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An Unhappy Wife Quotes


"An angry skipper makes an unhappy crew." - Rudyard Kipling

"Every artist is an unhappy lover." - Iris Murdoch

"I've had an unhappy life, thank God." - Russell Baker

"Every artist is an unhappy lover. And unhappy lovers want to tell their story." - Iris Murdoch

"All happy families are alike, but an unhappy family is unhappy after its own fashion." - Leo Tolstoy

"It is an unhappy lot which finds no enemies." - Publilius Syrus

"An unhappy life is a life not lived." - Dennis Prager

"If we must lose wife or husband when we live to our highest right, we lose an unhappy marriage as well, and we gain ourselves. But if a marriage is born between two already self-discovered, what a lovely adventure begins, hurricanes and all." - Richard Bach

"I find to my astonishment that an unhappy marriage goes on being unhappy when it is over." - Rebecca West

"I have known some quite good people who were unhappy, but never an interested person who was unhappy." - A C Benson

"An obedient wife commands her husband." - Benjamin Disraeli

"A gentleman who had been very unhappy in marriage, married immediately after his wife died; it was the triumph of hope over experience." - Samuel Johnson

"Unhappy, but not unhappy enough." - Samuel Beckett

"An undutiful daughter will prove an unmanageable wife." - Benjamin Franklin

"Emotion in itself is not unhappiness. Only emotion plus an unhappy story is unhappiness" - Eckhart Tolle

"There's no way that a clear mind can live an unhappy life." - Byron Katie

"To exult over the miseries of an unhappy creature is inhuman." - Hugh Blair

"Why is it, do you suppose, that an Englishman is unhappy until he has explained America?" - E B White

"Money will never make you happy if you are an unhappy person." - Robert Kiyosaki

"A happy man has no past, while an unhappy man has nothing else." - Richard Flanagan

"Mice: What is the best early training for a writer? Y.C.: An unhappy childhood." - Ernest Hemingway

"I see 'Ahab's Wife' as offering an alternative vision to" - Moby

"People are realizing that what seemed important to them in their lives-materialism and consumerism-doesn't work at all to make a happy heart. It actually makes an unhappy heart. And an unhappy world." - Sylvia Boorstein

"Whenever there is polarization, there is an unhappy tendency to think the truth lies somewhere in between." - Gayle Rubin

"Contrary to what many may think, immortality is not a fairy tale invented to compensate for an unhappy life." - Stephen R. Lawhead

"The most beautiful of altars, he said, is the soul of an unhappy creature consoled and thankfing God." - Victor Hugo

"We must spoil our women, boy. A happy woman makes a happy home. An unhappy one makes us drink." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"If there is nothing left to desire, there is everything to fear, an unhappy state of happiness." - Baltasar Gracian

"One of the greatest gifts you can get as a writer is to be born into an unhappy family." - Pat Conroy

"Who wakes up when they're worth 120million and says, 'I'm unhappy today but if only I had an extra 2million!'" - Moby

"Did you ever see an unhappy horse? Did you ever see bird that had the blues? One reason why birds and horses are not unhappy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses." - Dale Carnegie

"She read and read and read, but she was stuffing herself with the letters on the page like an unhappy child stuffing itself with chocolate. They did' taste bad, but she was still unhappy." - Cornelia Funke

"Unhappy people are dangerous." - Rebecca West

"You will discover 3 trustworthy mates, an aged wife, an aged canine, and ready dollars." - Benjamin Franklin

"A good one iron shot is about as easy to come by as an understanding wife." - Dan Jenkins

"An extravagance is something you buy which is no earthly use to your wife." - Franklin P. Adams

"She's my wife. (Stryker) Was. You seem to have forgotten an important verb tense. (Zephyra)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"An intelligent wife can make her home, in spite of exigencies, pretty much what she pleases." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"That wife is an enemy to her husband who is given in marriage against her will." - Plautus

