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American History Quotes


"Cherishing Columbus is a characteristic of white history, not American history." - James W. Loewen

"Jerry Garcia was a great American master and the Grateful Dead are not just a genuine piece of musical history, but also an important part of American history," - Trey Anastasio

"The history of America is the history of a genocide that didn't end yet, the genocide of American civilizations." - Luiz Bolognesi

"Black history is American history." - Morgan Freeman

"Politicians against gay marriage now, are the future villains of our American History books." - Natalie Maines

"The struggle between centralization and decentralization is at the core of American history." - Anthony Gregory

"American history is not something dead and over. It is always alive,always growing, always unfinished." - John F Kennedy

"I like American history." - Kevin Costner

"what are the objects of an useful American education? classical knowlege, modern languages & chiefly French, Spanish, & Italian; Mathematics; Natural philosophy; Natural History; Civil History; Ethics." - Thomas Jefferson

"Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America. Then I discovered that the immigrants were American history." - Oscar Handlin

"You know, if you're an American and you're born at this time in history especially, you're lucky. We all are. We won the world history Powerball lottery." - Bill Maher

"Nowadays, with history not being taught anymore in American public schools, self-esteem is taking its place." - Dennis Miller

"Early American speeches, from Washington's to Patrick Henry's, have been detheologized in history textbooks. No one has called it censorship." - James G. Watt

"I realised that although I was fascinated with America, its history and culture, I was not interested in becoming American." - Luc Sante

"American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it." - James Baldwin

"The whole westward expansion myth is seen as romantic. But its a joke, a blot on American history." - Frank Waters

"I believe the history of American music is just as important as anything political because it's changed generations of people." - Dave Grohl

"I am the first African-American chairman of any major conservation organization in history. That's a big step." - Jerome Ringo

"The making of an American begins at the point where he himself rejects all other ties, any other history, and himself adopts the vesture of his adopted land." - James A Baldwin

"I'll change the posture of our federal government from being one of the most anti-science administrations in American history to one that embraces science and technology." - Barack Obama

"The central fact of North American history is that there were fifteen British Colonies before 1776. Thirteen rebelled and two did not." - June Callwood

"I'm not looking to write the great American novel, win a Pulitzer or teach history. I write to entertain my readers." - Dorothy Garlock

"I have a long history in fighting for civil rights. I understand that many people in the African-American community may not understand that." - Bernie Sanders

"... in America ... children are instructed in the virtues of the system they live under, as though history had achieved a happy ending in American civics." - Mary Mccarthy

"It is within the established American tradition of satire, if America surrenders on this point, the freedom of speech is a relic of history." - Pamela Geller

"Homeschool history tells of more than two centuries of home-teaching influence on American education, although it has been largely obscured by the drawn curtains of conventional bias." - Raymond S. Moore

"The making of an American begins at that point where he himself rejects all other ties, any other history, and himself adopts the vesture of his adopted land." - James Baldwin

"The history of American politics is littered with bodies of people who took so pure a position that they had no clout at all." - Benjamin C. Bradlee

"There is no time in American history in which there was more economic conflict between segments of the population than there was prior to the Civil War." - G. Edward Griffin

"African American history is really American history because African Americans really helped build this country." - Don Lemon

"When I was in school, all our history books were American, so we learned American history, not Canadian history." - Dave Foley

"Black History is enjoying the life of our ancestors who paved the way for every African-American. No matter what color you are, the history of Blacks affected everyone; that's why we should cherish and respect Black history. Black history changed America and is continuing to change and shape our country. Black history is about everyone coming together to better themselves and America. Black history is being comfortable in your own skin no matter what color you are. Black history makes me proud of where I came from and where I am going in life." - Bernice Mosby

"Before any final solution to American history can occur, a reconciliation must be effected between the spiritual owner of the land - American Indians - and the political owner of the land - American Whites. Guilt and accusations cannot continue to revolve in a vacuum without some effort at reaching a solution." - Vine Deloria Jr

