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Appropriate Language Quotes


"Music is a language, a universal language." - Sun Ra

"I like to call someone a raving c**t every now and then, when it's appropriate, for effect (...) 'You cocksucker.' I love that kind of language." - Andrew Breitbart

"I like to call someone a raving c**t every now and then, when it's appropriate, for effect (...) "You cocksucker." I love that kind of language." - Andrew Breitbart

"Verbing weirds language." - Bill Watterson

"Language changes very fast." - John M. Smith

"BASIC - A programming language." - Anonymous

"Music is a language." - Youssou Ndour

"Gone. The saddest word in the language. In any language." - Mark Slouka

"Music is a language, you see, a universal language." - Sun Ra

"The language of the poem is the language of particulars." - Mary Oliver

"Everything in writing begins with language. Language begins with listening." - Jeanette Winterson

"Language cannot say everything, fortunately." - Mason Cooley

"Nothing exists except through language." - Hans-Georg Gadamer

"Music is a universal language." - Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

"Language always gives you away." - George Carlin

"Hands have their own language." - Simon Van Booy

"Language is a social event." - Richard Rodriguez

"Christians have their own language." - Mike Warnke

"Loose language suggests loose thought." - Anthony Daniels (psychiatrist)

"Nothing exists except through language." - Hansgeorg Gadamer

"Language is a social art." - Willard Van Orman Quine

"My first language is Gaelic." - Enya

"In language clarity is everything." - Confucius

"A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language, of language, and for language." - Gaston Bachelard

"People always think of technology as something having silicon in it. But a pencil is technology. Any language is technology. Technology is a tool we use to accomplish a particular task and when one talks about appropriate technology in developing countries, appropriate may mean anything from fire to solar electricity." - Mae Jemison

"Pearls are always appropriate." - Jackie Kennedy

"What humans do with the language of mathematics is to describe patterns... To grow mathematically children must be exposed to a rich variety of patterns appropriate to their own lives through which they can see variety, regularity, and interconnections." - Lynn Steen

"What happens with notation is that it reduces things to a language which isn't necessarily appropriate to them. In the same way that words do, you get a much cruder version of what was actually intended." - Brian Eno

"Poetic language is singularly appropriate for recounting the life of the king who is traditionally accepted as the author of the poetic psalms, some of which are included in the narrative." - Robert Pinsky

"While I'm grateful for the freedom to express one's self, I've learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and I'm deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted." - Psy

"People who passionately want to believe that the world is basically simple react to this with a fury that goes beyond what I consider appropriate for discussing a programming language." - Bjarne Stroustrup

"I think records and music are more appropriate and more respectful of the human soul than the churches are. And more respectful of the needs of humans to communicate with the aspects of themselves that are neglected by language." - Will Oldham

"I can't imagine a mental life, a spiritual existence, not inextricably bound up with language of a formal, mediated nature. Telling stories, choosing an appropriate language with which to tell the story: This seems to me quintessentially human, one of the great adventures of our species." - Joyce Carol Oates

"If you listen to the urban speech patterns in India you'll find it's quite characteristic that a sentence will begin in one language, go through a second language and end in a third. It's the very playful, very natural result of juggling languages. You are always reaching for the most appropriate phrase." - Salman Rushdie

"There is a language beyond human language, an elemental language, one that arises from the land itself." - Linda Hogan

"Touch is the first language we speak." - Stephen Gaskin

"Laughter is the language of the heart" - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"Experience is always larger than language." - Adrienne Rich