"She's my wife. (Stryker) Was. You seem to have forgotten an important verb tense. (Zephyra)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"One of the best hearing aids a man can have is an attentive wife." - Groucho Marx

"There is no fury like an ex-wife searching for a new lover." - Cyril Connolly

"My ex-wife is a water sign and I'm an earth sign. Together we made mud." - Rodney Dangerfield

"A wife lasts only for the length of the marriage, but an ex-wife is there for the rest of your life." - Woody Allen

"My wife and I had an argument last week that was so stupid, that it bears repeating. My wife collects twist ties...welcome to my world." - Bill Engvall

"Giving up an addiction means re-programming that part of your brain that makes you restless and unhappy if a desire is not realized." - Ken Keyes Jr.

"So many pleasing episodes of one's life are spoiled by shouting. You never heard of an unhappy marriage unless the neighbors have heard it first." - Lillian Russell

"Life for the unhappy is an endless search for 'the good parent,' one who will truly love him instead of making him afraid ..." - Lucy Freeman

"An ingenuous mind feels in unmerited praise the bitterest reproof. If you reject it, you are unhappy: if you accept it, you are undone." - Walter Savage Landor

"Sean's a better person when he's directing. He becomes a queen when he's an actor. And he's so unhappy when he's acting." - Robin Wright Penn

"But I had not quite fixed whether to make him [Don Juan] end in Hell-or in an unhappy marriage,-not knowing which would be the severest." - Lord Byron

"Anything that you have imposed on yourself to be unhappy, to be bound, is a concept. It is an imaginary concept, so give it away." - H. W. L. Poonja

"Not curiosity, not vanity, not the consideration of expediency, not duty and conscientiousness, but an unquenchable, unhappy thirst that brooks no compromise leads us to truth." - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

"An ingenuous mind feels in unmerited praise the bitterest reproof. If you reject it you are unhappy, if you accept it you are undone." - Walter Savage Landor

"Life always has an unhappy ending, but you can have a lot of fun along the way, and everything doesn't have to be dripping in deep significance." - Roger Ebert

"Divorce isn't such a tragedy. A tragedy's staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce." - Jennifer Weiner

"Historically, a story about people inside impressive buildings ignoring or even taunting people standing outside shouting at them turns out to be a story with an unhappy ending." - Daniel Handler

"To say a person is a happy person or an unhappy person is ridiculous. We are a thousand different kinds of people every hour." - Anthony Doerr

"Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"The unhappy never want enemies." - Samuel Richardson

"Learn from your unhappy customers." - Bill Gates

"If you're unhappy, change something." - Sue Grafton

"Unhappy failures need not apply." - Kurt Vonnegut

"MUSTANG, n. An indocile horse of the western plains. In English society, the American wife of an English nobleman." - Ambrose Bierce

"I'm completely Americanized - I have an American accent, an American wife - but a residue of me is foreign." - Dinesh D'Souza

"My library is my kingdom, and here I try to make my rule absolute-shutting off this single nook from wife, daughter and society. Elsewhere I have only a verbal authority, and vague. Unhappy is the man, in my opinion, who has no spot at home where he can be at home to himself-to court himself and hide away." - Michel De Montaigne

"Each of us owes it to our spouse, our children, our friends, to be as happy as we can be. And if you don't believe me, ask a child what it's like to grow up with an unhappy parent, or ask parents what they suffer if they have an unhappy child...." - Dennis Prager

"In this country we're unprecedentedly safe, comfortable, and well fed, with more and better venues for stimulation. And yet if you were asked, 'Is this a happy or unhappy country?' you'd check the 'unhappy' box. We're living in an era of emotional poverty, which is something that serious drug addicts feel most keenly." - David Foster Wallace

"The most unhappy people in the world are those who face the days without knowing what to do with their time. But if you have more projects than you have time for, you are not going to be an unhappy person. This is as much a question of having imagination and curiosity as it is of actually making plans." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"The man who is unhappy will, as a rule, adopt an unhappy creed, while the man who is happy will adopt a happy creed; each may attribute his happiness or unhappiness to his beliefs, while the real causation is the other way round." - Bertrand Russell