"I don't want a Black History Month. Black history is American history." - Morgan Freeman

"If one asks me the meaning of our flag, I say to him: It means all that the Constitution of our people, organizing for justice, for liberty, and for happiness, meant. Our flag carries American ideas, American history and American feelings. This American flag was the safeguard of liberty. It was an ordinance of liberty by the people, for the people. That it meant, that it means, and, by the blessing of God, that it shall mean to the end of time!" - Henry Ward Beecher

"There is nothing antithetical in American history, culture, or traditions to teamwork. Teams were important in America's history - wagon trains conquered the West, men working together on the assembly line in American industry conquered the world, a successful national strategy and a lot of teamwork put an American on the moon first (and thus fare, last). But American mythology extols only the individual...In America, halls of fame exist for almost every conceivable activity, but nowhere do Americans raise monuments in praise of teamwork." - Lester Thurow

"No medieval monarch in the whole of British history ever had such power as every modern British Prime Minister has in his or her hands. Nor does any American President have power approaching this" - Tony Benn

"My ideal man is Benjamin Franklin-the figure in American history most worthy of emulation ... Franklin is my ideal of a whole man. ... Where are the life-size-or even pint-size-Benjamin Franklins of today?" - Isidor Isaac Rabi

"Voting against the resolution authorizing the use of military force in Iraq was one of my proudest moments as a senator. It is long past time to close this tragic chapter in American history." - Barbara Boxer

"Students of reading, writing and common arithmetick . . . Graecian [Greek], Roman, English and American history . . . should be rendered . . . worthy to receive, and able to guard the sacred deposit of the rights and liberties of their fellow citizens." - Thomas Jefferson

"If St. Andrews is the home of golf, I think Pebble Beach feels like the home of American golf, like the home of championship golf. It has a real sense of history here." - Stewart Cink

"If I go down in for anything in history, I would like to be known as the person who convinced the American people that catfish is one of the finest eating fishes in the world." - Willard Scott

"For the first time in American history, men in authority are talking about an 'emergency' without a foreseeable end... such men as these are crackpot realists: in the name of realism they have constructed a paranoid reality all their own." - C Wright Mills

"Washington's address is virtually unknown today and has not been seen in most American history textbooks in nearly four decades. Perhaps it is because of all the religious warnings Washington made in his 'Farewell Address.'" - David Barton

"To support its conclusion that 'this is a religious people... this is a Christian nation,' the Court paraded a veritable litany of precedents from American history: taken from Church of the Holy Trinity v. U.S.; 143 U.S. 457-458 (1892)." - David Barton

"It somehow became an article of faith on the right that Obama is the most extreme president in American history. Although, when they say that, I think what they really mean is...he's black." - Bill Maher

"Infantry, Artillery, Aviation-all that we have-are yours to dispose of as you will. . . . I have come to say to you that the American people would be proud to be engaged in the greatest battle in history." - John J. Pershing

"My challenge was to weave into the fabric of American history enough of the presence of blacks so that the story of the United States could be told adequately and fairly." - John Hope Franklin

"Beyond [Barack Obama] having made history as the first African-American president, I hope that he gets re-elected for what he does while in office, not for his skin color. I certainly believe he has the capacity." - Lenny Kravitz

"For a long time in American history, people didn't even come up before the Senate. They didn't come before the Judiciary Committee, and up until about 1923, something like that" - Fred Thompson

"And the other issue is Gore, $4.6 trillion - the single largest expansion of government in American history, from universal preschool, now, to prescriptions to health care - it is Socialism 101." - Sean Hannity

"Because the American people champion liberty, more people in the world live free today than at any time in history. Yet, there is more to be done and it is America who will lead the way." - Dick Armey

"The truth is that a lot of plays aren't political at all. In American theater history, political theater has tended to crop up when there's a crisis, a national crisis." - Frank Rich