"All people smile in the same language." - Anonymous

"Poetry is the language of feeling." - William Winter

"Our language is the reflection of ourselves." - Cesar Chavez

"JS will be a real functional language." - Douglas Crockford

"My homeland is the portuguese language." - Fernando Pessoa

"Mathematics is the language of size." - Lancelot Hogben

"Faire language grates not the tongue." - George Herbert

"Sometimes, language is the sound of longing" - Simon Van Booy

"The original language of Christianity is translation." - Lamin Sanneh

"Language transcends us and yet we speak." - Maurice Merleau-Ponty

"Language can do what it ca' say." - William Stafford

"Politically correct is the language of cowardice." - Billy Connolly

"What purifies the heart refines language." - John Lancaster Spalding

"We've driven teenagers crazy in every language." - Robert B. Sherman

"You couldn't have human society without language." - John M. Smith

"Music is indeed the Universal Language." - L Ron Hubbard

"Language is what stops the heart exploding." - Jeanette Winterson

"Silence is the only language god speaks." - Charles Simic

"Tears are the silent language of grief." - Voltaire

"Coffee is a language in itself." - Jackie Chan

"True creativity often starts where language ends." - Arthur Koestler

"Arabs respect only the language of force." - Moshe Sharett

"I think music is another language." - Dar Williams

"Language is the dress of thought." - Samuel Johnson

"The eyes have one language everywhere." - George Herbert

"I've always been very tied to language." - Barbara Kruger

"Money has a language of its own." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Yeah, it's more like playing what you think is appropriate for the moment, not forcing any particular style." - Charlie Hunter

"Self-hatred is sometimes appropriate." - Mason Cooley

"What's appropriate in America anymore?" - Fuzzy Zoeller

"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams." - Paul Gauguin

"Everyone prays in their own language, and there is no language that God does not understand." - Duke Ellington

"Thinking about language, while thinking _in_ language, leads to puzzles and paradoxes." - James Gleick

"When you play music, you don't need a language. Music is a language." - Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

"The language of poetry is but the language of strong human passion!" - John Wilson

"We tend to look through language and not realize how much power language has" - Deborah Tannen

"Design is just language and the real issue is what you use that language to do." - Tibor Kalman

"When it comes to telling children stories, they don't need simple language. They need beautiful language." - Philip Pullman

"Unfortunately, we're using the same language to talk about the language we'retalking about." - Donna Jo Napoli

"If a language is corruptible, then a constitution written in that language is corruptible." - Robert Brault

"Job Control Language is the worst programming language ever designed anywhere by anybody for any purpose." - Fred Brooks

"I call the language of political figures, pundits and administrators 'the haute couture of language.'" - Anna Deavere Smith

"Learning a language represents training in the delusions of that language." - Frank Herbert

"Mathematics is much more than a language for dealing with the physical world. It is a source of models and abstractions which will enable us to obtain amazing new insights into the way in which nature operates. Indeed, the beauty and elegance of the physical laws themselves are only apparent when expressed in the appropriate mathematical framework." - Melvin Schwartz

"Hungarian Language - savage it may be but of a beauty that has nothing human about it, with sonorities of another universe, powerful and corrosive, appropriate to prayer, to groans and to tears, risen out of hell to perpetuate its accent and its aura...words of nectar and cyanide." - Emile M Cioran

"What bothers me the most about the way that people appropriate feminist language is that they are the same people who are - you know, anti-feminists - they're the same people who say that feminism is ruining the family, yet when it behooves them to, they'll say Sara Palin's a feminist - when all of a sudden it works in their favor." - Jessica Valenti

"Hungarian Language - savage it may be but of a beauty that has nothing human about it, with sonorities of another universe, powerful and corrosive, appropriate to prayer, to groans and to tears, risen out of hell to perpetuate its accent and its aura...words of nectar and cyanide." - Emil Cioran

"No one wants one language. There are applications when it's appropriate to write something in C rather than in Java. If you want to write something where performance is much more important than extensibility, then you might want to choose C rather than Java." - Brian Behlendorf

"Without exception, empathy is always appropriate." - Stephen Covey

"No law is quite appropriate for all." - Livy

"To eat is to appropriate by destruction." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"To eat is to appropriate by destruction." - Jeanpaul Sartre

"There is no language that love does not speak." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"Music begins where the possibilities of language end." - Jean Sibelius

"Jazz music is a language of the emotions." - Charles Mingus

"As was his language so was his life." - Seneca the Younger

"Regret; The saddest word in the English language." - Tonya Hurley

"Music is the most spiritual language for the human being." - Celedonio Romero

"Sarcasm is the language of people whose emotions are dying." - Barry Webster

"poets are born knowing the language of angels" - Madeleine L'Engle

"JavaScript is the world's most misunderstood programming language." - Douglas Crockford