"It does not in the least concern me whether I shall have at the end of my life thirty people who understand or three hundred. I am like an artist who paints a picture because he must, otherwise he is unhappy - not unhappy, but he must obey that creative impulse." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"My wife only has sex with me for a purpose. Last night it was to time an egg." - Rodney Dangerfield

"To take a wife merely as an agreeable and rational companion, will commonly be found to be a grand mistake." - Lord Chesterfield

"Compromise: An amiable arrangement between husband and wife whereby they agree to let her have her own way." - Anonymous

"A girl who bonnets a policeman with an ashcan full of bottles is obviously good wife-and-mother timber." - P G Wodehouse

"You wear out a good wholesome forenoon in hearing a cause between an orange wife and a fosset-seller." - William Shakespeare

"I have often thought that less is expected of the president of a great corporation than of an American wife." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"It's an awful thing to grow old by yourself. My wife hasn't had a birthday in seven years." - Robert Orben

"The understanding smile of an old wife to her husband is one of the loveliest things in the world." - Booth Tarkington

"The whole life with a wife is like an end game with two bishops of different colors." - Viktor Korchnoi

"Workaholicism is such a tough addiction to get over. I had to divorce my wife because she was an enabler." - Dave Mordal

"Make sure you have your own life before becoming someone's wife ~spoken to Oprah in an interview" - Beyonce Knowles

"After 14 months of military service, I had a wife, a child, half an apartment, no car, and no job." - Charley Pride

"No matter who causes you grief, take your complaints to the meditation room, where your real friend is. In addition to your husband or wife, you should have a friend - and that friend should be God. Even if your husband or wife makes you unhappy, tell that to God, and not to anyone else. If your neighbor picks a fight with you, go to the meditation room and complain, 'Why did you let him treat me like that? Weren't you with me?' Open your heart and tell God everything. Then it becomes a satsang." - Mata Amritanandamayi

"Women have a mother-nature and a daughter-nature; there are no women with a wife-nature. The quality of wife is an acquired character; it is a combination of mother and daughter." - Lu Xun

"I'd rather be alone than unhappy" - Whitney Houston

"three-fourths of all marriages are unhappy." - Francoise d'Aubigne, Marquise de Maintenon

"Tired of being unhappy? Fix it." - Demi Lovato

"Families without songs are unhappy families." - Pat Conroy

"A fair bargain leaves both sides unhappy." - George R R Martin

"I'm claiming the right to be unhappy." - Aldous Huxley

"The world will never be long without some good reason to hate the unhappy; their real faults are immediately detected; and if those are not sufficient to sink them into infamy, an individual weight of calumny will be super-added." - Samuel Johnson

"Civilization is perhaps approaching one of those long winters that overtake it from time to time. Romantic Christendom - picturesque, passionate, unhappy episode - may be coming to an end. Such a catastrophe would be no reason for despair." - George Santayana

"The great thing with unhappy times is to take them bit by bit, hour by hour, like an illness. It is seldom the present, the exact present, that is unbearable." - C S Lewis

"People who've had happy childhoods are wonderful, but they're bland... An unhappy childhood compels you to use your imagination to create a world in which you can be happy. Use your old grief. That's the gift you're given." - Sue Grafton

"As incredible as it sounds, an unhappy man does not realize that happiness is better than unhappiness. Knowing only his own concealed anguish, he worships it, which is the same as self-worship." - Vernon Howard

"When I am happy I am like a cat, sleek and purring, quite useless. It is when I am unhappy, with an ache perhaps in my heart, that I do my finest work." - Barbara La Marr

"What is wrong with enjoying yourself? What is wrong in being happy? If there is anything wrong it is always in your unhappiness, because an unhappy person creates ripples of unhappiness all around him. Be happy!" - Rajneesh