"By some estimates, income and wealth inequality are near their highest levels in the past hundred years, much higher than the average during that time span and probably higher than for much of American history before then." - Janet Yellen

"I'm aware enough, I guess, of American labor history." - Ani Difranco

"I'm covering the worst president in American history." - Helen Thomas

"Political vitriol is a familiar enough characteristic of American history." - Robert Dallek

"The school curriculum today, particularly American history, is a shame." - Rush Limbaugh

"Humor is so important to the American scene throughout history." - Bob Newhart

"American culture has a lot of great moustaches in its history. Mark Twain had a great moustache, Charlie Chaplin, Ben Turpin ... but Zappa, he's got the best moustache in American history. Got the moustache, right, and he's got that little thing on his chin, I think it's called an imperial, that is, like, the coolest thing. That's like one of the great icons of the twentieth century." - Matt Groening

"All history is contemporary history." - Benedetto Croce

"When history calls, history calls," - Olympia Snowe

"Won't it be wonderful when black history and native American history and Jewish history and all of U.S. history is taught from one book. Just U.S. history." - Maya Angelou

"To an American, land is solidity, goodness, and hope. American history is about land." - William Least Heat-Moon

"As the great philosopher George Santayana would have said, 'those who cannot remember the past . . . should simply read Jan Van Meter's Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.' Van Meter's greatest hits collection of slogans is the catchiest ever retelling of American history. It's like the greatest minds of Madison Avenue sat down to write a history book. They don't make sound bites like they used to!" - Mo Rocca

"Sin in the Second City is a masterful history lesson, a harrowing biography, and - best of all - a superfun read. The Everleigh story closely follows the turns of American history like a little sister. I can't recommend this book loudly enough." - Darin Strauss

"White America has seen to it that Black history has been suppressed in schools and in American history books. The bravery of hundreds of our ancestors who took part in slave rebellions has been lost in the mists of time, since plantation owners did their best to prevent any written accounts of uprisings." - Huey Newton

"As an African-American, as a woman I think that I've been sensitized to the way in which history privileges the white male and the way in which certain aspects of history, the things that we are taught in school, the things that are handed down never, never entered the picture though they might have been very important." - Rita Dove

"I love thinking about American history, thinking about LA history. I love brooding on crime." - James Ellroy

"All American wars (except the Civil War) have been fought with the odds overwhelmingly in favor of the Americans. In the history of armed combat such affairs as the Mexican and Spanish-American Wars must be ranked, not as wars at all, but as organized assassinations. In the two World Wars, no American faced a bullet until his adversaries had been worn down by years of fighting others." - H L Mencken

"The white American man makes the white American woman maybe not superfluous but just a little kind of decoration. Not really important to turning around the wheels of the state. Well the black American woman has never been able to feel that way. No black American man at any time in our history in the United States has been able to feel that he didn't need that black woman right against him, shoulder to shoulder-in that cotton field, on the auction block, in the ghetto, wherever." - Maya Angelou

"I've always tried to write California history as American history. The paradox is that New England history is by definition national history, Mid-Atlantic history is national history. We're still suffering from that." - Kevin Starr

"Eight Hours For What We Will is a major contribution to modern American working-class history and to the history of a changing American popular and mass culture." - Herbert Gutman

"It is imperative that young white men and women study the black American history. It is imperative that blacks and whites study the Asian American history." - Maya Angelou

"Bill and Hillary Clinton are the most investigated couple in American history - now the most thoroughly exonerated couple in American history." - Paul Begala

"President Obama is the most successful food stamp president in American history. I would like to be the most successful paycheck president in American history." - Newt Gingrich

"As you probably know, some American politicians and American journalists refer to Washington, DC as the "capital of the free world." But it seems to me that this great city (Brussels), which boasts 1,000 years of history and which serves as the capital of Belgium, the home of the European Union, and the headquarters for NATO, this city has its own legitimate claim to that title." - Joe Biden