"Language is a virus, money is a nasty disease." - Jonathan Barnbrook

"Language is the close-fitting dress of thought." - Richard Chenevix Trench

"We should never lower our dignity by lowering our language." - Ted E. Brewerton

"Learn the Arabic language; it will sharpen your wisdom." - Umar

"The only true language in the world is a kiss." - Alfred De Musset

"Only where there is language is there world." - Adrienne Rich

"If only...the saddest words in the English language." - Kristan Higgins

"The language of sin was universal, the original Esperanto." - Joe Hill

"Power floats like money, like language, like theory." - Jean Baudrillard

"Industry jargon may not be a language your customer understands." - Ron Kaufman

"I love language as I love life itself!" - Jacques Derrida

"English, our common language, binds our diverse people." - S I Hayakawa

"The English language is not always the President's friend." - George Will

"All language designers are arrogant. Goes with the territory... :-)" - Larry Wall

"You can prove anything by mentioning another computer language. :-)" - Larry Wall

"Larry's 2nd Law of Language Redesign: Larry gets the colon." - Larry Wall

"Loonies speak their own language, like educated people." - Patrick White

"Learn a new language and get a new soul." - Proverbs

"A language is a dialect with an army and navy." - Max Weinreich

"A different language is a different vision of life." - Federico Fellini

"I work with language. I love the flowers of afterthought." - Bernard Malamud

"Language cares." - Howard Nemerov

"Language is magic: it makes things appear and disappear." - Nicole Brossard

"Language is conceived in sin and science is its redemption." - Willard Van Orman Quine

"Real programmers can write assembly code in any language." - Larry Wall

"Language fits over experience like a straight-jacket." - William Golding

"Writers let themselves be enticed by the language." - Peter Bichsel

"The language of women should be luminous, but not voluminous." - Douglas William Jerrold

"Spoken language is merely a series of squeaks." - Alfred North Whitehead

"Poetry is the language of a state of crisis." - Stephane Mallarme

"I would say that jazz is my own language." - Amy Winehouse

"I have never designed a language for its own sake." - Niklaus Wirth

"I said in sharp language that that practice was wrong." - Ken Starr

"Language is the mother of thought, not its handmaiden." - Karl Kraus

"I started out with machine code and assembly language." - Charles Petzold

"I feel that I speak the musical language." - Marsha Norman

"I am influenced by words and the chewiness of language" - Annie Proulx

"Dance is so important in the world. It needs no language. Our bodies speak a language of its own." - Ibrahim Farah

"We all laugh and cough with the same language and will die with the same language as well!" - Javad Alizadeh

"Art as the future there will only be art. This common language will carry the message of love." - Theo van Doesburg

"To understand the Universe, you must understand the language in which it's written, the language of Mathematics." - Galileo Galilei

"Go back so far there is another language go back far enough the language is no longer personal." - Adrienne Rich

"A language is the appearances of connections therefore language as in writing doesn't express anything: it creates." - Kathy Acker

"paraphrasing.."Science is the language of the intellect of society. Art is language of the entire human personality." - Naguib Mahfouz

"The word 'right' should be excluded from political language, as the word 'cause' from the language of philosophy." - Auguste Comte

"The writer cannot abandon himself simply to inspiration, and feign innocence vis a vis language, because language is never innocent." - Juan Goytisolo

"The earliest language was body language and, since this language is the language of questions, if we limit the questions, and if we only pay attention to or place values on spoken or written language, then we are ruling out a large area of human language." - Paulo Freire

"I feel as though I am trying to describe a three-dimensional experience while living in a two-dimension world. The appropriate words, descriptions, and concepts don't even exist in our current language. I have subsequently read the accounts of other people's near-death experiences and their portrayals of heaven and I am able to see the same limitations in their descriptions and vocabulary that I see in my own." - Mary C. Neal

"You need to find the size of performance that's appropriate to the material, appropriate to the shot, or appropriate to the scene." - Jason Alexander

"Syntax and vocabulary are overwhelming constraints -the rules that run us. Language is using us to talk -we think we're using the language, but language is doing the thinking, we're its slavish agents." - Harry Mathews

"America is not a nation of separation. All our citizens are Americans. The common denominator is our language. Our language is English. The glue that binds generation after generation is both our Constitution and our English language." - James Traficant



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