"If I didn't have the reverb I'd be an unhappy camper. So I want reverb in my monitor mix. Reverb and a good level in my monitor and I'm all set." - Paul Taylor

"Let's face it: Sadness and evil are always more believable than happiness and love. When a movie reviewer calls a film "realistic," everyone knows what that means-it means the movie has an unhappy ending." - Chuck Klosterman

"The world will never be long without some good reason to hate the unhappy; their real faults are immediately detected, and if those are not sufficient to sink them into infamy, an additional weight of calumny will be super added." - Samuel Johnson

"I am an expert in the world of the supremely happy because I am happy. I've never met anybody as happy as I am - that, in itself, should make you unhappy." - Frederick Lenz

"The most unhappy thing about conservation is that it is never permanent. Save a priceless woodland or an irreplaceable mountain today, and tomorrow it is threatened from another quarter." - Hal Borland

"The unhappy persistence of both the practice and the lingering effects of racial discrimination an unfortunate reality...and the government is not disqualified from acting in response to it." - Sandra Day O'Connor

"The music of an unhappy people, of the children of disappointment; they tell of death and suffering and unvoiced longing toward a truer world, of misty wanderings and hidden ways." - W E B Du Bois

"Slaves sing most when they are most unhappy. The songs of the slave represent the sorrows of his heart; and he is relieved by them, only as an aching heart is relieved by its tears." - Frederick Douglass

"I worry sometimes that we're apt to confuse forgiveness with forgetfulness. The potency of forgiveness comes precisely from the fact that it must be done while being goaded by an unhappy memory." - Patrick Gale

"I really gravitate to the comedy of tonal contrasts. I hope that doesn't sound insufferably pretentious. What I mean is people having reactions to things that seem inappropriate, or being happy in an apparently unhappy situation." - Matt Nix

"I think one of the other myths is that your environment determines your happiness. That if you are living with an alcoholic or living with a depressed spouse for a long time, you are just going to be unhappy." - Gary Chapman

"An optimist is merely an ex-pessimist with his pockets full of money, his digestion in good condition, and his wife in the country." - Helen Rowland

"An ametuer is an artist who supports himself with outside jobs which enable him to paint. A professional is someone whose wife works to enable him to paint." - Ben Shahn

"A father who is a chronic debtor, an adulterous mother, a beautiful wife, and an unlearned son are enemies in one's own home." - Chanakya

"Wife: a former sweetheart." - H L Mencken

"And I'll tell ya, I'm really enjoying this marriage thing. You think about each other. You care about each other. It's wonderful! Plus, I love saying 'my wife.' Once I started saying it, I couldn't stop - 'my wife' this, 'my wife''s an amazing way to begin a sentence." - Jerry Seinfeld

"Do you ask why I am unwilling to marry a rich wife? It is because I am unwilling to be taken to husband by my wife. The mistress of the house should be subordinate to her husband, for in no other way, Priscus, will the wife and husband be on an equality." - Marcus Valerius Martial

"Do you ask why I am unwilling to marry a rich wife? It is because I am unwilling to be taken to husband by my wife. The mistress of the house should be subordinate to her husband, for in no other way, Priscus, will the wife and husband be on an equality." - Martial

"O Lord! Unhappy is the man whom man can make unhappy." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Some people who think they are in unhappy marriages are just in unhappy bodies." - Anne Roiphe

"I'm not unhappy," he said. "Only people with no purpose are unhappy. I've got a purpose." - Cassandra Clare

"Most people are unhappy; and they are unhappy because there is no love in their hearts." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"You are all adding to each other's unhappiness; you are all helping each other to be more unhappy. Every single man has many people behind him making him unhappy. If an understanding of compassion is there, then you will change all the ways that you cause unhappiness in others. And if you can bring happiness to someone's life, you will find a way to do it." - Rajneesh

"Divorce Myths: 1. When love has gone out of a marriage, it is better to get divorced. 2. It is better for the children for the unhappy couple to divorce than to raise their children in the atmosphere of an unhappy marriage. 3. Divorce is the lesser of two evils. 4. You owe it to yourself. 5. Everyone's entitled to one mistake. 6. God led me to this divorce." - R C Sproul