"In American Romances, her new book of essays, Rebecca Brown has a voice that is full of pop references, family stories, and the fruits of a lifetime of - in her perfect phrase - extreme reading. The voice is a hoot, and it is dead serious. This is writing with exquisite control, fully up to the task Brown takes on of playing a fierce game of beach ball with deep problems of American (and personal) history and identity." - Susan Stinson

"The American press exists for one purpose only, and that is to convince Americans that they are living in the greatest and most envied country in the history of the world. The Press tells the American people how awful every other country is and how wonderful the United States is and how evil communism is and how happy they should be to have freedom to buy seven different sorts of detergent." - Gore Vidal

"Well, let's see. There's-of course in the great history of America there have been rulings that there's never going to be absolute consensus by every American, and there are those issues, again, like Roe v. Wade, where I believe are best held on a state level and addressed there. So, you know, going through the history of America, there would be others. But, um" - Sarah Palin

"The doctrine of preemption has a long and distinguished history in the history of American foreign policy." - John Lewis Gaddis

"Well, I'm a history buff, anyway. I love learning about different periods, especially in American history. I'm a fan." - William Sadler

"The 1950s and 1960s had been a period of enormous growth, the highest in American history, maybe in economic history." - Noam Chomsky

"So many people of color who made major contributions to American history have been trapped in the purgatory of history." - Henry Louis Gates

"I used to come out here every Fourth of July as a child to picnic and to swim on the island, to tour the fort and wander through it. And all of that time, I never knew anything about the presence of black soldiers on the island. And so, for me, this was a way of trying to tell another history, a lost or a forgotten or a little-known history about these black soldiers who played an important part in American history." Trethewey said. Coincidentally, she was born "exactly 100 years to the day that Mississippi celebrated the first Confederate Memorial Day, April 26, 1866." - Natasha Trethewey

"Evolution has encountered no intellectual trouble; no new arguments have been offered. Creationism is a home-grown phenomenon of American sociocultural history-a splinter movement ... who believe that every word in the Bible must be literally true, whatever such a claim might mean." - Stephen Jay Gould

"Americanization means the process of becoming an American. It means civic incorporation, becoming a part of the polity - becoming one of us. But that does not mean conformity. We are more than a melting pot, we are a kaleidoscope, where every turn of history refracts new light on the old promise." - Barbara Jordan

"I stand on this rostrum with a sense of deep humility and great pride - humility in the weight of those great American architects of our history who have stood here before me; pride in the reflection that this home of legislative debate represents human liberty in the purest form yet devised." - Douglas Macarthur

"Instantly, the noise stopped. The whole room lay in perfect silence. The tire builders stood in long lines, touching each other, perfectly motionless, deafened by the silence.... For the first time in history, American mass-production workers had stopped a conveyor belt and halted the inexorable movement of factory machinery." - Ruth McKenney

"Let us candidly admit that there are shameful blemishes on the American past, of which the worst by far is rum. Nevertheless, we have improved man's lot and enriched his civilization with rye, bourbon and the Martini cocktail. In all history has any other nation done so much?" - Bernard Devoto

"I feel sorry for people of good heart who have never had a chance to learn the realities of Native American everything - not just our history but the sweetness and the beauty and the reasons why were so close to Mother Earth." - Buffy Sainte-Marie

"In the history of this country [USA], the reason we have never developed a social democratic base, the way they have in Europe - we're the only Western country without some kind of universal health care. There's a reason, and it is because corporate interests have divided the American people by race and ethnicity, the Irish from the blacks, the Germans from the German Jews." - Joan Walsh Anglund

"Isabel Wilkerson's The Warmth of Other Suns is an American masterpiece, a stupendous literary success that channels the social sciences as iconic biography in order to tell a vast story of a people's reinvention of itself and of a nation-the first complete history of the Great Black Migration from start to finish, north, east, west." - David Levering Lewis

