get mad as hell with reasonable frequency but quickly return to their families and sitcoms." - Eric Alterman

"Families that live out in the suburbs often make each other cry." - Lou Reed

"There are many families where the whole interest of life is centered upon the dog." - Jerome K Jerome

"We all come from dysfunctional families and these days I guess that's pretty normal." - Carnie Wilson

"All well-regulated families set apart an hour every morning for tea and bread and butter." - Joseph Addison

"Generations pass while some tree stands, and old families last not three oaks." - Robert Browning

"We are going to do everything that we can to protect working families in this country." - Bernie Sanders

"I have tried my entire life to do what I can to support children and families." - Hillary Clinton

"Donald Trump would end up raising taxes on middle-class families." - Hillary Clinton

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." - Leo Tolstoy

"I've got two families." - Merle Haggard

"God has two families of children on this earth, the once-born and the twice-born." - Francis W Newman

"As Jews, their families left Russia to escape the poverty and the antisemitism." - Martin Lewis

"Despite the best of efforts, many foster children are neither reunited with their families, nor adopted." - Charles Bass

"Families and businesses are tightening their belts to make ends meet - and Washington should too." - Evan Bayh

"Students of America, working families of America: President Obama will not turn his back on you." - Lincoln Chafee

"It is not observed in history that families improve with time." - George William Curtis

"As sisters in Zion, we can be obstacles to the adversary's conspiracy against families and virtue." - Sheri L Dew

"My father was a trigamist; he supported three families. We were never not poor." - Junot Diaz

"Music is nothing but a door opener to meet families and their children and the elderly." - Dick Dale

"There are heads of royal families who control hereditary fortunes that defy comprehension." - Paul Getty

"What was important was trying to create something that families could watch together and enjoy together." - Emma Thompson

"I am a great believer in found families and I'm not a great believer in blood." - Joss Whedon

"Families homeschool for different reasons, in unique situations, using a variety of methods." - Lisa Whelchel

"I come from a place where there's a lot of musical families." - Teddy Thompson

"Love knits families together, friends, lovers, societies, nations and perhaps oneday a world." - Frederick Lenz

"I co-founded the DNC Veterans and Military Families Council in 2005." - Christine Pelosi

"With families and music, you're usually looking for something that can make you unique." - Tom Waits

"Good mothers and good fathers and good families don't always have great children." - Cissy Houston

"Pfft, I hate Christmas Day. It's for children and families. Not for people like me." - Karl Lagerfeld

"It's unclear how air strikes on our part can succeed unless the Iraqi army is willing to fight, and that's uncertain given the fact that several Iraqi army divisions have melted away." - Carl Levin

"The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one's country" - George S Patton

"The truth is that people who pull triggers are ultimately responsible, whether they're following orders or not. An army of people making individual moral choices may be inefficient, but an army of people ignoring their morality is horrifying." - Joel Stein

"I supply guns to every army but the Salvation Army." - Yuri Orlov

"Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace." - James Madison

"I spent six years in the army. That's the reason I am like a drill sergeant sometimes." - Dharma Mittra

"Marriage is a lot like the army, everyone complains, but you'd be surprise at the large number that re-enlist." - James Garner

"If those who are sent to draw water begin by drinking themselves, the army is suffering from thirst." - Sun Tzu

"When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard." - Sun Tzu

"I idolized my mother. I didn't realize she was a lousy cook until I went into the army." - Jackie Gayle

"Where the army is, prices are high; when prices rise the wealth of the people is exhausted." - Sun Tzu

"Being in the army is like being in the Boy Scouts, except that the Boy Scouts have adult supervision." - Blake Clark

"A cherished cause and a general who inspires confidence by previous success are powerful means of electrifying an army." - Antoine-Henri Jomini

"We have two companies of MARINES running all over this island and thousands of ARMY troops doing nothing!" - John W Vessey Jr

"Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every country in Europe." - Noah Webster

"I am not fond of speaking about politics because I don't have in my possession an army of 200,000 soldiers." - Franz Liszt

"My ambition in the Army was to make everybody I worked for regretful when I was ordered to other duty." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"Thus an army without flexibility never wins a battle. A tree that is unbending is easily broken." - Laozi



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