"An ex-wife is a woman with a crick in the neck from looking back over her shoulder at her matrimony." - Ursula Parrott

"If a man is wise, he gets rich an' if he gets rich, he gets foolish, or his wife does. That's what keeps the money movin' around." - Finley Peter Dunne

"Being pregnant is a very boring six months. I am not particularly maternal. It's an occupational hazard of being a wife." - Anne, Princess Royal

"Let wife and child perish, and lay bricks for your last crust, rather than part with an iota of your [copy]rights." - George Bernard Shaw

"Man and wife are equally concerned, to avoid all offence of each other, in the beginning of their conversation. Every little thing can blast an infant blossom." - Jeremy Taylor

"An elegant writer has observed, that wit may do very well for a mistress, but that he should prefer reason for a wife." - Charles Caleb Colton

"It is hard for me to believe that any husband and wife are really happy together. And to have thee say you are is an unspeakable comfort." - Hannah Whitall Smith

"He was doubtless an understanding Fellow that said, there was no happy Marriage but betwixt a blind Wife and a deaf Husband." - Michel De Montaigne

"I've never won an argument with my wife; and the only time I thought I had I found out the argument wasn't over yet." - Jimmy Carter

"She 's adorned Amply that in her husband's eye looks lovely,- The truest mirror that an honest wife Can see her beauty in." - John M. Tobin, Jr.

"Thank you, darling, for learning to play chess. It is an absolute necessity for any well organized family. (in a letter to his wife)" - Alexander Pushkin

"Four things does a reckless man gain who covets his neighbor's wife - demerit, an uncomfortable bed, thirdly, punishment, and lastly, hell." - Seneca the Younger

"May the bird of paradise fly up your nose, may an elephant caress you with his toes, may your wife be plagued with runners in her hose." - 'Little' Jimmy Dickens

"A farm is an irregular patch of nettles bounded by short-term notes, containing a fool and his wife who didn't know enough to stay in the city." - S J Perelman

"Some perfect wife I am. I've been married four times, divorced four times, have no children, and can't boil an egg." - Myrna Loy

"I don't know about making a passionate love story, even if it's appealing for an audience to see a husband and wife make love on the screen." - Sandra Dee

"I'll always be this crazy, fun person, but when it's time to get married, I'm going to be an amazing wife" - Nicole Polizzi

"Don't say 'wife.' I'm your mistress. Wife's such an ugly word. Your 'permanent mistress' is so much more tangible and desirable... ." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"Life, for Colin, was one long brace against pain and disappointment, and everybody apart from his wife was an enemy until proven otherwise." - J K Rowling

"Wrote a science fiction novel about a man who wins an argument with his wife, but it was rejected for being too farfetched." - Dana Gould

"A farm is an irregular patch of nettles bounded by short-term notes, containing a fool and his wife who did' know enough to stay in the city." - S J Perelman

"We [he and his wife Trish Van Devere] don't talk politics. I'm an independent conservative; she's a radical Democrat. We never vote together." - George C Scott

"Winning an argument with your wife is like winning the war with Iraq. Once you win, you're in even more trouble." - James Carville

"A man inserted an 'ad' in the classifieds: "Wife wanted". Next day he received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."" - Brad Pitt

"Anne of Austria, wife of Louis XIII of France, had such an aversion to roses that she could not stand seeing one even in a painting." - Allen Lacy

"My wife has a line of fine Indian foods, that's kind of a very successful business. It's an interesting way to see life." - Guy Lawson

"A child gets sick with a chronic disease of unhappiness not from unhappy circumstances but from unhappy people around him. Unhappy people cannot raise happy children; it's impossible." - Simon Soloveychik

"I'm just as unhappy about San Antonio as I was about Chicago. If you're unhappy about certain things, you're unhappy everywhere." - Sandra Cisneros



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