"John Kerry's wife Teresa Heinz is on the cover of Newsweek magazine this week and they said that if he is elected president, she will be the oldest first lady in American history. But that doesn't bother John Kerry, he said, 'To me, she looks like a million bucks'" - Jay Leno

"On July 4th, we renew our commitment to the American Idea-the belief that all men are created equal. We read the Declaration. We tell our kids the history. We remember those who died to protect our country. And along the way, we remind ourselves of why we love it." - Paul Ryan

"In grades 1 through 4 these books introduce the child to U.S. society - to family life, community activities, ordinary economic transactions, and some history. None of the books covering grades 1 through 4 contain one word referring to any religious activity in contemporary American life." - Paul Vitz

"Buffalo is one of America's great designed cities. The interweaving of great architecture, landscape architecture and important historic sites makes Buffalo a must see destination for preservationists, designers, history buffs, and anyone wishing to see an inspiring example of American design." - Richard Moe

"Multiculturalism is a campaign to lower America's moral status by defining the American experience is terms of myriad repressionsand their victims. By rewriting history, and by using name calling ("Racist! Sexist! Homophobe!") to inhibit debate, multiculturalists cultivate grievances, self pity and claims to entitlements arising from victimization." - George Will

"More material progress has been made during the past one hundred and fifty years under the American system of business enterprise than during all the preceding centuries in world history. This record of achievement is a challenge to those who would radically change that system." - Karl Taylor Compton

"We can't know in advance what history is going to say, but I would be utterly amazed and surprised if American invasion to Iraq from the beginning of its inception, were not judged to be an utter failure and a terrible, terrible thing for the world." - Robert Reich

"In my opinion while lynchings were quite possibly the most heinous crimes ever witnessed in American history, they helped in bringing people together for a sole purpose. It was because of these lynchings that armed self-resistance was created. If white people knew black people were capable of fighting back then there was less of a chance that violence actually would break out." - Assata Shakur

"Revolution, n. In politics, an abrupt change in the form of misgovernment. Specifically, in American history, the substitution of the rule of an Administration for that of a Ministry, whereby the welfare and happiness of the people were advanced a full half-inch." - Ambrose Bierce

"No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now. Rarely have so many people been so wrong about so much. Never have the consequences of their misunderstanding been so tragic." - Richard Nixon

"Char Miller's lively, insightful account of the life and world of American forester Gifford Pinchot fills a vitally important gap in environmental and conservation history. Anyone captivated by the issues and controversies surrounding the preservation and development of the nation's natural heritage should read this engaging, carefully researched biography." - Carolyn Merchant

"Sad will be the day when the American people forget their traditions and their history, and so longer remember that the country they love, the institutions they cherish, and the freedom they hope to preserve, were born from the throes of armed resistance to tyranny, and nursed in the rugged arms of fearless men." - Roger Sherman

"It's the old American Double Standard, ya know: Say one thing, do somethin' different. And of course this country is founded on the double standard. That's our history. We were founded on a very basic double standard: This country was founded by slave owners who wanted to be free." - George Carlin

"Populism is the simple premise that markets need to be restrained by society and by a democratic political system. We are not socialists or communists, we are proponents of regulated capitalism and, I might add, people who have read American history." - Molly Ivins

"From a long view of the history of mankind, seen from, say, ten thousand years from now, there can be little doubt that the most significant event of the 19th century will be judged as Maxwell's discovery of the laws of electrodynamics. The American Civil War will pale into provincial insignificance in comparison with this important scientific event of the same decade." - Richard P Feynman

"I know something about the civilization of China, with my background, obviously, and I think I know something about American history. But that's about all. And I've traveled all over the world, and for a long time I didn't know very much about it, really." - I. M. Pei

"I will continue to expose your right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like your won't dare show their face on a college campus. Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors and fight for just causes and for people's needs-such freedom fighters can be counted throughout American history and they certainly will be counted again." - John Daly

"The true history of Vietnamese civilian suffering does not fit comfortably into America's preferred postwar narrative - the tale of a conflict nobly fought by responsible commanders and good American boys, who should not be tainted by the occasional mistakes of a few 'bad apples' in their midst." - Nick Turse

"Quantitative easing is just the latest chapter in the Federal Reserve's hundred-year history of failure. (...) The American people have suffered long enough under a monetary policy controlled by an unaccountable, secretive central bank. It is time to finally audit - and then end - the Fed." - Ron Paul

"In the decade of the 1980s, a massive and comprehensive study of religion in American life was undertaken by the Gallup organization. The results of the study were as terrifying as they were revealing. Americans, even evangelical Americans, are woefully ignorant of the content of Scripture and even more ignorant of the history of Christianity and classical Christian theology." - R C Sproul

"The Grutter and Gratz decisions, taken together, represent a sad and tragic chapter in American history." - Ward Connerly

"The frontier has gone, and with its going has closed the first period of American history." - Frederick Jackson Turner

"...Venice has been the living future of contemporary American history since its inception." - Liam Neeson

"I don't think there's been a time in American history with more innocent people in prison." - Bryan Stevenson

"Barack Obama is the most antibusiness president in a generation, perhaps in American history." - Dinesh D'Souza

"Many of the ugly pages of American history have been obscured and forgotten" - Martin Luther

"He sailed through American history like a steel ship loaded with monoliths of granite." - H L Mencken

"There's not much place for the loyalists - especially the loyalists who left - in standard American history." - Rachel Martin

"Jimmy Carter will go down in American history as 'the president who lost Iran,'" - Barack Obama

"I do think Donald Trump would be a catastrophic turn in American history." - George Packer

"Donald Trump will be a tragedy, a sad joke in American history." - Jonathan Chait

"Donald Trump is obviously the most pro-gay candidate in American electoral history." - Milo Yiannopoulos

"This is the worst President ever. He is the worst President in all of American history." - Helen Thomas

"Every American is hard-wired in history or experience to be libertarian about something." - Bob Barr

"Barack Obama is the most antibusiness president in a generation, perhaps in American history." - Dinesh Dsouza

"Considering our history, I can think of nothing more American than an immigrant." - Conor Oberst

"American history is a quagmire, and the more one knows, the quaggier the mire gets." - Sarah Vowell

"Iraq is going to go down as one of the greatest blunders in American history." - Scott Anderson

"American history contains much matter for pride and congratulation, and much matter for regret and humiliation." - Herbert Croly

"The American flag is the symbol of our freedom, national pride and history." - Mike Fitzpatrick

"I loved history, particularly of the British, American and Old Testament kind." - Luke Ford

"The Declaration of Independence is a sacred part of American history." - Paul Gillmor

"New Jersey for me is so alive with history. It's old, dynamic, African-American, Latino." - Junot Diaz

"It's not painful to relive it. I'm comfortable with my position in American history." - Rodney King

"I'm very interested in the early American history, the time when the country came together." - Ben Stiller

"When you have the worst disaster in American history, you've got to be attuned to expectations,." - Charles Krauthammer

"Hurricane Katrina is without question the worst natural disaster in American history,." - Douglas Brinkley

"Barack Obama is one of the greatest politicians in American history." - John Podhoretz

"Conflict with the United States is one of the overwhelming facts of Latin American history." - Stephen Kinzer

"In American religious history, theological qualms tend to get pushed aside when politics intervenes." - Rick Perlstein

"Herbert Hoover versus Al Smith in 1928 was one of the dirtiest elections in American history." - Joseph Cummins

"I understood....that in my own life I represented a whole period of American history." - Laura Ingalls Wilder

"The musical theater is a glorious and distinctly American innovation in the history of theater." - Diane Paulus

"There is no 20-year period in American history when stocks lost money." - P J Orourke

"Patriotism ruins history." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Patriotism corrupts history." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"History is merely gossip" - Oscar Wilde



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